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Although the Nadal spray is called xylometazoline ;- it works well. It helps me preventing sometimes severe eartrouble over flights last year. As suggested before: A translation into Dutch could help more flyers. I have had ear problems while flying for many years…have tried all of the methods mentioned in this tepirt.

Saying that, I have found only one method to help me!!! I always use Nasal spray…. Most of my problems are during the decent.. If not for that…I would be in alot if pain……. Very peculiar advice for commuter. It is absolutely happens to ears and preventions are therefore an ethical approach to solve the ear problem. Very informative. My problem is not only the pain in my ears but also the dizziness I have when we lift off. I feel like I am drunk. My head spins and that is every time I take a flight. It is so scary and annoying that I do not take the plane anymore.

Hi jeanine, For me the same. No problem when descending, only ascending. Allways very dizzy between 5 and 10 km. After 30 minutes it will usually stop, but sometimes I get sick and vomit from the dizziness. Found no cure so far, but I keep traveling. It is very scary indeed. Anyone suggestions?

Ps even when driving up a high mountain too fast m gives me dizziness, although less. I have been taking a sinutab tablet approximately one hour before landing and it works everytime. An old lady, former stewardess, once told me to put cups over your ears. She always gave cups to mothers with young children with a cold.

Always helped, she told me. In fact, it was a KLM flight attendant a few years ago who taught me about the cups with HOT water in paper in the bottom. That information was just confirmed by an ear specialist in the US a few months ago. It DOES work, if the water is hot enough, although why it works is not clear. Giving advice predicated only descent only, plus discounting the utility of an older remedy, especially when pills, nose sprays, earplanes, drinking and yawning are not effective, is less than professional.

Was just reading all these tips for handling ear pressure pain on flights. I have suffered this problem all my life. To the point of screaming with pain on flights. Around 15 years ago during decent I was drinking a hot cup of tea. The pain was almost unbearable so trying to find a way to stop the pain I put my ear against the cup.

To my surprise the steam actually helped. It created a vacuum. My partner quickly organised the flight attendant to bring another cup with a napkin placed in the bottom of the cup and boiling water enough just to soak the napkin. This was almost instant relief. So I can absolutely recommend doing this. I actually think I discovered it.

Getting ears checked if unsure is wise, I ended up with glue ear after flying with an infection and was deaf in one ear for a year, Yeuk. Thanks for the usefull info. I sometimes have a slightly different sort of pain durind decsending; a stinging pain behind my eye. Jawning and drinking helps best but not always. Pain experienced on a different location then where it originally comes from, if nothing is wrong with your eyes. Net als Jan Reijnders ben ik ook van mening dat het fijn zou zijn als er een Nederlandse vertaling zou zijn. Mijn vrouw heeft veel last van haar oren. Vooral bij de landing.

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Dank je wel voor de zeer interessante informatie. Het zou heel prettig zijn om ook een vertaling in het Nederlands te zien Bedankt voor de zeer goede voor lichtingen. I will definitely consider these tips!!! I am a frecuent traveller and suffer with blocked ears when descending and for hours afterwards but I found out that putting my head Down like trying to touch my knee with my head! Nice article, but I am missing dome important facts: — why is the airpressure going down when a plane goes in the air?

Just pumping it up could keep the pressure high enough. Even so, for practical purposes the pressure inside the cabin at cruise altitude is lower than on the ground. Pumping up the cabin any further would require the cabin walls to be stronger and thus heavier. That would make the aircraft too heavy to fly economically. So in practice the pressure inside is kept to what it would be outside at about 2 km above sea level. In some newer airlines it can be somewhat higher to increase comfort. I use ear plugs, not only on flights, but for sleeping at home.

Looks like blocking air passage is not recommended. I have been doing this for 25 years, and the last 20 years I get dizziness easily, could it be from blocking my ears with ear plugs? De suggestie is gedaan om dit artikel ook in het Nederlands aan te bieden. Vlieg je richting Duitsland, Oostenrijk of Zwitserland, bied het dan ook aan in het Duits. Brasilie, Porugal, ook in het Portugees. Ook in het Spaans. Yvriet en Arabisch enz. Dat is nog eens klantvriendelijk en het doet voor allen leuk aan om e.

Wij als Nederlanders zijn toch van alle markten thuis? Show it! I had this problem a year ago. We had 2 descents to cope with whilst having a cold. The pain was ubearable. After the flights I still had ear problems. Pain,buzzing, cracking sounds, build up of pressure feeling as if warmth is escaping. Up to 6 months after the flight I was told that this would disappear. We are now more than a year and a number of specialists further, and I am none the wiser. I have already seen 7 ear doctors during this time frame but unfortunately no luck. If you happen to see a doctor that will be able to help you pls let me know I will travel anywhere in the world to see the Doctor, I wish you best of luck.

I have so much trouble I was going to invest in flying tubes but I found such an easy solution, for me anyway…a cough drop that has a liquid centre.. Good article. No mention of children and especially babies, who have a hard time with their ears in airplanes — and can make it unpleasant for others as well! Any specific advice, KLM? My experience: give them something to swallow, if they are too small to understand instructions to yawn and swallow.

And be patient — if they cry they will create the conditions for opening up their Eustachian tube, and the pressure will equalize. Also for all: staying hydrated makes dealing with the ear pain easier, especially if you have a cold, as the mucus and phlegm will be a lot less viscous. I use paracetamol, hay fever tablets which I take an hour before descent and I have a ml bottle of water which I sip on the way down.

