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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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This was the third straight summer that I traversed the trails along the James River, in search of pawpaws. Two years ago, I learned to identify the trees; last year, I honed in on the harvest season; this year, I finally got my paws on some pawpaws. Skinny trunks, massive oval leaves, and fruit that looks kind of like green potatoes. The ones that are ripe will fall off the tree if shaken, but the drop to the gravel walkways along the James is perilous and typically results in damage to the fruit.

And then the insects come…. I was fortunate to discover some low-hanging fruit, but also some areas near a creek where the pawpaws could fall and land softly. I filled several bags with fruit and returned to the cidery, where we scooped the flesh away from the skin and removed the seeds before co-fermenting the pawpaw with Gold Rush apple cider… in a barrel provided to us by Vasen Brewing, who had previous used the barrel to age a grapefruit tripel.

One of my favorite aspects of the Foraging Series is giving relatively unknown fruit a little moment in the sun. I was not familiar with pawpaws until I moved back to Virginia six years ago, even though I grew up in Ohio — a state with pawpaws aplenty. The texture is creamy and custard-like, with a flavor akin to tropical fruits such as mango and banana. From a creative standpoint, one of our many blessings as a cidery is the freedom to incorporate fruit other than apples into our recipes.

Mill Race Bramble, for example, was the first berry-infused cider in Virginia when originally released in The challenge is to push the envelope and continue creating fresh and unique recipes. Fanfare, our wild mulberry cider, was inspired by a neighborhood tree dropping purple fruit onto the brick sidewalk in our old Manchester home.

And now, we are pleased to introduce Aplomb, a barrel-aged cider featuring sugar plums picked in the suburbs. Over the course of two summers, I picked about 90 pounds of plums with assistance from Mackenzie Smith and Nicole Martorana my coworkers , and Suzanne Robertson my cosmic mate. Compared to the tiny mulberry, plums are gloriously heavy and provide instant gratification as they fill buckets. My picking method was similar to the mulberry approach: place a tarp on the ground, get up in the tree, and shake branches. This fall, our cidermaker Taylor transferred gallons of Winesap apple cider to two wine barrels provided by Early Mountain Vineyards.

In early November, we hosted Brittany Mullins of the popular Eating Bird Food website and social media empire to help crush the plums into the barrels, then we aged the concoction for three months before carbonating and bottling. We will release it on Saturday, March April freezes decimated our mulberry crop in and , killing the fruit before it could ripen on the tree.

But not this year. The season was a little shorter than usual — about three weeks in June — but we collected pounds of mulberries this year with assistance from our lovely fans and Cider Club members. More than half came from the stately mulberry tree at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens , and after back-to-back failed seasons, it feels particularly triumphant to finally bring this collaboration to fruition.

It certainly takes the sting out of the mosquito bites, berry-stained clothes and my annual bout with poison ivy! We also tried a new production approach, allowing the mulberry haul to dictate the batch size. In the past, we reserved a certain number of cider gallons and hoped for the best with the mulberry pick. We were inspired by our Virginia Berry Cider Jam in April , when we shared a tiny Fanfare batch using the meager harvest of mulberries that we had collected and frozen over the past two summers. As it turned out, packing about 10 pounds of mulberries into a five-gallon carboy resulted in a version of Fanfare that we had always envisioned but never pulled off — deep purple color with a vibrant, juicy berry flavor.

We applied that same concept to this new batch, infusing pounds of mulberries into gallons of cider. This will also kick off our Foraging Series, four new releases featuring four unique foraged fruits: mulberries in January, plums in February, paw paws in March, and persimmons in April. Check back soon for blog posts on each cider! A perfect example is Fanfare, our cider infused with mulberries. This tree fruit typically sets and ripens in the spring, with a picking season from Memorial Day to July 4 th.

Unless, of course, Mother Nature surprises us with a late freeze in April, and buckets of rain in May. But this season, there is a ray of sunshine and optimism. The trees were guarded and wary during the spring, refusing to set fruit until April.

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The berries have developed beautifully through May, and in two weeks, we have already collected 60 pounds of mulberries. Compare that to our grand total from the past two years combined: 15 pounds! We are beyond thrilled to announce that the vintage of Fanfare — finally, three years in the making — will be a collaboration with Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.

