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The categories are as follows:. A player can "freeze" individual categories by using Hearts of Ice , which prevents you from getting any item that belongs to that category. Only skilling categories and the promotional category can be frozen. Up to 10 categories can be frozen at any one time, using a heart of ice each. If a player would have got an item from a frozen category, it will be rejected and another item will be chosen from the remaining items that are not frozen. Every treasure chest opened will deduct from the player's Hearts of Ice total the number of categories that were frozen at the time, regardless of whether or not the item gained was associated with a frozen category.

The frozen categories remain selected until the player deselects them. Hearts of ice are obtained automatically alongside daily keys, daily challenge keys, key token redemptions and purchased keys, and five hearts of ice are given for every five spins made in a single reset period. Near the top-right of the Treasure Hunter interface is the options menu, shaped like a gear. This gives the player several tickboxes with which to change several settings for how Treasure Hunter plays on their account:.

Item management is an interface that allows players to see what Treasure Hunter items they have in their bank, separated into categories.

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From this interface, players can view items and destroy certain unwanted ones. Clicking on items gives information about them. There are various ways to gain treasure hunter keys, both through gameplay and other means. Whenever a key is obtained, a Heart of Ice will also be obtained as a bonus. Additionally, whenever 5 keys are used in a single day, 5 extra hearts of ice will be given. Free players get one key a day while members normally get two keys a day, and members who bought a silver or gold Premier Club get three daily keys. Treasure Hunter resets every midnight UTC. Daily keys do not roll over to the next day, thus requiring the player to log in and use the daily keys every day for maximum benefit.

Nearly every monster in RuneScape , barring those in minigames or Dungeoneering , has a chance of dropping a Key token. They can still drop if you already have 10 or more earned keys, but you will be unable to claim it until you have less than 10 earned keys. Players may gain key tokens through any of the same methods that can be used to find a strange rock , in addition to Divination , whether they are a member or not. Unlike strange rocks, a key token obtained whilst skilling with a full inventory will not replace an item of the player's, it will be redeemed automatically or dropped on the ground if you already have 10 or more earned keys.

Every month, the player may gain a key token for starting a game of Troll Invasion P2P. Additionally, a different distraction and diversion is chosen each week to give the player a key token for simply participating. The events rotate each week in the following order:. The completion of any quest will earn the player 2 additional earned keys. A free key is given for completing a daily challenge , totaling to between 28 and 31 extra keys a month if every days' challenge is completed.

Challenge keys count as earned keys. Although some daily challenges are available to free players, only members get keys for completing them. Hardcover rulebook - A physical, hardcover copy of the Hearts of Wulin rulebook. Please note that signed hardcover books will ship a little later than other physical rewards. The Setting Generation Tables will allow you to generate artifacts, buildings, markets, clothing, places of power, and other setting details on the fly.

Just roll a few dice to create details for your wuxia world! Your NPC will have a name, look, fighting style, signature weapon, and short description. Note: the authors may ask you to revise your NPC idea in order to conform to the tone and premise of Hearts of Wulin. Detail a faction - You will be invited to detail a faction that will appear in Hearts of Wulin. Your faction will include a name, important NPCs, general aesthetic, a list of artifacts important to them, and a description of their history and aims.

Note: the authors may ask you to revise your faction idea in order to conform to the tone and premise of Hearts of Wulin. Sessions will be scheduled for 3 hours each and will be organized no earlier than October While you are not able to choose who will run your sessions, many of the best GMs in our community have volunteered, and we feel confident you and your friends will have an amazing time.

Your name in the backer credits - You will be listed in the backer credits as a member of whichever faction is noted in your pledge tier. Your name can appear however you wish. You may decline this reward if you prefer not to have your name in the book. Shipping fees are not included as part of your Kickstarter pledge. Shipping will be calculated and collected after the campaign ends using Backerkit.

