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I Still Remember the Twentieth Century

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(ebook) I Still Remember the Twentieth Century

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    Lidia Alura. When the Men Go Off to War. Victoria Lynn Kelly. Basketful of Butterflies. Willa van Gent. Would the State House remember the politicians who strutted through the Memorial Arch and pointed with pride — or viewed with alarm — the policies of the state and nation?

    Theodore Roosevelt was undoubtedly the first president in the century to visit Concord. There were of course visitors from other fields; the aviators ranged from Charles Lindbergh to Christa McAuliffe. What if one of the benches along the base lines at White Park could talk, the ones used for Sunset League baseball? Do they remember the day Babe Ruth came to town?

    Or do they prefer memories of the hundreds of young men who played without heraldry, doing their best to play a game they loved? What sad tales could the New Hampshire State Hospital tell of the sons and daughters of the state who were dropped off at the entrance, never to emerge? What medical epics of life saving could come from Memorial, Pillsbury, and finally Concord Hospital? If it could talk, what would it say about the political manipulations, about the efforts of the railroad executives to make a buck by exchanging this municipal forum for a shopping center?