Works every time :. Although most of the information on this article I already knew, it was still good to see it once again, to review. You mentioned a few tidbits that I had not known before, but logically makes perfect sense. I try to stay healthy as much as possible, but when I have to travel, and a cold suddenly creeps up, it does create challenges for me. But as they say, past experience is the best teacher, and I use many of the treatments mentioned here, to minimize the effects as much as possible. The one thing one should never do, is to not do anything, and hope it goes away.

Use common sense, and do what you can. I have never had to cancel travel plans due to a cold. But it may become a possibility at some point. Again, common sense is key. I have lots of problems with my ears including regular infections in both ears.. I did this last year when we had 11 flights in 18 days.. Some flights long haul. I buy the smaller Earplanes as the regular ones are uncomfortable in my ears. I had to endure the pain until my arrival to Glasgow and I say it was the worst flight experience I have ever encounter, so thank you much KLM for the tips of how to try to solve this problem.

If you were taking off in an unpressurized airplane the atmospheric pressure would decrease as the airplane gained altitude.

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If you continued to climb through 10K feet the amount of oxygen in the air would decrease to the point that you might pass out from oxygen depravation. When you fly in a pressurized aircraft, most airlines use pressurized airplanes, there is an automatic system that tries to keep the cabin pressure close to what it would be on the ground. This allows the airplane to fly at very high altitudes without the danger of experiencing oxygen depravation. The problems caused by this system will vary from airplane to airplane and also by rapid changes in altitude. The advise in this column is very good and stresses that there is no simple solution that works for all people.

Beste Ben, dank voor je reactie. Ik ken het verband niet tussen vliegen en een aanval van de ziekte van Meniere. Bij frequent vliegen en daarbij aanvallen na landing kan het een optie zijn dit eens te laten onderzoeken bij een specialist. KNO arts. Je hebt het steeds over Inner Ear: de druk in het Inner Ear en dat de buis van eustachius van het Inner Ear naar teh back of the nose loopt. Verder is het advies bij de oordoppen earplanes om deze in ieder geval bij het dalen in te doen en dan minimaal een half uur van te voren.

Having been involved for over 5 years now in the development of a new product to help improve passenger comfort in relation to in-flight ear pain, I found this article along with the comments of great interest. The subject of otic barotrauma became of interest to me becase of the discomfort experienced by my children, who have both been frequent flyers even before they could walk. This article is helpful, I recently felt the pains in my ears recently and now i know why! Why not address one of the major factors in all this: the RATE of descent? On a flight from London to Amsterdam, you are very likely to suffer!!

Result: A LOT of pain. Without a doubt this has to do with weather conditions, traffic density and what not. Mijn oren piepen, en mijn druk in mijn hoofd is onhoudbaar, een dag blijf ik een doof gevoel houden in oren, en wordt ook meestal ziek daarna, verkouden etc wat is daaraan te doen? Kauwgum etc, niets helpt, kopjes met warme crompessen helpt ook niet. Het weerhoud mij om te gaan vliegen. The only times I have never suffered major agony, is asleep.

I have woken as we touched down, not a painful ear at all. Exploding painful ears are usually in. Excellent article, thank you. I firstly take decongestant nasal spray, extra strength pain killers and extra strength sinus decongestant tablets a few hours before my flight and I have to wear an earplane earplug in my affected ear.

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I also have to chew gum from the moment the plane taxis out until it lands. I also top up these medications as needed during the flight; I find this combination helps a lot and hopefully is something to look into if you suffer from severe ear pain like me,. Thanks Rachel. Have had ETD just over a year now. Air still trying to escape from eye corner instead of going into eustachian tube when I try valsalva!

Have always suffered to some extent, including two occasions of perforated eardrum. Will definitely try your advice when I feel ready to fly.

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Fingers crossed! The best nasal decongestant for this is Otrivin. Some airlines carry it in their first aid packs. If you have problems — ask the cabin crew. But the best way to ease barotrauma is to chew Airwaves menthol chewing gum.

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The menthol opens the eustacheon tubes or sinuses and the chewing exercise the tubes. I always carry some and have to replenish my stocks regularly — as I frequently hand to to the cabin crew who give them to passengers with problems. Ignore the advice about ear plugs and cups. Sinds enkele jaren laat ik buisjes plaatsen door de KNO arts. Is een dure oplossing, maar werkt perfect. Mijn trommelvlies zit vol littekens, omdat volgens hem bij iedere landing er kleine scheurtjes in kwamen. Dat verklaart in ieder geval de helse pijnen die ik had.

Maar tegenwoordig vlieg ik dus zonder zorgen dankzij de buisjes. Thanks fo the tip KLM. I feel the same problem while flying. One question guys , When you guys flew in the KLM did you guys had the ear problems during flight? Hi, Can I do anything else, is there some remedy to lower sinusitis before going on a flight? That way I manage to keep the same pressure and noooo pain. Might look stupid but trust me anything to prevent the pain.

The middle ear is where the pressure is building up not the inner ear as stated. The diagram even illustrates this fact. I now have my ears syringed before flying. Having them syringed about a week before I fly has stopped these problems. This week we flew from Rome and I was wondering why there is so little information about this widely occurring phenomenon. My first flight was in on my honeymoon and I suffered from earache for the first three days! Since then I keep yawning during takeoff, but never before have I read this info.

So Thank you and it should offcourse be standard info in the Seat in front of you! Nothing works. In the U. Mine starts at the head. After awhile the presure travels through my mouth and causing tooth ache. After suffering the flight, i saw myself on the mirror and saw a random hole which is painful. Pls help me on how to prevent this annoying situtation.

Its good to use earplugs? Can I wait after take off, when my ears are already adapted cruise mode and then put ear plugs?

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