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The car washer: A young middle-class girl joins her chauffeur to enjoy his "cares", as from the front and from behind leading to a climax. In the lounge: A volcanic red-haired girl just has to appear to transform respectable businessmen into sex maniacs. Parallel: By the swimming pool, two couples are engaged in sexual exchanges in parallel. Zwei von ihnen voegeln sich durch die Gegend oder spannen durch die Tuerschloesser der Gaeste. Derweil treibt es die Frau des einen hemmungslos mit den maennlichen Motelgaesten. Aber auch die weiblichen Gaeste kommen auch auf ihre Kosten.

Fette Rohre werden gelutscht und feuchte Spalten ausgeschleckt, und es wird gerammelt bis zum Umfallen Wonderworker treated everybody sex and beatings, constantly drinking vodka "from the throat. Lascia che in ufficio pensino loro a tutto Non te ne pentirai!!!! De la preparation du vol au debriefing a l?

A touching praise To human imagination, And the human ability To feel even the most surprising emotions. I lived my life with dignity, But the doctors said I was very, very sick. I had terminal tongue cancer. I saw the curtain falling, As we took our bows. I bow to you my audience, I hear your applause. The sound of your applause Accompanies me Where ever my soul goes.

I ran through you all In such a hurry. Her images were unusual, Shocking to some. Dancers Jeering and tormenting Other dancers. Dancers Throwing ripe tomatoes At each other. Instead of the bastinado, Lighters held on the soles Of other dancers. Her women wore scarlet lips, Her dancers were tormented with ballet: Adagio, flips and turns, Carried out rigorously.

That was Pina Bausch live. A high priestess, A courageous stage poet, Who threw constantly Challenges, With her mute, energetic Choreography. The poetess is gone. What remains are her images, Long after the dancers With their flailing hands, Have vanished into oblivion. A numbness lingers At the Tanztheater Wuppertal. Exit Pina Bausch At the age of On a hill in Kappel You feel free and elated. The cherry tree hangs With bloom on its sagging boughs. Ah, to look at trees in all their splendour, In this Black Forest idyll. The blue Schwarzwald range, Makes poetry out of the dying sun Around the house, Like an arena in the Himalayas.

The tulips in bright colours are everywhere, The lovely lilies are swaying, So are the gladiolas. As I walk along a mountain stream, I smell hyacinths. From the Himalayas to the Black Forest, What a long journey. The birds are coming home to roost. I discern the attentuated tone Of my little daughter Elena Playing on her violin. My feet take me home With tardy steps. I feel at peace With myself. They were then coloured in his own distinctive way. The Harvest in Provence in oil was first drawn with brown and graphite sticks. Vincent van Gogh was one of the most productive artists. He painted pictures and drawings and sketches on paper.

He decided to be an artist when he was 27 years old. Ernest Hemingway and van Gogh have one thing in common: both used a gun to end their lives. Van Gogh lived only 37 years. Paul Gachet, a neurologist with a penchant for art. Prior to that he had psychic disturbances and cut his ear, had himself treated at the hospital in Arles, and since moved to the psychiatric home at Saint Remy. He was influenced by the countryside environment. He felt a deep love for Nature and also nostalgia for his village.

But the University rejected his theological ambitions. After a crisis in the family his brother Theo recommended him to become an artist. Vincent van Gogh started learning to draw and paint the hard way as an autodidact. Good news for people who want to do it on their own. He loved to paint dark landscapes and farmers during their working hours. He got closer to a woman, who used to sew clothes and occasionally engaged in the oldest profession in the world. Her name was Sien but the relationship ended after one and a half years. Vincent van Gogh wanted to understand the contemporary art Impressionism, so he went to Paris in He started using brighter colours and the city and the countryside became his motifs: gardens, parks, fields, olive groves and yineyards.

The outcome was wonderful paintings daubed in yellows, blues, greens. He was on his way to discover his own artistic language. Van Gogh celebrated the uniqueness and glory of creation, and his deep bond with Nature are revealed in his outstanding works. And the green has a such s fine tone. Even though he had psychic problems, he painted pictures that were reassuring with warm colours that create joy and optimism, if not exhilaration in the eyes of the viewer, friend, art-lover, connoisseur.

