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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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This action was Session was called August 5, to decide on the only taken after conducting three official appraisals of relocation of the Conference office. The result of that the property, praying, watching, and being ready to meeting was spelled out in a three-fold action: negotiate a good and viable offer. Time went by, and only one serious offer came, but the negotiations failed. VOTED to relocate the Conference office as Then, by the end of a feasible offer for a portion recommended by the Board of Directors: of the land was accepted an answer to prayer and the initial seed money finally became a reality.

Yes, - located in the Abbotsford area we kept the best part of the property and received top - user-friendly location value for the portion that was sold. This provided us - must be revenue-neutral the opportunity to start placing some money aside and pursuing more earnestly option 6 described above.

The Constituency saw the wisdom in keeping the office in the Abbotsford area: close to the majority of During this process, two different builders were invited the Conference membership Vancouver and Fraser to give us their opinions regarding our current office Valley regions , proximity to the USA border, near major building.

Both discouraged us to seriously consider the airports, the existence of an Adventist K school, etc. This However, the lack of available funds for such a project would be too costly, and at the end, it would not offer us has prevented the realization of the action above. Again, front part of our land corner of McCallum and King , asafter much prayer and hard work, we found ourselves required by the new zoning.

In the meantime, we have done only duration of the new office construction - we will not havethe essential maintenance of the current building. We to pay rent elsewhere. It will provide privacy for our company to help us through this project. We will keepworkers, and with the updated technology, keep the work our Constituency informed as the plans develop andmoving efficiently with the use of energy and natural once we have the final details.

However, after 21 yearsresources. The office will be built in the Wesley Torres 5 President.

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What about your local church? How we handle that mission is set up in many ways. Eachchurch and the BC Conference has filed for and operates as a charitable entity. This allows donations to be givenfor the purpose of the stated mission, and allows receipts to be issued by the charitable entity, thus providing atax benefit to the donor. The organization operates as a non-profit entity in that there can be no funds taken out ofthe organization.

If the charitable organization ceases to function, any funds in the bank would be turned over toCanada Revenue Agency. CRA requires each charitable organization to file a report annually. Each church, school,and the BC Conference file a report called a T which organizes the operations of the charity into categories. Our charitable purpose is included in the report and can only include small changes. If we would like to make largerchanges, we must send that request for change to CRA for approval.

Second, we operate under the laws of the Province of British Columbia. This gives us status to own property andconduct our charitable business which includes being able to sign contracts.

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We are considered the employer whohandles the taxes and benefits for both the organization and the employees. The Seventh-day Adventist Church British Columbia Conference is the organization that the province recognizes for lawsuits or deficiencies. The Conference does not want to cause the churches, schools, employees, and volunteers any hardship but theSeventh-day Adventist Church British Columbia Conference is the organization that is responsible to the government.

We are here to educate and maintain status with regards to Federal and Provincial regulations and laws. We need tohandle all aspects of running charities — churches, schools, and the BC Conference - under the laws ofthe land. The goal of the BC Conference is to promote, educate, and train leaders for churches to fulfilltheir mission in their local community while abiding by the laws of the land. REACH is not only an action word that characterizes the mission of our church, itis an acronym whose five letters represent our core values. They are: 1. Revival and Transformation, which is aboutour relationship with God.

Education for Discipleship, which is about growing strong in Christ. Alignmentwithin the Church, which is about collaboration. Community Outreach and Evangelism, which is about witness. Healthy Leadership and Management, which is about effective organization. The BOD voted four priorities for this quinquennium ending August, that come out of the five core values:Spirituality, Mission-focus, Equipping and Youth.

In the first quarter of , we welcomed 37 more people to our church family through baptism, and 13 morethrough profession of faith. A big welcome to the 50 newmembers of our family! Here are some of the latest actions voted by the BOD: 1. Our West Coast Adventist School continues to be our online school for our churches who are in isolation. The BC Conference is well on its way toward meeting the goal set by the BC Conference General Meeting also known as the Constituency Meeting to build a new conference office building that would remain in the Abbotsford area and be revenue- neutral.

Revenue-neutral means that the building cannot be funded out of the BC Conference budget, nor can it put us in debt. The plan is to build the new conference office on the Ern Brakefront of the current parking lot on the corner of King Vice President forStreet and McCallum Road, to be completed withinthree years. May God bless thosepastors and their families richly as they make thisministry transition.

