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A device that she invented would trick her guests into thinking that smoke and lightning would initiate inside the tent. It is unknown whether or not Count Olaf realized that she was a fraud.

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Madame Lulu was originally, as Olivia Caliban, a member of V. It is known that Captain Widdershins taught her how to read codes on stained maps. It is unclear what side of the schism Madame Lulu was loyal to if she chose a side at all. Madame Lulu said that she just likes giving people what they want. Madame Lulu is aware that Caligari Carnival may close if they do not get enough customers.

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She hires the Baudelaire orphans disguised as freaks to work there. The next morning they discover that when Olaf asked Madame Lulu "Is one Baudelaire parent still alive? Members using a phone disguised as a lamp and answered: "Yes, one is up in the Mortmain Mountains. Olaf gifts her a pack of lions , saying that if one of the freaks is devoured, it will boost the popularity of the Carnival.

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The orphans go back to Lulu's tent to search for clues. They first discover the V. The mysterious effects behind her fortune telling turn out to be no more than ropes and pulleys. They accidentally break Lulu's crystal ball when trying to lift the tablecloth higher to get a better glimpse of the archival library, and they are discovered when Lulu comes in.

Harper Lee's 'lost' novel was intended to complete a trilogy, says agent

Lulu breaks down and throws off her disguise, revealing herself as a woman named Olivia who just wants to give people what they want. She is a member of V. Olivia discovers that the children are actually the Baudelaires in disguise when Klaus lets slip that Olivia made a prediction regarding the Baudelaires' parent. The Baudelaires admit to their identity and plan to travel with Olivia to the Mortmain Mountains to determine if one of their parents is really alive. Though Olivia did say to Count Olaf that one of the Baudelaires' parents is alive, she is not actually sure and only suggested the Mortmain Mountains as their possible location as that is one of the few remaining V.

Violet plans to invent a vehicle made from the cars from the nearby roller coaster and the fan belt from the lightening effects Olivia used in her fortune telling that would enable them to escape from the carnival and travel up the Mortmain Mountains. If they do that, they will be made part of Count Olaf's theater troupe and have an exciting career as a criminal. Madame Lulu, along with the Bald Man with the Long Nose , died after falling into the pit of lions during the skirmish at the carnival.

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Not wanting to watch her being eaten by lions, the Baudelaires silently walked away from the crowd. Crying and distressed, they found themselves at Madame Lulu's tent. Later, when the Baudelaires are riding in a caravan up the mountain, Olaf reveals that before her demise, Madame Lulu told him that the Baudelaires disguised themselves as freaks. She started going through it, and right underneath, as part of the manuscript, was this other one. Beautifully crafted — the language and the passion and the humour, and of course the politics, that you know her for.

She questioned — is this really good? Are you sure?

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And when we said yes, she said if you think so, do it. Quite honestly, she was surprised by the discovery and bemused that somebody might be interested in an earlier book. But once she knew it was deemed publishable, she was completely for it.

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