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In , he finally released a debut album, humorously titled "Last Hurrah. The album wasn't unconnected to his past: Various Donkeys played on there, including bassist George Reiff, drummer Mark Patterson and, most notably, guitarist Scrappy Jud Newcomb. Always key in the creation of Nelson's recordings, Newcomb, as guitarist and producer, proved crucial on "Positive" because there wasn't anything resembling an album's worth of songs when he started needling Nelson to record.

At that point, a soccer injury put Nelson on the couch with a torn artery in his hip and a herniated disc in his neck. For two months, he couldn't use his left arm, which took away not only his ability to play guitar but his ability to work his day job as a house painter. I'm really messed up. Doctors eventually cut into the front of Nelson's neck, removed the disc between his C5 and C6 vertebrae, inserted a replacement disc and fused his spine with a bracket.

Within weeks, he had use of his arm again. He also had some songs that he'd been developing. Nelson penned a few new ones and dug out some from the '90s that had been sitting on ice. But the last record was more philosophical and distanced. Not more clinical, but I'd say it was more interior and this one is more relational. There was an old Donkeys tune called "I Invited You" that never saw release. The type of conversation varies. To newcomers, "Positive" is a lean set of smart songs about life's positives and negatives, with taut backing that lands in the realm of power pop, garage pop, roots rock, or any number of labels designed to fit well-written songs with some groove and fetching choruses - a Texas variety of the sorts of sound made by Marshall Crenshaw, Squeeze or later Teenage Fanclub.

To fans who picked up on Nelson closer to his first last hurrah, there are little callbacks. He points out that a walk along the river in the song "Well, Well, Well" is the same location as a walk on some stones in "I Like Girls," from his second album. The location isn't just a spot at summer camp where Nelson walked with his soul mate. It's where he started to care about songs. That's the density of that one to me.

The same song includes a climb on a sheer cliff directly inspired by one of Frank Miller's "Daredevil" comics, in which the character Elektra scales a wall of ice. Filtering a personal story through Van Morrison and "Daredevil" and making it relatable outside his own life, it's a model for what Nelson has been doing for nearly 20 years.

That's what the invitation is for. They can make the room theirs. The trick is that you can't write in such a plain manner that you don't describe the room. But you want them to feel interested in it, enough to come back. Some of the rooms are more difficult places to visit. Some women do to. I am not hostile towards them, even though not interested usually. Men do in fact go through the equivalent of menopause.

Have you ever heard a commercial for Androgel or Low-T? It is called andropause. A multi-billion dollar industry has been built around andropause. A man suffering from low-T experiences the same hormone-level triggered hot flashes that a woman experiences during menopause.

Many of them do physical labor, which destroys the body. It does women. Those things can take a toll. All but the menopause are often valued by men who love the mother of their children. I made a decison 3 years ago that I was through with domestic relationships. I simply do not want to get to know anyone as quite frankly what I want to learn in my life cannot be found in a claustraphobic twosome where my entire energy is taken up maintaining or fighting for balance or to keep harmony, Why fight for basics in a couple that I dont have to as a single person? I simply am not signing up for this again…..

Thanks for commenting, Rachel. Coupledom is not for everyone — Bella DePaulo writes about this a lot. There are many ways to build a fulfilling life that does not involve a romantic partner. I wish you the best. I am a woman almost 50 living alone. In the past 12 years I have dated two old friends for a few months time each. I did not experience an overbearing husband nor abusive relationships. Yet I feel no strong desire to intemately connect romantically. My two attempts did began with good times but quickly reviled a level of deception I would never tolerate.

I regard myself as content with a life full of work, adult children and a new grand daughter. Too many times the word Cougar is mentioned to which I am highly insulted. That said, I feel men are guided by the laws of sexual attraction. A relationship where you meet for dates and a romp sounds perfect for both older men and women. But I will never cohabitate or evolve myself again. Good luck to all those hopeful singles. Happy hunting. Thanks for your perspective.