But we are happyto announce that Jeff will stay on as the AssociateTreasurer of the BC Conference and auditor forthe schools. This transition will be made upon theinstallation of a new conference treasurer. We praise the Lord for the excellent financialsituation of the Conference and for the generosity ofthe members. In there was a record-breaking8.

For comparison sake, there wasa 4. When Ellen White gave direction to her husband to start a small paper, it must have seemed an insurmountable task to reach the whole world. Now, in , I marvel at the wonderful thing God has wrought for this church in the form of this giant printing facility. One of my missions as manager is to educate and equip each member so we can most effectively do our part to keep up with that press. I pray that we are faithful to this cause and equipped with truth-filled literature that we can share, preparing the world for the harvest.

A pressman had entered the David Haluskaroom from the factory at Pacific Press, and upon crackingthe door, the decibel level had nearly tripled. Webpresses are both fascinating and noisy! While there, I saw first-hand the production facility. Wewatched as a spool of paper the weight of a small carwas being pulled into the press at nearly 70 kilometersper hour.

The paper spun through the various rollersreceiving 4 colours one-at-a-time, then getting sliced,folded, glued and trimmed. Finished magazines flowedout in a blur. The process is amazingly fast, and theprecision incredible. Cost10 for 2. If you told me a year ago that being a P. Thishas developed and evolved into what students here atCariboo Adventist Academy have come to call their veryown fit club. The process was simple: implement more fitness-based physical education allowing students theopportunity to experiment with and participate in avariety of different sports.

In the beginning, I designedcircuits that had students rotating through one-minutestations, completing as many repetitions of the variouscalisthenics as they could in the time limit. Studentsparticipated in the circuit training twice a week and wetracked our results. Because we are a small school, we needed to be creativein how to use the equipment that we already owned:gymnastics mats, stackable boxes, exercise bands, andbenches. As students became invested, students wouldalso bring exercise equipment from home. Almost immediately, the environment felt different.

Wewere united and anyone, regardless of fitness level orexperience, was participating. Students could be seenworking out at different stations in small groups whilemusic played, while the large scoreboard in the centerof the gym counted down the seconds remaining untileveryone moved to their next station. Students wereexcited to learn the exercises and add in new ones. These circuits were training wheels to prepareFitting Inthe students for the next step.

Students were then challenged to design their own exercise plans incorporating both the exercises practiced inclass and those discovered through their own research. Instead of simply participating in timed stations, the studentscame to class, collected the equipment they needed, and began their workout. This student-owned experience wasalways the goal, but they exceeded even my own expectations. Today if you walk into the gym, you will see classmates working out together, encouraging each other, and gainingconfidence in owning their exercise regiments.

We have even developed school-certified student personal trainers who now work with others to help them achieve their fitness goals. Reflecting on the program, I am proud of the ownership these students have taken. Some people may say it was their desire to get fit that made it work; however, I do not believe that is the case. Instead, the opportunity to put school and life aside and workout for forty minutes with their friends and community—is really why it worked out.

Our focus was two-fold: loving people and preparing them to meet Jesus. The focus was to love four groups of people: family, church members, friends and people in the community. We were not trying to make Adventists out of them, just love them. The second part was evening seminars on how to get a Bible Study and how to give a Bible Study.

This series is based on a question with a Bible text and space to write down your answer. Nathan attended the meetings in hope that God woulduse him for the building up of the body of Christ. Hehad grown pounds of potatoes and has soldmost of them on Kijiji. Nathan delivered the potatoesright away. Two weeks later, during our week of prayer,Nathan called the man again and asked if he wasalright and could he use more potatoes.

He respondedyes, and Nathan said that he would deliver them thenext morning on his way to church. The man than told Nathan thathe has a friend who is an Adventist whom he reallyliked. I have a series of Bible studies that will answer a lotof questions you have. May I bring them by? Nathan waspraising God, during the Sabbath morning service,as he shared how God was using him to build HisKingdom.

Tom Glatts 15Ministerial Director. Rule of ThreeSeveral years ago I was taking a course, and in it, striking resemblance to Stewardship and Plannedthere was a component on wilderness survival. As Giving. Without this, we areto help you overcome a critical survival situation: at a full stop. The air, shelter, water and food could resemble different giving methods.

