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It becomes clear that Reed's worldview has changed to a more sinister outlook. In Ultimate Enemy , he is shown to be living with his parents again before an explosion seemingly kills them. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear to his former friends that Reed is a threat to the world.

Applauding utility and function with a new category of contract style and substance.

Part of his motivation to become a villain is that he no longer likes his home dimension and wishes he could find another world to improve. In Ultimate Fallout , Reed is revealed to have survived his defeat and is shown trapped in the Negative Zone. He soon escapes and returns to his world, where he vows to win back his friends by saving the planet.

He has come back to fight against the Ultimates after spending 1, years in the distant future - having been unable to age due to his powers - and the top of his head has been 'stretched' in order to increase his intelligence.

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It is not until Reed reveals his face to Thor that the Ultimates learn his true identity. When the primary Galactus arrives in the Ultimate Universe due to a temporal distortion, [11] the Ultimates are forced to approach Reed for help after Mysterio who was trapped in the Ultimate universe identifies Galactus and reveals having been defeated by Earth's Reed Richards in the past. Before he departs, he and Miles are confronted by Valeria Richards , leaving Reed shaken as he witnesses the family he and Sue could have had.

Nick Fury secretly recruits Reed to help draft counter-measures to doomsday scenarios, where he eventually starts having to fight Incursions. While working on stopping another, he finds the Cabal escaping from another destroyed Earth.

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Learning that they are on a new world ruled by God Emperor using the power of the Beyonders and Molecule Man , Reed works with his Earth counterpart to devise a means of defeating Doom. However, they are divided due to their morals, as Ultimate Reed wishes to kill their enemy while Reed is more concerned with ensuring that the world can survive without him.

However, Molecule Man intervenes, returning Reed to normal while turning the Maker into pepperoni pizzas. Despite this, the Maker survives and emerged in the new Prime Earth, where he forms the science-based terrorist organization W. His first experiment focuses on harnessing the souls of the dead to try and capture the souls of previous universes.

S form as its latest member.

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Also, Mockingbird managed to get free from O. While the remaining members of the New Revengers are defeated, Maker escapes. Sunspot then delivers Maker to the government, which imprisons him in a special cell. Maker later appears as a member of Project Oversight.

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He was seen interrogating Eddie Brock about the incident revolving around the Grendel symbiote and Knull while stating that he is not the Mister Fantastic that Brock knows. In addition, he talked about how the Venom symbiote has lost its personality, saying it just a guard dog now, that it can't give Brock powers anymore. When Brock asks Maker if he would be able to restore it, Maker states that the only way to do that is to connect it to the symbiote hive mind and the last person to do that was the late Flash Thompson.

He even reveals the symbiote bio-mass that was extracted by Flash's corpse as he plans to exhume and vivisect it. This causes the Venom symbiote to retaliate and trap Maker in a morgue locker. After getting out, he reaches a room to delete the footage of him being attacked by the Venom symbiote while also viewing the events of " Spider-Geddon " and " Infinity Countdown.

Maker later shows up at the hospital when Brock was by the bedside of Dylan Brock. Eddie tells Maker that he has to go after Dylan after it was discovered that Dylan is his son. When Maker states that Dylan will be fine.

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After turning up the volume the symbiote is successfully removed from, however incapacitating both Maker and Eddie. Ultimate Reed Richards's power of elasticity have been increased in comparison to his counterpart. He can stretch his eyes, specifically the lens so that he does not need his glasses or any other visual augmentation but can only sustain this for short periods. It's revealed that his abilities allow him to stretch his brain in order to accommodate and solve almost any problem thus making him effectively a human computer so Reed is a genius with an IQ of at least at age The Ultimate Reed experiences an increase in his intellect from the accident that empowered him, making his "mind as flexible as his body".

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  8. He has shown a reduced need for sleep due to the hyper-efficient workings of his brain. Lacking a digestive system, he has no need to eat or drink. Similarly, because he has no lungs, Ultimate Reed does not need to breathe in any conventional human sense and can survive in environments lacking oxygen; during his time in the N-Zone, where the atmosphere is essentially acid and contains anti-matter , he is able to survive.

    Ultimate Reed is extremely durable, surviving a nova flame attack from the Johnny Storm , ionic attacks from the Ben Grimm and having his brain blown up by Susan Storm 's force fields. The Promise of the Maker Movement for Education. The Maker Movement is a community of hobbyists, tinkerers, engineers, hackers, and artists who creatively design and build projects for both playful and useful ends. There is growing interest among educators in bringing making into K education to enhance opportunities to engage in the practices of engineering, specifically, and STEM more broadly.

    This article describes three elements of the Maker Movement, and associated research needs, necessary to understand its promise for education: 1 digital tools, including rapid prototyping tools and low-cost microcontroller platforms, that characterize many making projects; 2 community infrastructure, including online resources and in-person spaces and events; and 3 the maker mindset, aesthetic principles, and habits of mind that are commonplace within the community. It further outlines how the practices of making align with research on beneficial learning environments.

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