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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Weaving the Silk Threads of History. The Monks of Mount Athos. The Beauty of Mongolian Throat Singing. Spinning Silk From the Sea. Welcome to Castefidardo, the Town of Accordions. A Dyeing Tradition. Making the Thinnest Sheet of Paper in the World. The Kings of Cork. The Reindeer Herders of Mongolia. Dating back to the 5th century, history has it that its founder Father Yemata built the chapel to be closer to heavenly spirits; however, others claim it was a strategic move to avoid his enemies. This Great Big Story was inspired by Genesis.

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Location Tigray, Ethiopia Full Map. Up Next. Related Stories. Say Hello to the Yellow-Headed Amazon. If any of you have had to go without driving for quite awhile you know how much you crave that independence again…so please keep Libby in your prayers!

Thank you! Have you ever considered that happiness and strength are one and the same? People are drawn to them like moths to light. When people go through life always dissatisfied, always looking for greener pastures, always believing they are getting short-changed… …they never break out of these outlook on life patterns. They never see themselves the way God sees each and every one of us. God gave each of us an unique strength…we each have what it takes to inhabit it fully. What makes your heart sing? When you are happy, you are strong and you can share your delight with others.

That will bring them strength. It is only through sharing our strengths and weakness that we can allow others to strengthen our weaknesses while using our strengths to do the same for them. We each have personal gifts to share. So until tomorrow…If you want a memorable life, the research is very clear: You have to live a life worth remembering. Love you back Rutledge! Boo Boo! More and more lately I find myself purposefully pausing in the midst of family gatherings with all the fun and craziness associated with them to ponder the moment.

As I watched John take the photo from the screened porch…I realized that a memorable pictorial moment was being frozen. All the cousins knew was that they were snowed in with their other cousins and having a ball… It was all the adults who were worried about the weather and getting Mollie and Eloise home safely…along with the boys.

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This is definitely a memory the children will remember as the best time of all…snow in the low country! While as adults…we loved it too…but were so anxious about getting Mollie and Eloise, our snow angel home. Everyone held their breath until we got the text they were all home safe and sound with the newest addition to the family. The electricity was working and they all got to sit around the fire and enjoy a beautiful rare snow fall with little baby Eloise. So many family stories return when we all gather together to remember them…good, bad, scary, sad, or just plain funny.

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Family goes through it all with each and every member. Another observation I have made upon reflections of daily encounters with our fellow man is the amazing things that can happen when we stop to help someone else…sometimes we end up helping each other when we both need it simultaneously. I was late for an appointment in a nearby city that I knew only by GPS. And now my phone had died. The usual interstate exits were closed.

Funny how that works! The Declaration of Independence written in chalk on the driveway! It finally happened! Wednesday evening the booming sounds heard from far off gradually grew closer and closer until lightning was flashing outside my front windows. Suddenly I felt overwhelmed with appreciation for this country, for freedom, and sacrifice.

Somewhere in the midst of watching it all play out through my happy room windows… I had an epiphany. I felt myself thanking God for His blessings upon us…. What a wonderful family gathering this Fourth of July…with more family than we have had in quite awhile…which made it even more memorable and fun. Eloise was so excited to see mommy and Rutledge! Surcie my car is really getting spruced up but I must admit I was sad when in over a decade my new license plate arrived after I paid my taxes…I will miss AID …. I never forgot that license plate and this one is just some numbers and letters.

I saved my old license and propped it up by my desk computer. I will always remember when I got my new cloth steering wheel covering…July 4, ! Looking good Surcie!!!!!

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Traditional fireworks that increasingly brag about being bigger, better, and louder than previous years… are now being re-examined by many Canadians and Italians…can America be far behind? Two specific locations have stepped up to re-create fireworks that are still beautiful for observers but quieter on the nervous system of wildlife, pets, children, and some veterans.

Banff, a resort town situated near the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, switched to low-noise pyrotechnics in order to lessen the stress on wildlife and pets, according to Corrie DiManno, the deputy mayor.

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We consider ourselves leaders in this environment preservation. The first stage includes the firing of the propellant charge, which shoots the fireworks into the air. The second stage contains the explosive charge and the material that makes colorful patterns. In Britain, venues near residents, wildlife or livestock only allow for quiet fireworks. Young children, wildlife, pets and even veterans can have a difficult time with all of the noise that comes with seeing beautiful streaks of color in the sky.

When around fireworks, dogs panic and are known to jump through glass windows, jump over fences, get lost or even killed. Some children have a sensitivity to sustained loud noises. As Dr. Alan Greene wrote for Parents Magazine:. I rest, relax, and then am ready to go again. Eating small amounts of food several times a day and resting small amounts of time throughout the day seem to be the secret for me to keep my whole system functioning better than the traditional three meals and no naps that was previously my habit.

So when I read this recent observation by Kaitlyn, my lovely daughter-in-law, about a situation she experienced while hiking in Ireland…I could easily relate…it is the way I live my life more than before. I am rested. Tommy wanted to walk ahead and I felt ready to rest. I remember laying my head in the grass next to the stream and wanting to freeze that time.

All I had to do was be: to lay on the earth and listen to her. I knew I would reflect back to this time and wish so badly for this simple state of beautiful being, and here it is. I find myself lacking the will to even complete the most restorative tasks such as journaling, or meditating. I am whole. Happy July 4th. Rutledge took his last hike yesterday before heading back to the low country… the third hike in three days …. When I came across this sample bumper sticker in a magazine article on humorous bumper stickers Monday while waiting on my appointment to see my oncologist…I laughed out loud, in the waiting room, because it brought back a wonderful memory.

I have never been good at math…so by the time I started junior high in Fayetteville, North Carolina I would get a a queasy stomach just walking in my math class. I was in the seventh grade and we had just started a new unit on fractions and percentages. I was hopelessly lost and too embarrassed to ask for help. After the first nine weeks report card it was obvious I needed help.

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Apparently mother talked to my teacher and asked about getting me a math tutor. My teacher told mother that she would keep me after school twice a week and work with me…no charge. Mother was so grateful and appreciative. I was horrified. I was stuck with my math teacher for another long hour after school…just her and me! But by the third session I was actually beginning to understand fractions and found myself really liking this young math teacher.

My teacher came around to see what had me so tickled and then she started laughing too. On the way home she told me she hated math as a child and was terrible with fractions too…so when she saw this bumper sticker at a recent math conference she had to have it for her car. Suddenly my feelings of inadequacy slowly faded away…if my teacher once hated math and fractions but grew up to become a math teacher…surely I could learn fractions too…and I did.