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What did you see instead? Under which circumstances? Prometheus crashes because of permission denied. I was running v2. As a security improvement, we recently changed default user of our docker container to nobody.

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The volume you mount into the container must allow that user to read and write files in the data directory. Alternatively, you can change the user running the container.

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You either need to run your process as root in a privileged container or modify the file permissions on the host to be able to write to a hostPath volume. I got it working in this way.

Seems like the volume owner is root. Since there is no namespace mapping in docker, the folder created in host machine prom will be owned by root itself. The Dockerfile in master branch has added nobody as a default user. This thread has been automatically locked since there has not been any recent activity after it was closed.

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Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 36 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. New issue. They are not intended as a way for secrets to be separated out from the configuration files using the template file feature. Any secrets stored in template files could be exfiltrated by anyone able to configure receivers in the Alertmanager configuration file.

For example in large setups, each team might have an alertmanager configuration file fragment which they fully control, that are then combined into the full final configuration file. Any user with access to the Pushgateway HTTP endpoint can create, modify and delete the metrics contained within. Thus anyone with HTTP access to these exporters can make them send requests to arbitrary endpoints.

Security | Prometheus

Challenge-response authentication mechanisms such as TLS are not affected by this. If using a client-library-provided HTTP handler, it should not be possible for malicious requests that reach that handler to cause issues beyond those resulting from additional load and failed scrapes. Prometheus and its components do not provide any server-side authentication, authorization or encryption.

September 23, 2015 CERN DOOR Opens: The Unveiling of Prometheus

If you require this, it is recommended to use a reverse proxy. As administrative and mutating endpoints are intended to be accessed via simple tools such as cURL, there is no built in CSRF protection as that would break such use cases. Accordingly when using a reverse proxy, you may wish to block such paths to prevent CSRF.

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If you are composing PromQL queries that include input from untrusted users e. URL parameters to console templates, or something you built yourself who are not meant to be able to run arbitrary PromQL queries make sure any untrusted input is appropriately escaped to prevent injection attacks. For those using Grafana note that dashboard permissions are not data source permissions , so do not limit a user's ability to run arbitrary queries in proxy mode. Various Prometheus components support client-side authentication and encryption. In Prometheus, metadata retrieved from service discovery is not considered secret.

Install Prometheus Monitoring Using Docker

Throughout the Prometheus system, metrics are not considered secret. Fields containing secrets in configuration files marked explicitly as such in the documentation will not be exposed in logs or via the HTTP API. Secrets should not be placed in other configuration fields, as it is common for components to expose their configuration over their HTTP endpoint. Secrets from other sources used by dependencies e. There are some mitigations in place for excess load or expensive queries. It is more likely that a component will be accidentally taken out by a trusted user than by malicious action.

Prometheus Cluster Monitoring

It is recommended to monitor all components for failure, and to have them automatically restart on failure. This document considers vanilla binaries built from the stock source code. Information presented here does not apply if you modify Prometheus source code, or use Prometheus internals beyond the official client library APIs in your own code. The build pipeline for Prometheus runs on third-party providers to which many members of the Prometheus development team and the staff of those providers have access.