Having just left a 20 year marriage which turned very brutal and ugly after male menopause set in, I was puzzled as to what I wanted. I still look good and get male attention but was confused as to exactly what it was that I wanted from a male. A younger man still wants sex while I want love and affection which I get from my kids and family and never from a mate. Why should I fight for basic rights that I have as a single person? My former marriage was a claustrophobic twosome where whatever energy I had left after all the household responsibilities was taken up maintaining or fighting for balance which never happened.

You helped me realize a single life is the right choice for me and now I realize and understand why other older women have taken this choice as. I was married in my 20s and in another long-term relationship that was on its way to becoming a marriage in my 30s. Like Mary, I receive all the love and affection and joy I need from my kids and wonderful friendships, and love men as friends but have no desire to be in a committed relationship.

There other joys in life to be had! Well for one, I believe you. Just quietly let men know and let it be known and perhaps they will never bother you again! Feminists, hostile women, women who feel like you and all subgroups like this should let men know to steer clear. Must be low tide. I have not had a single date nor wanted one since separation. Marriage for me was a terrible experience. The entire time I was trying to make a wife happy who seemed determined to spend the family into oblivion, and the more stuff she did and the more stuff she bought the more it took to make her happy.

When we looked at the cause of the divorce, her belief what that it was pretty much all my fault for being a bad husband and person , yet friends and coworkers told me they thought I was trying very hard and making all of the requisite sacrifices. The idea of a romantic partner is faintly alluring even still, but the knowledge of what modern relationships are about, and what modern people seem to want out of life makes me just shrug and say:. What makes for a happy relationship, married or not, is matched expectations. One can have a very full life without romantic partners read Bella DePaulo by choice, rather than letting one bad marital experience determine it.

Thanks for commenting. I am attractive enough to date and play around, but relationships lack the depth I crave. I find the attitudes expressed in the article and comments incredibly off-putting and have experienced them in my dating life. My reaction to that is to be the first to want to pull away. Shawn, maybe you need to be choosier in the women you date.

Be adamant from the beginning that there are many things you value more than money. Only contact women who seem to be of like mindset. Not gorgeous or young always, but lots more single women than men. Good luck! You complain that women spend money remodeling the house—of course they do—the home is where your wife entertains and is a social signifier of who she is.

If your wife does not work outside the home, then that home is her world and she deserves to make that world comfortable for her. My closest friend recently left her husband because her husband was selfish and resisted yearly updates and remodels suggested by their interior decorator. You complain of travel. It amazes me how when a woman first startes dating a man, the men have no problem renting a house boat for a few weeks off the Amalfi coast, or riding Vespas through the south of France while staying at vineyards.

Then before the kids come—it is off to Paris for the weekend—flying first-class and staying at the George V hotel. After you are married with kids, men seem to think that flying Southwest to Akron Ohio and staying at the airport Hilton, while they are going to a work-related conference is a good vacation. Once the kids have gone off to college—most men seem to think that driving to a different Costco, on the other side of town is a vacation.

When my Harry passed away three years ago, he was still the same vibrant and wonderful man that I met many years ago in law school. Harry sold his share of the firm about 10 years before he died and devoted himself to civic and community philanthropy. I miss him dearly, but would like to find someone active and older to go see the world with before it is too late. Last year I was visiting friends in Boca and met a gentleman with a nice 40 foot cruiser—the man had not taken the boat out of harbor in three years.

In many ways this reminds me of most men I meet my age—they have the means to go on incredible adventures—but they chose to stay mored to a dock and let barnacles grow on them. Well most people men and women combined do not have the income level to support YEARLY updates and remodels of homes, around the world vacations and other things. You married someone who had money or made a lot of money. A vast majority of people men and women cannot even break even in this society so they cannot hoard what they do not have.

