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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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During the fight, Hecate looks into the Shield of Perseus and regains her memories of taking over Brooklyn. The pair manage to turn some people against Hercules due to the chaos that the Serpent 's Worthy created. The Griffin reacts to the magic forces at work, devolving into a savage beast. He saves Hercules's life and becomes his new steed, allowing him to fly around the city. Hercules and the Griffin manage to find where Basilisk and Man-Bull are hiding and recruit their help. Hercules quickly revives and saves the villains by killing Kyknos, then prevents Ares's resurrection by kicking over his altar.

Hecate flees and Brooklyn is returned to normal. He befriends an elderly African man named A. Nancy who loves stories. One night Herc is bitten by a bed bug that gives him spider powers, which he uses to fight crime. She sends Spider-Herc against the X-Men, who were in town after fighting lizard people in the sewers. They try to reason with him, but he attacks them with the Sword of Peleus.

Shortly after, the X-Men are trapped in a magic web, and the Greek goddess Arachne appears. Instead of fighting, it is revealed that Arachne is very attracted to Herc's new form and they embrace, while the X-Men are forced to watch. While Arachne is preoccupied, A. Nancy breaks into her home and steals her mythical woven tapestry. He reveals himself as the African spider god Anansi , a collector of stories. Hercules later encounters Zeus, who was depowered by his wife Hera because of his infidelity and womanizing.

During that time, he discovers Elektra stealing a museum artifact from the Hand. After battling the Hand ninjas, Hercules discovers, through Kingpin, that Elektra is stealing mystical artifacts for Baba Yaga , a witch who absorbs the magic of the artifacts to regain her youth. He manages to locate Baba Yaga after Elektra steals his weapons and defeats her. He then lets Zeus absorb the magic from the artifacts, restoring his godly powers, and they part ways.

Hercules is called upon to act as a guest instructor at Avengers Academy when most of the main faculty are preoccupied with the events of Avengers vs. Tigra is shocked by his nakedness while demonstrating the ancient Greek art of wrestling and forces him to wear clothing. The school is suddenly visited by Captain America, who asks that the facility be used to hold the younger members of the X-Men until the fighting is over. Kavita Rao and Madison Jeffries urge their students to comply with the Avengers, but many are resentful of the confinement.

Hercules arranges an Olympic competition between the two schools in order to ease tensions and avoid an actual fight from taking place. Hercules is defeated because Shaw is able to absorb the magic energy from his weapons. Hercules urges Tigra to let the kids join the fight if they want to, believing they had no right to hold them there against their will in the first place.

Some of the X-Men students remain at Avengers Academy while many join the fighting, and Hercules reflects that while the older generation has only found war, at least some of the kids were able to find peace. As part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel event, Hercules, isolated and shunned by the hero community, attempts to regain his reputation as a true hero, by adapting himself into modern society. During that time, he takes on the threats of the Uprising Storm, a group of new gods consisting of Catastrophobia: God of War, Horrorscope, and Cryptomnesia: God of Data as they plan to wipe out the old gods.

During the Civil War II storyline, Hercules is seen at a bar talking to Amadeus Cho, who has become the new Hulk, when the city is suddenly under attack and both spring into action. During the battle, while Amadeus helps the other heroes, Hercules encounters the Uprising Storm, who tell him of their plan to destroy the world and turn him into one of them by teasing him into believing that the other heroes don't want him anymore.

Back home, he confines his encounter to his friends and, after a pep talk from his landlady Sophia, decides to reunite the ancient heroes in order to battle the Uprising Storm. Upon gathering the ancient heroes, known as the Gods of War, Hercules informs them of the situation when the Uprising Storm suddenly show up. They begin to battle, with the Uprising Storm getting the upper hand.

In the middle of the fight, Hercules begins to destroy the city when Cryptomnesia uses the brand he placed on him to turn him into a God of Chaos, forcing the others to fight him while the Uprising Storm watch. After a brief fight, the Gods of War inform the heroes of the Storm and the curse placed on Hercules, though they don't see them. Steve and Gilgamesh then go to free Hercules from the curse which Steve does by yelling "Avengers Assemble". After the brand disappears and the other heroes leave, Hercules informs his friends about the Storm's true intentions, total destruction, and that they must be stopped.

