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If you show up to work in a suit and tie when you normally wear jeans and a blazer on a Friday, heads will turn and people will ask — forcing you to either talk before you are ready, or lie. If your normal look is business casual or casual , consider taking a change of clothes with you to wear after the interview — or stop at home for a quick change on your way to the office. All too often, a job search that is meant to be undercover is revealed through self-sabotage.

Stay focused on your work, and keep conflict at bay as much as you can. On the same note, don't use the company network or phone to look for a new job. Always assume that your employer is looking. Getting fired over inappropriate use of company resources won't help your search. This may sound obvious, but if you have been at your current company for a few years, it might seem natural to put down your boss's name as a reference.

If the potential employer makes the call before making you an offer, you run the risk of surprising your current manager before anything is finalized. Keep in mind that reference checks are meant to be the very last step in the job search — not a screening tool for recruiters and hiring managers. Protect your personal and professional network, and don't offer reference names until the end of the process. Most hiring managers and recruiters assume that your current employer does not know you're looking for a job while employed.

I recommend being clear and specific about your need for discretion. If you are keeping your cards close to your chest, and your recruiter is unwilling to honor that preference, pick another professional to help in your search.


One of the most challenging aspects of your situation is that you have a full-time job in addition to your search. How do you find the time to dedicate to the new opportunity while staying focused and productive at work? The key to looking for a job while employed is to plan ahead and get organized. Update your online profile and resume, and create a great cover letter layout, so that you are not starting from scratch when the search begins. Whether you use a personal organizer or an app, prioritize tasks, set deadlines, and keep an up-to-date calendar to avoid double booking your appointments.

Hope is not a strategy!

You already know how to network

Take deep breaths, and stay away from doing or saying anything rash just because you had a promising interview. You don't have a new job until you have received and accepted a job offer and have the signed paperwork. Anything you do or say until then must be carefully considered. In other words, searching for a job while employed requires you to tread lightly, be patient, and stay discreet.

That being said, sometimes a job search reveals that grass only looks greener on the other side. If you discover how much you enjoy your current job, there is nothing wrong with calling off the search and staying where you are. The interview process would not have been a waste, because you will have earned a newfound appreciation of your short commute, interesting assignments, or a good working relationship with your boss. No one wants a boring job , but boredom often sets in over time, regardless of what it is you do.

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Advice Professional Development Getting Promoted. How you can benefit from changing jobs every four years Wondering how long you should stay in a job? It is part of discrimination or you can not speak other languages. I have bills and rent to pay.

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It is very scary because it is an unknown environment whether you are going to be homeless. Alex Hiraldo on March 20, at pm. Landing a job these days are not promised. My resume is in top shape which employer pointed out but if its not one thing its another. Salaries are depressing or jobs are way too far. I have experience in two separate fields and I cannot get companies to bring me on board for some strange reason. I do calls, thank you letters, smiling on interviews, the whole nine yards.

And most importantly, rent has to be paid and you have no income. How scary….. Michael Huber on March 16, at am. How depressing, I wish I could say knowing that I am not alone made me feel better but for some reason I feel worse. I feel like a lot of posted jobs are already spoken for and the whole process is just for the appearance of fairness. I think the economy is a leveraged, debt based scam. We are all experiencing the consequences of globalization in real time having our standard of living obliterated. Sherry on March 10, at pm. I feel for all of you struggling like me for a job.

It is soo discouraging! I am 48 and boy has it been hard on me.

Job Networking Tips -

I know my age has so much to do with not getting hired and there is so much age descrimination then ever before. But oh well, that is just not the way it goes in this strange world! Doreen on January 28, at am. Finding this board has restored my faith in myself! I thought it was just me. I kept hearing all of this stuff about lowest unemployment and a great economy, and I have not been able to find a job since May!

I have never had such a difficult time finding even a simple customer service position. There is no such thing as entry-level anymore. Are you kidding me? The only position that has been offered was working as a caseworker with murderers and rapists in their homes without another person to go with me. There is a reason why cops work in pairs, folks! I go on the computer and I feel like I want to vomit. I had to move out of my apartment and my savings from a bad car accident settlement is nearly gone.

The market is saturated. Too many people without jobs so companies can get a highly-skilled worker with education and experience for butkiss because they have no other options, but to take it. Mike M on December 17, at am. I have to downsize my job prospects. Its been over a year now. Marie on January 07, at pm.

See a Problem?

I have a doctorate degree, but over No actual retirement in sight for me for many many years. Nikara on December 10, at am. Discrimination is real.

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The law should not allow employers to ask; age, gender, status, or ethnicity. Janet ML on November 29, at am. So you send s of CVs and tailored cover letters, to no avail. But temping as it was, where an agency looks actually looks! Join FlexJobs Today! Get Started Now. Get FREE weekly job postings, useful job search tips, and more!

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Subscribe to our weekly newsletter today! Katharine Bisset on June 12, at pm I have been unemployed for over 5 years with some volunteer work in between and my last temp care job was Missy on May 13, at pm I am 45 and having a hard time finding employment as well.

1. Update your LinkedIn profile.

Josette on April 30, at am Interesting article but so far off base. Dm on April 17, at pm Greetings! Dave R on April 17, at am Great comments Sue! Torrance Ray Benberry on April 16, at pm I know exactly how you feel. Sara Smith on March 23, at pm This is disheartening for me and everyone who is looking for work. Alex Hiraldo on March 20, at pm Landing a job these days are not promised. Michael Huber on March 16, at am How depressing, I wish I could say knowing that I am not alone made me feel better but for some reason I feel worse.

Sherry on March 10, at pm I feel for all of you struggling like me for a job. Doreen on January 28, at am Finding this board has restored my faith in myself!