But we also need your help! One of our favorite aspects of Fanfare is that it truly is a community project. Look for dark purple mulberries on trees. A visual tip for locating a mulberry tree: fallen berries on the sidewalk or street under a tree. Pick only the ripest berries, or place a tarp beneath the branches and shake — the ripe berries will fall from the tree on to the tarp. Please note that mulberry picking is a marathon, not a sprint. This is a labor of persistence perhaps even obsession, some would say.

There are no mulberry orchards or patches, so find those wild trees and commence harvesting. After what seems like the longest winter of my life, I am ready to celebrate sunshine and flowers. It is just lovely to look at! And it captures the mood of freshening and new life that is all around us. These types of apples tend to be highly astringent and the compounds that give them their color, anthocyanins, tend to be extremely unstable.

Most of the time, red-fleshed apples will ultimately create a yellow or straw-colored cider. Please savor it! And please savor these beautiful spring days while they last. I, for one, know that I needed it. Since we opened five years ago, the tasting order for customers has been a constant topic of discussion. In the earliest days, I was too afraid to follow the traditional driest to sweetest protocol. With some sage advice from Uncle Myles , we went ahead and put it first. And of course, he was right. We know this because people started buying it more! A more current debate among our team about tasting order has been how to present apple-only fine ciders alongside more experimental infusions.

So we have tended to intersperse the apple-only among the infusions and vice versa. However, this spring we are making what feels like a bold move. We are splitting the apple-only ciders into their own flight in the tasting room.

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And it is also intended to give consumers the opportunity to put themselves in the path of history. So we are going to trust people to take the time to really soak that in and appreciate it. Experimental ciders will still be an option, of course. They are among our best sellers and Blue Bee broke new regulatory and flavor ground on infusions in the early days. We are proud of that too!

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So while we have the ciders in stock, you can expect to see these ciders on the menu:. In many ways, I still think of myself as a cider purist. I love working with apple trees and all the ways that cider apples vary from one another. I fully accept the point of view that the apple alone is, and should be, enough for any true cider — most of the time. The creation of Hopsap Shandy in the summer of was the first time I wandered down the path of infusions a story for another time.

Not long after that, another opportunity to try again came about. But, there is a fine line between being in control and being controlled, in Tessa's effort to achieve perfection. Contains mature themes and some language in context. Beauty is in the walking, The Everyone thinks they know what Jacob O'Leary can and can't do, and they're not shy about telling him either. But, no one, not even Jacob, knows what he's truly capable of. When a shocking and mystifying crime leaves his small country town reeling, and fingers start pointing at a young Muslim boy at his school, Jacob is convinced the police have accused the wrong guy.

He's determined to prove it, and himself, to everyone. Challenging book; usually read by students in Years 9, 10 and above. Because of you Tiny is an eighteen-year-old girl living on the streets of Sydney, running from her small-town past. She finds short-term accommodation at Hope Lane - a shelter for the homeless - where she meets Nola, a high school student on volunteer placement.

Both girls share their love of words through the Hope Lane writing group. Can they share their secrets, too? Because you'll never meet me There are truths you can only tell a stranger, and this friendship is the strangest. Ollie and Moritz are best friends, but they can never meet, because if they ever did, one of them will most certainly die. As recluses from society, they develop a fierce bond through letters that become a lifeline. But when Moritz reveals the key to their shared, disturbing past, their friendship faces a test neither one of them expected. Becoming Aurora Sixteen year old Rory Aurora is at the crossroads in her life.

While her gang plans its next move in a racially motivated turf war, Rory refuses to reveal their names and takes the rap for an attack on the local immigrant community. She is sentenced to community care in an aged care facility. There, she meets resident and ex-boxer Jack, an encounter that leads her to Essam, a young migrant boxer, who will challenge her prejudices and force her to address the mistakes of her past.

Some violence. Usually read by Years 9, 10 or above. Becoming Billy Dare When his mother dies, Paddy runs away from school and stows on a ship sailing to Australia. In his new land, Paddy is willing to try anything and has many jobs until he finally discovers what he really wants to do.

Becoming Buddha: the story of Siddhartha Find out how Prince Siddhartha grew in knowledge and enlightenment to become Buddha, one of the greatest religious influences on the world. Adopted at birth by a white family, Kirrali doesn't question her cultural roots until a series of life-changing events force her to face up to her true identify. Her decision to search for her biological parents sparks off a political awakening that no one sees coming, least of all Kirrali.

