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I even added corn starch as suggested on line. Any suggestions? Cake layers came out perfect! Hey Brenda! I am so sorry you are having trouble with the caramel. Have you tried boiling it longer and then allowing it so cool and thicken?? Caramel is so tricky and it seems to work for some an not others.

I had the same problem, but I just kept adding a little sugar to the sauce, just a tablespoon or two at a time, and I let it boil for a really long time. That worked for me!! Hi, I will definitely be following you after seeing this mastermind cake! Question: what bourbon do you use? Also, what coffee brand did you use as well? I am in the process of making this cake. So far…the everything is turning out great!

Planning on letting it set up overnight, then finishing tomorrow for Turkey Day. I like the caramel at room temp, but it can still be a tad warm without melting the chocolate. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hi there. I do have to say that everything I have tasted along the way has been delicious and I cannot wait to taste the finished product. Amazing recipe! Hey Ryan! Yup, the first caramel should be a little runny. You are on the right rack!

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Let me know if you have any questions, hope you love the cake! Happy Thanksgiving! My first time making some things turn out to be challenges. I messed up the first batch of caramel, tried to ice the cake with icing that was too warm, and spilled my first batch of ganache all over my counter top. That being said, all of that meant nothing after finishing the cake! It was really, really good, and everyone loved it so much that I was volunteered to bring it to a Christmas gathering.

I have a question about changing it up a little bit too. Hey Ryan!! So sorry you had some challenges, but so happy the cake turned out great! Yes, you can most definitely switch up the frosting to whatever you want. The apple cinnamon flavor sounds awesome. Saw this cake on tumblr and thought it looked amazing, so I made it for Thanksgiving.

Everything was going great until it was time to do the final layer of caramel. I poured it anyway and it might be too hard to cut, but at least the cake looks fantastic! Thanks for the recipe! This looks outrages!! Wonderful, thank you for sharing I will most definitely like to bake this prize winner. Have a grateful day. Thank you for creating this symphony of deliciousness! I made this for thanksgiving dinner and despite some minor hiccups i. Happy Holidays! I made this cake for Thanksgiving.

Not only was it impressive looking, but it tasted amazing. Thank you for posting this! Gosh, this cake is a friggen piece of art. I think I overstarred at it hahaha. Thank u for this precious. Cake is good but ran into issues with the caramel sauce. The caramel sauce was so runny I had to start again as no matter what it did not thicken.

Looking at similar sauce recipes online told me that cutting the liquids made perfect sense and there was still enough for the whole cake. You state in the recipe for making the caramel sauce to boil it for 10 to 15 mins. The boiling point of any substance is degrees F. I hope it works out, but it would like to know what the temp should be. Hope you love this!! Hey Tieghan, This recipe looks amazing. However, I do not have a ton of time at night, so I want to break the recipe into steps, and I plan on traveling with this cake for a couple of hours in the car.

My plan: I was going to make the cake layers first, and then freeze them until I am ready to cover them with frosting. I was also going to make the caramel separately and then reheat it when I get to the place I am going and pour it over the cake. Let me know if you think this is okay. I have never made caramel before so I am a bit nervous. I think this is a good plan, but if you have never made caramel, I would try making that first so you know the recipe will work perfect for you.

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This will give you time to ask question and or adjust if needed. Let me know if you have any questions at all and I will try and answer them right away. I mean good like we eat every bite out of the bowl before putting it in the sink! I layer with ganache and caramel and people LOVE it. It has brought so much joy and excitement when I serve it, thank you! Hi, This looks great. Is this cake one of those that rise by loads? So should I use deeper ones? Do you recommend making this over 3 days? Or will it dry out too much? Does it taste better as it stands?

Would have liked to make cakes on one day, do frosting, caramel and ganache on next, and then final caramel and transportation on the last to give enough chill time between all the steps? Sorry about the loads of questions!

