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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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But Davis is not the only one seeking the missing pages. He soon finds himself the target of a murderous conspiracy that dates back to the dawn of Christianity itself. For the "Da Vinci Codex" is more than just a precious document. It is also the key to a long lost discovery of frightening importance. Now, not only Davis's life but also he future itself is at stake. Ultimate power is the prize for whoever seizes The Da Vinci Legacy. We are all women in our house. My grandmother, my Aunt Stella with her hopalong leg, and me. The men in our family are not worth much.

They are the cross we have to bear. Some of us, like my mother, don't live here any more. People say she went on the Kimberley train to try for white and I mustn't blame her because she could get away with it even if we didn't believe she would. As Lily's beautiful but angry mother returns to Cape Town, determined to fight for justice for her family, so the story of Lily's past - and future - erupts.

Dance with a Poor Man's Daughter is a powerful and moving tribute to a richly individual people. Among the new friends she makes on her journey are: Joe, the helpful lorry driver; Molly, the garrulous proprietor of a small, run-down hotel; Gazza, the student whose sprained ankle may have serious consequences for Agnes; and Felix, the retired barrister's clerk, whom Agnes pulls back from attempted suicide. Hoping to rekindle his desire to live, she invents the Dangerous Sports Euthanasia Society, but soon fears that this falsehood, having acquired a momentum of its own, will end in tragedy.

Meanwhile, Jack, frantically trying to trace his missing mother, spends a night in a police cell on a drunk-driving charge, while an over-zealous young policeman begins to suspect. Daniel is a screenwriter working in Hollywood, who finds himself dissatisfied with his career and with the person he has become. In a richly evoked narrative, Daniel travels home to reconcile with a dying friend, and also to visit his own forgotten past in an attempt to discover himself.

Published in: United Kingdom Paperback A-format paperback pp hmm x wmm x s25mm g ISBN ISBN ISBN EAN: x Description: The Dark Room tells the stories of three ordinary Germans: Helmut, a young photographer in Berlin in the s who uses his craft to express his patriotic fervour; Lore, a twelve-year-old girl who in guides her young siblings across a devastated Germany after her Nazi parents are seized by the Allies; and, fifty years later, Micha, a young teacher obsessed with what his loving grandfather did in the war, struggling to deal with the past of his family and his country.

Having both fled terrible hardships, their days are now vivid and filled with wonder, despite the horrors they both see and are complicit in. Then when a young Indian girl crosses their path, the possibility of lasting happiness seems within reach, if only they can survive. Ten contestants. Thirty cameras. Forty microphones. Yet again the public gorges its voyeuristic appetite as another group of unknown and unremarkable people submit themselves to the brutal exposure of the televised real-life soap opera, House Arrest. Everybody knows the rules: total strangers are forced to live together while the rest of the country watches them do it.

Who will crack first? Who will have sex and with whom? Who will the public love and who will they hate? All the usual questions. And then, suddenly, there are some new ones. Who is the murderer? How did he or she manage to kill under the constant gaze of the thirty television cameras? Why did they do it? And who will be next? When he first meets the wealthy and mercurial Maurice Levasseur, who never seems to have suffered, his hatred is immediate. But after they are thrown together during the disastrous Franco-Prussian war of , the pair are compelled to understand one other.

Forging a profound friendship, they must struggle together to endure a disorganised and brutal war, the savage destruction of France's Second Empire and the fall of Napoleon III. One of the greatest of all war novels, The Debacle is the nineteenth novel in Zola's great Rougon-Macquart cycle. A forceful and deeply moving tale of close friendship, it is also a fascinating chronicle of the events that were to lead, in the words of Zola himself, to 'the murder of a nation'. They must have because everyone keeps telling them so. In fact, Sydney's whole life is sussed.

Two adorable ish children, one adoring ish husband, one nanny, one cleaner, one lovely house. And latterly a glamorous job, albeit part time and quite possibly nepotistically come by. What's not to be ecstatic about? And then a new couple move in across the road: a very perfect, impeccable, tiny stranger with a Gwyneth Paltrow accent, and a man Sydney hasn't seen since she was Sydney has never admitted to herself that Dylan broke her heart.