The art historian Julius Meier-Graefe wrote his story of a seeker of God to help build a legend about Vincent van Gogh in It was the feelings and thoughts evoked by nature that an artist brings to the canvas. Van Gogh did it personally with strong colour lines and drawings, making his works of art an expression of his inner feelings and of nature that he adored. Satis Shroff is based in Freiburg poems, fiction, non-fiction and also writes on ecological, ethno-medical, culture-ethnological themes.

He describes himself as a mediator between western and eastern cultures and sees his future as a writer and poet. Since literature is one of the most important means of cross-cultural learning, he is dedicated to promoting and creating awareness for Creative Writing and transcultural togetherness in his writings, and in preserving an attitude of Miteinander in this world. Satis Shroff writes with intelligence, wit and grace.

His bicultural perspective makes his poems rich, full of awe and at the same time heartbreakingly sad. His true gift is to invent Nepalese metaphors and make them accessible to the West through his poetry. Pannetone with Mascapone, Champagne and Tiramisu. My friend Murat, The personification of Miteinander, Hands me a new novel, With his signature, Written despite the protests Of his family, Keeping late hours, To finish his Opus magnum, A story about the Allevite folk.

Frau Adolph, the pensioned lady, Glows like the sun: An infectious smile Over her tanned face. No botox, only dentures, And tells of her adventures in Italy, Latin-lover inbegriffen, And of her Sudanese seduction. An elderly lady, A friend with style And aesthetic intelligence. Home abroad, Abroad home. Peace Which passeth understanding. Johann Wolfgang Goethe, who was lifted to nobility as J.

The Goethes lived in a large, comfortable house in the Hirschgasse, now called Goethe Haus. He held the town of his birth in high esteem for it was the environment and intellectual background of his youthful development. The closest relationship of his youth was his sister Cornelia, who sadly enough died at the age of Asked about the influence of his parents on him, Goethe summed it this way:.

From father I have the stature, To lead an earnest life. From mother the good nature, And the joy of story-telling. Goethe was taught by house-teachers. After learning the old languages, he started learning French, English and Hebrew. Besides education in humanities and science, he was also taught religion, which was determined by the dominating explanatory issue of Lutherdom in Frankfurt. At the age of 16 Goethe was prepared for his academic studies.

His father wanted him to study law in Leipzig. This was a city known for its trade, commerce, rich people in a wealthy epoche, and was filled with the spirit of Rokoko. Although Leipzig made a lasting impression on Goethe, he found the lectures on law rather boring. Nevertheless, the town of Leipzig brought to Goethe his passion for Anna Katherina, the daughter of a man who owned an inn, where he used to eat lunch since It was his inner desire to put into poetry the themes that were burning within him.

In March Goethe arrived in Strassburg to complete his university studies in law. Like in Leipzig, Goethe found friends in Strassburg. One of the most important events was his meeting with Herder, who due to his eye-disease was obliged to stay in Strassburg for a couple of months. As a lawyer in the courtrooms he had to suffer a bit due to his strange way of putting proceedings to paper, and gradually he began to write farces and parodies about well-known authors of his times and railed upon his own friends, took interest in Alchemy experiments and sought out open-minded literary circles of Frankfurt and in his neighbourhood.

At 24 Goethe was already a well-known author of Germany. He experienced one of the most exciting and happiest times in his life. An episode from outside helped him to bear and make the separation from Lili possible. On November 7, Goethe came to Weimar, which was in those days a town with a population of Three years later he had the Chamber under him and became the highest financial administrator. Through his participation in the reading-evenings, redouts and other functions at the court and its high and snobbish society, the events became rather extravagant.

However, it was the serene, tempered lady-in-waiting Hofdame Charlotte von Stein, a cold beauty, who was unhappily married, who gained more influence on Goethe. From the first moment they met, she reminded Goethe of his sister Cornelia, and he felt drawn to her. A friendship of kindred souls began, which was a puzzle to Goethe himself. Moreover, many of his songs and poems were set to music by composers ranging from Mozart and Frederik Schubert to Othmar Schoeck Under the influence of Charlotte von Stein began a decisive change within Goethe.