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I live in Hong Kong and I am so glad I came across your blog. My boyfriend saw this cake and had a huge smile on his face. No doubt he wants it for his birthday. Your recipes are mouth watering and I find myself wasting no, no, usefully spending hours on your blog. I have been baking for a few years now. I think what you do is brilliant. You should open up a restaurant. Hey, what are your reccomendations about making this cake in advance? Would it dry out or what? No, that would be great!

Just keep the cake in the fridge and it will be great!

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So I made this cake. But I kinda mucked it up at the last minute. I accidentally added too much caramel which overflowed all over the cake but managed to refrigerate it immediately — so that was fine. But then this morning I found out it was. I tried to lift off the cover and half of the topping came off with it! I tried to salvage it but now half of the cake looks like a puzzle.

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I have about a half cup of caramel left in the fridge, should I just try and pour it on the broken pieces of hardened chocolate and caramel that have been assembled on top of half the cake? I feel so silly. I wish I could get it right on the first try always.

The best part is note the sarcasm this is a cake for a birthday tonight. How could i fix that? This is the most eye-catching cake I have ever seen. The pictures are amazing and the description makes me melt! Thank you for sharing this creative recipe. I have a question please.. So for the caramel sauce, what should I replace the bourbon and apple cider with? My son would like this cake for his 18th. How many will it serve. Do you think I could use rectangle baking trays to make it longer with only 2 layers? Freaking out.

He could have picked an easier one. How long in advance can you make the cake layers and store in the fridge? If you change the bourbon to anything else what would you suggest and are the quantities the same? Any help would be great and very appreciated. Thank you. Yvette big fan. It is best to make the cake days in advance so it has time to stiffen and chill in the fridge, other wise the caramel makes the cake very unsturdy.

You can use 1 cup apple cider or just 1 cup water. Please let me know if you have any other questions, I hope the cake turns out great for you!! Thank you for your help. All turned out fantastic. The cake was a huge success. Think it will be the talk of the party. I am just now seeing this and I guess it would be a great Halloween cake but it would make a great fall centerpiece dessert. Hi, I have been wanting to this cake since I first saw the photos last Fall.

I do have a question though. What is this step for? Sadly, I love him too much to lie to him about. Okay so I have never responded on a food blog before…. Every layer has amazing flavor and texture…what an unusual combination…you have a gift! Who would have thought to combine chocolate, applesauce, coffee and allspice! Kudos to you girl…. Thanks so much. The caramel would have to be poured over apples since longer twig gets in the way of dipping, but much easier to get around that than to lose stability and have the cake slide.

This is such a fun recipe! I am definitely going to try this one on the family at Thanksgiving. I will follow up with the thumbs up or thumbs down. Not stupid and not too hard. Just make the cake into around 32 cupcakes. Thank pokes holes in the cupcakes and drizzle with caramel. Add the frosting and if you have them, tiny caramel apples and sliced apple wedges dipped in caramel. Does that help? Thank you for this post! I am on my second round of caramel but going it goes better this time.

I substituted almond extract and it add such a unique flavor that I may do it on purpose this time. Can wait to try this! I am making mine in smaller cake pans so I can share the love with a few friends who decided I needed to make this. Thanks again! Just want to make sure this is not the total diabetic explosion it appears to be….

Perhaps not as cute as whole apples, but will not be as heavy. I love the twigs as sticks. I cannot wait to make this cake! I am in love with this recipe! I am in the process of making this beautiful cake. It is time consuming as I started yesterday afternoon and just now putting the chocolate ganache on to make sure it all stayed together. I had a problem with the assembly of cake to caramel to frosting though. It was not possible to use 1 cup of caramel over the layers of cake as it just dripped right off and then it was impossible to frost immediately after the caramel was too wet to spread the frosting.

I ended up getting as much as I could between layers and refrigerated the cake to get cold and then was able to frost the remainder of the cake. Oh yes! If this taste half as amazing as it it looks — there will be a next time! You actually did everything correct and just the way I made my cake. I also placed my cake in the fridge after adding the caramel. I will say you may not have needed to add the full cup of caramel if you felt like it was a bit too much.

