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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Among the symptoms of Euro-American cultural supremacy is an unshakeable belief in westward expansion, as celebrated by Frederick Jackson Turner and others, which gives rise to the American national narrative with its goal to legitimize the conquest of indigenous cultures: the manifest destiny lifted from Puritan tradition. This myth endows Americans of European origin with rule-power over the continent as determined by divine providence, and designates them bearers of a strict code of individualism that enables them to successfully face the trials of the New World and, thanks to this experience of adversity, become the new American nation with functional democratic institutions Turner Essentially, this is a tautological logic which is not unlike the workings of the discourse of orientalism detected by Edward Said.

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In his eyes they pose an obstacle to the civilizing mission of westward expansion. Thereby he first deletes their individual identity and then he turns their suffering into a universal experience of the colonized people, discursively making such an experience prescriptive for any other clash with any colonial power they may ever face. The farmers who are eventually chased from their land become voiceless because of their linguistic background and because of the fact that within the context of American colonial expansion they lack a discourse in which they could articulate their rights and be heard Spivak Despite this congruence, however, her approach in general by no means agrees to the idea of violence having any regenerative potential whatsoever.

If regeneration is demanded, in Western dualistic thinking it inevitably reacts to previous degeneration. By means of repetitive and constantly replicated cultural myths, collective historical experience is codified into a set of standardized and generally recognizable national narratives and metaphors, symbols and relations. As such, cultural myth does not explicitly describe a historical experience but, drawing on a rich palette of established metaphors and symbolic expressions, builds a kind of collectively construed idea of a national—or collective—identity Slotkin 7; Furniss 9; Anderson; Bhabha.

The moment the westward American frontier and the border separating Mexico from the United States—portrayed countless times by a concrete wall, metal barriers, barbed wire, electronically operated cameras, and other surveillance equipment—transform from geographical fault lines into a social concept represented by the aforementioned signifiers among others , the border loses its real, traceable position. It becomes, to recall Deleuze and Guattari, deterritorialized and displaced The border thus stretches and can be detected everywhere see Aldama.

Along with this deterritorialization, more and more locations and subjects appear that resist such strict division into categories or mix cross-categorical boundaries. The metaphorical displacement of the border paradoxically brings into focus the hitherto unnoticed heterogeneity of American society, made yet more prominent by the Civil Rights Movement of the s. Newly acquired territories were associated with virgin lands to be conquered by male explorers and settlers and became a terrain where masculinity was put to test.

This is why images of sexual assault and violence are frequently associated with Western progress and processes of colonization in general. Most importantly, it shows a totalizing crusade of white masculine power subduing the feminine, i. By locating what is new as well as what is past in an in-between space, a reinterpretation of both becomes possible. According to Bhabha, everything begins on the border.

The work of mestiza consciousness is to break down the subject-object duality that keeps her a prisoner and to show in the flesh and through the images in her work how duality is transcended. The answer to the problem between the white race and the colored, between males and females, lies in healing the split that originates in the very foundation of our lives, our culture, our languages, our thoughts. A massive uprooting of dualistic thinking in the individual and collective consciousness is the beginning of a long struggle, but one that could, in our best hopes, bring us to the end of rape, of violence, of war.

This is the moment when the original dimension of an all-encompassing personal identity takes on a universal aspect and mestiza consciousness is transformed into a sort of horizontal manifesto of global diversity that respects and reconsiders difference while deliberately working with it.

This is a frequent misinterpretation of her work Naples These strategies result in symbolic stereotyping, in the proliferation of cultural and economic barriers, and in the capitalist exploitation of the subaltern. Mestiza consciousness stands for the representation of difference. In Western epistemology, the very notion of the border generates an interplay of differences that are in themselves boundless, infinite, and uncontrollable by any kind of power, since they are elusive.

The approaches and methods employed by the projects are always situated in local conditions, self-reflexive, and up-front about their political agenda: their goal is to be emancipatory. In this respect, they correlate with feminist theories and methodologies, for instance in their use of experimental approaches to research that, as has been illustrated, disrupt the presumed dyad of masculine rationality and feminine knowledge, the latter supposedly gathered in areas that have historically been outside of the purview of traditional Western science.

Occupied America: A History of Chicanos. New York: Harper, New York: Verso, Aldama, Arturo. Albuquerque: U of New Mexico P, Anderson, Benedict. San Francisco: Aunt Lute, [] San Francisco: Aunt Lute, Ashcroft, Bill. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, Baca Zinn, Maxine. Michael Kimmel and Michael Messner. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, Bhabha, Homi. Were they to arrest migrants on a daily basis, officials say, they would have to transport them to Tapachula to be repatriated by bus.

Resources are lacking. As at the U. This has been also true for Mexico, but fortunately less and less today. Only four of the eight official crossing points between Mexico and Guatemala operate regularly, and secret landing strips for drug smuggling planes proliferate, according to the study. Border security suffers from the ills afflicting overall security, according to the study: insufficient resources, weak institutions, corruption and lack of continuity between administrations.

As a result, these border build-ups have been short-lived.

The Border Boys Across the Frontier

It is harder than ever to sneak across the U. As a result, Mexican officials detect a new trend. Market conditions — namely, the likelihood of getting caught — dictated the deal that the smugglers made with Marco, an Ecuadoran who wanted to go to United States with his wife.