But when she sees him again she begins to wonder After an early career amongst the political elite of Cold War Russia, Alexander Ivanov has built a successful business in the States. For forty years, he has buried the tragic memories surrounding his charismatic late wife, Katya - or so he believes. For into his life come two women - one who will open up the heart he has protected for so long; another who is determined to uncover what really happened to Katya so long ago.

The novel's journey back to the snowbound streets of post-Stalinist Moscow reveals a world of secrets and treachery. Shamim Sarif's elegant writing delicately evokes the intensity of passionate love and tragic violence. Michael Gardiner has lived in Coldhaven all his life, but still feels like an outsider, a blow-in. When Moira Birnie decides that her abusive husband is the devil and then kills herself and her two young sons, a terrible chain of events begins. Michael's infatuation with Moira's teenage daughter takes him on a journey towards a defined fate, where he is forced to face his present and then, finally, his past M, as Gloria likes to be known, is down south to report on caviar trafficking - but it soon becomes obvious that she's interested in something a lot more fishy than caviar.

Meanwhile Paul's best friend Elodie is marrying a French aristocrat, and Paul is asked to do the catering.

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Cooking for the French is a risky assignment at the best of times, but Paul, who is starting to feel a bit like James Bond, assures her that nothing can go wrong. Or can it? As Paul is sexually harassed by an English hen party, picked on by French commandoes and arrested by excitable gendarmes, he realises that events are spiralling out of control. And when he discovers that M's real target is France's biggest fish of all - the new President - and that he's coming to Elodie's wedding, Paul knows that the merde really is about to hit the fan Like everyone, Nancy finds that as life goes on, she has to adapt.

She's learning to hone her respectable image as the wife of investment banker Matt, cooking fashionable meals and taking his shirts to the cleaners, while turning a few tricks on the side. Volume is down, but the sex is kinkier. And she finds herself pulled into the discreet subculture of the married call girl.

Meanwhile, Matt wants a baby, but Nancy isn't so sure. Motherhood could end her career for good - and what will it do to her body? Will Nancy have to give up her career to save her marriage? What if she becomes the frumpy wife her clients often come to her to escape? Isolated, frustrated and increasingly bitter at the system he is employed to maintain, he begins his rebellion, fuelled by drink and his passionate, unrequited love for a fellow teacher.

All through the night police work with arc lights and chainsaws to prise her out. Identifying her doesn't take so long. Abbie Cooper is wanted for murder and her picture is on law enforcement computers all across America. But how did she die? And what was the trail of events that led this golden child of a loving family so tragically astray?

He learns that he is the victim of an extraordinary experiment. In an attempt to reform society, the government has divided the population into four groups, each representing a different personality type. The land, too, has been divided into quarters. Borders have been established, reinforced by concrete walls, armed guards and rolls of razor wire. Plunged headlong into this brave new world, the boy tries to make the best of things, unaware that ahead of him lies a truly explosive moment, a revelation that will challenge everything he believes in and will, in the end, put his very life in jeopardy.

When Siddalee Walker, eldest daughter of Vivi Abbott Walker Ya-Ya extraordinaire - part Scarlett, part Katharine Hepburn, part Tallulah is interviewed about a hit play she has directed, her mother is described as a 'tap-dancing child abuser'. Enraged, Vivi disowns Sidda - devastating her daughter who postpones her wedding and puts her life on hold until she is granted forgiveness. Trying to repair the relationship, the Ya-Yas, Vivi's intrepid tribe of Louisiana girlfriends, sashay in and insist Sidda is sent 'The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood', a scrapbook of their lives together from the day in when they were disqualified from a Shirley Temple lookalike contest for unladylike behaviour.