I would do everything the same next time, maybe just a little less caramel if desired. Hope the cake is a HUGE it! I am not gluten free, so I really do not know. I would use whatever you typically have success with. Sorry I could not help more! I admit, I got impatient. It still tasted amazingly good. Oh that is awesome! So happy the cake was a hit! I will check it out on Instagram! All I have to say is WOW. I made this cake and everyone who had it loved it. I tastes like you are eating the best snickers bar ever.

It is definitely a once or twice a year treat because of how rich and time consuming it is, but well worth it. Hi Laura, what is is that you do not understand? The measurements?

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You need about 10 ounces of coffee. This cake looked amazing and I decided I wanted to make it for my 40th birthday! I only got to 4 minutes before it started to burn a bit, and when I added the candy thermometer it went to degrees! I guess it was only supposed to be cooked for an additional after that first 9 minutes? Or I should have turned the heat down?

Planning to use the double boiler method as I had to get it out of the burned saucepan already. The extra minutes is for after you drizzled the caramel on the cake. You then take the remaining caramel and boil it so you can dip the apples. Sorry for the trouble. Hope the cake is a hit! Add the heavy cream, butter, vanilla, and salt, slowly stirring into pan. No matter though, I worked it out and everyone enjoyed it!

Posted a link to a picture in a comment down thread. They may be messy but they are super cute and perfectly sized for kids. The cake looked and tasted great! Everyone loved it! The chocolate cake and the caramel look so delicious! What type of bourbon did you use? Also, this might be a dumb question but how did you clear enough space in your fridge to put the cake with the twigs sticking up top?!? Did you add the apples on top when you pulled it out to serve? I have a commercial grade fridge with tons of room but I would have to remove all my shelves to clear enough height for this beauty!

So I just moved out some shelves, but you can totally just add the apples to the top of the cake after it chills if that is easier for you. Let me know if you have other questions. Have you used butter instead of canola oil in the cake mix before? I have not because I personally think canola oil works best for cakes, BUT if you like butter that will be fine. Enjoy the cake! Love this cake! Just made my 1st attempt and my caramel and frosting was way too thin and runny but it is frisked and in the frig.

When I was cooking the caramel I followed the directions to the tee. After adding the cream, butter etc my thermometer got to within 5 minutes but I let it cook until 12 min The frosting was just not fluffy and I think this was the caramel? Would it help to stick the reserve caramel in the frig before incorporating into the frosting?

You mentioned putting caramel on the cake then refrigeration prior to frosting? Did you also put the frosting in the frig too? So I did not put the frosting in the fridge, but I did allow the caramel to cool before I added it to the frosting, did you do this? Hope we can get it just right for you!

Thanks for the reply. I think I needed to let the caramel cool more prior to adding to the frosting! I made this cake for my family at our Halloween dinner. It was amazing. The cake amazing, the frosting is one I will use on many cakes, the ganach perfect and the Carmel was best I ever made. Thank you for such an amazing recipe. Final cake in the frig.

For my next attempt can you help me with.. Should I cool the caramel prior to putting in the frosting? Mine was so thick. As my initial caramel was too thin I boiled the 2nd caramel for the full 20 min reaching degrees but it got too gooey. Yes, allow the caramel to cool before adding it to the frosting, but I would not chill the frosting before frosting the cake as it will be hard to spread if the frosting is cold. If your ganache was too thick, just add cream to thin. Let me know if you have ANY other questions.

Hope the cake is a HUGE success! Sugar COMA!!! The cake looked exactly like you pictured on your blog Divine even down to the branches in the apples. This cake would easily fee 20 people since a small slice is all you can eat before landing in a sugar coma requiring an insulin intervention. It was a total success and the apples were also enjoyed that night too. One small glitch as I noted form another comment, my caramel never got thick either.

I will try again and feel sure it was baker error and not recipe error. I opted for a can of salted caramel frosting I had on hand and it worked just fine in a pinch. I love your blog and also make the Autumn Pot Pie for this dinner too! What rave reviews I received for this birthday celebration. Thanks so much for your creative culinary skills! Everyone loved it. I used fake spiderwebs and a spider and draped it through the top of the twigs to make it more spooky!

