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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Changed default skin as gartoon, babytoy has been removed Windows installer, fixed image format by Bruno Coudoin. Config dialog layout change to make more room for texts by Bruno Coudoin. Lang, fixed 'back to last level' mode by Bruno Coudoin. Fixed call to bonus so that we properly log success to each exercise. Lang, fixed startup sequence in remember level mode by Bruno Coudoin.

The ready button was bypassed in remember level mode. Lang, fixed a python exec error case by Bruno Coudoin. If we have an error in the startup sequence a variable was used non initialized. Administration, layout improvement by Bruno Coudoin. A localize eat. Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation by Adorilson Bezerra.

Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation by Enrico Nicoletto. Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation by Rafael Ferreira. Updated Danish translation by Joe Hansen. Updated Dutch translation master by Herman van Beem. Updated French translation by Bruno Coudoin. Updated Greek translation by Yannis Kaskamanidis. Updated Scottish Gaelic translation by GunChleoc. Updated Spanish translation by Daniel Mustieles.

Updated word list for gd by GunChleoc. Un ensemble de modification pour ajouter le support des digrammes. A l'avenir nous proposerons cette option directement dans la configuration de GCompris. Cette page reprend les anciennes et les nouvelles valeurs. The code is under GPL but you have to ask them to get the source, there is no public repository. And when we say multi-activities, we really mean a lot. We now have activities in GCompris! Here is a summary of the new activities sorted by contributors: Beth Hadley Learn about farm animals, what sounds they make, and interesting facts Learn about world animals, interesting facts and their location on a map Learn about the music of the world Learn the names of the notes, in bass and treble clef, with the help of sounds and colors An activity to learn how the piano keyboard works, how notes are written on a musical staff and explore music composition by loading and saving your work Learn to play melodies on the piano keyboard!

country american popular music Manual

Maintain the spaceship in the middle without crashing into the planets or the asteroids Understanding acceleration due to gravity. Who said GCompris does not run on tablet? Look at the video here. Wordsgame: fixed hungarian word dataset, the level 2 was missing. It made reading activities crashing in Hungarian. Geography activity: fixed naming of burkina to always be 'burkina faso' Geography-activity: fixed the name of antartica to be properly spelled as antarctica.

Instrument activity: fixed wrong instrument bass drum was really a snare drum. Lang activity: reworked the number level using images from wikicommons. Lang activity: inprogress, added many images. Lang activity: now play the sounds in interrupt mode, better user experience. Lang activity: added hightlighs on buttons. Instruments activities: fixed makefiles.

Core: fixed the command line option --difficulty which was not working. Core: added the command line option --disable-database Electric: cleanup, removed unused image. Electric: added a red led. Electric: fixed a simulation issue. Electric: now each wire is draw with a random color. Tools: Improved gimp script foo by Angel Ivan Moreno Animation activity: fixed the implementation of the z order management. Lavanya gunasekaran: core: no more crash if we fail to write to the database.

Mike Karfunkle: Drawnumber activity; now the dots are in random orders each time we play this activity.

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Philip Morris: English voices: Julia Wycherley sent us some updated voices. Bug fixes Windows installer: fixed a potential directory erasing at uninstall or reinstall time. Properly erase all our files at unistallation time Windows: updated the compilation chain for windows to compile against GTK 2. Give focus on the entry box. Braille fun: added audio feedback. Braille alphabet: improved to audio play the letter to find Baille lotto: fixed not to go back to the main menu at the end.

Improved it a little bit the layour to accomodate with longer translated text. Added sound effects. Shapegame: Fixed a random crash in shapegame activities that happened while dragging a piece. By Angelo Naselli Instruments activity: added a check for sound availability in the icon menu. Now the background music is muted when entering this activity. Memory: minor fix in memory activity to fix their reference to their mandatory audio file.

Without this, a little audio error does appear at run time in the activity icon. Sadly, GCompris was not working at all on Windows Seven. I just made a new binary version gcompris Improvements wordlist in Spanish: added more words to the spanish list. By Germana Oliveira. Bug fixes Updated French translation, there was a string with the text being there twice causing the gnumch activity to have the text over sized and unreadable.

By Hans de Goede rsvg: fixed deprecated issue releated to rsvg. New Activities A set of activities to discover the Braille system. Activity updates erase activity: added new animals from picture by Adrien Grellier and Claire Gegout from their Antarctic trip. Thanks to Arnaud Limon for the suggestion. Fixed a potential crash when a piece was overwritten by another in their wrong position. Changed the combo locale system to display the language in their textual form instead of their locale code. Maintain them sorted to make it even easier to use.

Now activites with locale configuration use this feature. Mostly full rewrite of the click on letter activity to allow a specific configuration per language and per user. Now this activity takes a desktop formated file as input. It contains for each level the questions and answers charaters to propose. Now for each country we must provide a data file, this is much better than before where it was fully random and was not respecting the natural difficulties of a language. Also if one letter is missing from the voice set it remains playable.

Improved the graphism. Splitted click on letter in two activities, on with lowercase one with uppercase as suggested by Sylvain Dechy. Now the bsd devil looks less like a devil and more like a red little boy. In login. Now in the hangman, we display the name of the current language.