Initially, the ritual has no effect until Horrorscope is defeated and killed by Ire and Lorelei, when she teleported to the apartment to kill them, while Catastrophobia and Cryptomnesia are killed by Gilgamesh and Hercules respectively. After killing Cryptomnesia, Hercules is congratulated by Athena, who offers him a place in Olympus.

Hercules turns it down so that he can continue to live on Earth as a true hero. After Hercules finds the child, the Avengers return from limbo and start fighting until Vision sends Wasp back in time to return baby Kang to his era. They assemble the original Avengers from the past and join forces to attack Kang's alternate versions at the same time. After defeating Kang, each of the Avengers return to their timelines.

They later manage to escape while Ultron gives the team his fragment.

During a mission in Madripoor, Hercules got turned to stone by Gorgon though he managed to knock him down amongst his petrification. The heroes then battle Hydra's Avengers and a revived Bruce Banner as the Hulk until the base explodes. With the use of the Cosmic Cube fragment, they manage to help destroy the Planetary Defense Shield and the Darkforce dome over Manhattan and liberate all the imprisoned Inhumans.

While attacking Hydra forces at the Capitol, the Underground are surprised by Steve Rogers, who was wearing a Cosmic Cube-powered armor. They later witness the final battle between the Hydra Steve Rogers and the real Steve Rogers and the restoration of America. They're later signaled by Sam and Thor, who received a call about a supervillain attack, and spring into action. They battle a group of decommissioned Sentinels while out at a West Hollywood nightclub. When the Human Torch starts losing his powers he asks Hercules for advice on how to restore them.

Hercules had recently found a way to get his own powers back after losing them fighting the Chaos King. Johnny and the Thing find him at a bar in Brooklyn drinking non-alcoholic beer. He tells them about how he was healed by a scientist named Rachna Koul. He takes them to her secret lab located somewhere in the forests of Colorado where she explains that she was able to repair the biological conduit connecting Herc to the source of his godly power. Hercules possesses the typical powers of an Olympian god, including superhuman strength, durability, speed, reflexes, stamina and endurance.

He is the strongest of the Olympians, being capable of feats such as lifting and hurling a giant sequoia tree, smashing rocks to powder, [] sealing an entire cliff around an opponent with his bare hands, [13] knocking out a yellow-crested Titan, [] and dragging the island of Manhattan [22] though this was later retconned to be merely a boast he had made, and not a genuine feat [] [].

He can withstand blows from Thor, [] and possesses a complete resistance to high caliber bullets. Hercules is highly skilled in archery , boxing , Greco-Roman wrestling and claims to have invented the martial art Pankration. As an Olympian, he is resistant to all earthly diseases, possesses a healing factor, immortality, and also has some immunity to magic. However, his strength can be taken by significant Olympian magic, such as that of Zeus. Hercules sacrificed his godly powers to save humanity in the wake of the Chaos War, and was completely powerless.

Despite this, he retained his exceptional physical condition compared to a normal human, incredible skills in archery and hand-to-hand combat and access to magical weapons and items that help in battle. They were later revealed to have been restored through scientific means. Later he participates in a multi-zombie attack on the castle of Doctor Doom. There were human Latverians inside. Helicarrier as one of the heroes who survived the zombie plague. Later, he is seen in the ruins of New York.

He is one of the many casualties in the conflict waged against the Silver Surfer ; he is crushed to death by the zombiefied version of Hulk when he tries to get Silver Surfer's head from his mouth. An alternate universe version of Hercules stars in a humorous limited series titled Hercules , which depicts the adventures of Hercules in the 24th century. Banished from Olympus by Zeus in order to learn humility, Hercules travels into deep space where he meets the Rigellians who loan him Recorder After adventures on several planets, Hercules arrives in the Omacron star system where he confronts the cosmic entity Galactus and, after being completely humbled, manages to save the world Galactus intended to devour.

This was followed by a second series with a darker tone. Set forty-one years after the first series, Hercules and Recorder meet and eventually befriend an alien Skrull called Skyppi initially using his shapeshifting abilities to pose as a gorgeous human female. The demigod and his allies then face a cosmic version of the hero Red Wolf and a villain - devoted to the Titan Thanos - who breaks into the tomb of Kree hero Captain Marvel and steals the character's Nega-Bands.