The estimated shipping fees are as follows:. You will be listed in the backer credits as Eight Petals Dancer. Note: please be mindful of timezone differences before pledging at this tier. If you live in a timezone that is significantly different from the United States, please send us a message so we can confirm with Agatha she will be able to schedule a game with you. The authors may ask you to revise your NPC or faction idea in order to conform to the tone and premise of Hearts of Wulin. This tier is limited to 1 backer.

You will be listed in the backer credits as Moon-Sworn Heart. If you live in a timezone that is significantly different from the United States, please send us a message so we can confirm with Lowell he will be able to schedule a game with you. We have planned a slate of exciting book upgrades and digital stretch goals for the Hearts of Wulin campaign. Below is a list of announced and unlocked stretch goals. This will include new roles, playbook options, and custom moves for handling xianxia tropes and beyond. This book upgrade will apply to the PDF rulebook, softcover rulebook, and hardcover rulebook rewards.

Jason has run 16 sessions of HoW and understands the game like few others do. The Trial of Many Venoms will reflect that experience. In addition to setting details and important NPCs, the scenario will include custom moves and procedures for using Hearts of Wulin to tell the story of a martial arts tournament. Gilded Eel, leader of the notorious Many Venoms Sect, has summoned the greatest warriors in the empire to his island compound for a tournament of assassins!

And why hold a tournament now, in the middle of the succession crisis roiling the Imperial City? All will be revealed in The Trial of Many Venoms! In this stretch goal, they provide the tools to describe thrilling combat arcs within the melodramatic context of Hearts of Wulin. Not familiar with wuxia media? Never studied stage combat? No problem! Eli and Eric are here to provide the training you seek! It's in San Francisco, a year before the earthquake tore buildings and businesses apart in Chinatown.

Immigrants to this new world moved here to find a better life, but were met with persecution and the Chinese Exclusion Act. Still recovering from the bubonic plague from prior year, Chinatown's people are trying to rebuild what little they have, while surviving the police brutality and the Tong Wars that brewed crime and violence. Shadow of Joseon is set during the Joseon dynasty, when tensions between the aristocracy and the citizens they abuse are at at a peak, but hope glimmers on the horizon in the form of outlaws, outsiders, and nobles willing to use their privilege for the greater good.

Bands of fighters steal from the rich to give to the poor, but sometimes clash with each other as well. A child king goes on the run until the time comes to reclaim his stolen throne, but soldiers scour the country in search of him, destroying the lives of any who stand in their way. The battle-scarred seek revenge for betrayals that occurred in the heat of the second Manchu invasion, even if it means they will never return to their families.

Those who attempt to take a stand against corruption must be willing to sacrifice everything, though their hearts may be pulling them to the homes they left behind or those they would make a future with. Mendez's cyberpunk take on Hearts of Wulin draws on modern trends of globalization and commercialization in the martial arts to portray a jianghu under attack. How can youxia keep their passions and traditions alive in a world where cultural appropriators teach stolen secrets to clienteles of thousands via social media?

Will bionic augmentations expand accessibility to a world of strenuous physical demands, or concentrate violent power in technocrats' grasp? And what new allies and rivals hail from the rivers and lakes of Africa, the Americas, and Oceania? It preserves the character-driven melodrama at the core of Hearts of Wulin but gives it a costume change, placing it in fabulous rococo garb. Romance still cuts like a blade, friendship twists and turns, tested by shifting alliances and conflicts of duty, duels still settle conflicts of honour.

However, the action moves to sailing ships and ballrooms, martial arts become cinematic, swashbuckling acts of derring-do, clans become court factions and secret cabals, and the seeds of revolution against the decadent nobility begin to bear fruit as heroes rise up to oppose them. There are three things every student knows: If you're challenged, you have to fight. If you trust the wrong person, you're done. That is how we can cross over the threshold into the New World.