I paid for a package. Marco is a compact year-old with buzz-cut hair and a bemused expression. He had hoped to reach New York, where his brother had spent six years working in construction, returned to their hometown of Azogues and bought himself a house and a pickup truck. The Ecuadoran smugglers dealt with Marco almost exclusively by phone, he said. Marco and his wife packed coats and hats because they were told they would spend four days walking through the desert with a group to enter the United States. They prayed at a shrine and set off, armed with a phone number and a password, to a hotel in Guayaquil.

A woman facilitator gave them a new number and password and plane tickets to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, via Panama. The couple took a bus from Honduras to Guatemala City. Local smugglers took charge of them. Marco and his wife slept in a safe house where the clients came from as far away as China. After another bus ride, they spent two days by mototaxi and on foot entering Mexico through the mountains.

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In Ecuador, the smugglers had promised that Marco and his wife would travel by bus in Mexico to avoid the perils of the freight trains. But Chiclet announced a change in plans. Instead of escorting his clients, Chiclet sent them to Arriaga on their own. Marco and his wife were arrested on a bus when immigration officials checked papers. Smuggling is a major industry. Last year, Mexican authorities in Chiapas discovered two tractor-trailers carrying a total of Central Americans, Indians and Chinese who had just crossed the Guatemalan border. Smuggling fees for immigrants from Asia and Africa depend on factors such as the length and risk of the trip and use of fraudulent documents.

If they cannot afford to pay upfront, clients borrow from family and associates or work off debts through indentured labor upon arrival in the United States. Mexican immigration investigators broke up a corruption ring last year after arresting three frightened Indians at the Tapachula airport. The Indians carried seemingly legitimate visas for Mexico but admitted their intent to sneak into the United States, according to their statements to Mexican investigators obtained by ProPublica.

A husband and wife named Nareshkumar and Urbilaben Patel explained that everything was arranged before their departure. After the Indians were smuggled across the Suchiate River by raft, a Mexican lawyer gave them documents and told them to pose as tourists, according to the statements. Investigators arrested the lawyer, a former state prosecutor from Tabasco who obtained fraudulent visa papers from accomplices in the immigration bureaucracy in Mexico City.

The ex-prosecutor was charged with smuggling and the officials were fired, authorities said. The smuggling flow changes rapidly. This year has brought a fourfold increase in Cubans: 2, so far. Farther south, the numbers are similar. In Panama, a gateway for migrants arriving from South America, authorities arrested 2, Cubans in the first 10 months of the year, a fivefold rise.

Many Cubans come through Ecuador, where visa policies are lax, according to U. Cubans speaking melodious Caribbean Spanish congregate in the patio of the federal immigration detention center in Tapachula. A muscular, gray-eyed young man from the town of Bayamo explains that he voyaged on a makeshift vessel to Honduras.

He waited and worked odd jobs for a year, when his absence from Cuba meant he had legally renounced citizenship. His goal is to join relatives in Hialeah, Fla. He chose the route because U. The repercussions of the evolving smuggling patterns bubble up at the U. Several recent cases have raised concerns about the potential for terrorists or foreign intelligence operatives to tap into the smuggling infrastructure. Last year, a Somali was sentenced to 10 years in prison in Texas on immigration charges.

Ahmed Muhammed Dhakane led a ring that smuggled East Africans to the United States via Brazil, Guatemala and Mexico and admitted that he and some of his clients had links to Somali terrorist groups, according to U. In a case that startled law enforcement and intelligence agencies, an Iranian-American pleaded guilty this year in federal court to a plot to hire hit men from a Mexican cartel to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington.

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  7. The Iranian agent lived in Corpus Christi, Texas, and traveled back and forth frequently to Mexico, where he developed contacts among drug traffickers, according to court documents. Counterterrorism officials worry that extremist operatives could establish a presence in Central America by taking advantage of porous borders, the availability of fraudulent documents and mafias involved in arms, drugs and people smuggling. Mexican intelligence works closely with U.

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    Mexican officials tend to see the U. In September, police in the city of Merida acting at the request of U. There were initial suspicions that the imam and his Belizean associates had Hezbollah links, but Mexican and U. It embodies the contradictions and challenges of the border. The clean, modern complex has a capacity for men, women and children. The administrators look more like social workers than jailers.

    Fremont B. Deering (Author of The Border Boys Across the Frontier)

    It has a game room and a library, where a small cheerful boy plays on a computer. Mexican immigration officers are unarmed, enlisting federal and state officers for support on investigations and operations as needed. Although corruption and abuse are longtime problems in the immigration service, it is not a border patrol or even a traditional police force.

    At least in theory, Mexican immigration policy is driven by human rights concerns. A new law passed last year spells out liberal policies toward illegal immigrants in Mexico and places limits on enforcement. The Obama administration argues that the drop in illegal crossings and the security buildup at the U. But the changes at the Southwest border have not necessarily sunk in among politicians and the public.

    One goal of immigration reform will be legal status for more Central Americans, reducing the number of migrants who transit through Mexico, Rivlin said. Just as the United States and Mexico work together more closely than ever against drugs, there is unprecedented cooperation on border issues. In the United States, representatives of Mexican consulates routinely visit U. Border Patrol stations and are provided with office space to attend to Mexican detainees.