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The anti-war movement seems to think so.

Blood for Oil?

I am not so sure. Arguing about unstated motives, therefore, is a waste of time — claims cannot be proven or disproven.

Is it so difficult, however, to imagine that both Bush and Blair sincerely believe — rightly or wrongly — that a well-armed Iraq poses an intolerable danger to the civilized world? If access to oil were of concern to them, one might have expected members of their administrations to hint as much.


The Thatcher and Bush administrations, after all, were quite open about the role that oil played in justifying the first go-around in Kuwait. Polls in the United States revealed at the time, moreover, that the public responded favorably to the argument. Why the supposed reticence now? If the argument is that war is primarily being executed to ensure global access to Iraqi oil reserves, then it flounders upon misunderstanding.

Opposition to the Iraq War

The only thing preventing Iraqi oil from entering the world market in force is the partial U. He would instead embrace the Franco-German-Russian plan of muscular but indefinite inspections because keeping the world on the precipice of uncertainty regarding conflict is the best guarantee that oil prices and thus, oil profits will remain at current levels.

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Do the protestors think that this high-profile public commitment is a bald-faced lie? If the argument is that this war is aimed at installing a pro-American regime more inclined to grant oil contracts to American and British rather than French and Russian oil firms, then it invites a similar charge that France and Russia are against war primarily to protect their cozy economic relationships with the existing Iraqi regime.

They were right. It was about oil though not oil alone, given the over-determined nature of all events on this planet of ours , while so many of the sophisticated types as well as the geopolitical visionaries of the Bush administration proved dismally wrong, completely mistaken in their assessment of our world of energy and how it might be controlled. Now, more than eight years later, no one here even wants to think about Iraq and the multi-trillion-dollar war we fought there.

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Mission accomplished? You be the judge. Think of it as the grim geopolitical version of slapstick comedy.

For all those of you who marched in the global streets, holding signs warning Bush and his cronies not to do it, this is the book that tells the story of just exactly how right you were. This is the world we live in. This is the world we cover. Because of people like you, another world is possible.

It was ‘blood for oil’ | Peace News

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