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It is theoretically possible, though there is no known connection between the fault systems.

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Windows may be the winner now, but it was a cultural nonentity in As the old saying goes, "the bigger the burnout, the more embarrassing the fall. But by far the most read: least important of these was Kalanick's oft-repeated claim that, at one point, he "held the world's second-highest score for the Nintendo Wii Tennis video game.

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Sleeping zombies have shown more life than this. He fails. The Arsenal fans are in good voice, mind, they're singing: "We're love you Arsenal, we do.

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Speaking of the League Cup, this from William Marzouk, about possible improvements. It's a long, gruelling season and you can't expect a club to put out the same starting 11 in three, much less four different competitions, with no winter break," he writes. Plus most clubs, recognising they are not serving up the grade A merchandise, offer cheaper tickets on League Cup night.

So everyone wins. After more non-threatening possession an overhit pass flies into Federici's arms. May I have your thoughts? And Walcott still has plenty of admirers, although I'm not always convinced. The rest, yes. Arsenal are still giving every impression of wanting to be on the M4 back to London. His look is mod and dandy; his countenance is anything but.

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Arsene Wenger and Steve Bould also look like they're sucking pickled eggs on the sidelines. The Reading fans are now ole'ing their team. Reading Arsenal Hunt 37 Oh dear oh dear. This is embarrassing for Arsenal. Chamakh is bundled over, but a foul isn't given, and Reading fast break.

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The ball goes from centre to right to centre - and Noel Hunt headers it home! Meanwhile Dave Briggs writes: "One thing I don't understand about this Arsenal line-up is why Wenger isn't giving Walcott a run out down the centre. After all, Walcott is always saying he wants to play there, and the manager isn't likely to learn anything new about Chamakh tonight, is he?

But that's a side issue here: Arsenal have been dreadful everywhere. Reading is pretty close to Heathrow isn't it, they could fly to there from one of the London airports. Isn't that how they travel these days? He holds off his marker but his shot from a narrow angle is easily saved by Federici. Indeed he is Steve. The first shoots of recovery?

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Half-time Well, that was interesting. Arsenal have been so poor - shockingly so in fact, like a routed army in battle - but they've just got a sniff here. I know the game is faster these days, but supposedly the players are way fitter too. I might have some slight sympathy for teams involved in Europe, but there's no way that two months into the season players are so tired they need a break.

QPR have used 37 in the Premier League this year. And Spurs And somewhere in the mix Chamakh barges over Hunt in the box but the referee - strangely - decides it's not a penalty. How did the referee not give a penalty there? That would surely have been game over. The ball is in Arsenal's net again but Morrison is judged to have bumped Martinez. Arsenal have not started this half at all. They're all at sea. Awful stuff. Meanwhile my colleague Leo Benedictus writes: "Enjoying your summary of Arsenal's thrashing.

You asked for League Cup anecdotes, so I have to mention Tim Sherwood's volley against Chelsea in the semi-final, which was - as far as I know - football's first postmodern goal. Instead, Teddy steps out of the way and Sherwood wallops it in, thus not only scoring a set-piece, but interrogating 'the set-piece' as genre. There may of course be earlier examples I don't know about. First Roberts skies over from 15 yards then Walcott, his legs roadrunning clear of Reading's defenders, hits the post.

The first signs of life from Arsenal this half. Meanwhile Chamakh shows more energy than he has in two seasons after appealing a Gunter handball in the box which isn't given. Arsenal should have had a penalty there - and Reading possibly a red card. No wonder Chamakh is enraged and, after ranting at the linesman, is booked for his troubles.

Jenkinson's cross is met by Walcott, who slides it wide. Looking at the replays of the Chamakh incident, I reckon the Arsenal striker fouled first there. Just got in to see the latest score. Reading Arsenal Giroud 65 What a header from Giroud, who - going backwards - steers a header from Walcott's thunderbolt corner into the top corner from eight yards. This is very interesting now. They're dominating now.

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The third place teams from the second group stage parachute into the FA Trophy. Just add TV coverage and a theme tune. Liegertwood picks up a yellow card for sliding down Eisfeld. Arsenal have a free-kick, yards out His yard trundler is pushed away from Federici.

They should be able to deal with odd matches in a season, but it's plain that they can't. Reading are hoping to tighten things up here, but Arsenal have a free-kick 25 yards and central. Giroud steps up You sense they need a goal in the next five minutes to make this a grandstand finish Giroud's diving header is pushed away brilliantly by Federici.

Giroud then picks up a yellow for a late challenge. They're now down. Meanwhile a rare foray forward by Reading ends with a header over the bar. Chamakh flicks on Walcott's corner, but it evades Giroud, who is loitering in the six-yard box, by this much. Are they going to see this out now? Cue cheers from Reading fans, who can see the finishing line in sight.

Yellow card! Reading Arsenal Koscielny 89 The unmarked Koscielny scores from a corner from six yards out! They couldn't, could they? We'll have four minutes of extra time. Time for an equaliser? After a twiddling run, this way and that, Walcott misses by inches. It gets a deflection so Arsenal will have a corner Reading clear it though and they're now on the attack. Meanwhile Villa are now up against Swindon. Reading are trying to kill the game here.

After two minutes of extra injury time - making it six minutes in total - Arsenal equalise! Walcott shot hits Shorey's hand and it goes over the line but the assistant referee isn't giving it So I suppose that's his goal. Incredible scenes. Giroud throws his shirt into the crowd before realising he still needs it. Extra time it is! Full time Peep Peep! Well I hoped for a decent and open game in my preamble - and we got that and more. Arsenal fans will wonder why their team didn't show up for the opening 44 minutes; Reading supporters will wonder how they threw that away.

Still, there's all to play for. Meanwhile Simon McMahon asks: "Wonder what mbm reader Joe Chapman, who left the game before he even arrived 34 min , is thinking now? ET 4 min Two good chances for Arsenal; and two hopeless finishes. First Eisfield ends a Brylcreem-slick passing move by fluffing his lines, then Arshavin toe-pokes it into the crowd. ET 5 min This remains crazily open. Both teams are going for it, and damn the consequences.

Arsenal are persisting with ET 7 min Morrison heads Shorey's header over the bar. It was a half chance at best, mind. Big club additional time. Why bother supporting a small club? What's the point, let's all just raffle the names of everyone in the country and get them to support one of the big clubs, and then just have six teams play in a six team league'," says Owen Cameron.

I hope he doesn't have a gun. ET 9 min This game is yo-yoing more than an 80s hipster. Walcott's corner evades Djourou at the back post and Reading clear. ET 11 min The gaps are everywhere and Walcott is in his element. He pings over a decent cross but there's nobody in the box to finish it. Reading Arsenal Chamakh Another miracle! Chamahk has scored! And it was a pearler too, through Gorkss legs and into the bottom corner.

Absolutely incredible.