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I also liked the prepper, survival elements. I enjoyed the first book in the trilogy, The Days of Noah, the series where Everett and Jones are first introduced. I do want to continue the story from here to keep track of the characters and their struggles to survive. I recommend this to readers who enjoy apocalyptic stories with a Biblical foundation and no foul language. Audio Notes: Kevin Pierce does a fine job with the narration.

Historical setting

He gives the characters distinct sounds and portrays the personalities set by the author. I really enjoyed listening to this in audio. Short, sweet and fast-paced What can I say? This book is pretty fast paced, even when comparing the last book of the Days of Noah trilogy.

The author Mark Goodwin wrote this series to be a standalone series, but I believe it is far more rewarding to also read The Days of Noah trilogy, then come back and read the first of this Saga. Kevin and Sarah are back, but due to the fact this was written as to also be read on its own, they were introduced as Short, sweet and fast-paced What can I say? Kevin and Sarah are back, but due to the fact this was written as to also be read on its own, they were introduced as though we have never heard of them before.

Having finished The Days of Noah recently, I felt a bit let down by that. The Days of Elijah series is a continuation of the Days of Noah series. In both series, Goodwin takes a realistic look at what the apocalypse might be like for those still here. The Days of Elijah looks into the beginning of the tribulation and how it could affect real-life average people who are just trying to get through day-to-day life.

I have completely enjoyed the realism of the story and how it is set in the current era. If you enjoyed Left Behind, you will love this series which looks eve The Days of Elijah series is a continuation of the Days of Noah series. If you enjoyed Left Behind, you will love this series which looks even deeper into the preparation and day-to-day living in the tribulation. Goodwins books lately. Ive been drawn to read and look more at the Bible and try to understand passages better and open my eyes to the possibility of whats to come or happen hopefully not in my life time!

Jul 09, Beverly Granger rated it it was amazing. I loved this book--it is not heavy like the Left Behind series. Please don't take this to mean I did not like the Left Behind series; it's my favorite series to date.

Robin Mark - Days of Elijah (Lyric Video)

The story line is well written and it is an easy read. I love how this book gives more insight into Elijah the prophet.

Days of Elijah - A True Story : By the Grace of God

I'm excited to read the next book in this series. A very timely message for Americans This book doesn't have the most artistic writing style but the message is what is important and this passes on possibly the most important message most will ever read. Americas days are numbered. The Lord is returning soon. Have your friends and family read this series. Thank you Mark. Aug 31, Dixie rated it it was ok Shelves: audiobook. It was good enough to finish but not good enough to recommend or waste my time reading on in the series. My mom read the entire series and enjoyed it.

I like a little character development, a lot of excitement and less cheese. Mar 16, John V. Interesting concept of end times and conspiracy Great read, interesting characters. However, would it hurt to prepare for a mid or post Tribulation Rapture? Perhaps prepare for your loved ones who may not believe.? Are you ready? Very realistic for fiction. It made me realize why the Bible is so cryptic. Satan knows every word, but does he know what it truly means? This inspires me to study the Word even more diligently to stay one step ahead. A Great Series! Mark Goodwin is an amazing author.

He weaves Biblical prophecies into the lives of contemporary people in such a way that I leave more informed, entertained and growing in my personal faith. I hated for the last book to end! Goodwin wisely wove the WOrd of God into the final battle to bring an ending and glorious beginning to the coming Millennium.


First, I wish I read Days of Noah first. The Days of Elijah is great. Read it! Very thought provoking This is an exciting, fast paced series. The series brings the last days to life as you read. As the prophets words come to pass you begin to ask yourself how you would measure up.

What would the outcome be for you. How or if you would survive. I all most read this in one sitting. It's exciting from end to end. Even tho we don't have hard facts on how the end will be exactly, this does get your thoughts going. Engaging Thought provoking read. A fast paced story that kept me engaged. Even has a Christian I know the direction of the events, it is a surprise to see how they fall into the story's timeline.

Great book, another great series Enjoying these books which aren't filled with foul and vulgar language. Being able to read about this author's ideas of how the Book of Revelation will be fulfilled is very interesting. Be prepared! This book really makes you think about the after life! Are you ready to see what goes on after you die? Accept Christ as your Savior and you will be at peace no matter what happens before you die and after you die! Excellent Book These books are about the people left behind after the rapture of the church. The characters are very well written and you find yourself wanting to see how and what they do when the next disaster strikes.

Interesting read Very interesting read and would love to read sequel. Loved the scripture references and found Elijah a very interesting character. Ending was a bit disappointing. Top Notch!

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Couldn't put it down. Well done Mark Goodwin! The Tribulation begins Fast moving book. Biblically correct and fascinating characters. This book, as was The Days of Noah, is filled with good prepper tips too. Awesome Great read! If you don't know Jesus Christ, after this series you stand without an excuse! I never thought of pretrib, however look at the signs today.

Fabulous This book kept my attention. His Bible knowledge on point. I am buying every book he writes.

Bible Story of Elijah - Verses and Summary

I was so excited when the dead was raised. Excellent insightful book! A must read. The Bible comes alive.

Bible Story of Elijah

It was a history explained in the present age. I am looking forward to reading more from this series. What is this office and work of Elijah? It is one of the greatest and most important subjects that God has revealed. He should send Elijah to seal the children to the fathers, and the fathers to the children. By no means. It was a far greater work. Would you confine your work to the living alone? No: I would refer you to the Scriptures, where the subject is manifest: that is, without us, they could not be made perfect, nor we without them; the fathers without the children, nor the children without the fathers [see Hebrews ].

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This is the power of Elijah and the keys of the kingdom of Jehovah. The first thing you do, go and seal on earth your sons and daughters unto yourself, and yourself unto your fathers in eternal glory. If Elijah did not come, the whole earth would be smitten. He shall send Elijah the prophet, and he shall reveal the covenants of the fathers in relation to the children, and the covenants of the children in relation to the fathers.

He will send Elijah the prophet. Consider these ideas as you study the chapter or as you prepare to teach. In what other ways does He manifest Himself in the temple? What is significant about these differences? What is the sealing power? Why is this power significant to you and your family? What is the Spirit of Elijah? Why was it so important that Elijah come and fulfill his work in these latter days?

What experiences have you had in which you have turned your heart to family members who have died? What can parents do to help their children turn their hearts to their ancestors?