Goethe became not only confident as an administrator but also improved the purity and quality of his verses. The more prosaic he became in his daily duties, the more he endeavoured to bring a sense of order and system in all what he did. And just before his Italian journey, he did extensive studies in the natural sciences.

His activities at the University of Jena brought him in intensive contact with comparative anatomy. Goethe showed the biological development of living beings almost years ahead of Charles Darwin. So he decided on the tenth year of his period in Weimar that he had to break up his service. After arranging his farewell from the state service and personal matters, he asked the Duke for a prolonged leave. He left abruptly, like in in Wetzlar and in Frankfurt, as though he was fleeing from something.

After a week-long ride in a coach he reached bella Italia. The first stop was in Rome, where Goethe stayed for four months. It had always been the middle point of his life to study the works of art history in Rome He went to the theatre and attended court cases, watched processions, took part in church festivals, and towards February even visited the Carnival in Rome. He expanded his knowledge of art history systematically. Goethe found it difficult to say adieu to Rome. The return to Germany was disappointing for Goethe and he felt isolated. Instead of the Weimar politicians and administrators, Goethe sought to fraternise with professors of the Weimar University.

He met Schiller often. Goethe found a new love: Christiane Vulpius, a handsome woman of lower rank who became his mistress, and with whom he had five children, but only one survived, his first son August, born in Goethe put his energy in the Weimar Court Theatre, founded in , and developed it within a few years to one of the most famous German stages. Out of the first meeting with Schiller developed an intensive exchange of thoughts in spoken word and writing that was of mutual benefit for both.

It was based on their common classicism and on their conviction of the central function of art in human affairs. On the other hand, Schiller brought back Goethe from his scientific studies to literature and poetic production. In Schiller stimulated Goethe to carry on with Faust and it preoccupied him for the next nine years.

Part One appeared in , Part Two in He tried to struggle against the uncertainty of time by concentrating and delving into his own work. Without the regular intellectual argumentation that the company of Schiller brought to Goethe, he felt politically isolated through his distance towards the anti-Napoleon attitude of the public and started living like a recluse. Goethe believed tristiane had saved his life from the French marauders. He married her a few days later.

Goethe met Napoeon at Erfurt and Weimar in The Bastille was stormed when Goethe was In he wrote the subtle and problematic novel: Die Wahlverwandschaften in which the interrelations of two couples are described. Besides working for the hat Chance. Soldiers who occupied b Science Institutes of the University, he also carried forth botanical studies. Since he was seldom out of Weimar, he opened his house for the world. It is interesting to note that among his many visitors were not many poets and writers but more Nature researchers and art historians, discoverers who travelled, educators and politicians.

The innermost circle around Goethe was his own family. In order to avoid the pompous celebration of his 82nd birthday, Goethe left Weimar in August for the last time. Goethe wrote his Faust almost a life long, and before him were writers who worked on the material. According to his own memories Goethe played with the thought of writing a Faust-drama even during his Strassburger student days.

Perhaps the most important aspect of tragedy of Goethe is that these twists and turns took place not only in the outside world but also in the soul of Doctor Faustus. Among his best works was Novelle, started thirty years ago. Goethe worked away at the last volume of Dichtung und Wahrheit and at Faust II which he finished before his death.

On March 22, at in the morning Goethe died at the age of 82, the last universal man and the most documented creative writer. Profound peace and fastness were to be seen in the eyes of his noble face. Music has left its cultural confines. You hear the strings of a sitar Mingling with big band sounds. Percussions from Africa Accompanying ragas from Nepal. A never-ending performance of musicians From all over the world.

A didgeridoo accompaning Japanese drums At the Zeltmusik festival. Tabla and tanpura Involved in a musical dialogue, With trumpet and saxaphone, Argentinian tango and Carribian salsa, Fiery Flamenco dancers swirling proudly With classical Bharta Natyam dancers, Mani Rimdu masked-dancers accompanied By a Tibetan monastery orchestra, Mingling with shrill Swiss piccolo flute tunes And masked drummers. Barbara church bells begin to chime. And in the distance, A view of the Black Forest, With whispering wind-rotors, And the trees in the vicinity, Full of birds Coming home to roost.