Fun cake thanks for the recipe! This cake is just simply amazing and I am hoping to make it for a Halloween party this Friday. I plan on starting tomorrow! I am however a l. I plan on making it for a Halloween party this Friday. I am going to start tomorrow! I am however a little worried about the caramel given the comments. So I wondered if I could cheat a little and use Kraft Caramels? I have used them before for caramel apples but wondered if it would work here. Should I add some cream? Some bourbon?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for a super post! I think that will work. Hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions. Happy Halloween! The taste of bourbon does come through nicely! For the salted caramel sauce it says 1 cup butter. Is this normal butter? As in salted? And does 1 cup mean softened butter like for the frosting? Yes, I did use salted butter and 1 cup equals 16 tablespoons, the butter can be cold or at room temp. I made this tonight, boy what a mess! The cake has such a good flavor though, so will keep the recipie on hand for future use.

Hi, I am in the process of making this amazing cake, and I was wondering if it is a very dense and shallow cake?? Almost like a Texas sheet cake? Thanks in advance! I made this as cupcakes, and it was super delicious! Thanks for the recipe!! A few notes about cupcakes, in case anyone else wants to go this route. I think it was quite a generous amount for each. Because of the reduced ingredients, the caramel cooked far faster than the recipe describes. I purely went by temperature instead of time, so it all worked out for me.

Then, I put on the frosting, followed by the ganache. After that, I put on another layer of caramel and then the peanuts. The liners were all soaked with it, too. I ended up just scooping it back up, but I would suggest waiting until serving to top with the final caramel and peanuts. I made this cake a couple weeks ago for a fall cookout with friends. It was a huge hit! Not only did it look good, but it tasted sinfully delicious! I did not add the apples, but it still looked gorgeous! I made this cake for Halloween… So amazing. Such a talent you have, thanks for sharing it!

I made the caramel exactly to your instructions.. Just had a question I made the caramel sauce, but for some reason it is insanely thin and runny. How do I thicken it up? Everything else is amazing! Hey Tara!! Just place it back on the stove and boil it for 10 minutes or until it seems thick enough. Not that the caramel will thicken as it cools. I made the cake and it was amazing!!! Hope you take a look! Thanks for the fun recipe!! This looks so amazing- would you recommend making this the night before or morning of to bring for thanksgiving dinner? HI Colleen, make this the night before or even the two days before thanksgiving.

It really needs time to chill in the fridge. Let me know of you have any other questions. I just finished Day 1 of making this cake and omg it is amazing but so much work. I hate to cover it up tomorrow! Anyway, I was just reading over the steps for finishing the cake tomorrow and have a question about how you balance putting the apples on the cake with sticks and then putting it in the refrigerator? Honestly, I would just leave the stick off and then add them before serving if you really want the sticks in the cake. I ended up leaving the sticks off, but it all turned out so amazing!

Absolutely delicious. Thank you so much for the recipe! A picture! It seems very thin. I let it set overnight too. Can I try boiling it longer to thicken or do I have to start over? Yes, just boil the sauce longer until you feel it looks right. That will solve the issue of the sauce being thin. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you for this amazing recipe!!!

Wish I could post a picture of it. Hello there!! I will be making this cake for thanksgiving!!! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe!!!! I am a little scared to attempt to caramel with all the comments i have seen, but i will give it a shot….. I do have a question however. Add the heavy cream, butter, vanilla, and SALT, slowly stirring into pan.

Remove the sauce from heat and add the SALT. Do I divide the salt, add half the first time and half the second? Or was this a mistake? Thank you again for this recipe! The extra salt was a mistake. Just add it at the end. I will fix the recipe now. Hope the cake is a hit!!! I really want to make this cake. It looks amazing! Is there anyway or reducing the sweetness of the cake batter without messing up the recipe?

The cake is sweet, but I think it work perfect they way it is written. That said, you can add less caramel to the cake itself and that will reduce the sweetness. Hope you love the cake, let me know if you have any other questions! So idk whats wrong with me but I cant find the measurements for the frosting with the cream cheese. Made to this for Thanksgiving tomorrow, excited to taste it! A good note to readers, the second caramel thickens as it cools. Just be patient and it will look like the photos! Trust the process! HI Samantha, I think you probably just need to let the caramel sit and cool longer.

