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Ward Allen. Two Step Polka. I've Really Got a Right to Cry. Dee Mullin. The World's a Lie. Whisper Your Name. She's Mad at Me. Most Beautiful. Elmo Hope. Glenn Barber. Your Heart Don't Love.

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Jim Alexander. Who Knows. Track Listing - Disc 2. If You Were Mine. Jack Rivers.

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Should Have Known. Worried Over You. The Velvetones. Space Men. Hey Girl. Time Gives Me Pleasure. Swanee River Gal. Tommy Hudson. Band Stand Stomp. My Blues. Johnny Forrer. The Real Thing. Tony Douglas. End of the Evening. Deep in the Heart of a Fool. Tommy Durden. The Bee.

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Song of Blue Love. Travelin' Texans. Beating on the Bars. Johnny "Country" Mathis. Run Please Run. Answer to Life to Go. Patsy Timmons. I've Got It. William Tell Taylor.

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Uh Huh. Memory of a Lie. Tibby Edwards. One More Night. Calender in Blue. Time Lock. Joe Carson. Careless Words. Track Listing - Disc 3. Man with the Blues.

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Willie Nelson. The Storm Has Just Begun. Cecil Bowman. Curse of Wine. Don't Tell Me, Show Me. Gloria Henson. Sad Girl. Full access to every sound and the possibility to freely modify kits, makes this collection something really special and outstanding on the market - get your own hands on the sound of tomorrow! Their soundsets and samples are fresh and very inspiring. Complete adjustable and playable kits with midi files and instruments Und dabei ist das doch gerade mal zwei Hefte her. Vielleicht wird es ja doch langsam mal Zeit zum Griff ins Regal mit den geriatrischen Aufbaumitteln.

Besonders Einsteiger werden hier wertvolle Hinweise finden. This second title in Soundorder. Each kit is broken down into instruments and drum loops with each of the latter split into its constituent hits , and every pattern is backed up with a MIDI file. The level of authenticity offered here is very high indeed, and the sound quality is exceptional. A compatible software is required to load and play the sounds of this product. You need to own a registered full version of Kontakt e. For your own protection this library is provided as individual personalized files including a Digital Water Mark - DWM!

His wife Debbie is his best friend and confidant and helps him keep his heart grounded and His eyes on the prize.

John also serves on the board of directors at Village Christian School and is very active in their local church. Tom found his way onto the piano bench and learned his favorite song by ear at the age of 4, he fell in love. Growing up in the Seattle area, Tom worked as a pianist in settings as diverse as concert halls, jazz clubs, and musical theaters, all the while dreaming of being a jazz recording artist.

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In , he moved to Los Angeles to attend Pepperdine University on a music scholarship but soon realized that his passion was to play, arrange, and create music rather than study it. He spent the next five years traveling the globe as the Musical Director for Princess Cruises. The next decade became about playing gigs, raising kids, and honing his production skills doing remix and karaoke tracks. Through a mutual friend, Tom met John Sponsler. This meeting would lead to the birth of Magic Box Music their mutual production company and eventually together they formed Brand X Music.

John allowed Tom an opportunity to learn, work, and grow, and in so doing, the two forged a friendship and partnership that has spanned over 15 years. Tom's career has also allowed him to work with some of his musical heroes including John Williams, Hans Zimmer, and Trevor Rabin. Tom is the father of two great kids, enjoys cooking, scuba diving, and home roasting coffee beans. He and his wife share a passion for dogs, Disneyland and Hawaii, and feel amazingly blessed to be living out their wildest dreams.

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Deconstruct Conceived and executed utilizing signature musical sound devices rather than standard genre specific musical tracks, Deconstruct is a fresh sound for those who desire something new. Kinetic Brand X presents sixteen all new modern dramatic tracks that push music beyond the laws of motion. Editors Essentials Volume 6 Editor's Essentials is back with Volume 6, featuring new hits, rises, alarms, blasts, creatures, glitches, timekeepers, stingers, and whooshes.

About Brand X Music. Brand X Music Libraries. Theatrical Music BXMT Our premium collection of epically powerful and breathtaking dramatic trailer scores created with no compromises for the world's boldest blockbuster trailers. Trailer Music BXM Our classic and popular catalogue, the cues you know and love also containing our sought-after Editor's Essentials collection and our newest Architect's Series. Special Collections. Editor's Essentials Sound design elements and single musical ideas are the foundation and the glue that bind a trailer together.

Architect's Series Our newest unique collection designed to help you finish your spot just the way you want it. Brand X Founding Composers.