If I am able to surviveFirst 3 Minutes — Air for three months, I should be able to do so indefinitely. First 3 Hours — Shelter If I am faithful with my tithe, support my local church,First 3 Days — Water conference and world missions, why would my givingFirst 3 Weeks — Food practices change in my legacy planning? First 3 Months — If you can do if for 3 months, Camp Meeting is just around the corner. All year we look forward to being ableThe rule of three may be a useful mnemonic to help to spend time with you and better understand thoseprioritize a plan in a survival situation, but it has a areas of ministry that have impacted your life, and that you want to continue the support to ensure their sustained viability for years to come.

If your local church could benefit from a weekend seminar on personal finance, stewardship or estate planning, please have your pastor contact the Planned Giving Department and I would enjoy visiting with you at your church. My goal for is to visit at least 8 districts in the British Columbia Conference. Presently I am only scheduled in 4 churches.

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Help me achieve my goal. I ask that you encourage those younger members in your church to not delay when it comes to preparing a Will and other Estate Planning documents. This is a free service that we offer to all our members in the British Columbia Conference. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead. I have been waiting my whole life for something likethis to be offered, not only to the First Nations butto the constituents. The opportunity for growth andreconciliation is there, and I was blessed to be part ofthis little miracle.

As an Indigenous woman, it was nice to be able tosee how God has been with us always, even beforecolonialization. We looked at the similarities betweenmy traditional beliefs and the Bible. It was amazingto find that what I practice traditionally is there; the 7Grandfathers and what is know as the Fruits of the Spiritare the same. We had 17 participants, most of which were notIndigenous, but who are Indigenous Allies. We grewtogether as children of Creator and walked away withnot only a much greater understanding of First Nationsculture but with information and practical skills forreaching out to our First Nations.

Next session will be in the fall and your participation isrequired, as it is our Great Commission, that we mayhasten His return. Submitted by Pamela Abraham MaranathaIt was a very exciting time. We had neverhosted this many volunteers in their three previousvisits. Plans started being laid in the fall of Questions, questions, questions. Who would becoming? This gel is the first and only FDA-approved topical formulation of mechlorethamine, which is commonly known as nitrogen mustard.

The gel is applied topically once a day and dries on the skin. The finding speaks to the importance of doing randomized trials - not only to compare efficacy but to understand risks. It may be that something in this setting CLL, older patients that increases the risk. So the risks may also depend on the class of drug in respect to how unexpected the side effects can be when used in a new setting.

PAL's new web-based support message board:. Standard Incidence ratio SIR : "The expected number is calculated by multiplying each age-specific cancer incidence rate of the reference population by each age-specific population of the community in question and then adding up the results. If the observed number of cancer cases equals the expected number, the SIR is 1. If more cases are observed than expected, the SIR is greater than 1. If fewer cases are observed than expected, the SIR is less than 1. You stay out of the garbage!

While developing targeted treatments is generally the province of drug and biotech companies, discovery of the target has often been in federal laboratories or with federal dollars, Dr. Schilsky noted. The report also recommends more support for clinical trials in general and the NCI-sponsored cooperative groups, now consolidated into the National Clinical Trials Network, in particular. It notes that long-planned trials have not been able to open for patient enrollment and that as a result, the number of patients taking part in clinical trials has dropped from a high of more than 29, a year in to 20, in The AstraZeneca Foundation announced Wednesday that its assistance programs are now open to all Medicare beneficiaries who meet financial and eligibility criteria.

The programs had previously been closed to Medicare beneficiaries who had enrolled in a Part D prescription drug plan. Both companies had previously stated that all Medicare beneficiaries would be ineligible for the programs.

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This study will evaluate different doses of the study drug with standard R-CHOP and also a new version of the Rituxan antibody called Obinutuzumab. Encouraging that pd-1 antibody was noted as a possible advance - as I wasn't sure if I was overestimating the significance of the recent report by Leo Gordon's group on pd1 consolidation after transplant. No mention of CART Added to radiotherapy and CT safety topics. His algorithm for patients with less than a complete remission or a relapse after autologous transplant is treatment with brentuximab.

Those achieving a CR in his practice continue on observation, he said. But if you could substitute MRD as a surrogate for progression-free or overall survival you could shorten clinical trials, test the promising new drugs more quickly, and then if they are effective, bring them to the patient in a reasonable time frame. How to Navigate a Cancer Diagnosis. No more chemo: Docs say it's not so far-fetched. Climbing Mountains Essay that explores "one of the toughest questions of life.