How inconsequential are the people who imagine that the New World is not for them. Bodies may differ, but the spirit cannot evade the New World. Doubt means the downfall of quality. Doubt is the tomb of the heart. Doubt is a source of ugliness. Doubt must be touched on in every talk, because where will we end up without quality? What will we understand without the heart? What will we attain without beauty? One must not mar this sacred means with doubt. If doubt is able to change the pulse and emanations, what physical deterioration it may work upon the nervous system!

Doubt devours psychic energy. After thinking about doubt, let us recall treachery itself, for who is more intimate with doubt than a traitor? One can overcome this darkness only through communion with the Hierarchy, with the most inevitable, partaking of It as one would the radiance of the sun. True, it does burn, but without it there is darkness! The heart may be the focus, but it is the least egocentric of all.

Not egoism dwells in the heart, but a feeling that embraces all humanity. Only reasoning shrouds the heart in a web of egocentricity. In this sense the heart is truly a transnational organ. If for us light is a symbol of the aura, its parent will be the heart. Only through this feeling can a person begin to liberate himself from egoism while preserving the individual nature of his accumulations. It is difficult to embrace both individuality and universal containment, but there is good reason for the magnet of the heart to be connected with the Chalice.

You can understand how the heart radiates a special light that is refracted in every possible way by the substance that composes the nerves. The crystal of psychic energy can be colored in so many ways. It is very difficult to purify the heart if the web of egoism is making it fat. The fat of egoism is a bestial inheritance. The pure accumulations of individuality can explain things of which the reason cannot even conceive. It is especially difficult to impress someone with a notion that has never entered the circle of his imagination.

The heart is considered the palace of the imagination. How is it possible to move forward if the power of imagination is missing? But where will imagination come from, if not from experience? Heartlessness is nothing but an uncultured state of the heart. Faint-heartedness arises from limitation of thinking. Intolerance belongs to the same family of abominations, all of which degrade the sacred vessel of the heart.

You already know that a refined heart, whose energy is intensified, provides an impulse similar to that of an electrical generator; this shows that the heart is a vessel of universal energy.

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But the culture of the heart does not accumulate unless it receives proper nourishment. Likewise, the best accumulator will be inactive unless it is protected and connected properly. The heart demands constant nourishment; without it, the heart is deprived of the highest link and begins to decompose. In light of this, let us not forget how the ancients symbolized ascent by depicting an infant on the bottom of the chalice. By conducting a rarely performed experiment, you can see how the heart reflects even distant earthquakes and other world events. We pay attention to the transmuter of prana, to the lungs, which pass the essence on to the heart as a way to establish universal equilibrium.

The new achievements being made in the subtle body are now being crowned with success. These achievements could no longer be deferred, because the foundation of the link with the Magnet of the Hierarchy was being violated. As an aid in restoration of the violated equilibrium, a new kind of subtle body is being developed. When the treasures of energy exceed the treasures of the heart and straight-knowledge, a coworker-mentor is usually sent to establish equilibrium. Many similar examples could be cited. You should regard this as something that enhances their activity, not as an absolute requirement.

There are also many examples when men of action rejected such cooperation, thereby bringing irreparable harm not only to themselves but also to the Common Good. We have experienced such refusals time and again. Our Hand will not get tired of extending the saving thread to the heart.

Who can justly say that We were late in offering help? It is so hard to bring into action the potential of the heart. One must manifest a flight over the abyss, as if soaring from the last shore into the Infinite. How sacred is the courage of selflessness, which opens up the heart! Can you picture what a humanity with healthy bodies and uncultured hearts would be like? It is difficult even to imagine such a feast of darkness. All the illnesses and infirmities in the world are unable to restrain the rampant madness of the heart.

Truly, so long as the heart remains unenlightened, illnesses and infirmities will not be eliminated; were that not the case, the frenzy of the heart coupled with powerful bodies would horrify the worlds. Through even the slightest purification of the human heart one can derive a cascade of Blessings. Nowadays it is all right to act, if cautiously, but only in cases where the heart has not decayed.