Bee-man of Orn, The The Bee-man is happy with his lot until he learns from a Junior Sorcerer that he was once something else and has been transformed. But what was he? The Bee-man sets out on a quest to discover the answer. Been here all along Gideon always had a plan. His plans include running for class president, leading the yearbook committee and having his choice of colleges. They do not include falling head over heels for his best friend and next-door neighbour, Kyle.

Kyle finally feels like he has a handle on life. He has a wonderful girlfriend, a best friend willing to debate the finer points of Lord of the Rings and social acceptance as captain.

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Then both Ruby and Gideon start acting weird Beetle boy When his dad mysteriously goes missing from his job as Director of Science at the Natural History Museum, Darkus Cuttle moves in with his eccentric uncle. Next door live two lunatic cousins with an enormous beetle infestation.

But, the beetles are anything but ordinary. They're an amazing, intelligent super species, and they're in danger of being exterminated. Darkus and his friends must save the beetles. But, they're up against the mad scientist of fashion and haute couture, Lucretia Cutter, who has dastardly plans for the bugs. Beetle soup: Australian stories and poems for children An anthology of Australian stories and poems with whimsical pictures. Before they were famous series Historical fiction, easily read but with mature and fascinating content that gives an insight into the people who have shaped history.

Before you forget Year Twelve is not off to a good start for Amelia. Art is her world, but her art teacher hates everything she does; her best friend has stopped talking to her; her mother and father may as well be living in separate houses; and her father is slowly forgetting everything. Even Amelia. This anthology has them all.

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Beginner's guide to revenge, The At just thirteen, Romola has changed school five times and always has trouble making friends. By chance, she meets Sebastian and they help each other resolve some serious feelings of injustice. Romola is having trouble with some friends who are being mean to her and Sebastian is missing his dad. If someone did something very hurtful to you and you had a perfect way to pay them back, would you do it? Romola and Sebastian have to make just such a decision. Beginner's luck Shelby and her friends are horse mad.

Blue Tillie Glatz and Bella Hoffheins

Shelby must find a new home for her horse, Blue, who has been evicted from his paddock or her parents will get rid of him. Behemoth The behemoth is the fiercest creature in the British navy. The Darwinists will need it now they are at war with the Austrian Clanker powers. Alek, heir to the Austrian throne, is posing as a commoner while Deryn Sharp, a girl, is posing as a boy in the British Air Service. Despite their different philosophies, the pair unite aboard the airship Leviathan, hoping to end the war.

Being Bee Bee isn't about to change just because her dad is going to remarry. However, when Jazz starts living with dad earlier than expected, Bee knows things will change whether she likes it or not. An unlikely source helps her come to terms with the situation. Being Bindy This is what happens when your worst enemy, who used to be your best friend, threatens to become your sister. Bindy makes some tough decisions as she faces adolescence and the problems caused by her parents' new relationships. Being here Sixteen year old Carly is interviewing Leah Cartwright for her local history project.

Leah resists, determined to tell her own story of a lonely child on an isolated farm, whose only escape is in the world of books. Carly is drawn into the story about Leah's present, past, secrets, an unlikely boy who changes everything, and a rich imagination that rescues her from a grim reality. Includes some violence and adult themes. Being Jack Jack is in Year 6 now and still loves his photography, surfing and crazy family.

Things are going well for him, particularly at school where he isn't bullied any more. But, he notices that his best friend, Christopher, is starting to miss school, hiding out and avoiding everyone. When a football match turns ugly and Jack and Christopher witness some unfair dirty play, they know that, again, the bullying has to stop.

Being Miss Nobody Rosalind wants to talk, she really does, but the only place she can is home. At school or anywhere in public, no matter how badly she wants to, her words get stuck and refuse to come out. Unsurprisingly, this has had a big impact on her life and as a consequence, she has no friends. You can imagine how tough it is for her, then, when she starts in Year 7 at Manor High. Pretty much instantly she is the target of bullies and her life becomes even more miserable than it already was. But a new therapist, and her little brother's total faith in her, lead Rosalind to becoming Miss Nobody - an online voice for the nobodies, the victims, the sad kids.