Am finding the opposite is true for me. As a fifty something single man the women seem interested in tying the knot — not me. No one bats an eye on folks shacking up anymore so social pressures are all but non-existent. No one mentions it but the grey elephant in the room is menopause. The last woman I met was fanning herself during the date due to a hot flash. I am sympathetic but as this can be an emotional rollercoaster etc. I think this is why men my age look southward in the dating age. While I may feel sorry in a way that women become invisible in later years — my experience in younger days was they were chased by guys like me.

There is a mid-life power shift at work to balance this out. Just nature finding equilibrium. It sucks at times to feel lonely and wish you had a man at your side, but life is too short to be anything but happy with yourself and your life. A man is missing out on a great woman!! Hi Christine. They exist, and if that is what you want then please be open to the possibilities. Beautiful and amazing women know that a good partner will see that in them, regardless of their menopausal state or not. Good luck, and please let me know how things go, OK? We are not biologically wired to live longer than that.

Hi Rocky, thanks for calling out the elephant in the room, menopause. I had my ovaries removed at 31 and technically went through menopause. She the lady in her 40s is only a few years away. You are in line for the rollercoaster dude. Happy ride! They look a certain way — they are youthful and pouty and exude childbearing capabilities, even if those capabilities are not utilized, they still carry the traits and are desired my men naturally.

Men are attracted to fertility like women are attracted to tall men with money. Its ingrained in our DNA to be attracted to fertility in women like it is ingrained in women DNA to be attracted to tall men with resources. Steve, thanks for commenting. Dating is how people get to meet each other and decide if they like each other enough to take it to another level — a committed relationship.

There are all sorts of resources available. You develop into that single state. I am not a catch. I am a human being that after years of games, travel, attitude, laughter, freedom loss, great sex, what have you, just decided I am at my happiest just hanging out with friends. I do have short sessions of loneliness from a desire for intimacy, but they are few and far between and slowly vacating the cranial mass. An extreme one. To me it really comes down to this. We need the world to accept that we are single.

Many of us just want friends to chat with, travel with, hang out with, and enjoy the beautiful days ahead with no complications. Is that too much to ask? I have everything I need in my group of fun married and single friends that just accept me as I am. Maybe we need a t-shirt or a hat identifying us. Anyone got a great hat idea? I can appreciate that others here want something different, and I accept that.

But as I accept you, please accept me and those like me. I completely understand how you feel and as a 48 year old female feel exhausted by dating, just need my own space and keeping busy with friends family and work is enough. And also, the only women interested in me right now seem to be year-olds for some reason. There is a HUGE hole in available attractive women between 25 and 35 married, gay or finding themselves read: career-driven.

Post straight year old women only come in 3 flavors: Jaded, desperate, and masculine—Sometimes we get a little Neapolitan mix. Yeah, well over women do that and men care just as little as you did back then. The long way around to my point with a little venting is, yes, why bother? Relationships-romantic ones-have no value over Just be friends. We only have a few years left to enjoy ourself before REAL old age kicks our asses and relegates us into generic blue-hairs, dismissed by every other living person on Earth as waiting to die.

Stop thinking love, start thinking live. Wow, Johnny. Bitter much? Having a realistic view of life is not the same as having a pessimistic view, which you seem to have embraced. Sucks to be you. Our needs and energy levels may have changed, but we are not dead…yet. Aging gracefully is a something everyone should pursue.

Its really having a joy for life period, a bucket list- some glow with passion from life- at any age you get negative types etc -if you glow you are like a magnet, at any age you light up a room. Oh, THAT again. It is just stupid and shallow. The reality is there comes a time when you age out of the whole stupid game, that to continue is an exercise in futility.

I gave that garbage up some thirty years ago, when I was in my thirties. I focused on myself instead and have chosen to live life in my terms. As a 53 year old woman, I love to swim, dance, hike, weight-train, run, cycle, and all sorts of things including improv theatre and choir, and sunbathing. It has brought me love and peace for myself; and, exercise is a personal resource for me to return into.

