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Nothing Personal: Seeing Beyond the Illusion of a Separate Self

Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. Ask it above. Rated 5. What is appealing about Nirmala is his humility and lack of pretense, which welcomes whatever arises. Advaita and nondual teachings are about finding the Truth. This Truth is not a dogma that you study; it is the Truth about life—the Truth about who you really are. This Truth is discovered, not learned.

It is discovered through sincerely inquiring, Who am I? What you discover is that who you are has nothing to do with self-images or roles and everything to do with what you experience when you ask this question. What you discover is that who you think of yourself as is just that—a thought! And beyond that thought is a great Mystery—an experience of nothingness, which is your true nature. Nothing Personal leads you to the experience of your true nature and helps you explore its depth.

Through exposition, questions and dialogues, it brings you to a place of realization of the Truth: you are that spacious Awareness in which everything appears, including your thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts and feelings do not define you but merely appear within Consciousness along with everything else. This Consciousness is who you are.

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Nothing Personal offers a gentle and persistent guide to seeing the underlying truth of your ultimate nature. In this concisely edited collection of satsang talks and dialogues, you are invited to honor the limitless love that is your true nature and to enjoy the sweet richness that is revealed when you give this Truth your undivided attention. From the introduction: Unlike most books, this one is not meant to add to your knowledge or understanding. It is about the Truth that cannot be spoken or written.

Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Apr 20, Skye rated it it was amazing. I've been sitting with nondual teachers and reading extensively for three years. I experience it as reminding nourishment. The PDF version lives at work, where I can read a few pages on my breaks. The hard copy version is always on the table near my reading chair.

If nondual teachings call to you, this is a must-own book. Sep 06, Dwight Zavitz rated it it was amazing. The mystics of the East and the West have inspired me for decades. Eliot once wrote that the job of the poet is to make the most difficult truths of philosophy and religion as immanent as the fragrance of a rose. Nirmala has taken some of the most difficult truths of Eastern religion and philosophy, distilled them, and expressed them in clear, concise form.

As he does this, Nirmala injects wry humor and amusing examples with which we can easily identify. He also shares a few snapshots of his own life and struggles, which bring these ideas to life for us. His approach is wonderfully refreshing especially after wading through the hundreds of repetitious pages of the Yoga Vasistha! In addition to restating clearly the main ideas of Advaita non-dual thought, Nirmala adds many practical suggestions for applying these ideas to our lives.

Following are a few of his ideas that I found most helpful: 1.

Nothing Personal: Seeing Beyond the Illusion of a Separate Self

The real me is not this body or my ego but Awareness. This basic conscious awareness was never born and will never die. Knowing this gives one a cosmic perspective on everyday problems. You know that you already are what you wished to become. So just Be! Here he echoes one of his sources Ramana Maharshi. When everyday problems besiege us it is wise to give them space and blast off from them up into the cosmic Awareness that we really are.

Wisdom and Truth expand the heart and quiet the mind. We can actually feel our hearts expand in the presence of truth and contract in the presence of lesser truth. If we put our hands over our heart and open our heart we can actually feel the flow of Being. This provides a powerful guide for living. Judgment cuts us off from the flow of being as we close our hearts to what is.

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Accepting what is rather then engaging in denial or attack leads to insight and growth. We learn and grow from all of our choices in life, both the bad ones and the good ones. Everything is alive and aware, even a stone.

Nirmala - Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Hold all ideas lightly knowing that change is the norm. Surrender to what is and explore it knowing that desire for what is not is what brings about suffering. Be grateful for whatever is, knowing that in the cosmic perspective all is well. Be aware that Being is always working for our highest good, but also knowing that it gives us the freedom to choose lesser goods until we learn the hard way! The Wise man or woman aligns his or her will with the highest good of Being. Well, I could go on and on listing the powerful insights in these books.

He does not claim to be the divine revealer and he does not want us to accept him as our savior or guru -- or write him a check! He shares his ideas, but tells us to find our own way to our own truth. The only truth he seems to find non-negotiable is the Advaita truth that there is only the One Thing and we are all It. I hope they find wide readership.

This is the kind of thought that our fragmented world needs desperately at this point in history. Gratefully, Dwight L Zavitz, Jr. Feb 04, Harry Robinson rated it liked it. This book surprised me a bit. I've read quite a few works on neo-Advita and Zen. This one was simpler than most, and very direct.