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Rather, this standard has been determined because of our view of God and how he has revealed himself to us in Scripture. We matter so much to God that he paid off our massive sin debt, which we could never do in a thousand lifetimes, with the blood of his Son. He has purchased us from the death that we surely deserved.

This was the understanding of grace the apostle Paul had, and this understanding should lead all of us to believe: grace demands more, never less. That is to say that a right view of grace should bid me to lay the entirety of my life as an offering at the feet of Jesus. In short, grace experienced calls me to a life of excellence. God and his work in our lives is our starting point for framing this idea of excellence. Kostenberger wrote a book on this subject simply titled Excellence.

The primary reason for this is bound up with the nature and character of God.

2 Lessons on Leadership Excellence From Paul

God is the grounds of all true excellence. He is the one who fills any definition of excellence with meaning, and He is the reason why we cannot be content with lackluster mediocrity, half-hearted effort, or substandard scholarship.

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With God as our starting point we must turn our attention to personal responsibility. Excellence is about becoming or making the decision to continually aim at a standard that is pleasing to God.

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Part one explores Paul as an exemplar for leaders as passionate visionaries. One cannot read Paul without being struck, again and again, by the sheer passion in his style, words, and actions. Everything he did, everything he wrote, was an artifact of that passionate style, and his urge to help others grasp, and live, its root ideas and ideals. Part two examines how Paul can serve as a model for those who seek to inspire others. Inspirational leadership is a popular topic in this age of anxiety and something that seems to be in relatively short supply.

Although most observers today stress the unique challenges of the information age and global competition, Ascough and Cotton argue that in some very dramatic ways, Paul's context was far more challenging and has much to teach today's leaders.

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Part three deals with Paul's unique wisdom in nurturing communities, especially fragile communities and groups in hostile contexts. He was amazingly tenacious in staying connected with groups and helping them through the natural and inevitable stages of growth. Most of his letters deal directly with the challenges of building cohesive and viable communities - they give a sense of purpose, clear boundaries, and appropriate guidelines for behaviour.

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He did not come to be served, but to serve. If you start to forget this trait, open your Bible and turn to John 13 for a wonderful image of what it really looks like to humble yourself and serve. I am exceedingly thankful for this thorough model that Paul left us with.

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In order to grow as leaders, we need to work on our skills in each of these areas. Kenny is a leadership development consultant, speaker, and coach.

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He is a radically devoted Christ follower and is passionate about training Gospel-centered leaders. Here are the traits: 1. Related Articles. Guest Contributor Pastors. Interested in contributing? Contact Us.

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