And, at first, this seems to be a real step forward in her fight to be 'normal'. But then Miss Nobody's fame starts to morph into something more sinister. Is Miss Nobody actually just as much of a bully as the real bullies? Any two books from this series may be read as Challenge books; up to five more can be read as personal choice books. See Series lists for individual titles. Bellmaker, The Vicious Foxwolf, a fox who long ago discovered the body of a wolf and skinned it to wear as his own, is holding Mariel and Dandin captive. The pair are at the mercy of the evil despot and have only one hope of survival.

Belonging This wordless picture book, with exquisite collage illustrations, explores the re-greening of a city, the role of community and the significance of children, family and neighbourhood in changing the urban environment. Bend it like Beckham A novelisation of the film screen play in which a young Indian girl's talent for soccer is discovered.

The issues, of cultural expectations of girls and the problems of living between two cultures, are raised. Beneath Quentaris Nisha is a young, untrained fire magician in the beguiling city of Quentaris. Nisha is troubled by her erratic powers. Benjamin Franklin: revolutionary inventor Benjamin Franklin was a man of many talents. He was a scientist who experimented with electricity, a diplomat who served as envoy to France and negotiated peace with England, a mapmaker, printer and writer.

He signed both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and established America's first hospital. Their business of scavenging fishing tackle leads to a very dangerous encounter. Beowulf A translation of the classic, Anglo-Saxon epic of warriors, dragons and monsters composed between the 7th and 10th centuries. Usually read by students in years 9, 10 and above. Beowulf Beowulf, the fearless warrior battles three evils that terrorise the entire kingdom of Denmark.

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He slays Grendel the merciless ogre and his vengeful sea hag mother. In his old age, Beowulf faces a bloody struggle with the deadly dragon of the deep in which he may not be as successful as in his youth. Beowulf: graphic novel Gareth Hinds' Beowulf is a beautiful graphic novel, with some violent scenarios, remaining true to the classic Norse saga about Beowulf.

He tackles a dragon with tragic consequences leaving questions about the real cost of his sacrifice. Best ballgirl, The When Kristen discovers that her tennis hero, Maggie Stephenson, is playing in a tournament at her tennis club, she is desperate to be chosen as one of the ballgirls. But, her arch rival, Sally, looks set to sabotage Kristen's chances of appearing on centre court and to steal the guy that she likes a lot. Best day of my life, The In Jharia, India,Valli spends her days picking up coal and fighting with her cousins.

Her family won't let her go to school and there's never enough food. When Valli discovers that her 'aunt' is a stranger who was paid to take her, she leaves Jharia and begins a new life, surviving on the streets of Kolkata. A chance encounter with a doctor may change her life but Valli must decide if she trusts enough to accept help. Best mate Joy and heartbreak combine in this bittersweet tale of a champion greyhound's journey through life as he passes from owner to owner.

A wonderful story of the bond between a pet and three families who get back much more than they could have imagined from allowing a dog into their lives. This book is also known as Born to Run. Beth: the story of a child convict After being caught stealing on the streets of London, Beth is sent to Australia as a child convict on the First Fleet.

Through Beth's story, we discover the unbearable hardships those first convicts suffered, not only on the long journey to Sydney Cove but also in the two years of near-famine following their arrival. A story inspired by the life of the youngest female convict with the First Fleet. Better Nate than ever Thirteen year old Nate Foster doesn't enjoy his life. He is nothing like his sporty brother, his strict parents seem to be close to divorce and he's bullied about his weight and sexuality Nate is currently undecided.

With his love of Broadway musicals, Nate grabs a chance to escape when he hears about an audition. As his naive plan disintegrates, Nate stays just one step ahead of disaster while keeping his sense of humour. Between shades of gray In , fifteen year old Lina is preparing for art school and looking forward to summer. When the Soviet secret police invade her home and forcibly remove Lina, her mother and brother, they must fight for their lives.

They are transported via cattle trucks from Lithuania to remote Siberia in a harrowing, violent journey. It is also a story of incredible courage and strength. Includes violence and cruelty. Between the lives Sabine is an eighteen year old caught between two lives. Her life in Wellesey is the almost perfect world, a place of glamorous friends, all you could want and a doting boyfriend. Her other life in Roxbury is less than perfect and here she is considered by many as a rebel, out of place. Every twenty-four hours on the stroke of midnight, Sabine moves between worlds.