You should not get depressed about it, but you need to know that the darkness has intensified and many hearts are putrefying. The significance of the heart is an old truth, but this truth has never been so needed as now. By studying this energy, you can ascertain that its deposits are multicolored. Certainly, the deposits may be red, purple, or blue, but as they approach the heart, they lose their coloring. The crystal of the heart is white, colorless. Naturally, this resonance of the heart is not observed very often, but you should strive toward it.

The ancients used to advise people to place their hands on the needles of young cedars, so that the condensed prana might penetrate their fingertips. There are many ways to receive psychic energy from the vegetable kingdom, but the one regarded as the best is an open heart that knows the line along which to strive.

The ignorant, in their hypocrisy, may humiliate us, but the way is one, and nothing will obscure it if the heart is pure. It was wise to liken the heart to a ship, but where there is a ship, there is a helmsman. Courage is born of a pure heart. One might compare it to a rose, where the significance of the flower lies in the number of its petals. If they are torn off, the flower as a whole is injured.

Therefore, guard the defenses of the heart. Wisely understand that only the lord of the flower has access to all its petals. Here We are speaking about direct striving to Us. We are speaking about the advantage and success that flow from turning to Us in this way. It would seem enticing to try this remedy out, but how many people actually attempt to take this path? Yet every person who has put Our panacea to the test says that Our Advice is sound. He will confirm that when his thoughts resided with Us, he was always successful in everything.

Every failure was due to a stain upon the silver thread. How beautiful it would be if everyone, on completing his day, would ask himself about the quality of his thought during those hours! How powerful he could grow by becoming aware of how his thoughts have strengthened the linking thread! Worthless thoughts could be eradicated as soon as they arise.

But the way people are now, they hear without hearing and read without grasping the meaning. That is why I am advising you again to turn the Teaching into a daily necessity. I advise you to observe the extent to which your surroundings and your associates become successful. Members of close-knit groups should be especially watchful regarding thoughts about each other, so that they do not burden or block the current.

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Many Teachings advise people to follow this simple discipline, but every book should give them still another reminder, because they are not putting into practice what is most urgent, most necessary. It is a great happiness for Us when We can have the complete confidence in someone that We have in Ourselves. How secure is the stronghold of an open heart! At all times the Teaching of Life is being poured forth upon the Earth without interruption.

It is impossible to imagine earthly existence without this link to the Invisible World. In this way you can explain the rhythm of the entire world as one of expansion and submersion; in other words, you can outline the evolution of Being. The disruption of rhythm occurs because of many conditions, but the essential way to avoid this perturbation is to unite in directing yourselves to Us, turning to where there lies a solution for everything. Like a speck of dust that halts a huge wheel, interruption of rhythm cuts the current off.

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Right now, however, is a time of great tension. With the possibilities so near at hand, events are gathering into a rolling ball, and what seems terrifying will turn out to be salvation. If people could sense the special nature of the moment even partially, they would be helping Us a great deal. Even if they do not discern exactly what is happening, just by sharing in a common mood, they would be strengthening the magnet of the will.

People do not realize the extent to which unconscious vegetating complicates the world order. The heart, being a hearth of transformation, ought to give each person an idea of the pressure of the spiritual atmosphere. We should not suppose that the heart suffers only because of things that concern us personally; naturally, it aches on account of the agitation worldwide. You should attempt to unite hearts into a harmonious round, where all dance in accord, for even a hardly tested heart will add its precious energy to the common chalice. The heart strengthens Our transmissions, pushing aside the new underbrush.

There are many untested hearts, but there are still more that are buried under ashes. Many sparks are needed to penetrate those cold ashes. If straight-knowledge is not awakened, then even reality, even the obvious, will remain inaccessible. You cannot force anyone to perceive what is in plain view, however striking.

