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OR go ahead and bake the pinwheels now uncovered at degrees F for 25 minutes until golden and browned. The inside is soft, gooey, and cheesy. The outside is browned and crispy. Every bite is out of this world!! Whatever you do, make these hot ham roll ups ASAP! Tags: cheese , Ham.

Pan Pizza Selber Machen (Rezept) -- Pizza Hut Pan Pizza (Recipe) -- [ENG SUBS]

If you enjoyed this post, follow us day-to-day on Instagram kevinandamanda! Tag your recipes and travels with kevinandamanda. We'd love to see what you're sharing! These look amazing! Do they get soggy like the Hawaiian roll version? I want to make them for a potluck, but I do not want to have soggy dough. This looks great! Would turkey or smoked salmon be a good substitute? At 25 minutes, rolls were not done. I increased the temperature to and baked them for 25 min. Be sure to grease the pan well-They really stick to the pan. My husband and all of our friends absolutely love these, and so do I!

Just wanted to thank you for bringing these into our lives! Thanks for the recipe! I should have just made them and cooked them right away. Can you make them and freeze them? Want to make them for my children for Christmas so they can have them when they want. Thanks for sharing! Very easy to make and my picky eaters loved it. Side not, we are Boston Terrier family also.

Thanks for sharing. Just tried these for the first time and they are absolutely amazing. Something quick for then children to have as a snack. Thank you! I made these for a pot luck lunch at work they are a hit! I bought crescent rolls instead of pizza dough by mistake. Too much butter! The baked rolls were literally sitting in butter! So, I? Then, scrambled 12 eggs, added 1 cup milk and grinds of pepper.

Covered the pan with stretch wrap and refrigerated overnight. What a great breakfast served with fresh fruit. I make these all the time for parties and people devour them and always ask for the recipe! Very easy to make and you can easily prepare ahead! Wonderful recipe! These are yummy! Have made them for a couple of parties and everyone loved them. Perfect for football season as a snack! I love making these!!! They were my favorite thing my friend made me after having my son!

I was wondering if you think that they would be able to be frozen for a freezer meal? This recipe looks awesome! I am wondering though, do you think that this would be good using honey mustard, instead of the dijon mustard? Can u put the glaze on the rollups the night before and leave them in the fridge? Since the first day Ive seen this recipe, Im counting the days to make it! I have two questions and will be glad if you answer. Which one is better? These are wonderful and so easy to make. I serve them with soft scrambled eggs and Mimosas.

Always a hit! I leave out the sugar, just prefer it without the sweetness! WAs a guest for lunch and had these. They are great. How do you think they would be if I eliminated the brown sugar in the glaze. Planning on making for a diabetic. With poppy seeds being so tiny they can be painful for someone when they slip under their dentures ;.

I am looking for something for a family reunion hospitality room at the hotel. Do you think I could bake these at home and heat up in the microwave oven as I will not have the availability to an oven or not even a toaster oven. Does anyone think this method would work? I will have other items and only about 40 people the first night. I could maybe make them smaller or cut them I need half. And big thanks for having a usable site without crazy ad pop-ups! Hi, Do you know about an alternative for another glaze? Many thanks, Kai. These were amazing!! Just made them exactly as per the recipe.

I did bake for 20 alone first, then added glaze last 7 minutes. Thank you for another great recipe Amanda!! This recipe looks delicious! Could these be made and then put in the freezer for a later date to cook in the oven? The rolls were swimming in the glaze and when they cooled, the butter solidified! It was not a pretty picture!

I hope then they will turn out great! I am making these right now!!! I have a sneaking hunch that this will be asked for over and over! My husband ate like 5 of them before I made him stop. I will definitely keep this on file for future parties, potlucks, etc. The best part was how quick and easy it was — I doubled the recipe and was done in about 10 minutes. I made a few adjustments, which are below along with my thoughts, which can hopefully help others checking this recipe out! I did not have poppy seeds, so I substituted whole grain mustard I still used Dijon. As I was cooking lots of things for a crowd and did not want to dirty an extra pot, I melted all of the glaze ingredients in the microwave in a glass measuring cup, gave it a whisk and it turned out great.

I doubled the recipe in full, but had way too much glaze, I probably could have done 1. I baked this on a foil lined sheet pan since I doubled the recipe, and baked for longer than directed so the glaze caramelized a bit. Caramelizing was great, foil was a big no-no.

I had such a hard time getting the foil off of the bottoms of my rolls! Thanks for the great recipe! I made these yesterday for a cocktail party. I was thinking I might try baking them on a shallow rack set in my pan. Wondering if anyone may have tried this? My son in law is an executive chef and he thought they were great. Im planning on making these for brunch but was wondering if anyone has tried using crescent rolls instead of pizza dough?