Hercules eventually returns to Olympus, and after a battle with Zeus who has apparently gone insane and killed the other Olympian gods proves he has learned humility by sparing Zeus's life. If one looks at the issue in that way -- and I suggest that it is the only way to look at it -- the question then becomes what's the fairest, the most efficient, what is the best way to get on with the rest of our lives.

Judge Hellerstein, who is urging the relatives to "take the money" and "get on" with their lives, happens to be a very dedicated supporter of Israel. This devotee of Zion is the sole judge managing the historic litigation in which one of the key defendants, International Consultants on Targeted Security ICTS , is an Israeli company tied to Israeli military intelligence. ICTS owns Huntleigh USA, the passenger screening company that allegedly allowed the 19 hijackers to board the planes on the morning of There are, of course, questions of whether these Arab hijackers were even on the planes.

The mainstream media has consistently ignored Hellerstein's ties to Israel, but because of the importance of the litigation, these connections simply cannot be ignored. Hellerstein's son, Joseph Z. Hellerstein, lives on a street called Yosef No. The younger Hellerstein, a Hebrew-speaking lawyer, moved to Israel in with his wife and children.

Modi'in is a new settlement block built on the West Bank. The Jews that live in this ghetto fortress see themselves as the new Maccabees. Judge Alvin Hellerstein's son is one of them. Modi'in is an orthodox religious community where "Joey" Hellerstein is an ardent student of the racist and anti-Christian Talmud. He even writes about his Talmud study for the local newspaper, ModiInfo, which his wife, Daniella, happens to edit.

Joseph Z.

Hacking U.S. Energy Grid: Is Israel setting Russia up?

Hellerstein with kippa , the son of Alvin K. Hellerstein, is a Talmudic scholar who has lived in Israel on a Zionist settlement since President Bill Clinton appointed Hellerstein to the federal bench in Clinton's key Zionist handler and senior advisor was Rahm Emanuel, an Israeli from Chicago whose father is a retired Irgun terrorist. Emanuel was senior advisor in the Clinton White House from to Emanuel joined Bill Clinton's presidential primary campaign in where he served as Clinton's chief fund-raiser as director of finance.

It is very likely that Emanuel played a key role in the Hellerstein appointment. Alan M. Stroock's father, Sol, had previously been the chairman of the board of regents of the JTS. Is it merely a coincidence that the key federal officials involved in the cover up of the truth of , Michael Chertoff and Alvin K. Hellerstein, are both linked to the Talmudic institution called the Jewish Theological Seminary? Michael Chertoff is Israel's point man in the cover-up and works hand-in-hand with Judge Hellerstein to block discovery that would expose the Israeli role in the false-flag terror attacks.

He supervised the FBI's "non-investigation" of as Asst. Attorney General in , before becoming secretary of Dept. There are only 5 wrongful death cases remaining of the original These 96 cases represent the families who sought justice and answers for the loss of their loved ones through the U. These are the victims who did not want to accept a one-time government payment for their loss, negotiated by the previous "special master" Kenneth Feinberg, who doled out money from the taxpayer-funded 7 billion dollar September 11 Victim Compensation Fund.

Hellerstein, who oversees all litigation, holds the position that the public doesn't need to know how the victims are being silenced with "blood money" in a legal war of attrition in which the first casualty was the truth of what happened on I called Sheila Birnbaum, the "special master" of the litigation, at her office at Skadden Arps on September 2 and asked her how many of the original 96 cases remained to be settled or tried.

Birnbaum said there were only 5 wrongful death cases remaining. Asked if it is possible that all the cases could be settled without a single case going to trial, Birnbaum said, "It's possible. I then asked Birnbaum if she thought it was "acceptable" for the book to be closed on the victim mass tort litigation without a single case going to trial while the "terror suspects" and "mastermind of " were being tried in a Soviet-style military gulag in Cuba without ever being brought to court in the United States.

It should be noted that Birnbaum has long been one of the highest paid corporate lawyers in the United States. Birnbaum said she has been involved in settling all of the cases since she became "special master. Who is Kenneth J. Bialkin, Birnbaum's partner at Skadden Arps? Kenneth Bialkin has served as a director of several Israeli software companies. He is one of the key Zionist leaders in the United States. Bialkin is also the U. Chairman of the Jerusalem Foundation, a Zionist organization founded by Theodore Kollek, the weapons smuggler who later became mayor of occupied Jerusalem.