No matter my heartbreak, disappointment, warmth, or bliss, with a lover, because there is always the water, the dance floor, the open trail, the choir performance, the sunlight, through which I find love for the world, my lover, all of creation, and for myself over and over again, no matter what. I understand his frustration; we seem to have different needs within intimate relationship and neither is right nor wrong.

We are together taking an improv class at the moment, so we can share that. I need someone who is willing to have his own fulfilling life outside of our relationship and be happy that I have mine, but still have some areas that we can share together. The world is an abundant place and love has always come for me again.

While some are gonna read the bitterness here, in between the lines you see the real point. Sometimes you get bombarded by attitude and fantasyland talk and it gets to the point that single men have to detonate the message like a nuke to get everyone to listen, understand, and accept. Been there, Done that, got a nice collection of detonators myself.

Wake up and smell the reality ladies. Pull your head out, smell what the man is cooking, and look out the window. The sunrises are as beautiful as always.

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Put the value of the day in proper perspective, and LIVE. And enough with the Prom Queen, Head Cheerleader, had to fight them off with a stick stories! Now move forward. Yer blocking the view. Yes women go through menopause later but men also go through something and age all around too. It will for you too. Come back to us when you are Men dont go anything similar to menopause. The thing men go through is becoming less attracted to women as they age so dont expect a 50 year old man to get excited over a 50 year old woman. Because these are men who are more self-aware, more interesting, more multifaceted, more experienced and more intriguing.

I love being alone. Good looking, tall, very fit, healthy, hot yoga, hike, bike to work most days 10 miles and weight lift and cook all my own food. My sex drive fell off a cliff after 41 — but even to this day my T and Free T levels are perfect. Me being an extrme intorvert my entire life and with my sex-drive wanning have all been great things for me. I too live through my activities. And, because you are reading this site and these comments, you probably have some interest in dating if someone brought you joy.

I do hear that a waning sex-drive can be liberating. This is in response to the guy who thinks women are a drag who are going thru menopause. You are kidding yourself if you dont think men dont go thru change. Ive been dating same guy for 10 yrs. And boy oh boy is he going thru the change. He may not have ovaries that stop working but he and men of his age 56 go thru physical changes too, and that change is no more testosterone.

The low production of testerone makes men just as moody, irritable, unpleasant to be around as some women having a bad menopause time. Men go thru depression, insomnia, low sex drive etc when they get to middle age and their bodies also stop producing certain hormones. Why do you thi k mdn have to rely on biBra so mou h now in their midlife. Dating in midlife to me is about companionship. I am not looking to get married again. I bought my own home after I got divprced, and it was not from alimony, I got nothing when I got divorced.

I have a stressful job and I prefer to come home to my own house after a long day. So you men out there who think women just want to get married…….. Yes, men do go through a male equivalent of menopause. Not all men experience andropause symptoms starting in their late forties, but most experience a decline in vitality due to major decline in testosterone production. That, my friend, is cause in most men by age-related andropause. Viagra is often misprescribed for men who are suffering from Low-T.

What you explained does not happen to normal men. Probably to men that already had low testosterone. What you explained does not happen to men. I am a man so I should know. What happens to men is their testosterone drops incrementally so that means they care less about women gradually. So a man in his 50s will not be excited about a 50 year old woman. Both married for 22 years before divorced. We both have 2 kids the same ages 19, I have told her that I love her…see her as part of my future….

She also has this phobia about the future…. Her divorce was simple and amicable. She and her ex did it themselves…no alimony, no child support. Mine was completely the opposite…. Girlfriend fears for the future …. She has clearly stated that she cannot take such a risk. She lives with the memory of her Dad who lost everything in bankruptcy about 15 years ago…and died early from alcoholism. She had to quit college because no money. I am 52 and my wife and I had problems a while back.