I need crescent rolls for another recipe and wanted to avoid buying a different dough. Thanks in advance :! Let me first say that the flavor is spot on. The butter is overkill and really makes this dish unnecessarily greasy. After making it the first time according to directions and having the issue that many had rolls sitting in drippings and not browning. I tried what one other person posted. I baked these first without putting the glaze on. I however only waited till the last 10min of cooking tim to spoon over glaze.

Our family really enjoyed the final outcome. Thanks for the great tip on baking them a little prior to adding the glaze. I, too, felt there was way too much butter and had to turn on the broiler to get a little color on them! Instead of buying refrigerated pizza dough, is there a recipe to make the dough I could go off of? This are great. The texture of the pizza dough is what makes them so good. I double the recipe for the rolls but not the sauce. They turn out perfect. Pretty sure there were people I never met coming and grabbing some.

Very good! I would like to take these to a party.

Would they taste good served at room temperature? Love your recipes! Cook the pinwheels until the dough just starts to brown, then pour the glaze over them lightly — operative word being lightly — and then let them finish baking. Otherwise you get a doughy mess. Is it just one roll? This looks delicious but I would like to serve them for dinner instead of a party appetizer.

I was picturing two rolls, some fruit salad and a veggie of some kind…but calories just on the rolls is too steep for me. I tell you, these are incredible. My husband is in construction and has been taking sandwiches, well, once I made these, the bar was raised. We love them. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. Love this recipe! So easy and tasty. The leftovers reheat well, too. I usually make them with less butter and they still turn out great.

You think puff pastry would be just as good? I could always make my own yeast base…. They look so delicious. After reading all of the comments and even replying to a few, I would like to give some suggestions about these rolls. Mine turn out perfectly every time because I figured out after the first batch that we wanted them crispier.. I use a dark lipped cookie pan. I still cook them at for 25 minutes. I spray the pan with oil and stretch the dough out to the size of the pan which would make it a bit thicker and smaller than what she has above. I use thinly sliced Sargento baby swiss.

It is the perfect amount so you can overlap a bit and not have blank spots. I roll it up and slice in into 8 big slices. I spread the rolls out evenly on the cookie sheet which helps them brown on the outside. I make sure the glaze is very well whisked together and whisk it once or twice while I am glazing. I use a small ladle to ladle the sauce on to the roll making sure some gets on the inside and some pours down on the outside of the roll. I bake as suggested.

This results in a browned and firm outside and a soft bread like texture on the inside with just enough glaze to make it moist and flavorful. They are never gooey or oily. You can also put these in the fridge if you have leftovers and heat them in a toaster oven since they are not too soft and messy.

These refrigerate cooked very well. Wwe heat them up in the toaster oven. We love them for lunch. Has anyone tried freezing these cooked? I would love to make a batch or two to freeze for us for lunch. My daughter is especially crazy for them. But I will be making them often Thank you for sharing. So for my fellow mustard haters out there, you might want to try recipe as-is. My kid hates mustard and is crazy for these. These take five minutes to prep and are soooooo easy and yummy — thanks for sharing this great recipe.

One question: the sides of mine get a little droopy — is there a way to make the outer edges more uniform? So in about 2 hours, this recipe will be baking in the oven. Wish me luck. Thanks for sharing, I followed you! The rolls were delicious an all the guys were rapturous! This is such a great idea! They look so yummy. I featured your recipe in my weekly Coffee Cafe post this morning.

Have a great weekend! Hi there! I am prepping them now and am going to refrigerate to cook in the morning. Thanks for any advice! They look delicious! Except I may have to try out turkey slices instead of ham. Made these for Christmas Eve and making them again for Easter. Huge hit! I actually cut the dough in two pieces and rolled them separately, ending up with 24 small rolls. They were a perfect size for party appetizers. I only used melted butter to baste them and sprinkled parmesan cheese on them but they came out divine in this simple way, too!

Thank you for such a simple joy. I served it with hot soup and tadaaaa…simple, quick and yummy dinner was done. These look perfect for a gameday tailgate or party. Very handy. Just made these for dinner. Everyone loved them!!! Made my own pizza dough, the topping was perfect. Used store-pizza dough, so maybe the roll kind woulda been magical.