Once a small ballet dancer, Now a full grown woman: A choreographer, performer, Ballet and modern dancer, studio pianist. If this book creates sympathy and understanding of the Nepali psyche, culture, religion, living conditions and human problems in the Himalayan urban and rural environment in daily life, then it has achieved its goal. This book is about the Nepali people and the environment they live in, with characters and themes pertaining to the agrarian, soldier, teaching and other milieus.

This collection does not profess to represent Nepali literature as a whole, but lays emphasis on certain themes that crop up in the daily lives of the Nepalis. The Nepali world that the Nepali poets and writers describe and create is a different one, compared to the western one. It is true that modern technology and globalisation have reached Kathmandu Valley and the bigger towns of the Himalayan Kingdom, but the world outside Kathmandu Valley still remains rural and untouched by modernity.

The trekking tourism has been booming along the much-treaded trails but village-life has changed little. The traditional caste-system prevails. Nepal still has immense problems in the socio-cultural, religious, economic sectors. The rampant corruption in all sectors, with special emphasis in politics, commercial and economic sectors has shaken the beliefs of generations of Nepalis.

In Solokhumbu, known for its Everest-trekking route, maoists were killed by the police. According to some organisations at least , Nepalese have left their homes and another 1,8 million have sought refuge in other countries. As time has shown us in the past, there is no genuine cure for all the problems of this country. The incessant changes of governments and the rise of communism is irritating not only to the people within, but also the comity of aid-giving nations without.

This book cries to be written because there are hardly any books written by Nepali authors. The Nepalis are mostly statists in these visit-Nepal-scenarios published in New York, Paris, Munich and Sydney and they are described through western eyes. But there have been generations of thinking and writing Nepalis, who were either educated in old Benares Varanasi , in British Public Schools in Darjeeling and government schools and colleges in Nepal and India, who have written and published hundreds of books and magazines.

Nepali literature is also represented in the electronic media and there are quite a number of websites that give Nepali writers the opportunity to have their short-stories and poems published in the web. The likely readers are the increasing number of male and female trekking tourists, climbers seeking their own limits, peace and tranquillity, spiritual experience or a much-needed monologue in the rarefied heights of the Nepal Himalayas. The book has a glossary within the text information about the original Nepali authors from Nepal and the diaspora of Darjeeling.

Satis Shroff takes you to a graphic designer who makes unique dolls in the Black Forest and who has won many international gold and silver medals for her work. Collectors from all over the world have been appreciating her superb creations. She not only makes sketches of her living objects, but also creates replicas, does mould building, casting and baking. Even the clothes and accessoires are exceptional. And she only uses high-quality materials such as original French biscuit clay, precious silk and brocade fabrics. Her special mould-making technique allows unlimited possibilities for experimenting.

She lets it stay for twenty-four hours and stirs the mixture again till all the air-bubbles have disappeared. This porcelain mass is poured into the one-hole form. Depending on the size of the form, you have to wait for three to ten minutes and pour the content back. After that you wait for two hours. As long as the head is soft, you have to work on the throat. Roswitha was creating a doll in her own way, giving expression to t, till it almost had a life of its own.

The head had to be dried in a dry room. She had a table full of white heads, which needed to be extremely dried. After that the heads were put in an oven and heated to a temperature of degrees Centigrade. Now the doll gets its biscuit colour. Roswitha coloured the eyebrows and lips, then put them back in the oven. Then she applied the cheek-rouge and the eye-lashes, and put the head in the oven again.

Next comes the lead of the head, like a scalp and a genuine French hair wig. Roswith is a dedicated and busy Grandma, and a delight to talk with, and drives all the way from Gutenback to Freiburg to attend to her lovely grandchildren and bring them to a roll-skating club where they stage musicals on wheels, like the Starlight Express.

The old tradition of the dhami-jhakri in which the fate of a person can be influenced by appeasing the spirits is still intact in Nepal. For the spirits Geister , be they rough or fine in their manifestations, belong to the everyday lives of the tradition-conscious Nepalese and many other ethnic-peoples in the northern and southern hemispheres of this globe. It must be mentioned that in the 80, hamlets of Nepal, there are over , shamans and traditional healers, who have to some extent acquired the basics of modern medical treatment through the Health Ministry.

