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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Well what I mean is his voice just sounds like Trinity. Never watched the other version. Never had any issues taking it seriously since the film is definitely not a comedy. One of my favourite spaghetti westerns, too. Bud also has a different VA, and the dialogue is different:.

Which One 2 Buy? Dean May 25, , am 5. Sundance Sundance May 26, , am 6. Sundance Sundance May 31, , pm 8. Sundance Sundance June 20, , pm The welcome party is interrupted by a group of pirates who come each year to capture some natives to sell them as slaves, but they do not know that.

Charlie instead is a truck driver making deliveries in various places and ultimately must carry a tank full of dolphins. The two characters meet when some miscreants sabotage Johnny's speedboat. He thinks that it was Charlie who was eating a plate of beans, but in the end they discover that the real culprits are a gang of illegal bookmakers, led by a man known as Paraboulis 'The Greek', who are controlling and rigging every gambling competition in Florida.

The Navy asks Johnny to infiltrate and dismantle the gang of bookmakers, giving him the tip to seek help of former gambler Charlie Firpo. Johnny eventually. Hill's character occasionally ruins the other's hunting safaris. It turns out that Spencer's character is none too honest, either, since he gives his tourists rifles loaded with blanks so they can't hurt each other or the animals.

The two have to team up to stop a villain, with plenty of comedy, eating, and violence. A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe Italian: Un genio, due compari, un pollo is a spaghetti western comedy film directed by Damiano Damiani[2] and Sergio Leone, who directed the opening scene. Lucy loves both men, and they in turn both vie for her affection. Every time the plan seems to be failing, Joe has another trick up his sleeve.

The movie climaxes with a stagecoach chase and a gigantic explosion. They Call Me Renegade is a road movie directed by E. Clucher and starring Terence Hill and his adoptive son Ross. Plot summary "Renegade" Luke Hill , a drifter and petty con artist, lives a free and easy life with no responsibility travelling around the Southwestern United States in his Jeep CJ Renegade with a chestnut colt named Joe Brown. This all comes to an end when his friend Moose Norman Bowler forces Luke to become the legal guardian of Moose's property and his son Matt Ross Hill , while Moose is serving time in jail for a crime he claims he didn't commit.

Both Luke and Matt are reluctant at the idea of accepting the arrangement first, but events quickly spin out of control when Lawson Robert Vaughn tries to get hold of the property, forcing them to rely on each other. Production Filmed in English on location in Phoenix and Flagstaff. Cast and production crew were primarily American and Italian and include local notables such as Phoenix sculpture artist and custom trike builder Al Bank. Boot Hill is the name for a number of cemeteries, chiefly in the American West.

Charlebois was born in Montreal, Quebec.

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His lyrics, often written in joual, are funny, relying upon plays on words. He won the Sopot International Song Festival in In the same year, he performed at the Festival Express train tour in Canada, but did not appear on the documentary film. The Quebec-based microbrewery Un. Plot summary Joseph, son of Israel Jacob and Rachel, lived in the land of Canaan with eleven brothers and one sister.

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He was Rachel's firstborn and Israel's eleventh son. Of all the sons, Joseph was loved by his father the most. Israel even arrayed Joseph with a "long coat of many colors".

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In the first dream, Joseph and his brothers gathered bundles of grain. Then, all of the grain bundles that had been prepared by the brothers gathered around Joseph's bundle and bowed down to it. In the second dream, the sun father , the moon mother. Instead they go to the bank manager Harold — which Bill in the first film disclosed as his partner in setting up the robberies — and announce themselves as Bill to see if they are received.

The banker visits the condemned man Cacopoulos, who is to be hanged the next day, and offers to help him escape if he restores the money. At night the deputy is knifed by two men, who let Cacopoulos out. Antonio Cantafora born 2 February is an Italian film and television actor, sometimes credited as Michael Coby.

Life and career Born in Crotone Calabria Cantafora studied acting with Alessandro Fersen, then he made his film debut in Smith in a brief series of successful action-comedy films that reprise the Bud Spencer-Terence Hill style. One of the robbers was caught, one was found dead, and the third disappeared. The money was never found. Seven years later, the robber who was caught was released from jail.

He immediately went to Miami, only to be found dead the next day. Hannibal Italian: Annibale is a Italian historical adventure film based on the life of Hannibal, starring Victor Mature in the title role. The film was directed by Edgar G.

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Ulmer and Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia. It marks the first film pairing of Terence Hill and Bud Spencer. The crossing is difficult, with many men dying en route, but they manage to pass through, in part because Hannibal forms an allegiance with a local chieftain. Hannibal's troops capture Sylvia, niece of Roman senator Fabius Maximus, and she and Hannibal fall in love. Some of Hannibal's troops oppose the match and an unsuccessful attempt is made on Sylvia's life.

Hannibal also loses an eye during battle. Despite the warnings of Fabius, who suggests avoiding battle and waging a campaign of exhaustion, the decision is made to fight Hannibal out in the open. The consequence is a massive Roman defeat at C. Lucky Luke is a Belgian comic book series that began in Smith, was an American actor.

