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At least, not yet. There is no need for an IIF function to set indicator variables. Setting indicator variables with one operation is easily handled with the present RPG syntax. For example, this:.

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If type has a value of E, indicator 25 turns on. If not, indicator 25 turns off. You can do the same thing in CL, by the way. Here is a short program interested professionals can compile and play with. Each test is done twice; the long way comes first, followed by the IIF version. I continually look for ideas for new functions to help me in my work.

5 Reasons to Use Free-Format RPG

I hope you like IIF, and if you are not writing your own functions, I hope you will learn to do so soon. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Search for:.

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  4. Volume 5, Number 42 -- November 9, Subscribe To get news from IT Jungle sent to your inbox every week, subscribe to our newsletter. Search Search for:. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It was originally developed by IBM in The name Report Program Generator was descriptive of the purpose of the language: generation of reports from data files, including matching record and sub-total reports.

    Free-Format RPG IV -- Chapter 3

    Both languages were intended to facilitate ease of transition for IBM tabulating machine Tab unit record equipment technicians to the then new computers. Tab machine technicians were accustomed to plugging wires into control panels to implement input, output, control and counter operations add, subtract, multiply, divide. Tab machines programs were executed by impulses emitted in a machine cycle; hence, FARGO and RPG emulated the notion of the machine cycle with the program cycle. RPG IV , a. Until November , the free format applied exclusively to the calculation specifications.

    While editing can still be done via SEU, the simple green screen editor even though syntax checking is not supported for features introduced from IBM i V7R1 onward , a long progression of tools has been developed over time.

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    5. Eclipse, and therefore RDi, runs primarily on personal computers and other devices. Even with the changes, it retains a great deal of backward compatibility, so an RPG program written 37 years ago could run today with little or no modification. With the traditional F-Spec approach a developer had to identify a specific access path to a data set, now they can implement standard embedded SQL statements directly in the program.

      The new Power Systems also adopt more mainstream version numbers, substituting 6. The latest release is now referred to as IBM i 7. The threadsafe aspects of the language are considered idiosyncratic by some as the compiler team has addressed threads by giving each thread its own static storage, rather than make the RPG run-time environment re-entrant. This has been noted to muddle the distinction between a thread and a process making RPG IV threads a kind of hybrid between threads and processes.

      The idea behind the new capability is to remove the necessity for all output from RPG programs to be forced into the limited data stream. Instead, it can be passed to handlers, which can transform it in any way the handler wants. While many companies were skeptical about the usefulness of Open Access, it gained immediate acceptance from some others, including Profound Logic corporation, which rapidly incorporated it into their products aimed at opening the i, and hired Scott Klement , a product developer well known for creating open-source tools to access the technology.

      Note: The character in the data type column is the character that is encoded on the Definition Specification in the column designated for data type.

      RPG Built In Functions

      To compare, in a language like C where definitions of variables are free-format and would use a keyword such as int to declare an integer variable, in RPG, a variable is defined with a fixed-format Definition Specification. In the Definition Specification, denoted by a letter D in column 6 of a source line, the data type character would be encoded in column Also, if the data type character is omitted, that is, left blank, the default is A if no decimal positions are specified, P when decimal positions are specified for stand-along fields, and S ZONED when decimal positions are specified within a data structure.

      How to Debug RPG Program in IBM i - Tips

      The following program receives a customer number as an input parameter and returns the name and address as output parameters. The same program is shown later with gradually more modern versions of the syntax and gradually more relaxed rules.


      As of V7R1 of the operating system, the above program would not necessarily need the prototype in a separate file, so it could be completely written as:.