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  • New Study: Death Metal Fans Are Nice!?

When listening to death metal, however, study participants with lower empathy scores were more likely to experience higher levels of power and joy than those with greater empathic concern. That was true as well, Thompson found, for people whose personality assessment showed them to be more open to experience and less neurotic. In the study, each participant listened to four out of eight second samples of popular death metal songs selected by the researchers from multiple online lists and answered questions about the feelings the music evoked.

They can construct an idea or hypothesis, and self-reports are essentially that kind of data.

From Genius to Madness

The paper acknowledges the limitations of self-reporting. Chris Pervelis, a founding member and guitarist of the band Internal Bleeding whose songs include Gutted Human Sacrifice and The Pageantry of Savagery , is confident that the positive emotions he experiences when he plays and listens to Death Metal are the real thing.

And the people I know in Death Metal are smart, creative and generally good-hearted souls. In an essay published in August in Physics of Life Reviews , Thompson and his co-author Kirk Olsen considered the possible role of brain chemistry in the response to violence and aggression in music. As for the central riddle of death metal—how explicitly violent music might trigger positive emotions in some people—Thompson cites a paper on the enjoyment of negative emotions in art reception, published in Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

A large body of research, by Anderson and others, has established a clear link between aggression and multiple types of media violence including video games, film, television and music with violent images and themes.


Media violence happens to be one. I put it into writing riffs and letting it all out on stage, and it keeps me level and completely sane. In his ongoing study of violent and aggressive music, which includes a June paper in the journal Music Perception about the intelligibility of death metal lyrics forget about it, non-fans , Thompson has found that the limited appeal of the form may be one its key features for fans—one at least as old as rock itself.

Common music fans react to metal music w/ English Subtitles

David Noonan is a freelance writer specializing in science and medicine. You have free article s left.

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Take note: Why fans of heavy metal and classical music have a lot in common

David Noonan David Noonan is a freelance writer specializing in science and medicine. Spotify threw heshers a bone recently by releasing a slew of figures that detail by exactly how wide a margin heavy metal is ruling the streaming airwaves.

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  4. From Portugal to the United States to of course Norway, metal holds down a spot in the top ten—and usually top five—most listened to genres in every country included in the study. Metal also takes the overall global genre loyalty crown, leaving pop to trail behind as a distant second and folk, country, and hip-hop to founder in the dust.

    It's not exactly surprising to hear that a lot of people are using Spotify to listen to classic tunes from Slayer and Papa Het, but what is at least a little jarring to see how thoroughly flummoxed some folks are about it. Image via Spotify. Given metal fans' fierce loyalty to their chosen genre and propensity for making physical purchases, it makes perfect sense that they'd be spending the most time pressing replay on old Iron Maiden songs.

    A s the label personnel interviewed in the Mashable piece noted, metal labels have been selling cassettes and vinyl for years, metal shirts and embroidered logo patches are de rigeur attire, metal festivals regularly draw fans from every corner of the globe, and there's still a multitude of metal print magazines and fanzines circulating in a world that's gone mostly digital.

    While fans of most other genres are drawn to shiny new artists, m etal fandom is generational; new recruits are encouraged to appreciate the bands that came before and build up chronological knowledge while still keeping abreast of current developments. That widened musical net funnels directly into more sales; w hen someone's buying up the new Mefitic record, they're probably also beefing up their Blasphemy collection or finally grabbing that Hellhammer box set.

    Why metal fans are brainier | Music | The Guardian

    Metalheads are completists, and metal as a genre is incredibly diverse; there are thousands upon thousands of metal bands out there to whom fans may pledge fealty, and they do so with an economic vengeance. This approach isn't entirely unique to metal fans, but they definitely take it further than nearly any other demographic.

    It's not as easy to be a metal fan as it is to profess your love for Taylor Swift or Makonnen, and metalheads' extreme devotion to their chosen scene is often a response to societal pressure. When the whole world is telling you that the music you love is stupid, evil, or unlistenable, you're either going to tamp down your interest and keep your tastes to yourself