I can tell you honestly, three single educated women in the 37 to 39 age bracket who could see I was unhappy suddenly, made it very clear if I was available they had desperate ovaries!! My wife and I came very close to divorce, and I came close to having a second family. All three women openly said they wanted kids and although I was 50 then they would like a family if I was interested. All three were permanent staff who had careers better than mine, but were single, two had Ph. She was a Senior Lecturer and is now a single Associate Professor. That is she realised she earned double my salary!

When she was 30 not 39 she would not have looked twice at me, that is a simple fact. Because I found a husband my age, bought my own home and had kids, I guess I never needed to look elsewhere. Moreover the thought of raising and providing for a second family is not really that appealing after all! I am 55, am a tenured professor with a happy life, good relationship with my two kids, am a romantic and considerate person, and have been a life-long fitness enthusiast, training for a triathlon.

I write poetry. I want a relationship with someone close to my age and have run into something I did not expect — my fault I am sure. The single professionals in my age group whom I have dated like their empty nest, and have strong preferences for their own routine, including stuff like toothpaste caps and how the dishwasher is loaded. I think the idea that women who have their lives together professionally etc. I am by no means criticizing or complaining — just providing an observation based on an admittedly miniscule number of women.

I do think personally that the idea that women in their 50 by and large truly want a man is not a self-evident truth. Peace and happiness everyone. Thanks for sharing your story Rob. That assumes that you want to not just have a relationship, but also live with that person. Because you can be in a committed loving partnership and live apart I do. Have you considered that? Hi When we reach retirement males want Love, a companion and nurse.

Females want Security, a companion with a purse. Eight years of Match. To me this article rings as hollow and contrived as all those profiles on Match. You assume, as I once did, that women actually want a relationship with — or at least a resource in — a man. This has proven not to be true. The only time a woman wants a man is when she needs a man. I… am going to die alone. I truly wish your opinion on the subject was correct.

Eight years of looking, of inviting, of holding out my hand waiting for someone to take it… I think I have to go have a little cry now…. Thanks for sharing your story George. According to an AARP survey not too long ago, many divorced people do want love again … men and women. I met my last partner 8 years and my current partner 1 year online. In any event, I wish you luck. I made many sacrifices in the marriage and put my dreams on hold. Men and marriage are wonderful, but my dream does not include them. I understand exactly what you are going through George.

I have been going through the dating site torture for about one year since my divorce. I do not know how you have put up with that grief for that long. It is devastating for the self-esteem and self-confidence. Recently, I had three dates in one week from online dating. I am They were in their early to mids. I have been told that I am good looking. They met me so my looks got me the first date.

The women tell you that it is your sour attitude and bitterness that has caused you not to have formed a relationship. George, it is not likely you, it is the online dating. Ironically, if it was you, you would have figured it out and not wasted your time for eight years. It is common for men to have your experience on online dating sites. It was mentioned here that your online profile may not read well. That sounds insensitive and unrealistic. Over eight years, you must have changed your profile dozens of times trying to attract the women who are deserving of you.

You must have taken many photos and of all types to try to show who you are and in the best vantage point. You must have done research on all of this in eight years of the futility of online dating. Stop playing it and wasting your energy, well being and time.

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I know, your question is; what are the options to meet women to form relationships if not online dating? You need to get out there and meet them in real life. No easy answers on how to do this. A reasonable proportion of the women who are rejecting you on Match would likely be receptive to you if they met you in person. I have noticed this myself. I just need to get there more myself. I have quit the online dating. The self-esteem needs to recover.

Here is where it comes full circle for the women on the dating sites. These women got what they deserve. Hang in there. Amen — online dating is simply terrible. Tends to make you feel worse off than you really are. Even the younger generations are struggling with it. Absolutely spot on. I too have tried match for years and never got a date fun or otherwise. I personally think internet dating is such a con and the only people that suggest i do it are those in relationships andnever tried it themeselves which makes me laugh.

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Is that so much to ask??? I have found the only people interested in me now are married men looking for a fling or men much older looking for someone 10 years younger. Sad that we all seem to share similar views but cannot get together with someone. I read most on this website. It does not matter being single or being in marriage. Single is not the second best. It is a matter of choice or no choice in case when you cannot find one that you are looking for. What amazed me is that there is no one mention what true love is.

