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Piling Up: How China’s Ban on Importing Waste Has Stalled Global Recycling

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Back when the ban was just a possibility, some voiced concerns that it did not go far enough toward corralling the masses toward reusables: People would simply lean on paper bags, which take their own environmental toll —deforestation, the heavier energy demands in producing and recycling paper, and higher waste production among the notable downsides. Plastic bag bans have only worked when coupled with a paper bag fee, critics argued, and now, New York City is taking a step in that direction.

Tamil Nadu Plastic Ban 12222: List of banned items and eco-friendly alternatives

Proceeds from every bag sold would be divided between the NYS Environmental Protection Fund, which would get 3 cents, and the city, which would use the remainder to buy reusable bags for New Yorkers particularly low-income and elderly New Yorkers, who might have a hard time avoiding the fee otherwise. It bears noting that the plastic bag ban won't be total: Restaurants will still be able to package your takeout in plastic bags, delis and butchers may still wrap meats in plastic, and plastic bags for bulk items are still allowed.

  • New Jersey may ban all bags at supermarkets — no paper or plastic -!
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Newspaper and garment bags will be similarly exempted, as will trash and recycling bags. Without mandating a statewide paper bag fee, the ban gives counties the option to enact one, and doing so is key to the policy's success, environmentalists say: Having to pay for paper encourages people to pack an extra tote or two, and means fewer single-use bags in circulation. In California, the only other state to enact a bag ban, a fee on paper bags accompanied the plastic ban, and things seem to be going well: "The world didn't end," as the L.

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