They are not averse to getting better, but at the same time they direct their entire consciousness in opposition to the doctor. So it would be useful to compare people who see with people who are sightless in spirit. You could discover the reasons why some gain success while others go to ruin. By comparing obvious manifestations in this way, one can solve many of the problems regarding how the worlds act on each other. Actually, the Invisible World is quite visible when the eye is unobstructed. You do not need mediumistic phenomena to sense the Light of the Highest World; indeed, you can ascend only to the Highest.

That is why all the ruses of lower magic, relying as they do on force, pale in comparison with the first light of the heart. Though not many people know the fires of the heart, these torches must provide light for all. That is why blasphemy of the spirit and rejection of the Teacher are such grave offenses.

Let Me say it clearly: you may think a long time about what Teacher to choose, but once you have chosen one, do not fall away! Let us show understanding of the foundations of the structure. Advise people to speak about the spiritual. You may notice a great many useful things in their spiritual recollections.

Moreover, a spiritual conversation protects the participants from filth and irritation. Affirmation of spiritual manifestations will reduce the animosity people feel toward the Invisible World. A special aura accumulates where spiritual conversations are often held. They may be imperfect, but such conversations prove to be touchstones that test the nature of those present. Different peoples contribute their particular transformation of the principles of spirituality, and according to this one can judge what their hearts are suited for.

Avoid disputes about the indisputable. I was recently amazed at all the controversies between the followers of Joan of Arc, Sergius, and Moses. Each disputant claimed that his Protector was not in agreement with the others. But for anyone who knows the Truth, it was sad to hear such fabrications, cooked up to cause disunity. And even if there is no unity, let people at least avoid butting foreheads—otherwise, horns will grow! Just imagine what would happen if those who know the Truth were to join in harmony and unite their thoughts.

What a power would come into being here on Earth, in spite of all the pressure of the atmosphere! Whoever triumphs in spirit is already one of Our own! Advise people to cultivate the ability to think and to observe. The heart cannot carry out its mission if there are fleas instead of a thought and a mole instead of observation. Nobody gets very far traveling with companions like those. Now is the time to deepen the current of thought, for otherwise the masses will not find any way to apply the treasures they receive. Overproduction is a sign of superficial thinking and lack of observational power.

It has been said that schools should start holding classes for training in observation and thinking. The heart cannot just be nourished from without; one must also support it by making practical efforts. Steadiness of striving will also come from developing vigilant insight. All of you are familiar with a certain type of preacher who gathers up the bones of various writings and departs with them into oblivion.

Reason prompts such people to gather detailed arguments, but the purpose of this conglomeration remains undisclosed, for the heart is silent. Truly, only the heart bestows immortality. An affirmation of the heart is itself a revelation of the future. Those who fear the instructions that their own reason has gathered are far removed from the heart. The Ancient Teachings speak about the holy madness. Think of it as a countermeasure to the coldness of calculations; think of it as a vital source that lies beyond all lifeless conditions. People who deny the Teaching are not far from falling into the abyss.

Those who affirm the Truth, even in an imperfect way, are already on the path. When they cross over into the Subtle World, they will not regret that they have called the heart to life. We are fighting a great battle. You should not fear the approach of a time that was proclaimed long ago. When We see a battle for Light before Us, you should not think that it is misfortune creeping up. Nor should you forget that persecution accompanies the greatest success. Only a taut string can resound. It can be said without exaggeration that the majority of heart diseases issue from wealth.

That is why those who have embraced the Teaching pull away from wealth or remain its mere custodians. You know that a suggestion can be given in any language; this clearly demonstrates that the meaning and essence understood are not dependent on the conventionalities of various dialects. I believe the manifestation of a heartfelt understanding is a necessary step in approaching Us. The language of the Subtle World brings into actuality the dream about mutual understanding.

