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Siren Song

Mar 19, Bib rated it really liked it. Impressive debut novel, the hurting and healing process in the novel is really moving. Sep 03, BeniGee rated it it was amazing. This first novel is a lovely story of what can happen after 18 years of marriage, when two people have drifted apart and stopped communicating with one another. Cass and Helen seem to have everything lovely homes, good satisfying jobs, as well as being comfortably well off, but seem to have lost that art of communicating with each other, especially when troubled.

This leads to misunderstandings and separation. Can they find the way back to each other? This story is very well written, the plot and This first novel is a lovely story of what can happen after 18 years of marriage, when two people have drifted apart and stopped communicating with one another. This story is very well written, the plot and characters being totally realistic, showing that there is more to a relationship than 'Happy Ever After'and that for it to work there has to be communication, trust, friendship as well as true love.

I look forward to reading more of Penelope Grey's work. Apr 06, Inger rated it it was amazing.

One of the best romance novels I have read!! Helen and Cassandra are classy ladies and Penelope tells a well rounded love story. Her first I can't believe it!!! Jul 03, Tori Thompson rated it it was amazing. Infinity's Song is a fantastic book! I am admittedly biased, I know the author, live on Whidbey Island, and own the nail salon mentioned in the book. I read this book because Penelope wrote it, and I trust her. Penelope tells a great story, I liked the characters, and their relationship. I liked that it was an established couple, not the usual new romance pattern. The couple has been together years, and still has issues, like couples do!

They don't have a perfect life, have booth been struggling Infinity's Song is a fantastic book! They don't have a perfect life, have booth been struggling with issues that have taken a long time to appear and get dealt with. There is misunderstanding, anger and frustration between them. All very realistic! Not all relationships are perfect, even after so many years. The extra characters are well developed too, the club setting is great. The background stories for both Cass and Helen seem realistic to me, and would cause the drama that developes between them, they should have dealt with it sooner but didn't.

That's what makes the story real.

Then there is the fact that the book is set on Whidbey Island were I live, and in Seattle were I have lived for most of my life! Penelope nailed it! What you read about in this book, the details about island life, the unique way we refer to things, the local life, the newspaper details, casualness of dress, is all dead on accurate! The parts in Seattle where they are out and about are accurate, but not as detailed as the island parts.

My pet peeve is books set in areas I am familiar with that don't get it right. This is so not the case with this book! What you read about Whidbey in this book is really how it is! The sex in this book is perfect, just enough, not too much, detailed but not overwhelming, appropriate for the relationship and setting, and worked just fine for me.

It felt appropriate for the couple, they have not been intimate in a long time and need to reconnect physically and emotionally. Penelope shows that reconnection, I totally got it. I like the emotional connection that sex shows, as well as the pure raw physical release, the sex in this book was of the emotional kind and worked well.

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I'm looking forward to more in this series, watching Penelope develop as a writer is going to be fun! I've read books from authors who have been writing for many years that don't write as well as Penelope. Give her a chance! Jul 03, Kennedy rated it really liked it Shelves: not-enjoyable-will-not-read-again. Long term relationships can be a challenge. Are we growing together? Are we growing apart? Though Eogan does pull away at points, his feelings for Nym are always clear and always present. Because of what happened to him when he was younger, it makes his love for her all the more vulnerable and precious.

I like that we get to see them together a lot in this book. They may butt heads and disagree, but it's that banter I've always found endearing, and they share quite a few passionate kisses that left me breathless. There's another romance here as well that completely surprised me, but I found myself enjoying it very much. I wish there could be a novella about them now!

Even with the character development and romance, there's plenty going on plot-wise as well. The Draewulf will stop at nothing to conquer the five kingdoms, doing so in a truly horrific way. I wasn't sure who was going to be sacrificed along the way or which characters, if any, would redeem themselves, as Nym, Eogan, and their allies plot against him. It all culminates into a final scene worthy of a fantasy series. Mary Weber has clicked everything into place in surprising and creative ways, and now it's just a matter of how things will end.

I was on the edge of my seat until that very last page! I've said this twice already, but if you're looking for your next fantasy series, definitely pick up The Storm Siren Trilogy. The story, the characters, and the writing style impressed me so much, and I can't wait to see what the author has in store for her readers next! Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for approving my request in exchange for my honest review.

