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George V. Cox, born at Oxford, is well known as a successful translator of hymns from the German. The 1st edition, pub. In the 2nd edition, , Hymns from the German , London, Rivingtons, the translations were increased to 56, those of being revised, and with additional notes. The 56 translations were composed of 27 from the 1st ed. The best known of her translations are "Jesus lives! Skip to main content. Home Page.

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Frances Elizabeth Cox. See More.

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Texts Tunes Hymnals. Suggestions or corrections? Contact us. A new heart, Lord, create in me.

All glory, worship, thanks, and praise. At length released from many woes.

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Cast every idol from its throne. Earth has nothing sweet or fair.

Sacred Hymns from the German () : Frances Elizabeth Cox :

Yet German hymns were nearly unknown in England until the middle of the nineteenth century, except for some that had been translated by John Wesley. Catherine Winkworth would come to be the most prolific translator, but others such as Frances Cox made their contribution. In , Cox published Sacred Hymns from the German , containing 49 translated hymns.

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  4. Sacred Hymns From the German Translated by Frances Elizabeth Cox?
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Her second volume, 23 years later, Hymns from the German , contained many of those 49 with an additional Julian's Dictionary of Hymnology says that there were a few other translations published in magazines that appeared in neither collection. It seems that everyone who ever translated a German hymn took a crack at Martin Luther's Ein feste burg.

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Two of Cox's translations we have already seen here: one for Easter and one of my favorite hymns , for All Saints' Day. This one is, I suspect, more widely known in various denominations. Sing praise to God who reigns above, The God of all creation, The God of power, the God of love, The God of our salvation; With healing balm my soul is filled, And every faithless murmur stilled: To God all praise and glory.

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What such almighty power hath made, God's gracious mercy keepeth; By morning glow or evening shade God's watchful eye ne'er sleepeth. The original stanza three was not included in the UM Hymnal :.

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An early 20th-century American hymn expresses a related idea, but is not as ambiguous. A 21st-century sensibility would see justice in terms of the needs of the hungry, the poor and the disadvantaged, and victims of racism, sexism and other issues—not in terms of predetermined societal structures. Thus, the words may be the same, but most likely the meaning of them is very different.