Maybe a few hours or overnight if possible. Sorry for the trouble! I made this for a Thanksgiving brunch and had a line of people salivating as I cut it! I ended up using only two of the layers but then slicing them in half lengthwise so I had four shorter layers. I made double the peanut butter frosting. It was delicious!! Like others I found that the caramel thickened over time, I would suggest leaving it for much longer than the min.

Made this for thanksgiving and my family practically fainted. Nobody wanted to cut into it! Holy heaven! To be totally honest, those pictures make me want to take a sick day from work right now so I can go home and make this ASAP. Totally, completely divine! I wish I could post a pic of my attempt obviously not as good as yours but came close haha soooooooo freaking good! I was supposed to make this cake last year in the fall but it never happened. These are the most amazing cake pictures I have ever seen!

I could just feel the salty caramel snickery chocolate taste while reading the post. Love that you have included apples and cinnamon as well! Always a good combination! You are certainly my inspiration! It honestly puts a huge smile on my face hearing that. Thanks so much Julie, I hope you continue to enjoy!!

I think I just found my birthday cake for this year. I love having a birthday during apple season! I love having A birthday during apple season too!! Hope you love the cake Katie! Do you have any suggestions or alternatives for the frosting? Hey Sarah! I think you can just omit the nuts.

It should not be a big deal. Let me know if you have questions. This is a beautiful cake. I definatley want to try it. My daughter loves caramel. I have an apple themed dinner party I need to make dessert for. Would you say the apple comes through in this cake? But I really want an excuse to make it!! Hey Christina!! So the cake is very much chocolate and the apple flavor really only come through when you get a bite of the caramel apples.

Too kind of up to you, but if you ask me, it counts as apple themed for sure! I am not used to work with Caramel so I hope it works out, but I love to have some baking challenge, so I am going to try it. Do you think I can use Apple juice instead? Sorry, yes I think apple juice will work. Please let me know if you have any other questions. I was thinking about adding a bit of pumpkin to the cake, do you think it would work?

Do you think it would work? Do you think I should take out an ingredient of I decide to do that? Hey Natalia! Thanks and enjoy the cake! The one thing I would suggest as I am an over-froster is an approximate measurement of how much to put on each layer….. Just as a guideline…. Do I add the cream when mixing the frosting? Haha super happy you got it!

Thanks so much Melissa, I hope it turns out awesome! Let me knoe if you hav any other questions! Just waiting to cool and then I can pour! Thanks for the inspiration! Hey Julie! Hmm, your caramel should not be grainy. Did you thicken the cider down? I had to bring the temp up to about to pour all drippy, gooey and now I have a cake that I have to wait until dessert tonight to eat!


It turned out amazing!!! Any thoughts or suggestions on a different frosting for us? Hey Bethany!! You can just omit the peanut butter from the recipe or us sunflower seed butter, which I think would be great! I have to say that I JUST finalized this incredible salted-caramel apple snickers cake and, if it tastes as amazing as it looks, then my guests will be in for a big treat. Like others, I had trouble with the caramel getting firm, but my husband told me to add more sugar and it worked like a dream. That homemade caramel is incredible. Yes I would love love love to see the finished cake!!

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I am so happy you love it Christine, thank you! Question — would this dessert be able to sit at room temperature for several hours? Hey Melanie! Yes, you can leave the cake at room temp for a few hours, but I would not let it sit out more than 4 or 5. Please let me know if you have questions.

Making the salted caramel apple cake. Your directions read to bring the caramel to a boil and then boil minutes to get to Boiling is so curious where the typo is. Hey Elizabeth, I am sorry but I am a little confused as to what you are asking, can you clarify? I made this cake twice!