Disease and conformity: The traditional healers of Nepal are not only versed in the nature of illnesses caused by spirits, demons, male and female witches, Gods and Goddesses, but also diseases which are in conformity with epidemiological studies and results. The usual diseases that are mentioned by traditional healers are: diarrhoea, coughs, pneumonia, heart-maladies, abdominal pain, pain in the joints and other less specific symptoms like: headaches, body pain, nausea etc.

Other commonly mentioned diseases are: vomiting, worm-infections, pickles and boils, carbuncles, cases of goitre in the hills think of the Himalayan-salt ads in the west , different skin problems, tuberculosis, problems of the urinary tract and menstrual disorders and anomalies. In the past the shamans were not allowed to get rich through healing, and the codex and ethics of the healers in the Himalayas were strict. Today, the Nepalese shaman blesses a life-saving electrolyte solution for the treatment of diarrhoea and dysentery.

The shaman has become innovative in Nepal, and makes himself or herself socially useful by ritualising and selling anti-baby pills for a small financial commission. This way, he or she helps Family planning, which is supported by the government. The Nepalese government has raised the status of the shaman by bestowing an official title upon him: Practitioner of Traditional Medicine, with the condition that he or she take part in medical and hygiene courses.

Sociological view: The position of the shamans in the hamlets of Nepal is getting a certain amount of recognition and importance, because he or she gathers new experiences and acquires modern methods of healing, and in this way, the shaman uses a combination of traditional and modern medicine. From a sociological point of view, magico-religious healing plays a central and positive role. The magic and faith in the healing powers of the shaman helps to strengthen the group, tribe or caste by defining a common foe, and in identifying the evil, invisible spirit that has been causing illness.

Moreover, the healing ritual of the shaman late into the night helps to sublime difficult somatic Triebanspruche and to channel them in a socially acceptable and legal way, without being stigmatised in the society as being abnormal or an ill-person. When you boil down the matter between traditional and modern medicine, belief is in the eye of the beholder. The people in Nepal still have faith in the practitioners of traditional medicine, despite the danger of being stigmatised as being superstitious, anachronistic and backward. The government has found out that even though Health Post have been set up, the people living in the foothills of the Himalayas Mittelgebirge still prefer ritual therapies from their shamans.

The medically-trained traditional healers can reach millions of Nepalese through a well-developed strategy. Most of the Dhamis-Jhakris have shown that they are open to new skills in health, population and family-oriented basic knowledge. Moreover they were and are ready to give their acquired modern knowledge to their respective communities in their hamlets. Traditional complementary medicine has come to stay. It was there all the time in different continents, and is an expression of care, humane-treatment, softness Sanftemedizin , dignity, respect and empathy for the ill person.

Time is money. More patients means more money for the physician and the health insurance company. That leaves little time and hope for the hapless, impatient patient. The value of hope: The value of hope, which is an important resource in different cultures and among traditional healers, is lost in modern medicine.

What was Florence Nightingale doing with her candle-light in the bedsides and stretchers of her wounded soldiers in the Crimean War? Was she giving them antibiotics, anti-viral drugs? No, she was giving these forlorn souls a precious medicine named hope. But is traditional medicine entirely based on hope? Certainly not. So does modern medicine, which enjoys perfect packaging and marketing and ads through the media. Modern medicine is a science because its experiments can be reproduced, it is systematic and can adjust itself in combating new bacteria, viruses and other disease causing microbes.

But traditional or complementary medicine is also learning mew methods of treatment and hospital hygiene. Alone in Dr. Since there are more traditional healers than physicians and paramedical personell, the traditional healers are an important resource for the family planning and health organisations in Nepal. This study has revealed that the traditional healers play an important role. The traditional healers are always ready to visit their patients, even though it means walking through the better part of the day to treat the patients.

School medicine has to win the traditional healer as a resource and ally, and not as concurrence, for the common aim of traditional and modern medicine is to free the individual from his or her illness, and provide an efficient and honest cure. The wellness and recuperation of the patient should be the common goal and not rivalry. This target was fixed by the Nepalese government and the shamans are now treated with respect, asked for assistance and requested to take part in therapy-workshops and medical training projects. Such workshops were held in: Kanchanpur, Chandani municipality, Mahendranagar, Syangja and Ilam in the past.