Expected to raise babies, not Cain, the Ya-Yas are bonded for life in an unforgettable exploration of the complexities of mother-daughter relationships and the power of female friendship. In Canada in , ten-year-old Marie and her mother invite a guest into their home: a young woman who has fled China in the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square protests. Her name is Ai-Ming. As her relationship with Marie deepens, Ai-Ming tells the story of her family in revolutionary China, from the crowded teahouses in the first days of Chairman Mao's ascent to the Shanghai Conservatory in the s and the events leading to the Beijing demonstrations of It is a history of revolutionary idealism, music, and silence, in which three musicians, the shy and brilliant composer Sparrow, the violin prodigy Zhuli, and the enigmatic pianist Kai struggle during China's relentless Cultural Revolution to remain loyal to one another and to the music they have devoted their lives to.

Forced to re-imagine their artistic and private selves, their fates reverberate through the years, with deep and lasting consequences for Ai-Ming - and for Marie. Written with exquisite intimacy, wit and moral complexity, Do Not Say We Have Nothing magnificently brings to life one of the most significant political regimes of the 20th century and its traumatic legacy, which still resonates for a new generation. It is a gripping evocation of the persuasive power of revolution and its effects on personal and national identity, and an unforgettable meditation on China today.

Grace never expected to wake up on her thirty-first birthday and realise that Mr Right had turned into Mr Wrong. She never expected to break off her engagement. But then she never expected to go on honeymoon with her ex-boyfriend either. Set against a backdrop of a late-night radio show hosted by Dr Cupid who promises to sort out the love lives of his listeners, this is a romantic comedy that looks at what it's like to be single again, about finding true love and how it can all get very, very complicated It was a time of wiping.

A time of bandaging. Of patients and their incessant needs. In a world where nurses never wash their hands, and doctors are the lowest of the low, one enormous nurse stands up for LOVE - a nurse that will make you fart with fear Published in: United Kingdom Paperback B-format paperback pp hmm x wmm x s38mm g ISBN ISBN ISBN EAN: x Description: In an explosive fusion of myth and reality, magic and romance, Dog Years charts forty years of German history, starting with , to expose the madness of a society that bred and nurtured the horrors of the Third Reich before anaesthetising itself with the chaos of disintegration.

She retreats to the home of her friend and mentor, the neurologist Hiroji Matsui, who has mysteriously disappeared. Their friendship, and the world Janie begins to reclaim in the wake of Hiroji's disappearance, are at the heart of Madeleine Thien's eagerly anticipated second novel. Thirty years earlier, in , Janie is a child in Cambodia. When the Khmer Rouge take control of the country, the fallen city of Phnom Penh is emptied. Together with her parents and her younger brother, Sopham, she is forced into the countryside.

In the terror that follows, when to remember one's own past becomes a crime against the revolution, her father, a translator, is taken away, and gradually her mother weakens. Survival depends on escape, and ultimately Janie and Sopham must undertake a treacherous journey through the flooded caves at the border, across the sea, and toward a new existence. Now, as she moves among Hiroji's belongings, Janie salvages fragments of his past and, slowly, her own. Needing to find a truth she can be reconciled with, to make amends, she follows Hiroji's story to Southeast Asia where she believes he has gone in search of his brother James, a Red Cross doctor who went missing in Cambodia many years earlier, and whose own story comes vividly, powerfully to life.

From their first date Lexy sweeps Paul off his feet and brings him passion, adventure and love. But one afternoon Lexy climbs an apple tree and falls to her death. Heartbroken, Paul cannot believe that it was an accident and sets out to find the truth. The tall, thin knight and his short, fat squire, Sancho Panza, have found their way into films, cartoons and even computer games.

Supposedly intended as a parody of the most popular escapist fiction of the day, the 'books of chivalry', this precursor of the modern novel broadened and deepened into a sophisticated, comic account of the contradictions of human nature. Cervantes' greatest work can be enjoyed on many levels, all suffused with a subtle irony that reaches out to encompass the reader.

The Double F. But they also have something else in common: each has a dream. For Sarah, it is finding a way through the constant struggle of bringing up her partially deaf son Rory alone. For Roz, it is overcoming the difficulty of keeping her farm afloat and for Janie, a GP's wife, it is how to escape an ever-growing emptiness in her life that cannot explain or fill. Then Janie's brother Marcus, a top city analyst, has an idea. He suggests that Janie and her friends set up an investment group - pooling their money and playing the stock market together - and introduces them to his stockbroker friend, Alex.