Your aunt and uncle told you to stay out of their basement. So, of course, you check it out. That's where you find the dusty old refrigerator. In the fridge there are two containers. One is filled with purple goop. It smells just like a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich. The other holds a piece of chocolate cake. Your stomach is growling. If you eat the purple goop, you start shrinking.

Pretty soon you're battling it out with a gigantic monster - a mouse! If you choose the cake, you grow into a tall giant. Now you're trying to escape the police, who are convinced you're a mutant alien! Beware of the storybook wolves This book with colourful illustrations and an interesting layout will tell you what to do if the wolves ever escape from your storybook. Beware, the snowman Sherpia is a cold, cold place. It is a tiny village on the edge of the Arctic Circle, and there is lots of snow.

When Jaclyn moves into Sherpia, she soon finds that it's not just the snow that freezes the blood in Sherpia. Beyond the bright sea Crow was just a baby when she was tied into a boat and pushed out to sea. When she washes up onto a tiny island, there are just 3 clues to her origin; a birthmark in the shape of a feather, a ruby ring and a sea-soaked letter with just a few cryptic words remaining.

Crow will set out on a remarkable treasure hunt, and discover what it truly means to be a family. Beyond the deepwoods Abandoned at birth in the perilous Deepwoods, Twig is brought up by woodtrolls. One night, Twig does what has never been done before, he strays from the path. He finds a nightmare world, but is driven on to discover his true identity.

Beyond the knock-knock door After ruining a classmate's costume party, the Bowman triplets are chased into the city sewers. Locked inside, they discover a gateway to another world where sharks fly, swashbucklers scheme and party costumes become real. The triplets are mistaken for famous heroes and must fight the biggest trouble of all. BFG, The The big friendly giant captures Sophie but he only wants to keep her, not eat her, as the other giants would. Big bash league series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Big bash league: Academy smash Billy loves to bowl, fast! He is also a massive Melbourne Stars fan and when his friend Wen Lee lets him know about a cricket academy camp, run by none other than the Stars, Billy is desperate to go! So is Wen Lee, even if she does barrack for the Brisbane Heat. Trouble is, the applications are about to close and Billy needs to find a way to raise money for the entry fee. Perhaps a speed bowling competition is in order! Big bash league: Bowling blitz Talented fast bowler Jimmy and his sister, Izzy, have just moved from Perth to Adelaide.

Both are huge BBL fans- Perth Scorchers, of course- but while outgoing Izzy has already signed up to the local cricket club, Jimmy isn't sure he's ready to be part of a new team. Especially if they're all Adelaide Strikers fans! Then one day, Jimmy has a run-in with a kid and his dad from a neighbouring cricket club- they want him to play for their team, not Izzy's. The dad seems seriously desperate and Jimmy is sure something fishy is going on.

Will Jimmy find the courage to join the local club and let his bowling do the talking? Big bash league: Captains' clash Fletcher, Jana and their mates are counting down to their greatest game ever - a full T20 match! The gang have organised the whole thing themselves and can't wait to get out onto the pitch. But before that, they're off to watch a blistering double-header between the Sydney Sixers and Sydney Thunder, where they witness a school cricket team display their impressive skills at half-time.

The group are inspired by what they're seeing, but when Fletcher and Jana arrive at the field on the day of their big game, another team is already playing. Will Fletcher and Jana work out a way to settle the score with the intruders? Big bash league: Carnival splash The first T20 Crickomania Carnival is happening and two teams of kids have been selected to represent the Sydney Sixers and Sydney Thunder. The event begins with lots of excitement but also some strange occurrences. There is a mix up with the coaches, unexplained rules and an opposing team who really wants to win.

Can everyone pull together to make the carnival a success? The stakes are high with the winner qualifying for the State T20 Championships in Perth. They will also receive tickets to the Perth Scorchers versus Melbourne Renegades double header! The Galahs haven't beaten the Eagles in 30 years, but that was before they had the mysterious and brilliant Allunga on their team. Can they finally turn the tables?

Big bash league: Double delivery Cricket-mad twins Millie and Maggie are on holidays in Queensland at their uncle's caravan park. Straight away, they notice a group of kids on the oval playing cricket. The girls are dying to join in, but apparently it's 'boys only'. Millie and Maggie are not impressed -they're huge Hobart Hurricanes fans and can bat, bowl and field as well as any boy! It's time to come up with a plan to show these Brisbane Heat-loving boys that girls can play too!