How long do you continue to fight, when death is certain? What makes struggle worth the pain; when is it time to yield? You've heard about the "asparagus cure", laetrile.. Sex and Cancer -- Breaking the Taboo. Antibiotic therapy in non-gastrointestinal MALT lymphoma: a review of the literature. KevinMD: Genomics and personalized medicine: Is it really different this time? KevinMD: The medicine that kept her alive was not in a bottle end of life issues. Lets hope it keeps getting better and better! PubMed: Improvements in observed and relative survival in follicular grade lymphoma over four decades: the Stanford University experience.

Sunrise Rounds: Cancer Office Gossip. Without the randomized design and the comparator Sharman: How expensive are new drugs? Conditioning regimens for allotransplants for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: myeloablative or reduced intensity? OncLive: Dr. A good read- even if your battle is not with CLL. ASH Education, Is there a role for "watch and wait" in follicular lymphoma in the rituximab era? KevinMD: Are you a thrifty patient? Helicobacter pylori eradication therapy is effective in the treatment of early-stage H pylori-positive gastric diffuse large B-cell lymphomas.. Find published articles on Fertility and Hodgkin lymphoma ncbi.

Insect bite-like reaction associated with mantle cell lymphoma: a report of two cases and review of the literature.

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Science fact or science fiction? KevinMD: How well does your doctor play with others? Rather than staring at my bald head, passers-by stop to play with Oscar and to tell me how cute he is. The other tenants in my building now say hello to my dog before greeting me. NYT: Needles or Port? Oncology Report: Is Anyone Listening? How has it been for you? Indeed, only one person has to look at herself every day, fight cancer, and fight to remain true to who she is despite it. It was my patient in front of me, and she did not want PLD. In essence, she did not want to take the risk that her cancer would mean giving up yet one more passion.

Mayo: Melanoma Up to 2. Respectful Insolence: Can we finally just say that acupuncture is nothing more than an elaborate placebo? Can we? ScienceDaily Aug. Benefit: Improved image quality and less radiation. It was enough to have cancer; did I also have to share my experience with a group of strangers? It felt like extra homework". Patients cannot really make informed decisions about everything. We have a professional responsibility to provide our opinions and "argue" with patients about their health care decisions.

Do we need to stop visiting so you can rest? The Telegraph: Green tea extract 'eradicates cancer tumours - piggy-backing the extract on proteins that carry iron molecules. UNC: B cell survival holds key to chronic graft vs. Bone Marrow Transplant. A cautionary tale for probiotic use in hematopoietic SCT patients-Lactobacillus acidophilus sepsis in a patient with mantle cell lymphoma undergoing hematopoietic SCT. What if the Doctor Is Wrong? The net is becoming a critical resource, and health information is near the top of the list.

It is difficult, however, to create and maintain accurate resources of health information. The topics are complex and the information is constantly changing. In my experience the more controversial the topic also the more misinformation there is out there clogging up Google searches. Regarding "Always seek out the counter opinion for anything that seems controversial" I learned this lesson the hard way. It took a few mistakes for it to sink in! We need better treatments for this type of lymphoma-- hopefully this will help lead to them! Respectful Insolence: New cancer drugs: Fitter, happier, more productive?

Or not? NBC news: Life-threatening illness: To tell or not to tell? Family Life Cancer. MSN: Consulting Dr. Google is rarely a good idea. B-R vs. Exercise report It was all over the news last week that "exercise doesn't help depression. Cancer Research UK: Ginseng for cancer fatigue? KevinMD: Can you handle being the first to know your own test results?

The drug blocks a protein called Bruton's tyrosine kinase BTK that's part of the B-cell-receptor signaling pathway. Trials: Ibrutinib. FL Blood: "mini" allogeneic transplantation with or without Zevalin is potentially curative for relapsed follicular lymphoma: year results. MCL - Vose: Update on diagnosis, risk-stratification, and clinical management. Best Pract Res Clin Haematol, Should double cord blood transplants be the preferred choice when a sibling donor is unavailable?

Mismatch at two antigens actually improves the risk of relapse for umbilical cord blood transplant recipients with relatively low risk of severe acute or chronic graft vs host disease.

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However, umbilical cord blood transplant is associated with an inferior neutrophil recovery rate when compared to other stem cell sources. Communications - KevinMD: How to discuss online health information with your physician. KevinMD: How to discuss online health information with your physician. Viral link - Science News: Tracking the viral link to lymphoma: Epstein-Barr has genes that can either suppress or promote blood cancer.

