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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Book is in Japanese. As with the majority of their Little Richard remakes, Paul McCartney sang lead vocals, as he could most closely imitate Richard's vocal style. The recording was produced by the Beatles' regular producer, George Martin , who also played piano on the track. Given the group's familiarity with the song, the recording was completed in a single take.

The song appears on the film Backbeat. Upon viewing it, Paul McCartney was reported to say:. One of my annoyances about the film Backbeat is that they've actually taken my rock 'n' rollness off me. They give John "Long Tall Sally" to sing and he never sang it in his life. But now it's set in cement. It's like the Buddy Holly and Glenn Miller stories. Now Backbeat has done the same thing to the story of the Beatles. I was quite taken, however, with Stephen Dorff's astonishing performance as Stu. In addition to their studio recording of the song, the Beatles recorded "Long Tall Sally" for BBC radio broadcasts on seven occasions during and In addition, a live recording from the television special Around the Beatles was included on the Anthology 1 compilation The live album The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl includes a concert recording of the song.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the song itself. For the tall women's clothing store, see Long Tall Sally Clothing. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This section may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards.

Please help improve this section if you can. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Rolling Stone. Archived from the original on October 2, Retrieved November 25, Retrieved August 21, Archived from the original on April 16, Retrieved June 2, Later that year it transferred to Studio 54 , where it remained for the rest of its 2,performance run, becoming the third longest-running revival in Broadway musical history, third only to Oh!

There were a number of changes made between the and revivals, despite the similarities in creative team.

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The cabaret number "Two Ladies" was staged with the Emcee, a cabaret girl, and a cabaret boy in drag and included a shadow play simulating various sexual positions. The brutally satiric "Sitting Pretty", with its mocking references to deprivation, despair and hunger, was eliminated entirely, as it had been in the film version, and where in the revival it had been combined with "Money" as it had been in London production , "Money" was now performed on its own.

This production closed in June and toured nationally for two years with a cast that included Wayne Sleep as the Emcee and Samantha Barks and Siobhan Dillon as Sally. The production was made by the creative team behind the London revival, but they created a different set, lighting, costumes, choreography and direction. The revival focused more on comic aspects but still expressed the harshness of Germany.

The production planned to tour the UK again beginning in September , with cast and further dates to be announced. In September Roundabout Theatre Company announced plans to return the company's acclaimed production to Studio 54 in New York. This engagement was later extended to a week run concluding on January 4, On August 21, it was officially confirmed that Emma Stone would replace Michelle Williams as Sally until February 1, after Williams left the production on November 9, and Alan Cumming would continue in the role of The Emcee until the show's closing date in March A new major revival production with new direction played Sydney and Melbourne, Australia in The production mixed elements of the Mendes production, such as its version of "Two Ladies" and its portrayal of a gay Cliff, with the highly colourful art design of the original the Emcee is in full makeup and clothed and most of the additional songs from the film with the exception of "Mein Herr".

At the dawn of the s in Berlin, the Nazi Party is growing stronger. The Kit Kat Klub is a seedy cabaret , a place of decadent celebration. The Klub's Master of Ceremonies , or M. Emcee , together with the cabaret girls and waiters, warm up the audience " Willkommen ". In a train station, Cliff Bradshaw arrives, a young American writer coming to Berlin to work on his new novel. He meets Ernst Ludwig, a German who offers Cliff work and recommends a boarding house. After a brief debate, she relents and lets Cliff live there for fifty marks.

Afterward, she asks Cliff to recite poetry for her; he recites " Casey at the Bat ". Cliff offers to take Sally home, but she says that her boyfriend Max, the club's owner, is too jealous. The cabaret ensemble performs a song and dance, calling each other on inter-table phones and inviting each other for dances and drinks "The Telephone Song".

The next day, Cliff has just finished giving Ernst an English lesson when Sally arrives. Max has fired her and thrown her out, and now she has no place to live, and so she asks him if she can live in his room. The Emcee and two female companions sing a song "Two Ladies" that comments on Cliff and Sally's unusual living conditions. In the Kit Kat Klub, a young waiter starts to sing a song—a patriotic anthem to the Fatherland that slowly descends into a darker, Nazi-inspired marching song —becoming the strident "Tomorrow Belongs to Me".

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He initially sings a cappella , before the customers and the band join in. In the and revivals, this is replaced by the Emcee playing a recording of a boy soprano. Months later, Cliff and Sally are still living together and have fallen in love. Cliff knows that he is in a "dream," but he enjoys living with Sally too much to come to his senses "Why Should I Wake Up? Sally reveals that she is pregnant, but she does not know the father and reluctantly decides to get an abortion. Cliff reminds her that it could be his child, and seems to convince her to have the baby.