You have to become fully aware of this possibility before you can make use of it. It can be understood both spiritually and physically. As for the rest, the Arabic sources on which Paracelsus drew were quite correct. Suggestion can be transmitted by thought, by sound, or by a glance, and it can be reinforced by deep inhalation. What opportunities for scientific observation lie in these actions!

It can be observed how inhalation strengthens sound and the emanations of the eye. The various properties of the human glance were noticed long ago. By conducting a series of experiments, you could observe the distance over which the radiations of the eye act. During the experiments it would be instructive to watch how the power of thought combines with the physical emanation of the eye.

Only by observation can you begin to appreciate the invisible world of human influences. The web woven by the unconscious activities of thought is so complicated! Do not be surprised that thought lives on in space. Similarly, the physical particles of the glance do not disappear. As we learn to observe, we shall once more remember about the heart and understand the symbol of the piercing arrow.

Many arrows pierce the heart, as shown on ancient images, and on the very same images we see the flame of the heart. Could it be that without arrows a flame is impossible? The Teacher desires that the rhythm be accelerando —this applies to everything. You should not decide beforehand what is possible. Precisely, what is impossible today will be possible tomorrow. To approach Us, you need an understanding of full freedom.

How terrible are the consequences of fear or profit-seeking! Unobscured striving, freed of all burdens, reveals the true path. Only a heart from which no cunning or corruption can be concealed is able to judge where such freedom begins. What things do people manage to pile up around this subtle web! If the heart resounds to a distant earthquake, if our skin senses the warmth flowing from a hand, even over a considerable distance, then how much more strongly must the heart vibrate in response to human radiations!

It is precisely this property that contemporary science fails to note sufficiently. Why do so many experiments fail to yield results? First of all, because of impatience and unwillingness to accept responsibility. Sometimes people upbraid Us, saying that help did not come in time. But instead of reproaching Us, the person who asked for help ought to recall how before things were ready he veered off the path or started thinking that his load was overly burdensome. It is very sad for Us to see cowardly deviations or unwillingness to place oneself on the edge of an abyss.

How can one intensify energy if not by an extreme situation? Such situations should be regarded not as end points but as beginnings. Likewise, for the exercise of patience it is useful to grasp the concept of a beginning. For some people everything is definitely an end, but for Our students everything is a beginning. How are We to explain, when the heart is silent? How are We to speed things up, when the heart is heavier than iron?

How are We to move a heart that has died in spirit? Yet it is possible to learn to value every reverberation of the heart, when the secret flower manifests a multitude of petals that guard the treasure deep within the spirit. Nobody could bear to take the poison unless he had the Power of Grace; but without the earthly poison, the Power of Grace would carry him away. In this sense, upward striving has an earthly foundation. Of course, many people lack the strength to take the poison; but also, for Grace to be firmly established, the heart must be tempered through actual testing.

We consider it a treasure when the heart, having been freed of stress, is ever ready to resound to its environment. This is not easy to achieve unless the energies have been transformed into harmonious crystals, in which case Ringse forms, something quite accurately noted in Tibet in the Teachings of the Himalayas. We can understand the difficulty of accepting the earthly poison, for each of Us has taken a measureless amount of poison. In the same way that a magnet attracts certain metals, the heart accepts Grace. And in the same way that a sponge absorbs water, the pores of the skin take in the earthly poison.

But prana, when consciously absorbed, alleviates the flow of the poisons.

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People are divided not only according to organic characteristics but also according to the elements; certain attachments live on in their consciousness. Nobody will be able to discern as many gradations of flame as the people of fire. Nobody will be as fond of the water as the people of that element. Naturally, the people of fire will also be especially drawn to Agni Yoga. They will feel the absolute need for it.

They will approach the Teaching of Fire not out of reasoning but because it is the sole solution. People are able to understand the need for the Teaching when they are at an impasse with no way out. The most difficult thing for people is to combine extreme spiritual exaltation with tireless action. Success requires a high degree of spiritual tension, but in each action a certain reserve of energy must be maintained. An exhausted action loses its beauty and the magnetic power that comes from being convincing. A singer who has exhausted her vocal reserve primarily arouses pity.