Which tasted good when made….. Nun habe ich hunger bekommen und keinen Teig im Haus. Prepped in 10 minutes, out of the oven in 30 I like mine a little extra crispy. These were wonderful! The taste of the sauce was excellent! Slightly sweet, a little hint of mustard. We are making these again for the second time this week. I was a little hesitant about the sauce, but these are one of the best easy meals I have ever made! The flavors are amazing together. We use smoked ham and it is divine. It probably would not be sturdy enough. I used the Pillsbury sheet of croissant dough and it worked pretty well.

The dough did not hold up to the glaze like the pizza crust does though. It was much softer, while the pizza dough is very firm and crisp on the outside, with a fully cooked but soft center. These look delicious!!! I was wondering though, I have frozen homemade pizza dough in the freezer, can I use it instead of the pullsbury tube?

What a disappointment. Followed everything to a tee. The cheese made them a greasy mess which in turn made the pizza dough a really gooey mess. But your pictures were excellent. They should brown and be crisp around the edges. Mine have never failed, and have never been greasy. So, there has to be some sort of issue for yours to turn out that way. Are you using good sliced Swiss grated will not stay in place and will fall down in the roll and sort of pile up and goo out?

The pizza dough should not be gooey at all. Try turning the oven up 25 degrees. Also, maybe wait to put the glaze on until the last 10 minutes. These are super good and worth tinkering with to get them right. My oven is new and cooks at exactly the temp it is supposed to and mine are perfect every time. That leads me to believe that oven temp may behind a lot of issues people are having. We had friends over to watch a football game and everyone loved these. I did one pan with turkey and cheddar and one with am and swiss. I think next time I would up the mustard and maybe do a bit less sugar in the glaze but it was definitely delicious as is.

I was wondering how this would work with different meats and cheeses. I was thinking prosciutto and brie, as both are great with sweet stuff. Just brought it to a New Years Eve gathering — made it exactly as written. I think I could dial back the brown sugar just a touch. A very fun and attractive food. As many others have stated, there is WAY too much butter. The rolls are swimming in it and it prevents the dough from browning. I would definitely halve the glaze and brush it on instead of pouring it over. Maybe even let them cook for a bit before using the glaze at all. Flavor was very good though, so I would definitely make again with the changes.

That is odd. Mine brown up and puff up very well and come out with a nice sticky glaze. They are not at all greasy. I whisk the sauce very well to emulsify it the mustard helps do this and use a ladle to put them on the individual rolls. I wisk it a few times between glazing. Have you used a thermometer in the oven to make sure it is cooking at temperature?

You might try turning up your oven a bit to get it to brown and glaze rather than end up a pool of oil. I made these, however, next time I will skip the whole stick of butter- too greasy. I was determined to stick exactly to the recipe in spite of my concerns about the amount of butter called for.


I should have gone with my instincts as these roll ups bubbled in butter half way up the side of the dish. They were a greasy mess. I poured off all the excess butter and returned them to the oven in an attempt to brown them up. Finally resorted to turning on the broiler. I did like the flavor of the sauce so will try these again with half the butter. I also plan to wait until the roll ups have browned up a bit before pouring the sauce on. I make them on a dark cookie sheet with a lip. I make it fit a typical lipped cookie sheet.

I cut in in 8 thick slices, and evenly disperse them. This way, they do not swim in goo. They come out glazed and crisp on the outside, bread like on the inside, a lightly coated with the glaze, which becomes nice and sticky. Delicious way to use leftover Christmas ham! We just sliced the ham fairly thin and it cooked up well. A friend of mine just shared this recipe on her Facebook page — I had to try it immediately.

Typically, however, I did not stick to the recipe entirely as I had to improvise. Put it in the oven for about 10 minutes longer than the recipe maybe minutes? I was cutting them an inch apart and ended up with 15 or more. I finally figured out what the problem was. You might want to correct your recipe.

Do these have a strong mustard flavor? I followed the recipe exactly, making two of these instead of just one. I was concerned with the other reviews saying that the rolls were too soggy so I opted to keep the sauce as is instead of doubling for my two long rolls. These things came out perfect! I love the taste and love that they are not soggy at all. We have a work potluck tomorrow, I figured this would be a great dish to try. They were super easy to make, the glaze smells amazing!

Followed instructions correctly. Not sure just what went wrong???? To get 12 you need to roll from the shorter side. If you cut 12 rolls from the longer side they are going to be thicker and this will affect the baking time. Tried this out as a trial run before actually serving to anyone besides family. First thing: delicious!

The first try we made it just as described. Maybe used too small of a baking pan, but either way, they tasted wonderful but were soggy. Spread them out with a little room to expand. Coated them with the sauce and then sprinkled the tops with poppy seeds. Turned out great! Flavorful, crispy on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside.