Love is a sacrifice. If you are not ready for sacrifice, do not go for love. I am in my mid I have a great career, with great attitude towards life. I exercise regularly, eat healthy food and am very positive. At least I know male colleagues are crazy about me. Some of them said I am so attractive. One of them said what a beauty. I know I am good. But I really do not know why they think i am so good, maybe due to my intelligence and confidence. I am looking for satisfying relationship which is based on mutual respect, understanding and real love.

Yet I found there are more players than real sincere ones. I refuse to play with anyone and will not have sex with anyone who has no sincere interest in getting to know me. Yes, I have kid and sometime I am tired but my sex drive is still very high. Life is too good to choose bad attitude.

Finding love sometimes is a matter of luck. I remember someone said, desirable is not attainable; attainable is not desirable. But I still believe there are many good women at least I am one of them who are single. There are many sincere men who are also single. They are all looking.

Good luck to all of us who are pursuing happiness and peace. I never seemed to attract anyone even vaguely normal or rational so have just stopped looking. Like you I only attract married men looking for a fling or much older men who are also looking for a fling. God knows I have had enough trouble trying to make some sort of career for myself, without the help of family completely dysfunctional or anybody else, without attracting relationship trouble on top of it.

I deal with the fact I will be alone for ever and a day with the knowledge that a lot of people are bad characters, and I am not obliged to deal with that. He tried it on with me having wanted me for 8 years, I kid you not , but do you think I was going to go for him, knowing what a player he was — and given that he was short, fat and balding? You need to shift your expectations. The successful men your age want younger women. You need to accept your dating value and make adjustments. Hint those older men are in your league.

I have never dated a woman my own chronological age let alone one my senior, and I do not see that happening in the future. I dated women my junior when I was younger because women my age were dating older men most of my female peers from my youth married older men. I have dated women who are at least five years my junior since I was in my mid-twenties. My one and only ex-wife is seven years my junior, and I married her in my thirties. I have almost nothing in common with women my age and older. My ex-wife and I were in our thirties when we became parents.

I was in my late thirties, so my children are at least a decade younger than most of my female peers. I have always looked younger than my chronological age. I hated it when I was younger, but I love it today. I am in my mid-fifties and can easily pass for being in my mid-forties. In fact, most people guess my age incorrectly. My oldest child will not start college until the fall. Why would I want to get involved with a woman who looks older than I do and whose children already have children of their own? We are at very different places in life. Matching is an exercise in assortative pairing i.

I enjoyed reading all the different perspectives here. I am in great health. I work too much because I have very little money- was divorced from a crazy husband 11 years ago who destroyed me financially- not that there was very much, but what little there was gone and he ran up debts behind my back that made the economics even worse. OK- have gone out with men and had some pretty serious relationships. I will be very blunt- I am not willing to deal with a lot of health and body issues of men over Sexually, it is not great most of the time- and that is not me not liking sex- just get tired of performance issues….

Also, health- long term health issues are from long term bad eating and living. It catches up. Like many women, I raised my children, ran a household and worked as much then as I do now. I am educated, I am a great cook and very funny- but I am 61, do not want marriage- but would love to have a great friend. At this point, I am about to throw in the towel. Hi Jackie. I hear you! I hope you are able to find a great companion to have fun with … and then go away. The wife wakes up, does not have the material things she thinks she deserves, and dumps the husband; looking for the young handsome plastic surgeon.

Her husband is a working man, not a drunk, not an abuser, but not making the money she thinks she deserves. Fast forward 10 months… the husband has adjusted to being a single father. He has no need a for a wife. He carries 3 disposable cell phones one for each woman he is dating. You never know when you will meet a crazy. The ex-wife on the other hand, has not met the plastic surgeon, she has tried internet dating, and is bitterly disappointed… The ex does not look that bad.