The manifestation of extreme spiritual tension should not express itself in acts of desperation, for in that case the manifestation of inner energy would dissolve in activity that is alien to the spirit. You should have a firm understanding of this law, in order to avoid turning into a windmill. I advise you to gather all the forces of the spirit, so that you do not scatter them in unrestrained actions. If you notice signs indicating that someone has been chosen, do not interfere with the activities of this Emissary. One can learn to recognize the signs of Agni Yoga and in accordance with them recognize the path of the chosen one.

So the manifestation of an Emissary lies not in externals but in the special character of his action. We cannot name a single Emissary around whom a wondrous accumulation of energy did not take place. Just as clouds come before a thunderstorm, clouds always emerge before the affirmation of Truth.

But you already know the meaning of these spiritual phenomena. One can establish how over the centuries the glad Tidings are repeated and how they spread among the multitudes. From the spiritual Summit one can perceive the rhythm that conveys the echoes of the Teaching. And who would dare to turn the fiery element against himself? Every flame extinguished resounds, which is why the karma of an extinguisher is like the fate of a murderer. An Agni Yogi is economical in everything, not out of stinginess but because he knows the value of the energy that is poured forth from above.

Thus, he conserves his own energy as well as the energy around him. People usually fall into error by assuming that energy is only in great actions; they forget that expenditure of the very same energy, so precious in its essence, is far greater in small matters. Small actions and small things clog life up. You should be especially careful of dust, which mixes with the emanations of objects and scatters the personal energy that should be preserved in a single channel. Thus, we shall safeguard everything connected with the energy of the Hierarchy.

How necessary it is to get used to understanding everything spiritual! We can expect nothing from the heart if our thought does not find cause to rejoice in the very mention of anything spiritual. Indeed, we must attain the stage where we radiate light from our innermost being, for it is then that we are true coworkers with the higher worlds. Radiating the light of Grace, we are at the same time doctors, creators, and protectors on the descending line of the Hierarchy. It is extremely important to speak of the spiritual.

The path of the spirit, like nothing else, develops the consciousness and makes life pure. Look upon conversations about the spiritual as practical training for the heart. You need to undertake purification of the consciousness as a path to success. Again I am not speaking abstractly but am telling you something to be put into practice. Try an experiment in which you administer medicines to an intelligent person or animal and one devoid of intelligence.

It is instructive to compare and see the extent to which consciousness intensifies all the manifestations and processes. Besides, a conversation about the spiritual directs the A-energy upward along a definite channel. Precisely, Ketub is a unifier of energies. So you should not waste time seeking after the commonplace, when there are so many possibilities that draw you upward. The Invisible World takes part in the earthly life much more than is generally supposed. Advise people to pay attention to the multitude of small phenomena that usually go unnoticed.

Let us take, for example, the so-called double pulse, where an external influence creates two focuses in the organism, as it were. But the concept of cosmic energy explains with perfect simplicity how closely we are linked with the Higher Forces, and the external fires and light will remind us of the same thing if our minds allow them to be seen.

One has to understand the immediacy of these manifestations without losing the ability to think rationally. That way one can replace magic with the Teaching of the Heart. Everyone has a heart, and everyone has an energy potential contained within that heart, which means that the New World is not prohibited to anyone. We say that the New World is cognition of the Invisible, even if that cognition is at a rudimentary stage. Even that degree of understanding would set life on new foundations.

The unifier of energies, the unifier of knowledge, the fiery Ketub is understood by an Agni Yogi. When people strive to cognize the Invisible, it will become clear how imperceptibly the strata of the new consciousness are being formed, and how this consciousness is changing the essence of life. Sometimes let your heart converse with the Higher World. This conversation can be held in various languages. It could be that the heart will gather together memories of hours from many lives.