USA Today: Googling bad for your health? Docs debate online health forums. Fertility - Live Science - Helping young cancer patients protect their fertility. Comment: An excellent debate on the question. However, my memory of the audience vote was not the same as that reported by Oncology Times, so I wrote one of the speakers and the Chair of the event. Each confirmed that Oncology Times got the voting part wrong. Statistics - CancerGuide: Survival Curves. Tunis, MD, MSc. Communications - KevinMD: Doctors need to be better trained to deliver bad news.

It's because in the end, they do not apply at an individual level. Try Meditating-Mindfulness meditation can ease stress during treatment. Curfman, M. Abel, B. Landers, J. Snips: "If the Court determines that review is appropriate, it will next consider whether Congress has the authority to require most U. Aggressive NHL: Leukemia : oral mTOR inhibitor everolimus in relapsed aggressive lymphoma including transformed Comment: It's anticipated that such agents will be most effective as part of combination therapy.

T-cell - Rev. Rituxan - Rheumatology: Non-infectious pulmonary toxicity of rituximab: a systematic review A very rare side effect-- But, highlights the importance of telling your doc about any respiratory symptoms. We know many who might no longer be with us had they not had a transplant.

Hopefully, with more research, ways will be found to reduce these risks or, at least, ways to improve follow-up care. Sonali M. Respectful Insolence: Fighting the "acid" of negative e motions? Supplements - KevinMD: Unregulated supplements is a tragedy in waiting. Elderly - Best Practice and Research in Clinical Haematology: Therapeutic strategies in elderly and very elderly patients. WM - YouTube: Dr. Tumor Biology - USA Today: Scientists are reporting what could be very bad news for efforts to customize cancer treatment based on each person's genes.

Is it reputable? FL - Blood: Ofatumumab monotherapy in rituximab-refractory follicular lymphoma: results from a multicenter study. Short of expectations. MALT - Gut: Long-term clinical outcome of gastric MALT lymphoma after eradication of Helicobacter pylori: a multicentre cohort follow-up study of patients in Japan "The excellent long-term outcome of gastric MALT lymphoma after H pylori eradication was confirmed by this large-scale follow-up study.

Pregnancy - Weill-Cornell: Lymphoma in Pregnancy. D, LMHC, is a medical psychotherapist, she felt incredibly unprepared for her role and found little direction for navigating the many stresses and challenges of being a caregiver. CLL - OncLive: New Model Helps Guide Treatment Options in CLL "While the watch-and-wait method is frequently employed in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia CLL , there are a number of prognostic factors that can help identify those at a high risk for disease progression who may benefit from early intervention.

The drug was generally well tolerated across the patient population. Fertility - Weill Cornell: Fertility and Lymphoma. Encouragingly, there have been several new therapies emerging with activity in PTCLs and exciting novel combinations under consideration that will hopefully move the field forward and improve outcome in this challenging group of diseases. Evidence - Respectful Insolence: Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski strikes again. Evidence - Science Based Medicine: Dr. Oz revisited "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed.

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Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. Ready for printing. If RT of microscopically uninvolved area is necessary, a reduction in the radiation dose should be carefully weighed against the risk of in-field recurrences. Hodgkin - Haematologica: Immunohistochemical markers for tumor associated macrophages and survival in advanced classical Hodgkin lymphoma.

Pixantrone - Medscape: Pixantrone Progresses Toward Approval in the European Union "We are encouraged by the progression-free survival noted in the PIX study and the opportunity this agent provides in treating this difficult-to-treat group of patients," Dr. Coiffier said. Transformation - BJH: Incidence, risk factors and outcome of histological transformation in follicular lymphoma. CLL - CancerConnect. Nutrition - Medical News Today: How much do nutritional interventions help malnourished cancer patients? It builds on the gold-standard which already exists for transplants and could be easily incorporated into the current framework transplant centers use when trying to find the best match.

In some cases, participants may be asked by their physician to provide additional samples. FL Video - Dr. Keeping the public well informed is essential to our mission of protecting consumers. Top State of Connecticut Insurance Department. Industry Insurance companies, agents, brokers, bail bondsmen and other industry professionals can find the resources they need on licensing, financial exams, reporting requirements and other regulatory requirements to do business in Connecticut. Commissioner Andrew N.