Her hand shakes, she makes the call and sheepishly asks if he wants to get back together? What do you think the response will be? Sounds pretty ridiculous- never heard of a woman trying to upgrade in midlife to a husband who makes more money? Odds of that are next to null. Over 55, still get winks, staying active, work hard and want to go home to my sanctuary of quiet and calm at the end of the day.

Now there are walls. I like the freedom but do sometimes miss the companionship. I wonder about aging alone. It is very much about having given and compromised and done for others most of my adult life. Party Dude that needs to exercise his viagra prescription? Men are set in their ways at this point in life, too… women are not alone in being empty nesters. I feel very guarded now about the potential for being lied to again… ugh. In spite of the disappointing experiences and heart breaks, I remain optimistic about finding a life partner.

What a dilemma, being single over 50! I like the security of my nest… it recharges my focus, drive and zest for living life but I love being social. Thanks so much for commenting LivNLife. I can understand not wanting to experience heartache again — being lied to is devastating — and yet accepting that we may face heartache again, and we will, is the only way we can ever experience love or any deep connection with another person again.


A loved one leaves. A loved one dies. A loved one experiences a major illness or disability and is not the same person. There are no guarantees. So, yes, that means we keep putting ourselves out there in the world and living, hopefully at this point, with more gratitude than expectations. At the same time, life in our 50s and older is full of loss — with so much more to come. I wish you the best! Women have health problems, just the same as men. I exercise 2 hours a day; running, x-country skiing, biking, and am in better health than many 35 year olds.

I had a few year relationship with a woman who was approaching Sounds like a case of pure stereotypes.

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And I have to add, being divorced is not a badge of honor. I view divorced women warily.

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Has to be a reason they are divorced, especially more than once, and I doubt very much that it was all his fault. It might not be men that are the problem; it might be you. Perhaps you would have relished being married to a husband with a computer game addiction, who refused to go out to work and was physically abusive to his wife on top of it, trying to strangle her several times. Unbelievably, this moron still managed to get married again — to a Russian mail-order bride who spoke very little English.

I assume her standards were low. Personally, I think men should marry each other. Liberal feminism has rotted most women in America today. The deadly toxic Liberal poison can easily been seen now days in America. American women are listed as the worst. There is also article after article about how bad American are.

Most American women, but not all. Blah blah blah. Now that he has run off with the secretary his ex will live in poverty after the alimony runs dry. This is why men like you have problems—you really hate women. All feminism is about is the right to be treated like a human being—not like a sex toy, an incubator, and a servant. Women can spot a woman-hater a mile away. To not be with a woman is not necessarily a default position but it is becoming a rational decision of choice. If equality is not achieved, then why do they piss and moan about alimony, paying for their little shit factories that a man may not have even fathered and have a court system that defaults to catering women over men?

I stayed in and retired. Getting on an elevator with a female can get you fired if she files a complaint. I always take the next car or have a 3rd person as witness. As a single professional woman who worked her way thru education and never had a penny handed to her, a man with poor decision making skills who chose someone to stay home and become vested in a pension plan from him is not attractive.

I have no desire to work to support her lifestyle of leisure while I will receive nothing from it after he pays for his ex and kids that he created. Your life is what you make of it, and your choices reflect your character. Choose well in dating, it affects all areas of your life. If you have baggage, accept others with similar baggage, you are matched.

If baggage free, choose another baggage free, you are also matched.

1 Chronicles , Serving and Seeking God

American women are the pits. Most of them are entitled princesses. Look at Latin women and eastern European women. They are much better. Haha, Eastern European women and Latin women. And Oriental women. Chinese women are apparently murderous, Russian women are hard, and South American women are somewhere in between, and have the worst command of English of the lot.

After reading this, I am so glad to be married to a man that is a good companion but barely tolerable as a husband. Not so great out there is it? Wonder if he feels the same way about you. At least it sounds like you appreciate some part of him. These comments range from disappointments from past experiences to fears that paralyzes us from moving forward. I am 56, petite reasonably attractive and look younger. I had divorced 29 yrs ago. And, according to one comment in this forum this would indicate there would be something wrong with me.

