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Traduzione di Verdiani V. Condition: Brand New. In Stock. Seller Inventory zk Book Description Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore, Condition: new. Traduzione di Verdiani V. Milano, ; br. Universale Economica. Un viaggio nello spazio e nel tempo, un racconto di ricordi in cui le esperienze passate si intrecciano a quelle presenti nel darci, come dice Salman Rushdie, "una veritiera immagine del mondo".

Ryszard Kapuscinski. Publisher: Feltrinelli , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Buy New View Book. About AbeBooks. Our horizons have also been broadened by new approaches to the relationship between the court and the economy. Study of the art market, drawing on various disciplines, has enabled us to reformulate the classic questions of economic history with regard to prices, demand and consumption, as well as to consider the production of objects from the standpoint of their material and symbolic value, social conditioning, evolving tastes, the role of numerous social players who animated the market such as commissioning patrons, intermediaries bankers, diplomats , artists and second hand dealers Guido Guerzoni has recently looked at the careers and technical skills of various craftsmen at the Este court and has shown how demand from the courts "produced beneficial effects on the city's entire system of labour and production through the spread of refined and innovative products, processes, knowledge, techniques and technologies which the Este always supported with considerable investments" 92 , not to mention knock-on effects from building policies and the festival economy.

Hearts of Iron 4 BLACKICE: Italy (3) Novo Imperium Romanum

This new attention to daily life, to the court economy with regard to the division of labour, to the history of techniques and know-how has gone hand in hand with renewed interest in an already existing field of research - that of science in the court, which extended well beyond the passion for astrology, natural history and natural museums 93 , the wunderkammer , but also included the organisation of a court medicine with its precise figures: proto-physicians, surgeons, pharmacists who had the delicate and dangerous task of watching over the prince's health, over his "health regime" and of determining the cause of his death by examining his corpse The image of the Italian courts that the most recent studies give us is the very opposite of the stereotypically self-enclosed place where plots were hatched within a rigid political structure: whether they look at the role of court confessors, artists or scientists, the studies draw a picture of networks where men, objects, knowledge and techniques circulated.

New interest the role of women in princely dynasties has greatly contributed to promoting this line of research. An important example is the project studying the woman of the Medici in the European system, originally conceived by Alessandra Contini and Riccardo Spinelli and later completed by Giulia Calvi after Prof. Contini's premature death. By looking at the real stories of the women who were given away and received by the Medici, the study shows how these women introduced different manners, ceremonial codes, objects and practices into the courts, and thus performed a great operation of cultural transfert The history of the courts from the perspective of gender is definitely an area that needs further exploration, but it shows that an important change has taken place in recent decades in the political and diplomatic historiography of the courts, which is increasingly concerned not only with Italy but with the rest of Europe as well For a wider survey cf.

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Cinquant'anni di distanza , in H. Cools, M. Espada Burgos, M. Gras, M. Matheus, M. Miglio eds. On the relationship between Marxist historiography and historical research in Italy during the '' cf. Masella, Passato e presente nel dibattito storiografico. Mazzonis ed. Jankowiak eds.

Mozzarelli, Principe e Corte nella storiografia italiana del Novecento , in Id. Olmi eds. Immagini e posizione tra Otto e Novecento , Rome , p. On how Elias was received in Italy see S. Bertelli - G.

Università Degli Studi Di Genova

Le scelte culturali di N. Elias , ivi, pp. Visceglia, Corti italiane e storiografia europea. Linee di lettura , in F. Salvestrini ed. Tenenti, Introduzione all'edizione italiana , in N. Certainly the present work can only serve to make a significant contribution to clarifying and refining reflection on this type of problem, while the caution of historians will no doubt continue to aid in the production of "models" pursued by other cultivators of the human sciences" ivi, p. Mozzarelli - G. Olmi, Premessa , in Id. On the concept of self-control cf. Chevalier - J. Privat eds.