Meanwhile, there's something strange going on at the caravan park, with all manner of things slowly disappearing- including a beloved cricket bat! Will the girls outshine the boys and unravel the mystery before their holiday is over? Big bash league: Representative clash Tommy is a huge hitter and loves nothing more than smashing balls out of the park with his impressive handmade bat.

He is a diehard Hobart Hurricanes fan and has his fingers crossed that he will be selected for the Hobart representative team that will take on Adelaide in the upcoming Adelbart Clash. But when Tommys bat goes missing he can feel his chances slipping away. It is up to his friends to help him find his bat so he can chase his place on the rep team! Big bash league: Switch hit showdown Star batter and die-hard Melbourne Renegades fan Barney is pumped that his school team is going to play in the first-ever T20 Blast School Cup!

The competition is nearly full, with just one spot remaining. Then Barney meets Fifi- a Melbourne Stars supporter who is desperate to be part of the action. Problem is, her school doesn't have a cricket team. So when word spreads that the final school has signed up, Barney is shocked to discover that it's led by none other than Fifi. To make matters worse, her team blitzes the opposition in their opening game. It seems a spy mission is in order! Will the truth come out before Barney and Fifi's teams collide in the grand final? Big book of Antartica, The Antarctica is the driest, coldest and windiest continent on Earth.

Even though it is a harsh and difficult place to live, Antarctica is home to more than a thousand plant and several hundred animal species. Antarctica has 90 per cent of Earth's ice and plays a major role in our weather. Scientists from around the world live and work in Antarctica to better understand the future of our planet. Welcome to The Big Book of Antarctica. Big book of Aussie dinosaurs Everything you have ever wanted to know about when dinosaurs ruled Australia. Big book of fantasy quests Detailed and colourful fantasy-adventure scenes filled with things to find, mysteries to solve and colourful creatures and characters to outwit.

Big book of numbers If you love numbers, want to love numbers or just love to laugh and learn about the wonderful life we live, then this numbers book is for you. Discover primes, Pi, perfect numbers and how many ribs an elephant has. The good news is Mrs Payne, their fifth class teacher, won't be going. The bad news is the Principal is going instead.

Most pupils are scared to do anything to upset Principal Dorking but Harry and Jessie can always be counted on to make or find trouble. The alternative, the BayView Leisure Centre, might be modern and flashy, but it is steamy, crowded and no fun. But, Nathan has an idea that is so brilliant in its simplicity. They can dig themselves a pool in the backyard. Big dry, The With each year of drought the heat became worse. The lawns and crops withered and died. Buildings began to crumble and collapse, and more people left the city.

George and his little brother, Beeper, become worried when their father fails to return from a trip to town for food and fuel. Fear for the safety of their dad quickly becomes a fight for their own survival in the hot and brutal conditions. Big four, The Poirot, the Belgian detective, again finds himself plunged into a world of intrigue when an uninvited stranger, coated in dust from head to foot and with a gaunt face, stands staring at him and then collapses in his doorway.

Poirot must uncover the truth and solve the mystery of the piece of paper the stranger clutched with figure 4s scribbled over it. Beautifully illustrated by Alain Paillou. Big game Thirteen year old Oskari is sent into the Finnish wilderness, armed only with a bow and arrow, to survive in an ancient test of manhood. But, he stumbles upon an escape pod from a burning airliner. Terrorists have shot down the President of the United States. To survive, this improbable duo must trust each other and become a team capable of overcoming the danger that is imminent.

Big little book of happy sadness, The One Friday, George visits the animal shelter and, in the very last cage, he sees Jeremy, a sad dog who looks as lonely and lost as George feels. Big Nate and friends Sixth-grader Nate Wright is on top of the world, with a little help from his friends. His best buddies, Francis and Teddy, stick with Nate through thick and thin, usually thin. Nate's disastrous love life, his chess tournament trash talking, even his misguided attempt to be a bad boy. Along the way, Nate and his pals are joined by Artur, the gentle exchange student who's popular with almost everyone.