I have had a few long term relationships, one that we cohabitated together for 8 yrs. Been single for the last 8 yrs after we split up. My job requires me to travel a great deal. I do enjoy a relationship and all it holds for both involved. It is very hard to meet available men, married men are a dime a dozen who are eager to cheat. After reading many comments, it reminded me of why I had decided to end the last relationship…at this age unlike before marrying we wonder what our spouses would be as a parent…this no longer matters at this stage of life.

My determining factor was this: if he were to end up in a wheelchair, would I want to care for him and I could easily answer, yes. The flip side, if I were wheelchair bound, do I want him to take care of ME.. Open your hearts and your eyes, time is important but finding a compatible companion is worth the time that it takes. How you got where you are is not as important to the people you meet as much as what you learned from it…leave the sadness behind and move forward with optimism that can make you light up the room with confidence and not injured.

It feels really good and people will gravitate to you.. CAS I love your description of a loving relationship…so beautifully written. I believe that lowering the walls is the only way to true intimacy. Women who believe this are not only pathetic, they are going to be sorely disappointed. Now where do I find that guy? The relationship is strained because it is lopsided. Choices and preferences. Because I can love hard, enjoy a healthy sex life in a committed relationship. So why bother looking for love at my age? I think it is worth it for me for the simple reason that I prefer a sandwich with two slices of bread :.

Naive as all get-go. You will reach a point in your life when it is all an exercise in futility. Men age faster and die younger, and, once they hit 60, start suffering from a host of chronic illnesses. Most of them look horrible, many because they did physical labor for years, and this ages the body. That is simply fact. A single woman would be crazy to take this on. Women need to understand that their worth as people is not tied up to relationships to others, especially men.

Sorry but men age much better than women. Almost all the women I know over age 60 look like tired old hags. I am 62, in great shape, and only date women at least 10 years younger. Who wants a wrinkly old prune who sits on the couch all day when you can have a younger, hotter woman who actually still likes sex? Look at Steve Bannon, 64, and Brigitte Macron, 64 whose husband is 24 years younger. I rest my case …. Married my high school sweetheart. No regrets. I feel forever fortunate to have had the experience. Never strayed or looked elsewhere I had the greatest thing at home! Left her mom a paid-for house and cash in the bank.

Most had disaster stories of their prior lives wonder if I attract such…. Such was not for me. Until then, I just live life to the best of my ability. I liked being in love…it made the days of my life better. I know there are other people out there who feel the same. I wish us all good luck. God Bless.


I was married for 32 years, the last 3 years he was very sick. He passed away almost 3 years ago. I am now 58 years. While marriage was not always easy, as most human relationships are complicated, we loved each other well. The thought of going without an intimate relationship for the rest of my life makes me feel sad. But how to meet a man of my age..?.? I go to meet up groups and out with friends, I take care of myself, and enjoy life. It is not fair, we take care of ourselves then hormones go away and we are stuck with this new look. So how to go out there and still feel attractive?

This was a perfect article for how I am feeling today and I enjoyed the comments as well. Confidence is key in dating! I do understand completely! You of course, have to be selective and prudential in Your choices. Once, years ago, a friend of mine, was presented with a proposition, which He turned down. So here You are in Your Amber years. Confused and scared. Maybe You are not formally educated and are not suited for the job market. Or maybe, considerations for the future just were never seriously taken into account!

No formal education, no marketable skills, no ambition; Who knows? Security, security, security! What about My health care? My taxes? My osteoporosis and rheumatism. The little luxuries that make life worthwhile? Even Florida gets cold these days, and there are no subway grates to sleep on. What to do? And the supermarket is not hiring baggers any longer. What to do! Oh what to do!!! Glad I stumbled on to this forum.

It makes me realize just how lucky I presently am.