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On the rationality implicit in Elias' interpretation cf. Garricou - B. Lacroix eds. La politique et l'histoire , Paris , pp. Venturi eds.


See by the same author the introduction to Vienna and Versailles. Asch - A. Birke eds. The Court at the Beginning of the Modern Age c. Adamson ed. I, La scena del testo , edited by C. Ossola; vol. II, Un modello europeo , edited by A. Prosperi, Rome Quondam, Introduzione , in B. Castiglione, Il libro del Cortegiano , Milan , pp. Castiglione, Il Cortegiano , Milan , pp. Castiglione, il libro, la storia , Roma Giovio, Dialogo dell'imprese militari e amorose , edited by M. Doglio, Rome ; G. Doglio, Rome ; C. Sigonio, Del Dialogo , edited by F. Pignatti, Rome ; G.

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Kiernan, The Duel in European History. Honour and the reign of Aristocracy , Oxford ; U.

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Israel - G. Ortalli eds. Prospettive storico-culturali , Rome Beer, Romanzi di cavalleria. Il Furioso e il romanzo italiano del primo Cinquecento , Rome and R. Alhaique Pettinelli, Forme e percorsi dei romanzi di cavalleria da Boiardo a Brusantino , Rome ; on the model of the knight as an enduring European model: M. Domenichelli, Cavaliere e gentiluomo. Saggio sulla cultura aristocratica in Europa , Rome and A. Quondam, Cavallo e cavaliere. L'armatura come seconda pelle del gentiluomo moderno , Rome ; on the decline of the "knightly science", C.

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Alle origini del teatro Farnese di Parma , Rome Chittolini, A. Molho, P. Schiera eds. Grubb and Edward W. Dean, Le corti. Un problema storiografico , in Chittolini, Molho, Schiera eds. Tenenti, La Corte nella storia dell'Europa moderna , in M. Romani, Le corti farnesiane di Parma e Piacenza , vol. Ossola, Il "luogo" della corte , ivi, p. Gentile, Terra e poteri. Parma e il Parmense nel ducato visconteo all'inizio del Quattrocento , Milan On papal Parma during the first decades of the sixteenth century cf. Arcangeli, Gentiluomini di Lombardia.

Ricerche sull'aristocrazia padana nel Rinascimento , Milan , pp. Studi in onore di Aldo Stella , Vicenza , pp. Papagno - A.

Editions of Imperium by Ryszard Kapuściński

Quondam eds. Fregni ed. Folin, Rinascimento estense. Politica, cultura, istituzioni di un antico Stato italiano , Roma-Bari Folin, Officiali e feudatari nel sistema politico estense , in Fregni ed. Grubb, Firstborn of Venice. Elliott, A Europe of composite monarchies , "Past and Present", , pp. Cattini - M. I, pp. Folin, Rinascimento estense , cit. On the relationship between institutional framework and the production of documents in the Este dominions cf.

Fregni, Assetti istituzionali, organizzazione amministrativa e produzione documentaria nei territori estensi , in Id. Chittolini, Su alcuni aspetti dello stato di Federico , in G. Cerboni Baiardi, G. Chittolini, P. Floriani eds. Lo Stato, le arti, la cultura , Rome , vol.

I, Lo Stato , pp. Molho , American historians and the Italian Renaissance. Discussioni e ricerche storiche , Florence ; L. Mannori, L'amministrazione del territorio nella Toscana granducale. Teoria e prassi fra antico regime e riforme , Florence ; Id.

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  • Pluralismo istituzionale e accentramento amministrativo nel principato dei Medici , Milan ; A. Zorzi - W.

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    Connell eds. Ricerche, linguaggi, confronti , Pisa Fantoni, La Corte del Granduca. Forma e simboli del potere mediceo fra Cinque e Seicento , Rome , p. Barbero, Il ducato di Savoia. Amministrazione e corte in uno stato franco-italiano , Bari , pp. Il ducato di Savoia , cit. Bianchi, L. Gentile eds. Merlin, Tra guerre e tornei. For the period that followed, T.

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