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Solomon Islands Campaign

The Japanese lost a total of 24, men killed in the Battle of Guadalcanal, while the Americans sustained 1, killed, 4, wounded, and several thousand dead from malaria and other tropical diseases. The various naval battles cost each side 24 warships: the Japanese lost 2 battleships, 4 cruisers, 1 light carrier , 11 destroyers, and 6 submarines, while the Americans lost 8 cruisers, 2 heavy carriers, and 14 destroyers.

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South Pacific Nation Shrugs Off Worries on China’s Influence

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Halsey two cruisers and seven destroyers sunk and one battleship and one cruiser damaged. Only 4,…. On July 2, , having decided to take positive steps to secure the lines of communication between the United States and Australia, the U. Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a directive to the commanders in the Pacific to begin offensive operations in….

Expecting to be outnumbered as a result of the Five-Power Naval Limitation Treaty of , the Imperial Japanese Navy had practiced night tactics assiduously….

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Connectivity is so weak across the Solomons that storm clouds often interfere with the satellites that currently provide internet access. Molea, the fish wholesaler, who also praised a small grant program from Australia that helped him build an ice factory for his sustainable fishing business. But to truly compete with China, many people said, Australia, the United States and their allies need to do more, more visibly, with less bureaucracy. The cable stands out because it is a rarity.

The Battle of Guadalcanal - Documentary WWII

The aid packages cited with pride by officials in Canberra and Washington tend to focus not on the tangible infrastructure that struggling countries like this one crave, but rather on institutional assistance with governance and law enforcement. That work is gradual, vital and complicated. Many Solomon Islanders still see Australia through the lens of a security intervention that ended last year after more than a decade of mixed reviews for its effort to establish stability in the wake of chronic ethnic violence.

World War II History Comes Alive In The Solomon Islands

Regional officials often argue that too much of the aid money is tightly restricted or boomerangs back to foreign consultants and contractors, leading many to ask: Well, why not try our luck with China? Anthony Veke, 41, the ambitious premier of Guadalcanal, counts himself among those pushing toward a future with various partners. He added that he would like to see a new road circumnavigating Guadalcanal, and an upgrade for the international airport. Veke said, sitting in his office on the main road through Honiara, where dust and potholes still dominate.

World War II History Comes Alive In The Solomon Islands | Travel Associates

Given the history, it is a striking shift — for the Solomons and the postwar order. The airport Mr. Veke wants to upgrade was originally Henderson Field, the airstrip that thousands of American Marines in particular fought and died to capture and defend. Little development has occurred since — the airport still feels like a World War II relic — but much of what is new or prosperous seems to be owned by someone from China.