The participating shamans learned how to motivate the people of their respective communities, family-planning and other health-promoting measures. Causality and logic: The shaman can differentiate the principle of causality and logical thinking and communication. The shaman manifests religion and the art of healing as a coexistence form, and is open for new healing methods if it helps the patient. And to this end, there are universities that are training therapists through the use of modern and traditional medicine by inviting and bringing together traditional healers and modern therapists, medical and nursing students and physicians.

Two German two universities in Heidelberg and Munich have established themselves in the service of traditional and modern medicine by offering workshops and seminars by bringing practitioners of Traditional and Modern Medicine together. It is a marriage between the two systems of medicine.

Das Prinzip der Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe hat eine emanzipatorische und eine restriktive Seite. Es unterstreicht die anthropologische Annahme, dass Menschen in der Lage sind, ihr Leben in eigener Bestimmung und Verantwortung zu gestalten. Selbsthilfegruppen in Nepal sind kulturspezifisch. Forstwirtschaftselbsthilfegruppen wie bana djane Waldarbeiter , ghas katne Grassschneider , pat tipne Futtersammler , und daura tipne Feuerholzsammler.

Soziokulturelle Selbsthilfegruppen wie guthi bei den Newars vom Katmandutal , rodi Kommunale Gruppe von den Gurungs und bheja kommunale Gemeinschaft. Manche Organisationen scheinen formell zu sein, aber strukturell sind sie informell. Manche sind kasten- bzw. Der Gesundheitssektor stellt einen Schwerpunktsektor der deutschen7 Entwicklungszusammenarbeit mit Nepal dar. But the NGOs are the creation of the donor agencies as an alternative mechanism.

They say your normal administrative channel never reaches the poor which the NGOs can do. So this is also an imposed idea. But the problem is: How do you coordinate projects and NGOs? Die meisten Geber konzentrieren ihre Gelder kaum auf die wirklichen Probleme. Forstwirschaftsselbsthilfegruppen: bana djane Waldarbeiter , ghas katne Grassschneider , pat tipne Futtersammler , daura tipne Feuerholzsammler. Soziokulturelle Selbsthilfegruppen: guthi bei den Newars vom Katmandutal , rodi Kommunale Gruppe von den Gurungs bheja kommunale Gemeinschaft.

Nepalese men and women work in the fields. They use the traditional bullocks and buffaloes that are seen in the villages of Southeast Asia. They dig the fields manually. The women work beside the men, with babies strapped to their backs. Long wooden hoes are being used to dig and break the soil, whole families pitching in to do the job. And far out in the distance, the all-seeing-eyes of the compassionate Swayambhu observes the land from the towers on which his eyes are painted. Behind the lions you see three colossal statues of the Buddha, serene and daubed in flaming red and gold.

All around you there are naked trees in poses of suspended animation. The ground crackles as you step on the fallen brown and russet leaves. Shrill bird cries ring through the air. It is roosting time, you say to yourself. The trees are silhouetted against the evening sky and the shadows are lengthening. Your eyes discern the prayers carved in the granite slabs as you ascend the seemingly endless stairs.

A bearded tourist and a bevy of girls giggle nearby, talking in French and eating peanuts. They pass some peanuts to the swarm of monkeys who are a regular feature of Swayambhu. The Rhesus monkeys are creeping, jumping, fooling and fighting with each other. The overhanging eaves of the stupa, gilded with gold, are loosely chained together. The wind blowing from across the silvery Himalayas makes them rustle. You are dumbfounded by the majestic temple.

You take a cue from them and go about spinning the copper prayer wheels that girdle the dome. Then you peer at the all-seeing-eyes painted on the four sides of the stupa and look where they look: at the myriad pale yellow, white, blue and crimson lights of the Kathmandu Valley below.

You feel that you have indeed reached the top of the world. It is chilly, and an icy gust of wind blows your hair. The clatter of the prayer-wheels is constant. The stony stairs are set at an extremely steep angle, but there are railings to help you up or down. A Tibetan, probably a Khampa from Eastern Tibet, mumbles his prayers as he comes down from the temple. He is wrapped in heavy mauve woollens. A shaggy Tibetan Apso, a tiny dog, like a Pekingese, with bells round his collar jingles past. You go on. A few paces up, a monkey stealthily passes by as though he were a big-game hunter.