Before long, with a mixture of luck, instinct and research, the women begin to make some serious money. The sort of money that makes dreams come true. But good dreams can easily turn bad.


When the chance to invest in an almost certain take over target comes up, the investment club, hesitant at first, decide to go for it. Only things are not what they seemed, insider trading is a criminal offence, and someone has a hidden agenda. When the gains are high, so are the risks So when a GI came to call, she was sure that love and escape would follow. But Nellie knew different - the boy would have to go.

Abandoned by her lover and left to bring up their two children alone, Gervaise Macquart has to fight to earn an honest living. When she accepts the marriage proposal of Monsieur Coupeau, it seems as though she is on the path to a decent, respectable life at last. But with her husband's drinking and. The Drinking Den caused a sensation when it was first published, with its gritty depiction of the poverty and squalor, slums and drinking houses of the Parisian underclass.

The seventh novel in Zola's great Rougon-Macquart cycle, it was the work that made his reputation. And, in his moving portrayal of Gervaise's struggle for happiness, Zola created one of the most sympathetic heroines in nineteenth-century literature. Robin Buss's translation renders Zola's street argot into clear, contemporary English. This edition also includes an introduction discussing Zola's Naturalistic method, with maps of Paris, Zola's preface responding to his critics, notes, a chronology and further reading. His marriage is stable if unexciting, and he lives comfortably with his wife in Vermont.

Then his imagination is caught by Fanny, a young girl of twentythree, and he is thrown into an intense, erotic love affair that threatens to destroy his measured, disciplined world and the lives of those around him. It exposes the side of Dublin that tourists never see. Webster is a radically and creatively experimental dramatist. His tragedies deploy shifting dramatic perspectives which counteract and challenge conventional moral judgements, while the predominantly gentler tone of his comedies and tragicomedies responds inventively to contemporary changes in dramatic taste and fashion.

All four plays display the provocative intelligence of a profoundly original playwright. Under the General Editorship of Michael Cordner of the University of York, the texts of the plays have been newly edited and are presented with modernized spelling and punctuation. In addition, there is detailed annotation, a glossary, and a critical introduction which traces Webster's artistic development, defends him against charges of over-indulgence in violence, and explores his sophisticated staging and scenic forms.

Sally Jay Gorce is a woman with a mission. It's the s, she's young, and she's in Paris. Having dyed her hair pink, she wears evening dresses in the daytime and vows to go native in a way not even the natives can manage. Embarking on an educational programme that includes an affair with a married man which fizzles out when she realises he's single and wants to marry her ; nights in cabarets and jazz clubs in the company of assorted "citizens of the world"; an entanglement with a charming psychopath; and a bit part in a film financed by a famous matador.

But an education like this doesn't come cheap. Will our heroine be forced back to the States to fulfill her destiny as a librarian, or can she keep up her whirlwind Parisian existence? Published in: United Kingdom Paperback B-format paperback pp hmm x wmm x s13mm g ISBN ISBN ISBN EAN: x Description: A megalomaniac Boer frontiersman wreaks hideous vengeance on a Hottentot tribe for undermining the 'natural' order of his universe with their anarchic rival order, mocking him and subjecting him to the humiliations of his own all too palpable flesh.

A specialist in psychological warfare is driven to breakdown and madness by the stresses of a project of macabre ingenuity to win the war in Vietnam. Both the 18th-century Jacobus Coetzee and the 20th-century Eugene Dawn are in the business of pushing back the frontiers of knowledge and are dealers in death who denounce their own humanity and spurn their feelings of guilt. In these two narratives, Coetzee has crystallized in their absurdity and horror the extremes of scientific evangelism and heroic exploration. Andy Paxton was gay and he was investigating a possible cop connection in the brutal murder of another gay officer.

