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What is the best home remedy for toenail fungus?

People have used olive leaf extract for centuries, though not many people in the U. According to one review , olive leaf extract is a safe way to help treat toenail fungus. However, olive leaf extract may cause potential side effects. These include flu-like symptoms, such as:.

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A person should start slowly to help avoid the side effects. If taking capsules, a person can typically take between one and three capsules two times a day with a meal once they are used to them. A person can change their diet to improve their overall health. Though no clinical evidence suggests a dietary change can cure toenail fungus, certain diets may help improve a person's overall health and well-being. Diets should include plenty of nutrients. In particular, a person can eat foods rich in vitamins , minerals, and other materials that help aid nail growth and development.

Those most at risk for complications are people with diabetes and those with weakened immune systems. People in either of these groups should seek medical treatment for their toenail fungus and avoid home remedies altogether. Any person who does not see improvements or has complications as a result of home remedies should talk to their doctor and stop using the home remedy as soon as possible.

Always speak to a doctor before trying any treatment for toenail fungus. Home remedies for toenail fungus may be a safe alternative to traditional medications. In most cases, the remedies are considered safe and simple to apply. When purchasing alternative remedies and supplements, it is essential to buy from a trusted retailer. These treatment options are not regulated by the U. Food and Drug Administration FDA in the same way as medications, and so people should take more care when buying them. A person should speak to their doctor if they have any doubts about treatment, if their infection is not clearing, or they have underlying conditions, such as diabetes.

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A garlic burn. BMJ Case Reports , Tadtong, S. Antimicrobial activity of blended essential oil preparation [Abstract].

Natural Product Communications , 7 10 , — Wei, Y. A review of antifungal natural products against the pathogenic fungi causing athletes' foot disease. Current Organic Chemistry , 21 , 1— MLA Fletcher, Jenna. See your doctor if you have diabetes and think you're developing nail fungus. The following habits can help prevent nail fungus or reinfections and athlete's foot, which can lead to nail fungus:.

Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. Advertising revenue supports our not-for-profit mission. This content does not have an English version. This content does not have an Arabic version. Nail fungus Nail fungus can cause the nail to become thick or ragged and appear yellow, green, brown or black.

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Request an Appointment at Mayo Clinic. Share on: Facebook Twitter. References Onychomycosis. Merck Manual Professional Version. Accessed May 15, Goldstein AO, et al. Onychomycosis: Management. Toenail fungus. American Podiatric Medical Association. Varade RS, et al. Cutaneous fungal infections in the elderly. Clinics in Geriatric Medicine. Gupta AK, et al. Improved efficacy in onychomycosis therapy. Clinics in Dermatology.

Westerberg DP, et al. However, the solution inside is much more impressive. This solution is made of a combination of the most popular treatments for toenail fungus on the market today, creating a unique formula. Funginix uses undecylenic acid to kill fungus as well as tea tree oil, camphor, lavender oil, and menthol to help heal the foot and treat symptoms.

To use Funginix, apply the viscous solution to the nail with a brush applicator and wipe away the excess with a cotton swab. Keep your feet dry while using Funginix for maximum effect. The solution will absorb in about five minutes and starts working quickly. For the best results, use Funginix consistently. Customers love this one-of-a-kind toenail fungus solution and post about its success in product reviews. Unlike these other solutions, a balm is a clean and comforting option to help soothe your pain and cure your fungal problem. FineVine Super Balm is one of the best antifungal balms on the market today and one that remains popular with its customers.

FineVine explains that this balm works by changing the pH balance of the skin for a smoother result that holds more moisture.

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Additionally, the salve is designed to heal damage from fungus and other infections. The product is made in the U. While most nail fungal treatments make you choose between one technique or the other, the Probelle Fungal Nail Renewal System combines approaches for a twice-daily two-step system that can help your toenail fungus. In the morning, you use Probelle coconut oil body wash to clean the area and then apply the nail polish solution to the dried nails.

In the evening, you again wash with the Probelle cleanser but this time you apply the Natural Fungal Treatment Gel Formula to the affected area and let it dry. The company claims that 94 percent of people in a clinical trial saw improvement from the system within six weeks. These naturally occurring fats can help relieve pain and itchiness, restore nail health and reduce nail thickness.

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Try One of These 10 Home Remedies for Toenail Fungus

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