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The clear, simple line-by-line transliterations allow everyone to sing along. Instructions provide all the necessary information for proper performance of the Shabbat rituals. And the original commentary is accessible to all but will enlighten even the most knowledgeable readers. | Yedid Nefesh

Extensive commentary and instructions by Rabbi Cahan A broader selection of Shabbat zemirot and other songs Full translation and transliteration of all texts All-new translations that is easily readable but also stays true to the original An elegant layout for easier use Egalitarian texts and translation. What does 'egalitarian' mean in a bencher? Kosher Slaughter 2. More results….

Hidden label. Contributor s :. Shared on:. Like a darting deer I will flee to You.

Yedid Nefesh

Before Your glorious Presence Humbly I do bow. Let Your sweet love Delight me with its thrill Because no other dainty Will my hunger still.

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  8. There she will find strength And healing in this sight. Her joy will be complete then Eternal her delight. Be kind to me Your own child Begotten by Your love. Enfold all human beings Give all pain surcease.

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    Your presence on this earth plane Do make known to us And we shall respond then With song and with dance. Rush, my love, be quick, The time for love is now, Let Your gentle favor Grace us as of old…. Stefan C. Please reciprocate for any adaptation or redistribution of this work by 1 properly attributing the work to Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and Elazar ben Moshe Azikri , 2 clearly indicating the date you accessed the resource and whether any changes have been made and if so, please be in touch with us and leave a comment below so that we might note your adaptation or improvement , 3 providing a link back to this source, and 4 specifying the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA 4.

    Yedid Nefesh

    Our goal is to provide a platform for sharing open-source resources, tools, and content for individuals and communities crafting their own prayerbook siddur. Through this we hope to empower personal autonomy, preserve customs, and foster creativity in religious culture. In fact, the difference between a male or female servant would be that a male servant works in the field, while a female servant works in the house. So the transition from first to second verse is about drawing nearer to the place of divinity.

    ידיד נפש -Yedid Nefesh

    With each verse, we are imagining ourselves coming closer to God and becoming more intimate with God. So the process of moving towards the source in this way is also our way of "spelling" — meaning both invoking in and for the world, and evoking within ourselves — the Holiness of the One.

    This pattern is a fantastic example of the way the Siddur and all liturgy works: we take a series of emotional pictures and arrange them in a particular order that is, seder, from which we get the name Siddur , so that the way we experience those pictures moves us in a trajectory toward a goal.

    Most siddurim include Yedid Nefesh , but you can open and print this one page PDF with transliteration and a linear and accurate translation, based on Siddur Chaverim Kol Yisrael.