These are just some of the positions Bialkin has held to further Zionist efforts. Not all of his positions are included in his Skadden or Who's Who biographical details. His most influential position, for example, is not even mentioned. When I say that Bialkin is a "key Zionist leader," I do mean key. Bialkin was no less than the head of the very powerful and secretive organization of Jewish Zionist Freemasons, the International Order of B'nai B'rith. Most likely, Judge Alvin K. Being an exclusive and highly secretive order of Freemasonry, closed to all non-Jews, it is difficult to say who belongs to this group of Jewish conspirators living in our midst, but it is safe to say that the American Jewish Zionists mentioned above are probably members in good standing of the International Order of B'nai B'rith.

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The "strongly worded message" was sent directly to the President. This is an example of organized Jewish pressure on our elected leaders. Bialkin is or has been director of several Israeli software companies, notably Technomatic Technologies Ltd. NV based in the Netherlands Antilles, i. Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. He is also head of the Israeli business at Skadden Arps, which is quite substantial.

I had to make a large chart to diagram the personal and corporate connections while doing research for the latest chapter of Solving , "The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Israeli Network Behind Bialkin's name is at the top of this diagram with other senior Zionist gangsters like Henry Kissinger and Maurice Greenberg. Bialkin is tied to all of the key players in the Israeli network behind But far more telling about his role in is his crucial role as the lawyer for the Israeli military intelligence companies, such as Amdocs, NICE, and Scitex, who are all discussed in the latest chapter about the Israeli network behind Bialkin is also the President and Chairman of the Board of the America-Israel Friendship League, the organization which connects the highest level of Israeli military intelligence with the Jewish Zionist leadership in the United States.

Put simply, Bialkin is the chief of the Zionist criminal gang in the United States. Bialkin and his partner Birnbaum, and Alvin K. Hellerstein, the federal judge who presides over all litigation, are all extremely devoted Zionists, i. It should be remembered that one of the key defendants in the litigation, Huntleigh USA, the passenger screening and airline security firm, is a company wholly owned by an Israeli company run by senior members of Israeli intelligence. Why is this serious conflict of interest issue in the tort litigation related to the crime of the century not discussed in the mass media?

This is the real reason we will not see a "fair and open trial" for the victims of seeking justice through the courts. It's the same reason the Soviet-style "trials" in Cuba are being carried out behind closed doors. It's a national disgrace that justice for the victims of has been hijacked by high-level Zionists who are devoted to Israel and consider defending "the Jewish State" to be their sacred duty - above serving the cause of justice.

Support Christopher Bollyn's work. Your support is needed! Boyle, Leo V. Pfeiffer, Sacha, "September 11 plaintiffs wait for answers, resolution," Boston Globe, August 20, Schmeltzer, John, "Some wary Sept. Isn't it odd that Islamic State is able to wage war against the United States and its coalition of 68 nations, and can direct terror attacks around the world, but is unable to communicate to the Western media without going through an Israeli intelligence agent?

This is the manipulation and domination of public opinion that Netanyahu says is "central to the terrorist strategy. It is rooted in the political ambitions and designs of expansionist states and the groups that serve them. Without the support of such states, international terrorism would be impossible For this purpose, access to the media, indeed their domination, is indispensable.

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The definitions of international terrorism provided by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his books are quite telling. So, by Netanyahu's own definition, the U. Netanyahu's earlier definition says that international terrorism "is rooted in the political ambitions and designs of expansionist states and the groups that serve them.

Netanyahu is the leader of the Likud Party, an expansionist party that aspires to create "Greater Israel" on the land of the neighboring states. Well, when we consider Israel's role in the war against the government of Syria we can clearly see that Israel is an expansionist state that is occupying Syrian land and that practices international terrorism. These conclusions are based on the Israeli leader's own definition of international terrorism.

These are the jihadi mercenary armies the U. The man in the black shirt speaking with Sen. Who is oppressing Jews in America? This organization had posted an announcement calling for a protest several days prior to the event. As this poster shows, the JFREJ sought to portray me as a "right-wing conspiracy theorist" and a "raging anti-Semite" to mobilize its members to protest. Many of the emails that were sent to harass other venues came from Rafael Shimunov, a Jewish immigrant from the Soviet Union, who used very un-American tactics to threaten sponsors and interfere in contracts in New York, Texas, and Denmark.