You are again confronted by meditating Buddhas: the Dhyanibuddha Akshobya who rides an elephant and a lion, Ratnasambhava who rides a horse, Amitabha who rides the peacock and Amoghasiddhi who rides the heavenly bird garuda. The going is hard but the ascent is redeemed because of the breathtaking beauty of the place. More Rhesus monkeys dart around you. One of them takes a joy ride along the railings like a kid, skids off and vanishes.

You abruptly come across two statues of horses: short and stubby. The monkeys give you a quizzical stare. These are all part of the Buddhist pantheon. The monkeys are protected by law as is the yeti and have freedom there since over years. They live on the offerings brought by the Hindus and Buddhists, and peanuts and popcorn offered by the tourists. Your climb is over. The sky is dark, blue, and is fast changing into Prussian blue, and Venus has already appeared, but you have eyes only for the gigantic white dome and stupa of the Self-Existent One.

The stupa is of great sanctity for all Hindus and Buddhists. It is hemispherical and you are struck by its enormous size. The earliest inscription on Swayambhunath dates back to the year , but the stupa is thought to be much older. The ruling means the the current Kumari, nine-year-old Preeti Shakya, can be freed from a virtual ornate prison in the palace. The reform comes on the heels of the return to democracy and elimination of the Nepali Hindu monarchy.

The Kumari was used to reinforce the legitimacy of the year-old monarchy. The ruling could signal the beginning of the end of the tradition. Officials are livid at the ruling. Rajan Maharajan, the vice president of the committee that looks after the Kumari and her palace.

In any case, she is a goddess so how can court rulings apply? As the video shows below, however, the Kumari is not allowed to speak to anyone. While the Kumari is a living princess, she loses that status when she starts menstruating — then a new Kumari is selected. The tradition obviously repels many feminists and Westerners.

Kathmandu without its gay and colourful vegetable dealers and the holy cows, those constant characters, that have featured in almost all paintings, sketches, photographs and books on Nepal will soon be a thing of the past. The ecological minded mayor of Kathmandu rounded up 88 stray cows and has auctioned them outside Kathmandu Valley. The auction yielded 64, rupees to the Kathmandu municipality. The holy cows of Kathmandu have been declared as public nuisances and obstruction to the traffic in the city. During my summer holidays I happened to be in Kathmandu seeping in the symphony of colour, noise and sights of Kathmandu perched smack in the middle of Indrachowk.

The noise emitted by the haggling vendors and customers, the high pitched bells of the temples mingling with the honks of scooters, and the sound of bamboo flutes, and the occasional moo of a languidly straying cow who love the vegetable market. This was the sound that I had missed in Freiburg. The smell of burning sandalwood incense sticks, steaming momos, mangoes, gauvas and lotus, marigold and magnolias permeated the air. Add to this cacaphony the unruffled tourists and you get a picture of the pulsating life in this Himalayan bazaar. In the meantime, another cow, this time a white one with pink ears but hopelessly bent horns, tried to go through a bevy of giggling saffron-wrapped college girls.

The flying vegetable market in Kathmandu is a shanty affair with make-shift transitory shops because the policeman keeps on telling them to park their vegetables elsewhere. A steel-blue Ford cruised by noiselessly like a ghost of a battleship. The indigenous push-cart dubbed gurkha-jeep rumbled by, pushed by brawny Tamang porters. Nearby, a small Japoo-child in his birthday suit prodded a big brown cow with a puny stick. Right near where I was perched was a local Jyapoo Newari farmer selling yellow bananas. The bananas looked ripe and the Jyapoo looked prosperous. The good man was busy haggling with his customer: a fat, supercilious Rana lady, and that was when a cow appeared and started munching the bananas without as much as a moo.

Half a comb of bananas later, the Jyapoo finally saw the cool cow. What he did next was utterly remarkable. He performed what might be best described as a VTO. He took of from the ground like a British Harrier jet and then thundered at the calm cow. She galloped off like a horse.

Unfaithful - Official® Trailer [HD]

The frightened cow bolted like an unguided missile through the commuters, pedestrians and what-have-yous in the alleys of Kathmandu in its fright.