But Andy's death looks like suicide, or an unfortunate and embarrassing accident, and the pressure is on from the top brass to close the case as soon as possible. But the investigation's lead detective Sam Kovac is not convinced the case is as straightforward as it appears. As he digs deeper, it is looking very much like Paxton discovered something that got him killed. And he might not be the final victim Since the sexual revolution of the s, when he left his wife and child, Kepesh has experimented with living what he calls an 'emancipated manhood', beyond the reach of family or a mate.

Over the years, he has refined that exuberant decade of protest and licence into an orderly way of life in which he is both unimpeded in the world of Eros and studiously devoted to his aesthetic pursuits. But the youth and beauty of Consuela undo him completely. His worldliness, his confidence, his reason desert him, and a maddening sexual possessiveness transports him to the depths of deforming jealousy.

I'm coming back. Are you listening? A murder she swears she did not commit. For twelve long years she has been denied the touch and the love of her only daughter Amy. Has been forced to watch another woman raise and enjoy her child. Until, at the age of seventeen, Amy has insisted she never wants to see her real mother again.

But now Rachel is free. And she is ready to take revenge. A star in the making. Set during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan, it is a fable about war, family, home and tradition. An old man and his grandson sit in a deserted landscape of dusty roads and looming mountains. What are they waiting for? As we watch them we learn their story Atiq Rahimi has managed to condense centuries of Afghan history into his short tale of three very different generations.

At the same time, he has created a story that is universal in its power. This Penguin Classics edition is translated with an introduction by Douglas Parmee. When Jean Macquart arrives in the peasant community of Beauce, where farmers have worked the same land for generations, he quickly finds himself involved in the corrupt affairs of the local Fouan family.

Aging and Lear-like, Old Man Fouan has decided to divide his land between his three children: his penny-pinching daughter Fanny, his eldest son - a far from holy figure known as 'Jesus Christ' - and the lecherous Buteau, Macquart's friend. But in a community where land is everything, sibling rivalry quickly turns to brutal hatred, as Buteau declares himself unsatisfied with his lot.

A fascinating portrayal of a struggling but decadent community, The Earth offers a compelling exploration of the destructive nature of human ignorance and greed. Douglas Parmee's translation vividly conveys the naturalistic tone of the original in clear, contemporary English. This edition also includes an introduction, exploring Zola's motivation in writing The Earth and considering its influence on his contemporaries. A taut psychological thriller, rippled with comedy as black as a raven's wing, Eileen is effortlessly stylish and compelling.

Trapped between caring for her alcoholic father and her job as a secretary at the boys' prison, she tempers her dreary days with dreams of escaping to the big city. In the meantime, her nights and weekends are filled with shoplifting and cleaning up her increasingly deranged father's messes. When the beautiful, charismatic Rebecca Saint John arrives on the scene as the new counsellor at the prison, Eileen is enchanted, unable to resist what appears to be a miraculously budding friendship.

But soon, Eileen's affection for Rebecca will pull her into a crime that far surpasses even her own wild imagination. Eleanor Oliphant leads a simple life. She wears the same clothes to work every day, eats the same meal deal for lunch every day and buys the same two bottles of vodka to drink every weekend. Eleanor Oliphant is happy. Nothing is missing from her carefully timetabled life. Except, sometimes, everything. One simple act of kindness is about to shatter the walls Eleanor has built around herself. Now she must learn how to navigate the world that everyone else seems to take for granted - while searching for the courage to face the dark corners she's avoided all her life.

Skilled, perceptive, Eleanor's world will feel familiar to you from the very first page. An outstanding debut! Infant prodigy; brilliant barrister; the apple of his parents' eyes For Norman, his committal to a mental hospital represents the ultimate act of betrayal. For Rbbi Zweck, Norman's father, his son's deterioration is a bitter reminder of his own guilt and failure. Only Bella, the unmarried sister, still in her childhood white ankle socks, can reach across the abyss of pain to bring father and son the elusive peace which they both desperately crave.

Elmet is a marvellous achievement' TLS 'Pastoral idyll, political expose, cosy family saga and horror tale, it reads like a traditional children's story that turns into a gangster film: Hansel and Gretel meets The Godfather' Sunday Times Daniel is heading north. He is looking for someone. The simplicity of his early life with Daddy and Cathy has turned menacing and fearful. They lived apart in the house that Daddy built for them in the woods with his bare hands.