And, don't forget Gina, the teacher's pet who gets an 'A' for annoying. Big Nate blasts off Nate's landed a job at the school paper and he can't wait to show off his cartooning talents. But, making fun of the toughest kid in class might not be the brightest idea. And, telling blabber-mouth Dee Dee about his secret crush isn't such a smart move either. Big Nate flips out When Nate gets his best friend into big trouble, he needs to clean up his act, fast, before someone else ruins everything. Then Nate decides it's time to go from zeroes to heroes.

But, Nate can't crack under the pressure of the 'Ultimate Snowdown'. But, that's no easy task - Breckenridge is a plant-doodling, total fun-sponge. There's also something strangely familiar about this guy. Big Nate makes the grade Nate Wright is known to his pals and teachers for many things, his penchant for mischief and his school record for detentions being the foremost. But beating out brainiac Gina's grades is not one of those things. Big Nate on a roll Nate's a big deal in his scout troop until Artur, also known as Mr Perfect, joins.

Now, Nate's stuck in second place. And Artur means business. Nate wants to take the grand prize and not wipe out, big time. Big Nate out loud: graphic novel Eleven year old Nate Wright is living out loud and he wouldn't have it any other way. Even though his friends won't let him be the lead singer in their band, Nate continues to rock. He's a superstar of the comics pages and of the best-selling series of Big Nate books and he's a big hit with kids everywhere.

This collection features daily and Sunday strips that originally appeared in newspapers. Big Nate series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Big Nate strikes again Big Nate will surpass all others but it won't be easy. He's stuck with Gina, his all-time enemy, who just might ruin everything. Nate wants to win but there's always detention, again. Big Nate: Crowd goes wild, The Nate is 11 years old, four-and-a-half feet tall, and the all-time record holder for detentions in school history.

He's a self-described genius and sixth grade Renaissance Man. Nate, who lives with his dad and older sister, enjoys pestering his family and teachers with his sarcasm. Big Nate: From the top Big Nate is taking it from the top. That is, the top of the troublemaker's list. Nate Wright is eleven years old, four-and-a-half feet tall, and the all-time record holder for school detentions in school history. He's a self-described genius and sixth-grade Renaissance man. So, when he suits up for any sport, he does it with an unmistakable swagger.

From fine-tuning his trash-talking skills on the basketball court to his cocky attitude in the soccer goal, Nate can be a bigger challenge to his teammates than their opponents. Big Nate: Great minds think alike Nate Wright is a wisecracking eleven year old who knows he's destined for greatness. He's a sixth-grade chess prodigy, a self-described genius and the all-time record holder for detentions in school history.

He's often in hot water with his teachers and classmates but Nate's winning personality and can-do attitude always make him a big hit with readers. Big Nate: Here goes nothing Nate is pleased to hear his school will be closed for months to clean up toxic mould in the building. Then, he learns that he will have to attend Jefferson Middle School while his school is cleaned. How will he be able to stand it? He is star goalie for his school football team and Jefferson is undefeated in this year's competition. Will Nate defend his goal and save the day? Or will Jefferson win again? Big Nate: In a class by himself Nate knows he's meant for big things, really big things.

But, life doesn't always go your way just because you're awesome. Trouble always seems to find him but Nate keeps his cool no matter what. He knows he's great. A fortune cookie told him so. Big Nate: In the zone Nate's not having the best of luck. In fact, he's not having any luck at all. But, with a little boost, thanks to Chad's lucky foot, suddenly good luck is everywhere. Nate's in the zone, for now.

Big Nate: Super scribbler This companion activity book to the Big Nate series is packed with laughs, activities and fun. Big Nate: Thunka thunka thunka Nate Wright's baseball team has just been given the lamest name in Little League history; he's on the verge of becoming know-it-all Gina's personal servant for a day; and Spitsy, the closest thing he has to a dog of his own, is in love with a cat. Nate's up to his ears in stress.

Luckily, an empty plastic soda bottle is the perfect remedy. All Nate has to do is drum it gently against his head, thunka, thunka, thunka, and the pressures of dealing with Coach John, Mrs Godfrey and the terrifying Kim Cressly begin to fade away. Big Nate: Welcome to my world Aspiring cartoonist Nate Wright is eleven years old, four-and-a-half feet tall, and the all-time record holder for detentions in school history. He's a self-described genius and sixth-grade Renaissance Man who lives with his dad and older sister and enjoys pestering his family and teachers with his sarcasm.

