Ford Mondeo Owners Manual (Europe)

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True Performance in real conditions remains our first priority. Extensive collapse testing has shown excellent recovery behaviour — better than the M6, with less tendency to cravat. The M7 is for advanced pilots who are progressing to the highest levels of XC flying. It is ideal for competent pilots stepping up from a lower grade, or those wishing for easier, more benign behaviour than a 2-liner without sacrificing performance.

The M7 is undoubtedly the best 3-line wing we have ever produced. After an extended period of testing in very strong conditions we are very pleased with the end result. It is a powerful wing with True Performance at its heart; an accessible feel, agile handling, and high levels of security. Ozone encourages you to customize your own personal colour combination for your wing. Customization generally incurs a fee.

Please be aware that the colour you see on your screen may not accurately represent the actual fabric colour. Secondly, different cloths specifications with the same color name may vary slightly, please see here for an example. Given the wide varience in monitor calibration and the fabric appearance in different light and colour combinations, it is impossible to perfectly represent fabric colour on screen.

If you have any doubts about the colours, look at photos of various wings on our website to see them in different light and colour combinations or contact your local dealer to see the fabric in person. Compared to the ZENO, it is less demanding in strong air and more cohesive in turbulence. It is a truly comfortable high performance wing. The feel through the brakes is close to perfect, with precise and agile handling.

Das haben wir nun in eine leichtgewichtige Biwak Maschine transformiert. Der LM6 ist ebenso wie der M6 bei weitem der fortschrittlichste 3-Leiner, den wir bislang entwickelt haben. Er ist also leicht zu zentrieren. Der LM6 ist ein Hochleister, der mit voller Aufmerksamkeit geflogen werden will. So wie es diese Art von Schirm eben verdient und braucht. Also, lass sie uns bitte wissen.

Cheers vom gesamten Team. Um das Video zu aktivieren, klicken Sie auf den folgenden Link. All decisions regarding the organization and running of the Event are made by the Race Committee. The Event itself or parts of it i. Prologue, Race can only be cancelled by the Race Committee. The Race Committee has the right to change any rules and specifications before and during the race without any notice2. Any questions or queries for the Race Committee before the race start must be made to info redbullxalps.

All participating Teams have accepted the Terms of Participation at the application. In the event of any conflict between these Terms of Participation and the Rulebook, the Terms in the Rulebook shall prevail. Only Supporters with a valid official paragliding license, sufficient skills, and equipment in compliance with the legal requirements are allowed to fly.

Additionally the mandatory insurances as listed in the Terms of Participation for Athletes apply to Supporters who want to fly during the Event as well. The equipment and piloting skill of both Athlete and Supporter will be checked by the Race Committee prior to the Race. The Supporter cannot be replaced during the race or quit unless due to sickness, injury, or exceptional circumstances.

Zielkonflikte im Amateurfußball | Zeitschrift für Sportpsychologie | Vol 17, No 3

In this event, the Race Committee must be informed. The Race Committee must approve any change of supporters beforehand. Athletes or Supporters, who do not arrive and check in at the Race Office by the Last Check-in date will not be permitted to start the race. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the Race Director must be informed immediately. All Athletes may be requested to be available during the week leading up to the event.

All race briefings are mandatory for Athletes and Supporter. Any other transportation assistance, including any kind of motorized flying vehicles, from any third parties is strictly prohibited. During the Prologue or Race the Athlete is not permitted to use any tunnel connection between different valleys and no highway or motorway tunnels. The Supporter can use any means of transportation except for any kind of motorized flying vehicles. If needed the Supporter has to travel towards the Race Organization for collections e.


The Athlete can at any time during the Event be obliged by the Race Committee to take a doping test. Tests will be carried out by the Race Organization. The Race Doctor and the Race Committee have the authority to stop an Athlete in a medical situation and call a timeout from continuing further until the situation can be assessed and a final decision made in cooperation with the Race Committee. In addition to the official rules of the Event, any Athlete or Supporter in violation of local, regional, or national laws and regulations as defined by national parks, local authorities, or government organizations is to be held solely responsible.

Those who do not abide to the relevant regulations will be personally liable for any fines, punishments, or repercussions of any form which may result from their actions. Officially provided clothing at least the official T-shirt must be worn on all official dates as well as at the start of the Prologue and Race, certain Turnpoints and at the finish of the Race.

March 5, — latest date for Athletes to send a full list of equipment as in 4. Race finish: The race finishes 24 hours after the first arrival time in Peille, but not before pm CEST on June 27, in case of an early finishing time. Award ceremony: The award ceremony will take place within 36 hours of the race finish. If the race ends by midday on the final day, the party will take place that evening. If the race ends after midday, the party will take place the following evening. In case of an early finishing time the ceremony will take place on June 28, All flying equipment has to be certified and fulfill the latest edition of the following certification standards:.

Athletes and Supporters who plan to paraglide must provide documentation that the equipment fulfills the requested standards at the equipment check. The certification of the used paraglider and harness has to be finished by the certification institute by March 5, at the latest. A complete list of the equipment that will be used in the Prologue and Race has to be provided by each Team latest by March 5, Official Equipment has to be returned to the Race Organization after the Event, including packaging and all accessories.

Only complete returns can be accepted. Incomplete sets will be charged to the team. If Official Equipment gets damaged by accident the Race Organization has to be informed to exchange it with a new one. If Official Equipment gets lost or stolen the costs for a new device will be fully charged to the Team. No item listed as Mandatory Equipment can be exchanged during the race. The only exception is if the equipment gets damaged, stolen or lost, in which case the Race Committee must be informed immediately.

In case an Athlete provides a back-up glider: Switching to the back-up glider or switching back to the main glider must be confirmed by the Race Committee first. All Teams must have the Mandatory Equipment checked and approved by the Race Director before the start of the Prologue. Every Athlete has to make sure that he is wearing appropriate lighting or reflectors to be easily visible from the front as well as from the back when walking on public roads. This applies to poor visibility conditions of any type at night, in rain, in fog in order to be visible to other road users.

Any Athlete violating VFR rules takes full responsibility for the legal consequences. Athletes are obliged to respect forbidden zones defined by the Race Committee. The exact notification of the forbidden zones will take place at the Race briefings.

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The Race Committee will supply all Teams with electronic maps of the forbidden zones. Planned and organized team flying by pilots not participating in the event, including Supporters, is forbidden. Athletes violating this rule will be reported to the Race Committee by their fellow competitors. The violation of this rule may lead to disqualification. Launching is to be done without any assistance. Holding the paraglider or the Athlete is allowed only for safety reasons on structural parts belonging to the normal flight equipment and must only be held by hand. Supporters are not allowed to take off from the first official launch spot until all Athletes have left the airspace.

Overloading of the paragliders and the used rescue systems is not allowed takeoff weight has to be within the certified maximum loading of the used paragliders and rescue system. The Backup Track Log must show a sample interval of 1 second recording all movements on ground and in the air. Athletes should take into account that the recording must also be done on the ground, not only during flight6.

An Athlete has to be able to document his route by presenting a complete and clean Backup Track Log.

Zielkonflikte im Amateurfußball

If a tracking point of the Backup Track Log is within a forbidden airspace, this is considered a violation of airspace. If the observed line of two consecutive GPS tracking points intersects a no-fly zone, this is considered a violation of airspace. Alderfer, Clayton P.

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