Shimunov wrote a posting calling me a hate-monger, entitled "Who is Christopher Bollyn? Lester Crown admitted on video that his father bought an entire military aircraft plant in the United States and smuggled it to Israel in violation of U. In an interview with American journalist Amy Goodman , the Israeli politician Shulamit Aloni explained how the charge of anti-Semitism is "a trick we use" to suppress criticism of Israel coming from within the United States, and that for criticism coming from Europe "we bring up the Holocaust.

Often when there is dissent expressed in the United States against policies of the Israeli government, people here are called anti-semitic. What is your response to that as an Israeli Jew? When from Europe somebody is criticizing Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country people are criticizing Israel, then they are anti-Semitic. And the organization is strong, and has a lot of money, and the ties between Israel and the American Jewish establishment are very strong and they are strong in this country, as you know.

And they have power, which is OK. And they are not ready to hear criticism. This article, which I wrote in December , is now being added to Bollyn. For all practical purposes, the United States and Britain are Zionist-occupied nations. Because the American and British people are generally ignorant of what Zionism is, the meaning of this statement is not widely understood or appreciated.

The lack of understanding by the public, however, doesn't change the fact that these once great nations have become Zionist-controlled states. The evidence is clearly seen in the self-destructive foreign policies these nations have pursued for the past 40 years or so.

The Anglo-American "leadership" positions in the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and their support of the costly Zionist fraud known as the "War on Terror" is further proof that Zionists control these nations — as if any were needed. How did these powerful and independent nations become Zionist controlled? Unlike Palestine, where Eastern European Zionist immigrants used brutal terrorism to ethnically "cleanse" and conquer the land, in Britain and the United States the Zionists gained power gradually through "dumbing down" and effectively disenfranchising the native populations.

In Britain and the United States, the Zionists saved the use of terrorism for later, after they already controlled the media and the levers of power and government. Americans today still believe they are free because the media tells them so and because they don't see the restraints and are able to move around and buy things. Americans are, indeed, free to work and shop, but they have virtually no real political power whatsoever. A good example is that while an overwhelming majority of the U. Why don't the Congressmen vote to stop the disastrous war that has consumed hundreds of billions of dollars and taken more than 3, American lives?

Most Americans in the "land of the free and the home of the brave" are completely unaware that they have lost the most cherished democratic franchise, i. They think their vote counts and don't have a clue that they lost their democratic franchise years ago. They are unaware of this situation simply because the media has not told them. For the Zionist-controlled media, the absence of any citizen oversight of the vote-counting process and complete lack of transparency in American elections are simply non-issues, just like many other very important subjects of vital importance to the survival of the republic.

As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. Zionists, a marginal minority of Polish and Russian Jewish immigrants, were able to gain control of these great English-speaking nations by obtaining control of two fundamental institutions: the media and academia. This is not to say that they don't control other key institutions, but these two are of essential importance because they largely define the intellectual life of a nation.

Having worked in the media and studied Middle East history at an American university, I know what I am talking about here. History of the Middle East and Europe, and virtually every other subject taught at American universities, is viewed only through the Zionist prism. Burke was always recommending the books of Bernard Lewis, which I avoided like the plague.

Bernard Lewis. American historian Joel Beinin called Lewis "perhaps the most articulate and learned Zionist advocate in the North American Middle East academic community. He returned to Santa Cruz in the late summer, just before the U. I remember Burke giving a speech in August or September at the federal building in Santa Cruz as the conflict was heating up. The very first words out of his mouth were "Balkanization," something that amazes me to this day. He was unwilling to explain his choice of words when I called him about a year ago.

Edmund "Terry" Burke of U. Santa Cruz. Although my main interest was Israel and Palestine, Burke recommended that I read a book about Yugoslavia. Balkanization, the breaking up of nations into ethnic statelets, is the Zionist plan for the entire Middle East, articulated by Oded Yinon of the Israeli foreign ministry in the early s.

During the many lectures and courses I studied on the Middle East, never did I hear a critical word about Zionism or its brutal history in Eastern Europe and Palestine. This is primarily because the professors of Middle Eastern studies and European history are usually Jewish and strongly inclined to support Zionism. If a professor were to openly criticize Zionism as the racist and violent ideology that it is, he would probably find himself unemployed in very short order.