This comic collection includes over three hundred black and white Big Nate comic strips, with bonus Big Nate activities. Big picture book of environments, The With stunning images and fact boxes, this book reveals Earth's diversity and beauty. It explores the effects of changing climate on environments around the world including the great rivers, deserts, Arctic regions, cities and forests.

Big picture book of human civilisation, The If you love facts and figures or you are a budding scientist, this book will tell you about the great advances and crises of human history, from 20, years ago until now. Read about the first cultivated crops, the taming of cats and dogs, the discovery of electricity, the earliest city and lots more. Big picture book, The Description of Planet Earth's history from twelve billion years ago until now.

Also includes a prediction about its future. Bill Gates: computer legend In , Bill Gates launched Microsoft Windows, a computer program now used by people at work and at play all around the world. As head of Microsoft, he is the richest man in the world and aims to be the largest benefactor in history.

Bill rules Bill and Matty are the best of friends and neighbours which leads to exciting adventures and, sometimes, more than a little trouble. When Bill learns that his father is coming home from jail, his world is tipped upside down. Worries start to mount but Matty has an idea to help Bill. But life doesn't always go according to plan. Billie and the parent plan Billie's mum is getting married to a bald, old man. Billie doesn't fit in with her uncool stepfather and her posh stepsister and would rather live with her best mate, Archie.

A funny book about Billie's valiant attempts to resist her new family. Billionaire boy Joe Spud is the richest twelve year old because his father reinvented toilet paper and became rich. He owns a racing car and a crocodile, but the one thing he can't buy is a friend. When he changes schools, he encounters twin bullies, a greedy lunch lady and new friends. Billy Mack's war When Captain Mack is released from prison camp at the end of the war, no-one is sure what to expect, least of all his son Billy. He might be the same man who went off to war full of hope and pride or his experiences may have changed him forever.

Billy that died with its boots on, The Paying homage to the rhythms, word play and humour of Banjo Paterson and C. J Dennis the author has looked to everyday Australian activities, landscapes and people for inspiration. The 65 poems are gathered in fifteen loose groupings including animals, leisure activities, and places. Best read to or with someone. Billy the kid Billy doesn't think or act his age.

His memories of his days as a Chelsea striker and his interests keep him younger than he seems. Billy Thunder and the night gate Rage is desperate to find the healing magic that will save her mother. Her quest leads her to Valley, a strange, dark place where witches and wizards lurk. Binna Binna man, The A young Aboriginal boy is travelling back to his home on the mission to attend the funeral of a cousin. Bionicle: legacy of evil The Piraka are the embodiment of evil.

It is a mystery how they met, what caused them to join forces and how they learnt about the Mask of Life. Even more mysterious is the seventh Piraka. Bird Let your imagination fly in this evocative, wordless picture book. Birdie in the sky Birdie and her dad love being up in the sky in their Tiger Moth plane, Peggybelle. That is, until a terrible accident makes it a matter of life and death, and Birdie finds herself flying the plane alone.

Birds Be an eyewitness to the breathtaking moment when a chick hatches from its egg, Find out why wings are different shapes and sizes. Discover lots of interesting facts about birds including the world's biggest, smallest and fastest birds. Birds of a feather Year 6 schoolgirls must deal with issues of bullying.

Birds of prey close up Take a closer look at these amazing predators. They use their keen eyesight, curved beaks, sharp talons and powerful legs to hunt, capture and kill their prey. Birrung the secret friend Birrung, a young indigenous girl, lives with the family of Richard Johnson, chaplain to the Australian colony in When Birrung befriends orphaned Barney and Elsie, a mute, the Johnson family also takes them in. As Barney's feeling for Birrung grow, he is advised that his friendship with a 'native' girl, and all that she taught him about her language and lore, must remain a secret, forever.

Birthday book: an illustrated treasury of stories and poems, The A collection of fact and fiction, some extracts and some complete works, with a common theme of birthdays. Illustrations by Quentin Blake add a lovely dimension. Lee Hargrove only wants one thing-to win a scholarship to Summer Sports Camp. His school is holding a competition and the winner gets to attend the camp for free. Lee is one of the favorites to win along with his friend, Cory "Lucky Duck" Duckworth and another athletic classmate, Laura Grodin.

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