The Forgotten German Recipes

Next step, serve to non-family. Would like to be sure before I make them. Hi Cheryl! That would depend on which way you roll it. Hope this helps! Hubby and I just made these for a work potluck today. They were a big hit! Thanks for the recipe!! These turned out great, ill probably use a lil less poppy seeds next time, but turned out great. There was about twice as much liquid to pour over as necessary. Good taste though. I also really feel like it would help to not roll them up so tight, will definitely roll more loosely next time.

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I make a similar recipe with sour dough French bread. Your recipe is much easier to serve. I agree with the comment about cooking time and too much glaze. I baked for about 40 minutes and drained off the liquid twice. Also interested in trying with croissant dough. We loved the result? I just made these and there is definitely way too much butter! Took much longer to cook than the directions state, and they stay on the soggy side. Looks great. Glad I found your post. I made these tonight and after 25 minutes the dough was still extremely gooey.

Anyone else have this problem? I made this tonight, though I used a homemade roll dough instead of pillsbury pizza dough — gotta avoid those preservatives and chemicals and I figured roll dough would solve the problem of the pizza dough not cooking all the way though, as others mentioned. Anyway, I only used half the glaze recommended based on the other reviews, and the result was freaking fantastic!

So, so yummy! Very, very good. Here is the dough recipe I used:. I was out of worcestershire sauce when I made this, so I subbed in soy sauce and some spices. I also used half the butter it calls for, and misremembered the recipe as using crescent rolls. If anyone is curious, make sure you buy pizza crust.

The crescent rolls absorbed the glaze too much and they got soggy. Also, it may have been the type of ham we used, but I found this to be very very salty, and I did not add any extra salt. Characteristic of the development is the move towards gourmet cuisine. Like the other books in the series, the volume was visually opulent. The recipes here were actually addenda or illustrations that rounded out the amusing and well-written discussion of the country and people, the regional differences in Italian cuisine and the sometimes still exotic ingredients.

From to , Danish, Swedish and German translations appeared. The latter clearly achieved some popularity as in Germany there were five new editions before with in total 45, copies. However, it is extremely remarkable that of all people an American should stand out as a successful advocate of Italian cooking. It contained no information on Italian culture and geography; it did not hitch its wagon to the particularities of difficult-to-obtain ingredients.

Instead, it depicted Italian cuisine as uncomplicated family cooking. Short, seemingly personal stories and comments from the diva coupled this cuisine to the glamorous world of film. Loren used the cookbook after the birth of her son to present herself in a new role as faithful and caring wife and mother, as a modern Italian mamma.

This and the many references to everyday topics granted the book a considerable degree of authenticity that underlay its success. However, one must acknowledge that well into the s, these new works still only trickled from the printing presses. The market for books on Italian cuisine was still relatively small; only in the s did the boom begin, which culminated in the nigh-on flood of Italian cookbooks at the beginning of the 21st century.

Up until the s, the diffusion of Italian recipes and authentic ingredients were promoted by magazines or instructions in general or thematic cookbooks. There are various reasons for this. For all the regional differences, Italian cuisine was probably less exotic for the French due to the geographical proximity between the two countries and the similarities in the products available than for the West German post-war society, for which even garlic and Mediterranean herbs were new elements to which one had to grow accustomed.

However, in both countries towards the end of the s, the desire to know about the food of other cultures developed into a sign of cultural competence, while also reflecting the wanderlust that many could not satisfy through travel due to economic reasons. At the same time, chefs became media stars and food the constant topic of mass-media communication.

Food became a subject matter that not only dominated the conversations of housewives but was also a refined topic at parties and social occasions. How many people actually used the recipes, which ones they prepared, or how many followed the restaurant tips, is — however — questionable. This impact could only be felt anyway after the creation of a corresponding culinary infrastructure with shops selling Italian foodstuffs and the necessary cooking implements or, put differently, with the globalisation of the foodstuffs industry, which made, for example, mozzarella ubiquitous.

Wilmenrod, for example, promoted tomatoes — not because of their Italian flair, but because the German marketing cooperatives were sitting on mountains of tomatoes and paid him for it. Other celebrities even created brands that carried their name. This was particularly true for the Italian ingredient par excellence, the tomato. Here, it quickly spread after the First World War. The expansion of the Italian tinning industry began at the end of the 19th century with the tomato.

Between and alone, this increased its production tenfold.


This is above all true of the pizza, which — emerging from the little Italies, the Italian communities of large American towns — had become popular in the USA. The pizzerias there played a decisive role in the popularisation of the pizza. Indeed, it was also in the USA that the frozen pizza was patented, which became an international bestseller.