I understood this and endeavored to present the anti-Zionist perspective at the university. I brought speakers like Ralph Schoenman, the author of The Hidden History of Zionism , to the campus and led a tour of photojournalists to the West Bank and Gaza Strip shortly after the invasion of Iraq. Despite a great deal of effort and years of experience in the region, Burke did not give me "honors" with my degree, most likely because of my anti-Zionist views. The media in the United States is controlled in the same way as the universities. The editors and journalists are prevented from investigating and discussing the real history of Zionism because the news outlets are usually owned by people who are themselves dedicated Zionists.

Gerald Levin. Today, all major news outlets in the United States and Britain are strongly Zionist. There were a few good newspapers, such as the Christian Science Monitor, that provided some balance to the pro-Zionist "mainstream" networks, but even they have now fallen. The result is that the populations of the United States, Britain, and Australia are largely ignorant of Zionism and what it has done in the past in other countries -- and what it is doing now -- in theirs.

Selecting issues and non-issues for coverage is the primary method employed by the Zionist-controlled news networks. Issues get a lot of coverage while non-issues get none. Here are a few examples of issues and non-issues in the Zionist-controlled media:. I don't know if any other American journalist and researcher has been attacked, TASERed, and had their elbow broken by an undercover tactical squad in front of their family in the United States, but I know that when it happened to me in August it was very much a non-issue with the controlled media.

The position of foreign minister, or secretary of state in the United States, is a very important position, second only to the president or prime minister. Since foreign policy is the only policy coming out of Washington or London these days, these positions are of crucial importance and speak volumes about who is really controlling the government. In the United States and Britain we have very strange people with odd backgrounds in these high-level appointed positions.

David Milliband.

Crime, Punishment, and the Criminal Justice System, Part 1 of 3

The U. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, a year-old former professor, holds the comparable position in the American government. What is most peculiar -- and telling -- is that the backgrounds, loyalties, and ideologies of these two high-level appointed officials are never discussed in the Zionist-controlled media; clearly this is a non-issue.

It goes without saying that both Miliband and Rice are dedicated Zionists, they are, after all, serving in extremely pro-Zionist governments. But why are their personal and family histories not discussed by the media? Don't the American and British people have a right to know the person who is overseeing the implementation of their national foreign policy? David Miliband, who only became a Member of Parliament in June , was recently in Basra, Iraq, when the British officially stepped back from their failure and turned over control to Iraqi authorities.

Although Miliband and other British officials have tried to put a good face on the disastrous results of the Anglo-American invasion and occupation, the fact that it has been a complete failure is painfully apparent to all. As a senior Iraqi military officer told ABC News, "The British legacy in Basra is criminal gangs, a corrupt and infiltrated police force, and borders open to all.

Major-General Jalil Khalaf, the new police commander in Basra, told the Times of London: "They left me militia, they left me gangsters, and they left me all the troubles in the world. The Times article was entitled "Crumbling services and violence on the streets, but hope follows British pullout. How could these senior British officials congratulate anyone for their achievements in Basra? The Anglo-American occupation of Iraq is nothing but an unmitigated disaster. Perhaps that was the plan all along?

Knowing who David Miliband is and what he represents is key to understanding the real power behind Britain's foreign policy. This is certainly the reason the Zionist-controlled media keeps the British population — and the world — ignorant of the Miliband family's roots — in Brussels.

Ralph was a well known Marxist political theorist. Ralph, who died in , is buried in Highgate Cemetery close to his idol, Karl Marx. Miliband and his father, the Marxist Ralph Milliband at his spacious home in a comfortable part of London. Beyond that, the family history gets confusing and misleading, on purpose I'm sure.

He supposedly became a leather worker in Belgium and then returned to Poland to join the Red Army under the command of Leon Trotsky born Lev Davidovich Bronstein in Nikolay Bukharin, writing in the Soviet newspaper Pravda, urged the Bolsheviks to carry on beyond Warsaw "right up to London and Paris.