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The Emcee comments on this with the song "Sitting Pretty" or, in later versions, "Money". The cabaret girls, along with the Emcee in drag , perform a kick line routine which eventually becomes a goose-step. They are interrupted by the crash of a brick being thrown through the window of Herr Schultz's fruit shop. Back at the Kit Kat Klub, the Emcee performs a song-and-dance routine with a girl in a gorilla suit, singing that their love has been met with universal disapproval "If You Could See Her".

Encouraging the audience to be more open-minded, he defends his ape-woman, concluding with, "if you could see her through my eyes When Cliff protests, saying that she can't just give up this way, she asks him what other choice she has "What Would You Do? Cliff tells Sally that he is taking her back to America so that they can raise their baby together.

Sally protests, declaring how wonderful their life in Berlin is, and Cliff sharply tells her to "wake up" and take notice of the growing unrest around them. Sally retorts that politics have nothing to do with them or their affairs. At the Kit Kat Klub after another heated argument with Sally, Cliff is accosted by Ernst, who has another delivery job for him.

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Cliff tries to brush him off, but when Ernst asks if Cliff's attitude towards him is because of "that Jew at the party", Cliff attacks him—only to be badly beaten up by Ernst's Nazi bodyguards and dragged out of the club. On stage, the Emcee introduces Sally, who enters to perform again, singing that "life is a cabaret, old chum," cementing her decision to live in carefree ignorance and freedom "Cabaret". The next morning, the bruised Cliff is packing, when Herr Schultz visits.

Song of Sally II: The Dedication

He tells Cliff that he is moving to another boardinghouse, but is confident that the bad times will soon pass. He understands the German people, he says, because he is a German too. When Sally returns, she reveals that she has had an abortion; Cliff slaps her. He still hopes that she will join him, but Sally says that she has "always hated Paris" and hopes that when Cliff finally writes his novel, he will dedicate it to her.

Cliff leaves, heartbroken. On the train to Paris, Cliff begins to write his novel, reflecting on his experiences: "There was a cabaret, and there was a master of ceremonies In the Kit Kat Klub, the Emcee welcomes us in the revival, he strips off his overcoat to reveal a concentration camp prisoner's uniform marked with a yellow Star of David and a pink triangle , and the backdrop raises to reveal white space with the ensemble standing within. The cabaret ensemble reprises "Willkommen", but it is now harsh and violent as the Emcee sings, "Auf Wiedersehen Some productions have the white space then flashing with a strobe effect, implying the cabaret performers, except for Sally who is not standing in the white space , will fall victim to Nazi atrocities towards the Jews and gays.

Every production of Cabaret has modified the original score, with songs being changed, cut, or added from the film version. This is a collective list featuring all songs from every major production. Of the prologue of songs originally planned, only "Willkommen" remained. One of the dropped numbers, "I Don't Care Much", was eventually restored to the production. In the song, Sally tells them both that they have nothing to worry about and that all will turn out well in the end.

Both this song and "Roommates" are occasionally underscored by the ostinato rhythm of the piece.

Song of Sally II

These three deleted songs were recorded by Kander and Ebb, and the sheet music for the songs was included in The Complete Cabaret Collection , a book of vocal selections from the musical. The song " Mein Herr ", which was written for the film, and "Maybe This Time" an earlier song of Kander and Ebb's, written for the unproduced musical Golden Gate were included in the revival. Previously, in the revival, a new song was written for Cliff entitled "Don't Go".

In addition, there were two "Money" songs. Originally, the song "Sitting Pretty" was sung by the Emcee and backed up by the Cabaret Girls in international costumes and their units of currency representing Russian rubles , Japanese yen , French francs , American dollars , and German reichsmarks. For the movie, this number was then replaced by "Money, Money", and sung by the Emcee and Sally Bowles. However, "Sitting Pretty" was still heard briefly in the film. For the revival, there was a special version comprising a medley of both money songs, and motifs from the later song were incorporated into the "international" dance that had "Sitting Pretty".

For the revival, only the later song written for the movie was used. This version added the Cabaret Girls, and had a darker and raunchier edge to it. The movie soundtrack with Liza Minnelli is perhaps the best-known of the recordings, although the movie is much re-written and eliminates all but six of the original songs from the stage production. Both the London and Broadway revival casts were recorded.

A two-CD studio recording contains more or less the entire score, including songs written for the movie or for later productions, and many incidentals and instrumentals not usually recorded.

In addition to these recordings, cast albums for the French, Spanish, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Austrian, Dutch, and two German productions have been released.