This review can also be found at Love at First Page. Jun 26, Sara Ella rated it it was amazing. It's REALLY hard for me to say anything about this epically fabulous conclusion to this stellar series without giving spoilers. Because I don't want you to even be tempted to peek at what the ending is. I will not be responsible for ruining what is one of the best, jaw-dropping endings I have ever read in the history of YA fantasy.

But I will say this: If you love suspense, romance, diversity, gorgeous w It's REALLY hard for me to say anything about this epically fabulous conclusion to this stellar series without giving spoilers. But I will say this: If you love suspense, romance, diversity, gorgeous world building, strong female heroines, and swoony male leads, "Siren's Song" the entire trilogy, actually is for you. Don't ask me how in the world you could be satisfied AND want more in the same breath, but that's Mary Weber for you.

Her books are magic. Apr 14, Mlpmom Book Reviewer rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle-books , arc-book-read. Weber created a world completely futuristic, fantastic, and so out there that is was hard not to get swept up in the realism that manages to both be believable and unbelievable at the same time. With a cast of strong characters and a fast moving plot, this series is something to stand up and take notice of. This truly is one of those rare series that not only grabs you and holds you from the first page but each consecutive book, only gets better.

And this last book truly was unbelievabl 4. And this last book truly was unbelievable and by far, my favorite of the series. Fast paced, plot driven and with a swoon worthy romance that gets better with time, this was an outstanding conclusion to what has become a favorite series for me and one I won't be forgetting soon. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Lots of love Nick Jan 14, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley , arc , magic , young-adult , ya , romantic , kindle , own , march , fantasy. The choices are few and the cost high! Can she raise an army, control her power and destroy Draewulf or will he take her and make her is means to destroy the world she is fighting to protect. Nym is strong, faithful and although she takes a licking, she keeps on going.

She is the rock that will have to hold them all together. I truly admired her as heroine in this tale. Who doesn't love a kick butt heroine with magical powers. Eogan is a great and loyal romantic interest who has been scarred by his encounter with Draewulf. More secretive and less open, Eogan must face the demon's of his past encounter with Draewulf if he wants to survive the next. Bottomline, this young adult story has strong characters that you can really get behind. The pace and action kept me reading till the wee hours.

I really enjoyed reading Siren Song and would recommend this series to any young adult romantic fantasy fans. This book is set for publication March 1, Jun 24, Tracey Dyck rated it it was amazing Shelves: realm-makers , reads , owned. My thoughts are all incoherent after that heart wrenching ending.

So suffice it to say that: A Nym has come so far! B I love Kel and Eogan and Rasha and Tannin and Gilford and even Myles who reminded me of Loki just a little bit C there were some seriously intense moments here D my heart is still beating harder E in true Mary Weber style, that ending was thematically magnificent Great trilogy! View 2 comments. Siren's Song is the third book in the Storm Siren Trilogy. Since this is the last in the series I won't go too much into the detail of this book so as not to include spoilers. Siren's Song does pick up right after the ending of Siren's Fury.

The trilogy is about Nym who is a female elemental in a world where there has never been a female elemental before. She has hid her entire life because elemental are considered dangerous and if found they would be killed. Nym is bought in a slave auction and trained to use her powers to hopefully save her world. All three books in the series are a continuation of the story of Nym trying to do just that. I have to say there are some things I really loved about this series but also some things that I didn't.

One thing that I found was that for me the books would start to drag a bit in each. Siren's Song was not exception to this which brought my rating down a bit. Also, I think a part of what I missed while reading was an earlier character that didn't continue on in the story, it kind of left out a bit of a spark I felt earlier in the series. For the things I really like though, one would be the covers of the series. Another round of applause to whoever designed these as they are certainly beautiful. Also, the entire series had wonderful world building, intriguing characters, action and plot.

Overall, a good ending to an intriguing series. I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Nov 01, Galaxy Adventurer rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorite , most-anticipated , got-for-review , books-i-own , Well I guess first off Things I didn't like: Oh wait there was one thing I didn't like, and that was view spoiler [That Kenan and Tannin died :,,,,,,,,,,, hide spoiler ] So I don't know what else to say without spoiling it Oh and then there's the amazing and cute little boy Kel, he is so cute!

