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I wanted my feminine side to impress my colleagues, the small team of three guys that I managed, my own boss Drake Thompson, and Jenny Macaulay, the secretary that I had a crush on. Friday came and I was up early in the morning. I bathed and shaved my body completely hairless before starting to dress myself with trembling excitement. First I tucked my little hairless cock into a pair of lace trimmed black bikini-cut panties and then added a matching black lace bra around my smooth flat chest.

Over my panties I added a black lace garter belt and then slowly slid a pair of sensuous shear stockings - the ones with a seam up the back - up my shapely, silk smooth legs and clipped the garters to their lace stocking tops. Now dressed in sexy underwear, I began to feel more feminine already. In fact, it was hard to keep my pale little dick from making a small bulging tent in the panties or wetting the material with my precum.

It was going to be hard to concentrate on work around the office if I kept this up. I added a thin white blouse, whose material was deliberately light enough that my lacy black bra was tantalisingly visible beneath, and a pinstriped pencil skirt, and now I looked every inch the hot office girl. My makeup was in the form of dark eyeliner and false lashes along with red lips. Ever since I'd started crossdressing in my spare time, I'd been growing my dark brown hair out and now I teased it into a feminine wave.

Finally, I added the finishing touch, a pair of black six inch stiletto heels that I'd been practising in until I had the perfect heel-toe walk that swayed my ass enticingly in my tight pencil skirt. And then I was ready for the first time to leave the house as a girl.

I checked myself in the mirror one last time - satisfied that I looked pretty fine, in my thick rimmed glasses, wavy hair and scarlet lips just like a fantasy of an office beauty - and then stepped out of the door of the apartment and set out for work, butterflies in my stomach with nerves and excitement. On the subway commute into the office, my thin, practically see-through blouse and tight pencil skirt certainly drew some admiring attention from my fellow travellers. I began to get a bit of an insight into what it must be like for natural women every day as I felt the eyes of hungry, horny men running over me, checking me out, wanting me.

I felt a strange mix of flattered and a little scared as a tough looking black guy a good head taller than me and with a broad muscular chest gave me an approving leer and a barely disguised lustful smirk. I could just tell that he was imagining what it would be like to tear off my neat skirt, pull open my stockinged legs and tear into me with his no doubt monster black beast of a cock.

I felt myself blush under his attentions and that dirty thought. Now that I could sense he was thinking this of me, I couldn't help but imagine it too. For all the time that I had enjoyed dressing in sexy girly clothes and looking pretty, I hadn't really before imagined being with a man, but I couldn't help myself now. It felt naughty, it felt wrong, and it felt exciting.

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Beneath my skirt and panties my little hairless cock began to twitch. Finally, I got my thoughts under control, got off the subway and, my stiletto heels clicking on the sidewalk and my ass swaying seductively, I headed into work. I looked around, eager to see how my various colleagues had approached the task to dress up as the opposite sex. Would they all be in their boyfriends and girlfriends' clothes? Would they have outfits that looked deliberately half-assed and rushed? Or would others have, like me, thrown themselves into the task and transformed themselves into a version of the opposite sex more desirable than their normal selves?

I looked around for any answer to this and suddenly realized that something wasn't right. There were my colleagues, like every day, and they were dressed just like on any other day.

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There were no guys in skirts and heels, no girls in suits and ties. It was just me, embarrassed and flushing red, provocatively overdressed in blouse, skirt and seamed shear stockings, and attracting the shocked and amused attention of the rest of the office. I don't understand," I stammered, "Why aren't you Is nobody else dressed up? April Fool! I looked over to see the small team of three guys that I managed, sitting at their computers and turning to face me, laughing.

If I had been embarrassed and humiliated as I came into the office, I was mortified now. I suddenly realized what an idiot I'd been. Of course today was April 1st, a day for pranks and tricks.

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How had I been so absorbed with the excitement of getting to doll myself up as my femme self this Friday that I had completely failed to notice that. Or the fact that the email although addressed to "colleagues" had only me in its recipients. My team had set me up to come to work dressed as a girl and had succeeded incredibly in embarrassing me. I don't think that even they could have anticipated the lengths that I would go to to look girlish though and that just made them even more gleeful. Even if I could make it through today with some of my dignity in tact, I knew the three guys that I was supposed to be in charge of would never again respect me as their superior, not when they could bring things back to "Lulu" again.

Being a somewhat timid, slight white man managing a trio of virile young black guys it had always been tough to assert my authority and this April Fools prank was making it no easier.

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  4. As the morning went on, I managed to get my head down and get some work done and even get my team to do a little as well. All throughout, though, I was aware of the glances and titters from around the office as they looked at me in my feminine outfit. No matter what I tried to say to stop it, I could also do nothing to prevent my team from teasingly referring to me as "Lulu" throughout.

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