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The Forgotten Ones. My Own Way. Reach A Little Longer.

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All Angels Gone

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Request explanation. Instead of descending into fear and doubt, which can move you down in the vibrational elevator for a time—so you go down a bit before you go back up—trust that you are on a beautiful journey. Take this time to go deeper to do energy healing and embrace your spiritual practice.

Allen & Lande - Master Of Sorrow - With Lyrics

This is also a time where you can set the intention to let go of toxicity in whatever way it has been showing up for you. When the doors open and you step off onto a new level, you will be greeted by your angels, new guides, and both old and new friends that resonate with your higher vibration.

If you need support, you only need to ask. We often try to control the how, but it is about letting go of how angels reach out to you. Know that how you receive messages may also be evolving as you change. For example, if you notice angel numbers, such as , frequently in license plates, this may change.

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Numbers are a wonderful way to connect. But angels may also be reaching out to you in a different medium. They will also encourage you to use your psychic pathways as they open. So if your clairvoyance is developing, for example, they may send you messages clairvoyantly in the forums of pictures and symbols to encourage your growth.

Where Have the Angels Gone Lyrics

This may require more expansivity and trust on your part. If you specify and request angelic help, know that it is always forthcoming. Angels never judge or refuse to help.

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  • All Angels Gone;

However, if you find yourself not receiving an answer to a question in the usual methods, know that no answer IS an answer. If you are unsure, get a confirmation and check in with an angel practitioner or at an angel circle to get support. Sometimes our impatience for answers may also be misleading.

Ask yourself if you are trying to force a certain outcome in a given situation? If so, take steps to get clear through meditation or your spiritual practice so you can move back into receptivity. Know that sometimes, it is important to be with a situation in order to glean and integrate the truth and that may require time to process and receive. That may take time and angels may step back to allow you to reach your own conclusions.

The angels call it divine time. If you do find yourself on the elevator of transition in times of completion give yourself permission to feel, to trust, and to become. It is normal to feel uncertain. I love to call on the Butterfly Maiden, a lovely fairy angel, to wrap her wings around myself and loved ones in transition. To connect with the Butterfly Maiden is to connect to your inner beauty and the highest possibility in any situation.

Please help me to trust and have confidence that I am experiencing a sense of disconnection because I am on a path of transformation.