Or perhaps the conversation will be a silent one without instructions or advice, one that only ascends and grows stronger in that ascent.

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And there may be the silence of gratitude or the silence of the power of readiness. The flame of the heart flares forth in striving to unite with the Highest World. Only the heart will find the path to the Hierarchy. The heart will strengthen itself with the Power of the Highest. Only the heart will serve as a stronghold in battle. Vast, tight, and intense is the battle. We know how the heightened intensity of some people leads to the strengthening of others. When I advise you to conserve your energy, it means that the forces have been gathered for battle.

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The conflagration is spreading across the entire globe. In comparison with the present conflict, the former one is nothing. Conserving your energy is just a sign that you are fit for action. Similar caution is necessary in everything, since We Ourselves have approached with measures that have no precedent for the present race. But it is impossible to leave the world to decompose! Consider this time to be extremely serious! And knowing this, strive to Me! Magic is like a massage. In a similar way, magic artificially links people with the Invisible World and restores communication with it.

A normal organism does not need massage; a developed spirit has no need of magic. Massage works on unhealthy organs and limbs. Magic offers a Teaching about conditions and palliatives without revealing the simplest approach to the Higher World. Once massage therapy has begun, it is necessary to increase the amount, or else the tissue may be threatened with abnormal growth or destruction. So we find the same laws in effect when we compare the physical and spiritual worlds.

The same laws reveal that the simplest paths are much closer to a developed consciousness. So long as moderation is practiced, the stomach will not grow larger. So long as the spirit is being refined, the heart will not fall silent. It is necessary to establish once and for all that Yoga is not magic. First of all, there is nothing artificial in Yoga. The kinship and harmony of the laws of Being are opposed to coercion in any form. A Yogi will not disturb the Primary Energy unless there is a dire necessity.

With a Yogi, complete cooperation with nature is created. It is upon this pure surface that the signs of experience are inscribed. The process by which energy is compressed or intensified is similar to the workings of a pump. Thus, the upward impetus of energy is sure to be conditioned by downward pressure.

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People usually regard this pressure as misfortune or failure, whereas it is the physical threshold of ascent. Oppression, of course, manifests in an entirely different way; but any person who has attained ascent is able to determine moments of inner or outer compression. It is sad to see how uninformed people, not understanding the law of the pump, give way to compressive forces. This situation is especially serious nowadays, when a mass consciousness is being molded, when it is urgently necessary to harmonize thousands of consciousnesses that are disorderly, uneducated, and ignorant of the simplest and most unshakeable laws.

It would be so easy for these masses to lose sight of the fact that intensification is the gate to ascent. A guarantee is a concept of tremendous significance. It creates a chain of hearts and turns Chaos into the conscious arteries of Space. The symbol revealed to you at night was highly significant.

The serpent of darkness is going to devour your friend if he does not enter into conscious communion. The responsibility of the guarantor is also great. Not without reason is it said that the hand burns! Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say that a fiery pain shoots through the guarantor when the one for whom he vouched makes mistakes; but there cannot be any other way of carrying on constructive work. Therefore, learn to be cautious and attentive.

In what does happiness lie? I first spoke to you about action, but now let us affirm the significance of thought. Even the loftiest action impinges on relatively low strata; only thought, on account of its nature, is able to act upon the Primary Substance. First I spoke about action as something accessible and evident; but now that the consciousness has broadened sufficiently, it is time for the significance of thought to be affirmed.

On the surface of existence subsist multitudes of actions performed without thought, actions indistinguishable from those of the animal world. But if we are speaking about straight-knowledge and the heart, then we have to affirm that thought is a power and co-creation of Existence. Notice that I speak neither of debate nor of intellectual speculation but of thought, which sweeps over the surface of Substance with an individual rhythm and thereby creates without limit. Yesterday we began discussion of a new approach to the Era of Maitreya.

Thought is the manifestation of true happiness.