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In the extract below, we reprint the problem as a tease. Can you find a better solution? De Bono does.

Thinking horizontally in a vertically-oriented world

He finds a solution that gives the girl and her father their optimal outcome. Lateral thinking is a thought process that steps outside of the constraints with which a problem is expressed. Because it refuses to focus on the evident options, I like to think of lateral thinking as being about a willingness to break the rules. Or, better yet, to set them aside. So, Lateral Thinking is a problem solving approach that takes an original route, by discarding the obvious options. De Bono suggests we leave traditional modes of thought behind.

And, in particular, we must discard any preconceptions that arise from the way a problem is framed.

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In the black pebble story, there are three obvious options that come about from the framing. None of them is satisfactory. So, the girl in the story must change her focus entirely, to find a solution that works for her. Of course they did. But there are limitations. The balance of outcomes is set at the start.

By drawing in alternative options, you can sometimes create a win-win. As a result, Lateral Thinking is a valuable tool for negotiators. Instead of trying to dig deeper, de Bono says find a new place for your hole. Or try building a ladder instead!

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And he has created a set of processes that give us deliberate, systematic, repeatable ways of doing this. When we can get one, we do like a definitive definition, here at Pocketblog. Lateral thinking is the process of using information to bring about creativity and insight restructuring. Lateral thinking can be learned, practised and used. It is possible to acquire skill in it just as it is possible to acquire skill in mathematics. Edward do Bono has spent a large part of his career devising innovative lateral thinking tools.

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He classifies them into four groups:. Beyond de Bono, many other thinkers have taken his ideas of lateral thinking and devised tools to help us.

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My favourite approach for practical use is a card set that provides stimulus for lateral thinking. The digital data explosion has brought many challenges to the business world. Even before managing or analysing the information, companies must first be able to store it. Writing for CFO Online. In fact, Chou said the old corporate computer used to be housed in one room, with adequate supply for power and cooling. Indeed, it has gone beyond the walls of the company itself. Because of this, business professionals tasked with resource optimisation have had to rethink their strategies.

One of the problems, according to Chou, is that many organisations have retained legacy practices from when enterprise computing was simpler. He said groups responsible for managing in-house infrastructure and teams responsible for managing cloud services do not often collaborate, even though the total cost of enterprise computing architecture is interconnected.

Think laterally, act vertically: Lessons at TEDMED

The issue is further exacerbated when disparate teams do not communicate clearly with other areas of the business. Is it in Tornado Alley? TCO: Think vertical As Chou's comments underscore, organisations planning to reduce IT spending must foster collaboration between tech teams as well as work with cloud providers to identify the best points of value. According to Chou, leveraging a range of interconnected expertise and technologies is essential for maintaining total cost of ownership for the modern enterprise computing ecosystem.

For example, the decision to purchase more cloud storage may have an impact on a number of other systems—bandwidth, security, availability, overall performance—and this becomes more complicated as digital assets are migrated to the new technology. Organisations must then determine how critical the data is and implement safeguards such as backup and encryption, which will then impact storage capacity and performance needs.

Through what Seagate calls the strategic application of storage, businesses can optimise performance while keeping costs from spiralling out of control. This approach utilises interconnected technologies to lower TCO from multiple angles, including power usage, downtime reduction, software optimisation and security.

And Seagate technology is positioned to tackle the TCO challenge across the most significant areas. From the perspective of the data centre manager, larger volumes ultimately mean more power usage. PowerChoice technology improves the efficiency of hard disc drives, translating to direct TCO savings.

Vertical thinking - Wikipedia

Many data centres rely on RAID technology to provide redundancy in the event of a disc failure. The problem is that capacities are increasing faster than recovery solutions can keep up. It can take several hours or even days to rebuild the RAID set, and downtime causes companies to lose both time and money.

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This makes it important to factor outages into the TCO of their technology. On the other hand, RAID Rebuild technology makes the recovery process faster and better preserves data integrity by minimising the risk of secondary data loss. Seagate Instant Secure Erase Most businesses store valuable information, whether it takes the form of private employee data or intellectual property. When hard drives leave the data centre, many drives still have information stored on them. This creates a significant risk from potential data leaks, as companies can face regulatory fines and customer lawsuits.