Also Rasha and Myles, that was kinda surprising but they are actually really cute together. I hope Sedric finds someone because he is an amazing king. I really don't know what else to say, this book and series was amazing and I love it so much! Feb 23, Shantelle rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in , gruesome-violent , reviewed , fantasy , young-adult , romance. Okay, I don't even know what to rate this book.

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So in the beginning, I was having a hard time connecting, for some reason or another. At one point in the end, I was internally screaming and promising myself I would sell my copy of Siren's Fury because I hate this ending! I just don't know. It starts off with Nymia still battered from the events of the last book Amidst action, suspense, and great, dark battles, this book ties up the story along with a big dose of shock and craziness. Like usual. I was a tad lost, and just not feeling the story.

There wasn't much for action in the beginning either It could have certainly been my mood as well! I don't know about anyone else, but I'm really missing the details of the fantasy world that the first book seemed so rich in! Siren's Song got a little of that back, but not enough for my taste!

I wanted to immerse myself in this world, and I just couldn't quite do it. All in all, I was over fifty percent through when I finally started really getting into the story and enjoying it. After I got to that point, I was eager to pick up this book again and again. I forget his name shame on me!!

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He's still ever present in Siren's Song , and I just Favorite character for sure! I miss Colin soooooo much!!!!!! It's a pretty powerful message! The Creator is mentioned more, though the characters have yet to develop any kind of deep relationship with Him. Heaven is talked about briefly. And Nym does seem on the verge of a spiritual break-through. His power. She surrenders to Him. She also glimpses the beauty of heaven, and longs for it. It was only a few paragraphs perhaps, but a powerful bit.

The romance was a little iffy to me. Young adult can generally be that way, in my opinion. I felt there was too much physical stuff without any commitment. But their devotion to each other is clear. I do wish happiness for this couple! Some heated scenes. A lot of it I just didn't prefer. The ending sentence of the book was a little edgy, but it did make me laugh! Lots of "swearing". It's made-up swear words of a fantasy world, as I gather, but still. Caution to younger and sensitive readers. Many parts are not for the faint of heart!

Especially near the end. I was so sickened and enraged and sorrowed and just But what does one expect from a monster bent on consuming evil and destroying the world? I enjoyed seeing Nym's backstory. Draewulf's horrible plan. All that. It certainly was interesting! Oh yes, and then the part where I nearly lost it and sold Siren's Fury. I could hardly bear it. Just wait until you read it. That all being said, I think I'm going to settle with 3.

It was a powerful conclusion I just wasn't all the way there for a lot of the time. However, fans of this series will love it, I'm sure! Get ready for some craziness and emotion, my devoted friends. View all 16 comments. Jul 31, Alyssa rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , young-adult , pre-order-worthy , clean-romance , safe-fiction , most-anticipatedreleases. About the Book Nym and Draewulf prepare to face off in a battle destined to destroy more lives than it saves.

My Review Here we are, at the end of a long three year journey through Nym's story. It's been wild Nym. Siren's Song is the third and final installment of Mary Weber's fantasy trilogy. There is so much I want to talk about but I won't because This trilogy is probably one of the best I have ever read and if you haven't started this series yet I recommend that you do. Amazing world building, romance, and suspense flood these pages. I found myself while reading Siren's Song laughing, crying, and my heart pounding in my chest. Note I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for a review.

View 1 comment. Thanks to Netgalley and Thomas Nelson for giving me this book to review. Nym is raising an army of peasants but will this alo Thanks to Netgalley and Thomas Nelson for giving me this book to review. Nym is raising an army of peasants but will this along with her elemental powers be enough to stop Draewulf and his dark plans?

It is action-packed, romantic and fast paced but I did not feel like it was as good as the first novel. As I had not read the first two books in a while I found it hard to remember what was happening and who everyone is. Nym is resilient, stubborn and is determined to stop Draewulf, but she is also compassionate, selfless and wants to protect people. Eogan is brave and is still affected by being possessed by Draewulf, however, I did get annoyed at him keeping things to himself and not talking to Nym.

