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Meaning "act as a catcher in baseball" recorded from To catch on "apprehend" is , American English colloquial. To catch someone's eye is first attested , in Jane Austen. Catch as catch can first attested late 14c.


In addition to the idioms beginning with catch. Or at least make you the talk of the water cooler. The lollipop emoji depicts the sweet treat in a number of different colors on various platforms, but always with a classic, round, hard candy impaled on a stick. Nearby words catcher , catcher in the rye, the , catcher resonator , catcher's box , catchfly , catching , catching pen , catchingly , catchline , catchment , catchment area.

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Origin of catching late Middle English word dating back to —; see origin at catch , -ing 2. His speech caught our attention. He caught himself before he said the wrong thing. South Midland and Southern U. New England.

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Synonym study 7. Catch, clutch, grasp, seize imply taking hold suddenly of something.

To catch may be to reach after and get: He caught my hand. To clutch is to take firm hold of often out of fear or nervousness , and retain: The child clutched her mother's hand. To grasp also suggests both getting and keeping hold of, with a connotation of eagerness and alertness, rather than fear literally or figuratively : to grasp someone's hand in welcome; to grasp an idea.

To seize implies the use of force or energy in taking hold of suddenly literally or figuratively : to seize a criminal; to seize an opportunity.

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Examples from the Web for catching Caen was pitching and I was crouched behind the dish, catching. II Robert Kerr. Penrod and Sam Booth Tarkington. M Records caught his act and signed him immediately. The police caught the bank robbers after a car chase through the city.

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  4. The police arrested him and charged him with murder. The killers were never apprehended. All of the kidnappers were apprehended and convicted. The gunmen were finally captured after a shoot-out with the police.

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    7. Ellison was taken prisoner by the Germans during the retreat to Dunkirk. I'll catch you. Nice catch! The yen was caught in a downward spiral. Many oil companies were caught flatfooted when oil prices fell sharply with the start of the Gulf War.