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While divorce is sometimes a part of life, you might feel unprepared when first considering a formal separation. But you're not alone.

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  • Tips for Smooth Financial Divorce | Experian.

Experian spoke with some people who are experts in this area - because they've been there as well - to compile a list of tips for you to know. A few key things can help you smooth the financial waters while your relationship comes to an end:.

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This is a time where you'll probably need more credit than ever, to rent or buy a new home, get a new car, set up utilities or finance divorce attorneys. Identity theft is incredibly common during a breakup, as are plummeting credit scores in the confusion and conflict over who is responsible for which accounts. And don't kid yourself — even the nicest, most honest people can go nuts during divorce, and it's common for divorcing partners to rack up debt on accounts with both parties' names attached. Protect yourself.

This will give you an overall idea of your combined net worth and help you understand how to begin dividing the finances.

Can You Sue a Spouse for Theft?

I recommend people do this before they think about handling specific assets since the overall picture can lend you an idea of what things might be mandatory. For example, discovering that the level of credit card debt was so high that selling the marital home was the only viable option. Not all parties always know these circumstances and are able to agree on a course of action until this exercise has been completed. This is so important because you need to know the actual out-of-pocket cost is to you if you'll be paying, or the net amount that you'll receive if you're the recipient.

Ask your financial professional to factor in the tax information for both spouses before fixing an amount for spousal support. You'll want to hit the ground running to reignite your earning potential in the short term, not lean heavily on your ex when unnecessary. This only holds you back in countless personal, professional, and financial ways. Moreover, it can add significantly to conflict and legal bills for years to come.

If you're the primary or sole wage-earner and your spouse is spendthrift, it's important to inform the bank that a divorce is pending and that all joint accounts will now require dual signatures for withdrawals or transfers above a certain dollar amount. If you have joint credit cards with high monthly limits, consider decreasing the amount. After taking that step, let your spouse know that he or she needs to apply for a card in his or her own name immediately since you'll be canceling the joint card within a set period of time. To make a clear state of the union for your finances, you'll need to request records from all the banks, brokerages, investment and retirement contacts that you work with.

Make sure you include assets like stock options, deferred bonuses, vacation pay, benefits from your previous employers, tax refunds from joint returns, property tax reimbursement, the contents of your safety deposit boxes, prepaid insurance premiums, frequent flier or credit card reward points, season tickets, and timeshares. These can all play a role in your overall asset picture you'll need to capture for a truly accurate baseline.

It's the best way to know what credit accounts are open in your name and whether they're currently held by yourself alone or jointly.

What Are the Consequences Of Hiding Assets During Divorce?

The report can also help you complete the financial disclosures you'll need to fill out - and make sure they're as accurate as possible. Your report can also help guide you and your soon-to-be-ex through a discussion about how any accounts with debit balances will be handled, and, moving forward, whether you'll close the account or keep it open. Remember that you can get free access to your Experian credit report if you're ready to look over the accounts on your credit report.

Consider getting back in touch with your credit information to prep for financial discussions with your soon-to-be-ex so you can avoid surprises. According to our recent survey on divorce , more than half 59 percent said their biggest financial regret was not being more independent in the marriage — and highest among those 77 percent whose spouse was the primary breadwinner.

As you choose the next steps in your financial future, know that it's not uncommon for those emerging from divorce to trim back their lifestyle — at least temporarily. But it's often wise to accept a few limitations today to ensure you'll have the resources to rebuild the life you envision for yourself in the years to come.

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  4. Editorial Disclaimer : Opinions expressed here are author's alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer or other company, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. All information, including rates and fees, are accurate as of the date of publication. This article was originally published on February 9, , and has been updated.

    Stay up-to-date with your latest credit information for free and learn what lenders might see when reviewing your credit. By clicking Submit, you may send me content and offers from Experian and its affiliates, and acknowledge receipt of your Privacy Policy and Ad Targeting Policy. She also thought that bankruptcy caused stress, and stress increased violence. But when she talked to domestic violence advocates and attorneys, they told her the opposite was true: Men who were already abusive were causing bankruptcies by driving their partners into debt through underhanded means.

    The advocates told Littwin they had worked with women who discovered fraudulent credit cards in their name, and women who were forced to take out loans for their husbands or boyfriends. One attorney she interviewed was a domestic violence survivor herself. Under existing federal law, there are some solutions that can help survivors repair credit damaged by their partner without having to pay off the debts.

    Subrahmanyam ultimately got her client released from the debt not because of the fraud and abuse, but on a technicality related to leasing motor vehicles.

    Divorce Agreement

    As far as she knows, a judge has never ruled in favor of a victim in a consumer credit case purely because they were forced into a debt. And as a woman gets a debt forgiven, she also has to fix her credit report. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a victim of fraud can submit law enforcement documentation — typically a police report — to credit reporting agencies.

    The agencies must then block or remove the accounts from her credit report. But even if victims are willing to turn to the criminal justice system, police sometimes refuse to take a report of intimate partner identity theft. It was a surprisingly brief phone conversation, she said, during which Cheryl recalls being asked for only the most basic information. Are you gonna do anything with it? The case was cleared because, as an officer had written in all caps in the report, Cheryl and the man who took out credit cards in her name were MARRIED.

    She was devastated.

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    Her ex had been promoted at a large technology company while they were still together, and she had quit her job at an insurance company to take more community college classes. How am I gonna fight that? She tried multiple times on her own to tell the creditors these debts were the result of fraud, to no avail. She made no progress on her own. Ultimately, it took two rounds of disputes with the help of Sanchez-Adams just to get her credit report cleaned up. For another card, she and Cheryl eventually filed a lawsuit against the creditor, court records show. It ended in the spring of She eventually escaped the financial nightmare her ex-husband created — but it took her a full two years after her divorce to get all the fraudulent debts settled or canceled.

    And the abusers generally face no repercussions for the fraud they perpetrate. In retrospect, Cheryl wishes she had met Sanchez-Adams sooner and sued her ex for the money. They have no contact now.

    Destructive and unnecessary maneuvers to separation

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