They foraged and hunted. Cathy was more like their father: fierce and full of simmering anger. Daniel was more like their mother: gentle and kind. Sometimes, their father disappeared, and would return with a rage in his eyes. But when he was at home, he was at peace. He told them that the little copse in Elmet was theirs alone. But that wasn't true. Local men, greedy and watchful, began to circle like vultures. All the while, the terrible violence in Daddy grew. Brutal and beautiful in equal measure, Elmet is a compelling portrayal of a family living on the fringes of contemporary society, as well as a gripping exploration of the disturbing actions people are capable of when pushed to their limits.

They lived. Against an uneasy political background a bittersweet, triangular love affair develops between Catherine and Edmund and George Airton. And all the while, she is trying to uncover the truth of her past, unaware of the danger this might pose to her. Who is Henry Manners, the mysterious man who once wrote to her mother, and who she knows now lives in China? Running in parallel is the extraordinary story of Yu-Fu-kuei, a Chinese revolutionary working as a Communist spy.

She and Catherine met when they were at Oxford immediately after the Great War, and the friendship is deep and permanent. As the Japanese mass themselves on the borders, waiting for an excuse to invade, Catherine, ignorant of a history steeped in hatred, unwittingly becomes the perfect tool to settle the scores of two men who will stop at nothing to wreak their revenge. And Yu-Fu-kuei discovers that love might be the strongest weapon that any warrior has. She spends nights in cramped bars, drinking and smoking with her beautiful but damaged boyfriend Tom and his friends.

It is a lifestyle that leaves her feeling directionless and jaded. In her search to believe in something or someone, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Simon, Tom's complex and charming cousin. But Simon is married, and as he and Emily become closer and the summer draws to an end they are forced to make decisions that will have a devastating effect on both families. High above the bay on the Italian Riviera stands San Salvatore, a mediaeval castle. Beckoned to this haven are Mrs. Lulled by the Mediterranean spirit, they gradually shed their skins and discover a harmony each of them has longed for but never known.

First published in and reminscient of 'Elizabeth and her German Garden', this delightful novel is imbued with the descriptive power and lighthearted irreverence for which Elizabeth von Arnin is renowned. A nineteen-year-old waitress and aspiring actress living in Webster, Minnesota, she becomes enchanted by an exotic outsider - an artist from New York. Drawn into a world of erotic adventure, she finds herself the target of mysterious acts of madness as she strains against the confines of small town life. She is a baby who barely suffocates in the cradle. Or perhaps not?

She lives to become as an adult and dies beloved. Or dies betrayed. Or perhaps. Her memory is honoured. Or she is forgotten by everyone. Moving from a small Galician town at the turn of the century, through pre-war Vienna and Stalin's Moscow to present-day Berlin, Jenny Erpenbeck homes in on the moments when life follows a particular branch and 'fate' suddenly emerges from the sly interplay between history, character and pure chance.

The End of Days is a novel that pulls apart the threads of destiny and allows us to see the present and the past anew. Grotesque, visionary tycoon Sir Jack Pitman takes the saying literally and does exactly that.

He constructs on the island 'The Project', a vast heritage centre containing everything 'English', from Big Ben to Stonehenge, from Manchester United to the white cliffs of Dover. The project is monstrous, risky, and vastly successful. In fact, it gradually begins to rival 'Old' England and even threatens to supersede it One of Barnes's finest and funniest novels, England, England calls into question the idea of replicas, truth vs fiction, reality vs art, nationhood, mythmaking, and self-exploration.

In this hilarious, provocative and highly topical story of food, love and Islam, Anthony McCarten exposes the flaws inherent to our multicultural society, and explores the nature of racism from a startlingly original angle. Supermarket checkout girl Tracy Pringle has a very lively imagination indeed. In front of her, as she blip-blips herself into a daydream, walk past not boring housewives with screaming children or tired office clerks, but the likes of Lord Byron, Lawrence of Arabia and Princess Leia.

