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Not to mention, I can help you add muscle, burn fat, and become more flexible too. Did you know that all "A-Game" players have secrets they are reluctant to reveal? Have you ever wondered why Tiger Woods spends thousands of dollars each month on golf coaches, trainers, and other experts? Yet, his equipment is pretty much the same from year to year? Are you stuck because you need more structure than the Golf Channel, magazines, new clubs or gadgets can deliver?

It's not your fault, you've probably heard a million opinions and got some free advice usually worth about what you pay for it and you're more confused than ever How often do you find yourself chasing your own tail? That's OK. This is what I do, so help is on the way The golf industry wants you to chase your tail. New drivers, new irons, gadgets, and the latest fads are the lifeblood of the golf marketing machine. But seriously, has a new driver or golf ball EVER made any significant difference in how far you hit the ball?

Think about that for a moment, has your distance truly increased over the past two years from a new driver or a new golf ball? The club champion at my country club has been playing with the same irons and woods since It's really not the equipment that makes the champion. It's hard for these big companies to stay in business if you aren't buying a new set of clubs or driver every year.

Year after year we hear claims of more yards, but is it translating to your game? Who can blame them for all of the hype? The TV, Magazines, and Manufacturers are all conspiring together. They want you to think the secret to a better golf game is just a credit card purchase and UPS or FedEx delivery away.

Join my simple VIP Membership site that condenses everything I've learned about golf fitness into a step-by-step, paint by numbers approach to lowering your score.

Golf Fitness: 30 Yards or More in 30 Days or Less by Christian Henning

No fluff and NO B. Just the raw information and systems you need to hit the ball longer, lower your score, feel better, and enjoy golf more.

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  5. Backed by our day Money Back Guarantee. Through forced adaptation, we force the body to burn fat and improve golf performance. The program uses both weight training and short-burst cardio sessions. Turbulence burns the fat off. Translation Training builds a powerful golf body.

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    A good analogy for Turbulence is that of a car starting and stopping. The more starting and stopping the car does, the more fuel is burned. When the car is on the highway at a constant speed, less fuel is burned. So before you even consider learning more, please be assured this program will ONLY benefit those that are:.

    Golf Fitness Workouts

    Simply plug this workout in to your existing workout once per week. This is the perfect solution for those wanting the best results in the least amount of time. All in just 4 minutes. I consulted EVERY trainer that I knew who had success getting results from their golfers at increasing driving distance, read everything available on the subject of golf fitness and power, performed my own test groups, and then added my own personal experiences to develop these systems…. Over 5, hours of research went into the culmination of this project.

    It is truly, the best of the best there is, and the system is simple and FAST to learn so you can implement this information immediately. What I am encouraging here is that you first make sure you can handle a movement or exercise with perfect form. If not, adjustments need to be made or you may need some assistance from a professional to correct some poor movement patterns.

    Golf Fitness Workouts 30 Days to Longer Drives and More Consistent Golf Visit:

    Click here to access your videos. This seems like a fairly obvious one when it comes to working out because we perform a lot of exercises with either both hands or both feet at the same time. And I would assume you know that you should perform any unilateral exercise on both sides. But do you do the same with your stretches and golf swings? Left handed if they are a right handed golfer to balance out all of the swings that they regularly take in the other direction. There are several benefits to doing this, which may be a topic for another post, but mainly just think balance.

    After swinging thousands of times in one direction all of these years, we want to counteract any lack of flexibility and coordination issues that may have developed. This one applies at all times. Posture is not like your biceps where you can do some curls and get stronger. Posture is as much of an issue of habit as it is a strength related issue. Think about it. How much time do you spend at your desk, in your car and on your couch versus the time you spend focusing on good posture in your exercise and swing. We mentioned balance above. This one is key. I often find that many guys prefer pushing exercises bench press, triceps, shoulder press, squats to pulling exercises pullups, deadlifts, back extensions, reverse flyes.

    Get good at all of them. Doing more pushing than pulling exercises will reinforce your poor postural habits, restrict your turn, prevent you from generating even close to the power that you could if you were strong in both directions. Find what you struggle with and do more of it. If you want a strong back, powerful swing, plenty of stamina, more balance, and less injury, your legs need to become a huge focus in your workouts. There is nothing more detrimental to your game than an injury. Start taking more of a proactive, strategic approach to your game and your fitness level by addressing the bullets above.