Sales were initially 2, tonnes, but this rose by to 23, tonnes and by to , tonnes. Today, every German citizen eats on average two frozen pizzas per week. They postulated that:. Here, one can see clear echoes of motifs within the image of Italy that ran through the travel literature of the 18th century.

At the same time, this offered models for tourist advertising. This leaves the question of how Italian restaurants came to be such a dominant part of the picture of European cities. The majority of these are the children of the post-war period, even if, as mentioned above, there were already Italian establishments in London, Berlin and Munich in the 19th century.

This would change with the restaurants that spread from the s onwards. In , the first pizzeria in Sweden followed. This type of restaurant had roughly plastered walls, checked tablecloths, fishing nets and Chianti bottles — those elements which Italians believed would give the guests the impression for an evening that they were in Italy. For example, in the post-war period, the Chinese were predominant in the specialised ethnic restaurants even though they only played a marginal role in the post-war migration in Germany, Britain and the Netherlands.

Here, Indonesian cooking played an important role due to immigration from the former colonies, 86 while in London the large number of immigrants from the Commonwealth was visible and contributed to the central importance of Indian restaurants. In other words: the decisive factor was not the actual movements of migration and the raw number of immigrants but the strength of the ethnic economies and networks they built. It did not require too much culinary knowledge to open a simple restaurant and the capital needed was small enough that friends or families could help provide it.

In general, migrant cuisine has a low social status, which is reflected, for example, in its low prices. Thus, the Turkish-run eateries barely influenced the lively restaurant culture of the West German capital even though Turks form the largest migrant group. Their eateries are above all in the cheap segment of the fast-food catering and kebab shops, which has created a significant supply industry. This hierarchy is different in each European country and the individual dishes of ethnic cuisines have different values depending on the country. Thus, pizza in the Netherlands and Great Britain is unanimously seen as fast food, and its place of sale a takeaway outlet; here, the Pizza Hut chain, originally established in the USA, has had considerable success.

While in Germany pizza is certainly increasingly ordered from a takeaway, at the same time the pizzeria has been preserved as a cosy restaurant visited by families.

The Forgotten German Recipes |

In addition, as a result of significant diversification, luxury restaurants and pizzerias have developed. In the end this is a result of changes in the economic framework. Through the growing competition against other ethnic cuisines with a considerably lower price, Italian restaurants came under considerable pressure in the s.

As part of this growing competition, the restaurants diversified, creating a new type of discerning and expensive restaurant that had little in common with the simple eateries of the s and s and had considerably higher standards. According to him, health and slimness play a central role for the affluent, upper social classes. Fat-inducing pizza does not fit well with this; instead, the luxury restaurants celebrate Italian cuisine with light dishes and small portions.

In cooperation with several European colleagues, he proved in sweeping epidemiological studies that the diets of Mediterranean countries, and above all of Italy, which are low in animal fat and rich in vegetables, olive oil and fish, are accompanied by a low risk of cardiovascular diseases. While the book sought to sum up the ideals of Italian cuisine, in practice the recipes in it had little to do with Italian cooking and even less with culinary pleasure.

However, it was very successful: in Germany alone there were three new editions before The basic tenor accorded with the spirit of the age and its image of controlled and disciplined eaters. The number of similar cookbooks has so multiplied that one can barely keep track of them. This does not seem to have damaged the contemporariness of the model presented and its commercial use: in , the Spanish Ministry for Agriculture and Diet published a new official edition.

As has been shown, long before the beginning of the supposed Italian wave of the s, a nuanced knowledge of Italian cuisine existed. The traditionalism of Italian cuisine emerged as a co-construction of the promotion of foreign trade and tourism, which in the s fitted well to a culturally ambitious strata of intellectuals with anti-bourgeois pretentions that adopted this new form of eating.

At the same time, a thorough commercialisation of Italian products and dishes took place in catering chains and the food industry, the beginnings of which are perhaps to be found in the USA. They exerted a strong unifying influence. However, the reception of Italian cuisine and its dishes was by all means different in the different European countries.

Altogether, Italian cuisine was able to make clear its diversity and to mobilise the idea that protecting cultural goods, health and the environment was socially beneficial in order to ensure its own place within the increasing diversification of ethnic cooking. Today, Italian cooking is in some ways the smallest common culinary denominator of a European society whose dietary habits are otherwise extremely individualised and commercialised. With all the national differences in the reception of Italian cooking, its structure nevertheless offers throughout Europe — if not the world — a recognisable and therefore seemingly reliable basis, at the same time opening points of identification with its broad range of culinary possibilities.