I also like Kel as he was sweet and cute and behaved just like most 7 year olds in that situation would do. This is a good ending to the series and I look forward to reading more books from Mary Weber. This and my other reviews can be found at Amethyst Bookwyrm Aug 21, Jaye Knight rated it it was amazing. I finished this days ago, but kept forgetting to get a review written! But here it is finally! This book picks up pretty much where book two left off. What I can say is that I think Mary Weber is fantastic at wri I finished this days ago, but kept forgetting to get a review written!

What I can say is that I think Mary Weber is fantastic at writing first person point of view. Of course, this series might not be for everyone. There was a lot of violence and, especially in book two, things felt pretty dark at depressing at times. The romance might be a bit over the top for some readers too. That said, I very much enjoyed the series. It felt very unique to me—kind of a cross between fantasy, steampunk, and X-Men.

And it ends on a lighter note that makes up for the darkness that was present in parts of it. Actually, the very last line had me laughing out loud. I think it was a fantastic way to bring it to a close. I received a copy of this book free from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review. Oct 29, Nemo The Moonlight Library rated it really liked it Shelves: source-author , read , sts , published , beautiful-covers. I absolutely adored the first book in this series, Storm Siren.

I found Siren's Fury , the second book, to be largely a waste of time. What I liked about this book was the relationship with Nym and Eogan. I loved the worldbuilding, especially seeing the incredible beauty of the city of Cashlin made almost entirely out of glass. I loved how the other characters had their own ideas of what should be happening. She fought for everything she ever received, and for that she has my respect. We love having a pool at the house which is a bonus.

We would definitely stay at this house again and rent from Theresa's Beach Homes. The home was stunning!

Sirens Song Book Trailer

Beach access was easy and we had great ocean and sunset views being just across the street from the beach. The park at Eagles Harbor was beautiful, both ocean and bay side! The road construction into the Cape was nearly complete during our visit. We shopped downtown at several of the shops and picked up several cute pieces at Magnolias.

Of course we shopped at Blue Water too! Every place we ate was amazing!!! This has to be the best vacation ever very well maintained home and the cape is the best been vacation here for 8 years really just feel in love with the area and the people such a great place to go and Terri is really great to work with. Also dan at perfect cast charters is great for a fishing guide I cannot say enough about cape san blas I absolutely love it there. Sirens' Song did not disappoint!

The Cape was as wonderful as ever. It is a beautiful home and has all the comforts of home. The pool was warm and the beach was very clean. We enjoyed both. Beautifully decorated and would use again! Everything on the Cape was great especially the donuts at the trading post! Great place to stay beautiful home. We travel to the Cape every year and we always stay at a different home. Teresa and Terri are awesome to work with. Thank you. We have stayed in this home the last 5 years!

We love the house- everything provided you need for a great vacation. Owners continue to update furnishings and bedding!

infinitys song sirens song book 1 Manual

Beautiful gulf and bay views. Community has really great amenities! Highly recommend Sirens Song! This was our first stay at Siren's Song and won't be our last! It was such a beautiful home in a quiet, private neighborhood with lots of amenities. The beach was just a short walk over the boardwalk and the bay side pool area was beautiful with a large infinity pool to lay out at. There was a also a great fire pit area for making smores at night too! Our dog loves to lay in the sand at the beach and explore around the bay.

The weather could have been a little warmer, but the home's heated pool was definitely a plus, even though it had a hard time keeping it warm because of the cool temps! We have rented several homes through Teresa's Beach Homes and have been so happy with their friendliness and attentiveness when needed. We can't wait to go back and make more memories! Thanks again to Teresa and Terri for everything!

Cindy, Yes, Mother Nature was not very kind to our vacationing guests last week. Temps in the 40s in March?! It can only keep up when the lows are in the 50s or greater. We're so glad to have you in this week and we wanted to thank you for how well you left the home. We hope to have you vacation with us again in the future.

We stayed in Sirens Song few years ago! Great house! Great location and views from the deck every morning with my cup of coffee! Two families, plenty of room for all of us! Great proximity to community pool and walk to ice cream!!