Test du Mac mini Core i7 Quad 2,3 GHz fin-2012

Fixed the 2 click drag mode run it with gcompris -g 2clicks. Now when changing the level, the sound is played before starting the activity in order not to flush the own activity sound. References to images was wrong. This is a bug fix release that includes the following changes: submarine: Reworked it deeply. It had several stability issues.


At the same time, improved the graphism a little bit. Fixed major crash in submarine that arrived when the children won. New features Added 2 new activities to learn to give money make in a shop. This is based on the money activity but now the children must give back money to Tux. Now the erase activity reads the. In the erase activity we have a large number of animal backgrounds.

Now these are found at run time instead of being hard coded. Added more animal images taken from wikipedia. New renewable energy activity. Learn about electric dam, wind farm and solar panels works. This is heavily based on the watercycle activity. In money activity, we no more auto check the answer, there is now an OK button Created 3 price categories in money activtiy to make the game more realistic.

As suggested by Arnaud Champollion, it is just too easy for the children. Now we have a text file named activity. Bug Fixes In the submarine activity, we now destroy and reset the frigate motion when we enter the help.

Not doing so makes the children loose the game while reading the manual. Added a reset button for the locale in the configuration dialog. It is now easier to get back on the default locale. Sorted the locales following their english name instead of the locale code Deadlock occurs if new playback is scheduled from callback. In this fix, the sound is player in the gtk idle loop instead of being called directly Fixed by Andreas Fenkart Major random crash fix. In python activity, a call to gcompris. Fixed invisible cursor on 64 bits systems. The propoerty struct is now properly initialized even on 64 bits systems.

Fixed by Peter Ujfalusi. Watercycle activity: Added toolips to explain the different items. Fixed a minor race issue. Added a bonus flower feedback in watercycle to let the children knows he completed the level. Thanks to Clara Coudoin for the feedback, it is great to have close beta testers. Added missing image files for money activity.

Added missing activity files for drawnumber. String updates, requested translation for paintings. Warning: Due to a last minute packaging issue, this release has been re-issued under the number 9. Major changes Fixed level 8 of babyshapes. The makefile was missing all the images for this level.

I reworked the files so that they lie in the resource directory instead of subdirectories. New hangman activity. The cute background is based on a drawing Franck Doucet made for our bargame activity. This activity uses our default-. It is thus very important now to have them properly filled. For now I did the work for English and French. Translators, please refer to this page for instructions Added details activity by Marc Levivier.

In the spirit of famous painting discovery, in this activity the painting is complete and the children must put painting parts on the right places. New feature in the chat activity. The user has a shared white boards now. This has been developped by Fionn Ziegler. First release of an in progress tool that converts wiktionary xml dumps in an xml file. For now, it works only for French, this page tracks the progress. For now this is just not used in GCompris. In planegame now the numbers are spoken when the plane hit the correct cloud. Added missing configuration button in several activites where it makes sense.

Thanks to Luciana from sleducacional.

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  7. Conclusion.

Now the click on letter activity can be played also with the keybord. This has been suggested by Sini Ruohomaa. Fixed reference to tuxpaint dataset. Now we display saved tuxpaint images in our image selector again. Thanks to the person in Latinoware who reported me that this feature has been lost. Added a tooltip to better explain the different fields. Changed the difficulty level of the maze activity to make it more usable in classrooms. PS: The mug offered by sleducacional to Bruno.

It will be a pleasure to meat you there and discuss about the future of GCompris. Minor changes Fixed superbrain by Julian Gilbey. In some case the proposesed solution was wrong.

July 09, 12222

This is a long lasting bug. Added support for MacOSX Updated icons to reflect latest art work. Removed flags from GCompris.

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Flags create political issue. There is not always a clear relationship between a country flag and a language. Fixed a typo in sudoku tutorial. Improved graphism new skins babytoy by Cabaraux Stephane. Improved many graphism connect4, ballcatch by Cabaraux Stephane. Added a copy of gnome-gnuchess internally since the regular gnuchess crashes on macosx. This is activated only on MacOSX. Fixed missing translation request for the "Yes I Saw it" string in the reading activity. Workaround for the fullscreen mode on macosx.

Added an ongoing progress status at GCompris startup. This is used to avoid the long delay at startup without user feedback. Fixed the audio tooltip in the bar. Fixed a segfault in the GCompris dialog box. New activity lights off by Bruno and Clement Coudoin. Added more simple levels in lightsoff. Improved wordsgame activity to support language selection. Fixed score counting in advanced color Now we give 4 chances at each sublevel. After that the sublevel restarts. Fixed redraw activity, several level was impossible to complete. There was many colors in the image target that was impossible to do.

Fixed SDL audio backend to allow playing with effects and no backgroundd music. Fixed usa map due to missing rhode island. New feature Created a new U. A map for our geography activity Completed the Windows port. Now use the cute GCompris cursor.

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  • Avances recientes en estimulación cardíaca (Spanish Edition).
  • Many dot where missing, hidden by the background. Fixed drawn case in the chess activity, it was ending in an infinite loop. Improved a little bit the layout in the penalty activity. Replaced the yellow by white the text color of the score. Now the text dialog is centered in the height. Added an API entry to get the current cursor.

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