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Over the corpse of White Poland lies the road to world-wide conflagration. March on Vilno, Minsk, Warsaw! Onward to Berlin over the corpse of Poland! Why would a poor leather worker in Belgium give up his work and travel all the way to Poland to fight with the Bolshevik Red Army against the Polish Republic and the West? If this is true, Samuel Miliband must have been a very dedicated communist. This is, however, most certainly not the whole truth. The family tree of the family of David and Edward Miliband clearly indicates that their grandfather Samuel Miliband was also born, like their father Adolphe, in Brussels in In this case, Brussels-born Sam must have been an extremely dedicated communist.

There is another possible explanation. Perhaps Sam was a Zionist emissary on a mission to bring support and funds to the Red Army in their attempt to conquer Poland. If the family tree is correct that Sam Miliband was born in Brussels, there is something more to the Miliband story. The Miliband family tree provides the names and dates of birth of Samuel's 11 siblings, his parents, and even his grand-parents, data which supports it as a credible source.

Why then has the Zionist-controlled media obscured the Miliband family history and pretended that David's father was born in Warsaw, when his family records indicate he was born in Brussels? This is information about the Miliband family that the Zionist-controlled media had evidently decided that the public does not need to know. It also suggests that the preferential treatment and promotions that the Milibands have received since coming to Britain have more to do with their high-level connections than with their abilities.

Their connections and loyalties are evidently to the highest levels of the Zionist "Communist" International in Brussels, which is the only reason they are in the positions they are in. Their loyalty is clearly not to the British nation or people. The same is true of Condoleezza Rice, who was mentored at the University of Denver by the Czechoslovakian Jewish immigrant, Josef Korbel, the father of the previous secretary of state, Marie Jana Korbelova, a. Madeleine Albright. Marie Jana Korbelova with her father, Josef Korbel - One might think that this amazing coincidence would be newsworthy but it has generally been ignored by the controlled media as well.

This is probably because the obvious question, "Who is Josef Korbel? Bush's Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice. What a coincidence — or is it? Condoleezza Rice and Zippy Livni, the Israeli foreign minister. Livni is the daughter of the former head of operations of the Irgun, a Zionist terror organization. Korbel was also a thief. Korbel stole paintings which belonged to German industrialist Karl Nebrich, whose property in Prague was confiscated as part of the post-war Benes decrees.

Like the more than three million other ethnic Germans from Bohemia, Moravia, and Slovakia, Nebrich and his family were expelled from the country under the postwar decrees, which oddly remain in force to this day. Would any European nation that banned Jews and confiscated their property be allowed to be a member of the European Union?

Why are such racist laws permitted against Germans? Korbel's stealing of property and art is just the tip of the iceberg. Korbel was involved in the United Nations partition of India and Pakistan and the illegal arming of the Zionist fighters in Palestine until the end of When the communists came to power in , Korbel was charged and sentenced and fled to New York where he lived in the cottage house of a very large mansion in Great Neck, New York. He was eventually given a teaching position at the University of Denver. The Korbels settled into a home just outside New York City.

One of Joseph Korbel's colleagues at the United Nations had helped the family rent a small gardener's cottage at Station Road in a woodsy section of Great Neck, a prosperous and developing suburban community on Long Island's North Shore. Korbel clearly played a key role in the Zionist-Israeli weapons pipeline from Czechoslovakia, which was the main supplier and base for the nascent Israeli Air Force. The Zionist air bridge from Czechoslovakia, known as Operation Balak, was the essential weapons supply line and is regarded as one of the Israeli Air Force's most important achievements.

Czechoslovakia provided weapons, ammunition, and the first fighter airplanes to the Zionist forces in Palestine. The would-be Israelis even operated their own airbase and pilot training school in Czechoslovakia. Yugoslavia played an important role as the main transit point for arms shipments going by sea and a refueling stop for the Israeli and Zionist pilots flying fighter aircraft from Czechoslovakia to Palestine — which became the State of Israel after May Korbel, an avowed anti-communist and senior member of the Benes government, became the Czech ambassador to Belgrade at this time, although he hated the socialism of Tito.

Korbel was the ambassador in Yugoslavia because he was playing another more important role: the key Zionist point man in the illegal weapons transfers to Jewish forces in Palestine. The people, such as Shimon Peres, who were involved in the illegal weapons smuggling to the Haganah and the Irgun terrorist gangs in Palestine have been at the top of the Zionist hierarchy since There is, of course, much more to the sordid Milliband, Korbel, and Rice histories.

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