It comes as no surprise, then, that she turns a blind eye when Her Majesty herself pops a packet of Mr Kipling's Bakewell tarts into her handbag without paying. Obviously, the management sees it differently, and Tracy is given the sack on the spot and forced to find herself another job. But nothing can prepare her for the new life that awaits her at the Taste of Persia restaurant, where she is flung headlong into a clash of cultures, languages, dinner plates, religions and a rather tricky domestic arrangement Published in: United Kingdom Paperback pp hmm x wmm g ISBN ISBN ISBN x Description: As his father remains a recluse on a Spanish island, the narrator struggles to reconcile the slowly revealed secrets of his family's past in the Middle East with the decadence, artifice and egotism of his friends, the gay hedonist Reaper, the actress Rose Lovell and the famous artist Foley.

As years pass and Ellen grows into a beautiful young woman, her father announces his decision: she will marry the first man who can name all the species of the eucalypt, down to the last tree. Yet it remains little known outside Russia. Attempts to render Pushkin's Russian stanzas into verse have tried in vain to imitate the most inimitable features of the original, while masking many of its other glories.

This prose version, for the first time, gives us a Eugene Onegin that is easy and enjoyable to read. Where previous versions lost the novel in the verse, Roger Clarke has discarded the verse to bring us the novel. And more than the novel: what shines through here are not only Puskin's touching story and subtle characterisation, but his incisive pictures of contemporary Russian life and landscapes, his social and literary comment, his humour, and indeed the essential poetry of the work.

Homage to Catalonia George Orwell. Loitering with Intent Muriel Spark. The Muse Jessie Burton. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. Leipzig: Insel, Full red leather gilt, worn on extremities, pages browned. Waiting for God. London: BBC Books, ISBN: Cream cloth gilt.

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The Old Devils. London: Hutchinson, Night Train. Fine in very good dustwrapper. Tom Brown's Schooldays. Prize bookplate dated Blue blind stamped cloth gilt, sunned, slight foxing. London: Ward Lock, Hardback. Coloured frontispiece. Original green decorated cloth, pictorial onlay, rubbed, some foxing. Beyond the Beyond. New York: New American Library, Book Club edition. Dustwrapper browned. Beige cloth. The Earth Book of Stormgate - 3. London: New English Library, Covers rubbed. The Angelic Avengers.

London: Putnam, First English Edition. Originally published in Denmark in as Gengaeldelsens Veje. Dustwrapper slightly rubbed on edges, not price-clipped. Red cloth gilt, slight foxing of fore-edge. A bright, crisp copy. The Inquisitors. Dustwrapper slightly worn on edges, price intact. Red cloth gilt. Fourth Leaders From The Times London: The Times Publishing Company, Inscription on endpaper. In Beauty May I Walk.

New York: Exley Publications, Illustrated laminated boards. Glasgow: James Hogg, Half-Leather. Good Two volumes in one. Volume I : Numbers March-August Contemporary black half-calf gilt, rubbed on extremities.. London: W. Chambers, Half-Leather. Good Large 8vo. Philadelphia: Running Press, Miniature Editions Series. Colour illustrations. Dustwrapper price intact. Blue cloth. Largely Literary Journal - Henry Lawson. Knoxfield, Australia: Five Mile Press, Fine ISBN: Unused journal of 80 ruled blank pages with a biography of Henry Archibald Lawson on the rear board. Grace No. Christchurch: Grace Publishers, Paperback.

Very Good 82pp. Illustrated covers. Round The Fountain - Pieces from St. Bartholomew's Hospital Journal. London: St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Fifth edition. Red cloth gilt, spine marked. Very Good pp. Portrait frontispiece of Robert. Original green cloth gilt, scattered foxing. Edinburgh: William Blackwood, Hardback. Good pp. Me and Gus. Wellington: A. Reed, Illustrated by Nevile Lodge.

Originally punlished in this is the revised and rewritten edition based on the earlier work and unpublished manuscripts and notes. Prostho Plus. New York: Ballantine Books, Very Good in worn dustwrapper pp.

the loving spirit virago modern classics Manual

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Gissing and the City

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Kindle Editions

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