Burly, bearded and imposing, he appeared in feature films and occasionally on television since the s, generally playing "heavies" and bad guys. He attended Brandeis University but transferred to Florida State University on a football scholarship and graduated in with a B. Career Smith's first acting role was in Exodus, which was filmed in Israel.

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This was his first visit to the country. In , Smith returned t. Among the rebels is the Prince's remarkably handsome and dashing nephew, Tancredi, with whose romantic politics the Prince shares some whimsical sympathy. Moved by the uprising, the Prince departs for nearby Palermo. Garibaldi's army conquers the city and Sicily from the Bourbons.

The Prince muses upon the inevitability of change, with the middle class displacing the hereditary ruling class while on the surface everything remains the same. Refusing to bend to the tide of necessity, the Prince departs for his summer palace a. Terence Hill in Dresden in August Teil as Lt. Giuliano Fineschi Preparati la bara! Miller as Townsperson The New York Times. Brennan, Sandra. Retrieved 11 May Wilske, Dirk Google Books. Badtke, Thomas 11 April Retrieved 24 January German "Old Surehand ". Retrieved 6 September Paola Naldi Get Mean Blu-ray. Blue Underground.

Event occurs at Retrieved 20 February Jeri Jacquin 8 October Imperial Beach Patch. La Repubblica in Italian. Retrieved 12 January McFerran, Damien 25 July Nintendo Life. Gamer Network. Hill, whose stage name was the product of a publicity stunt by film producers, al Folders related to Terence Hill: Italian television directors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Italian male child actors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Italian expatriates in Germany Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Bud Spencer topic Carlo Pedersoli 31 October — 27 June , known professionally as Bud Spencer, was an Italian actor, professional swimmer and water polo player. Spaghetti Western topic Spaghetti Western, also known as Italian Western or Macaroni Western primarily in Japan ,[1] is a broad subgenre of Western films that emerged in the mids in the wake of Sergio Leone's film-making style and international box-office success. The majority of the films were international co-productions b Folders related to Spaghetti Western: Spaghetti Western films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Exploitation films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Film genres Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

The pair reach a small town, where they witness the local sheriff, a large, burly man with a similarly fast drawing ability to Trinity, gunning down three men after they ha Folders related to They Call Me Trinity: Films shot in Abruzzo Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Films about identity theft Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Terence Hill and Bud Spencer Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Terence given name topic Terence is a male given name, derived from the Latin name Terentius.

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Billion topic Mr. He signed director Jonathan Kaplan, just coming Folders related to Mr. Don Matteo topic Don Matteo is an Italian television series that has been airing on Rai 1, Italian national television's first channel, since Troublemakers film topic Troublemakers Italian: Botte di Natale, also known as The Fight Before Christmas is a spaghetti western comedy film. Foster arrives in Paris to assume a new command: to return to the Rif Morocco Folders related to March or Die film : s adventure films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain British adventure films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Films set in deserts Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Lucky Luke TV series topic Lucky Luke also known as The Adventures of Lucky Luke is an Italian western-comedy television series starring Terence Hill that aired in ,[1][2] and was based on the Belgian comic book series Lucky Luke and on a movie with the same title directed and produced by the same Hill in Originally, 13 episodes were planned, but Terence Hill became depressed after his adopted son Ross lost his life in a road a Folders related to Lucky Luke TV series : Lucky Luke Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Television series based on Belgian comics Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s Italian television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

When the four convicts show up and try to rob the family, the mother sneaks around from the back and ushers them out with a shotgun after they are relieved Folders related to Trinity Is Still My Name: Films shot in Abruzzo Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Italian sequel films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Buddy films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Dave, the only Folders related to Super Fuzz: s superhero films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s police comedy films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s buddy cop films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Cat remembers that the gun he used in the duel was handed to him by Bud Folders related to God Forgives Not used with how life is in the small, mount Folders related to Un passo dal cielo: Films directed by Enrico Oldoini Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Italian television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Ad Francis.

Peter Hendon. Method or Madness? Documentary filming Himself. What Ever Happened to Norma Jeane? Himself - Actor. Documentary Himself. Himself - Special Guest.

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Reader voice. Documentary Narrator. Himself voice. Himself - Winner. Quote Reader voice. Oliver O. Chalkey M. Beeson voice. Himself - Gen.

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Howard voice. Himself - Frank H. Mayer voice. Show all 8 episodes. Himself - Conan Letters Reader voice. Various voice. Show all 7 episodes. Himself - Guest. Show all 11 episodes. Show all 9 episodes. Himself - Performer. Peaker Himself - Team Captain. Himself - Audience Bow.

Eli Wallach Himself - Celebrity Contestant. Himself - Mystery Guest. Himself - Adam. Himself - Panelist. Himself - Guest Panelist. Sheldon Dodge uncredited. Himself - Singer. Related Videos. Directed by Tony Richardson. Also in cast: Joan Plowright. Alternate Names: Ely Wallach.