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I actually did it! The first one was pretty good and the second one was fantastic. Surprised several to find out that I made it. The cake is delicious and oooey gooey and decadent. The biggest trouble that I had was with the caramel topping. The first time it was a bit runny and I had a hard time getting it to stay on the cake until it set. The second time I cooked it a little longer and let it cool almost completely before putting in on the cake and it set beautifully. The caramel also had an absolutely wonderful flavor. I may not ever make this cake again, but it was a lot of fun and put me to the test.

Great recipe! It looks and sounds fabulous! Wish me luck. What size flame should I have when doing the caramel sauce? I am a little nervous about this part of the recipe. Thank you for this info. I baked the cakes last night and will freeze them until Friday when I will continue. I just poured caramel and put apples on. Yours is gorgeous! Mine not as gorgeous but not too bad for a novice. Fingers crossed it tastes just as good as it looks? Thanks for sharing! Making this beautiful creation for my daughter in laws B-day. Thank you so much. Hello, trying to make this cake and made the caramel last night but it seemed to separate when cooling.

Any idea what I might have done wrong or how to fix it?? Hey erin, the caramel will keep at room temp for at least a week. OK I am making the caramel sauce now and am not happy. It is too runny. Now I stuck the cup of it in the fridge to see if cooling makes it thicker but it is not looking good! Tell me something quick!! Ha ha, I am allowing myself to get agitated too soon.

I stuck the caramel in the freezer and it has attained a consistency similar to what it looks like in your pouring video. So never mind. Made the frosting and now to start putting it all together! Hum, the caramel thickened, I made the frosting, assembled, made the ganache, all was well…waited the 5 minutes, applied to top with the nice drips, put in fridge. When I looked at it the sides were collapsing. I stuck it in the freezer to halt this and when it stabilized, back to fridge. Left it overnight, feeling sad. I will not have that nice multi layer drippy edge thing and the side edges are not vertical.

Looks bad. In the morning I sawd off the collapsed edges, making them vertical again. I made a little more frosting and refrosted the sides. Stuck cake in freezer until frosting was really hard. Back to the freezer. Continued the recipe as shown. Back to freezer. The cake was firm enough to transport it over bumpy New Jersey roads for an hour.

Stuck on the apples at destination. Cake defrosted while we had dinner and then we ate it until we were borderline ill. Then I remembered to take a photo which really looks like Cookie Monster. Where can I send it to you? Oh my gosh!!! You story, you cake!! Thank you!!!! You can send the photo to halfbakedharvest gmail. This cake is everything!!! All the flavours work so well together. The room temperature was too warm for my frosting and it was pouring out of the layers.

So I did it twice — rough cover first and then freezer and then again to cover all the gaps and that worked. Thank you xoxo. I think we all just died when we saw this cake. One question about peanut butter… what exactly do you mean? Would that be ok? I refuse to use JIF or any brand with hydrogenated oil.

Ha, I forgot I changed that part. It worked just fine. Maybe there were tiny granules of peanuts but I think that made it better. Now I know what I am doing. This time I will make sunflower seed butter since we have some peanut allergic people in the family. Or is there something that will taste better? Unsalted, I presume? Hey Laura! I think sunflower seed butter will be great.

Let me know if you have any questions at all. Hope the cake is a huge it! I baked the cakes today. They look so yummy!!!! Do you think I could frost the cake today put in the fridge? Then do the ganache tomorrow and refrigerate over night? Then the last caramel sauce the morning of Thanksgiving? So over the course of 3 days. The caramel sauce would have to sit out on the counter for 2 nights? Does this sound okay? It's really sexy, really synth-heavy. It's just like 'give in to the horror of having sex with me.

Really love it. So like, 'I want to get really fucked up and drink a bunch. Elvira " "The speech is Elvira, which is so crazy I loved the transition on that one, the way it starts with the banging on the door, kind of pulling up to a Halloween party. That's one of my faves. Put both your hands in the sky and do the little white girl dance.

Just a very theatrical, Freddy Mercury-inspired song about being in the next life and accepting that you're evil. I have my moments on this with remorse and feeling like 'what have I done? It's just evil Kim attacking me and I can't stop her from coming through. I debated calling it Boo Ah.