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Gringo Trails. Upcoming Airdates Gringo Trails "Gringo Trails" follows the positive and negative impacts of travel and tourism on numerous communities across the globe, including Thailand, Bolivia, Mali Timbuktu and Bhutan, documenting how communities thrive, adapt, or deteriorate in the face of mass tourism. Summer of Space. Popular Videos. A Glazer's Mark. E6: Watts. Episode 6.

Semi-Tropical L. Season 10, Episode 1. Expiring Soon. Mother of the Earth. Melting Siberia.

Coming of Age in Bogotá Felt Special. Now People Are Flocking to My Narnia.

Read More. Peru, the Most Interesting Place in the World? Something about this photo gives me the heebie-jeebies Shamans, medicinal plants, earthquakes, ancient cities, mysterious symbols; Peru really is the most diverse and magical country we have been to so far! Since this is our first visit to Peru though likely not our last we decided to go a bit more mainstream than usual and visit the recommended sites along the well-known " Gringo Trail ", taking us through all of the major attractions of the country, starting with Lima.

Sun and death in the lands of the Inca

We didn't spend much time in Lima before departing to Pisco to visit the Ballestas Islands and Paracas National Reserve, and to unexpectedly experience a 5. After Nazca was Arequipa, the second most populous city in Peru and the hub to get to the beautiful Colca Canyon but we decided not to go there since it was a bit far and really expensive.

Finally, we arrived in Cusco, our base for some intense Shamanism and of course, to visit Machu Picchu. Next and last on the list heading out this afternoon via bus will be the town of Puno where we can visit Lake Titicaca before crossing the border into Bolivia. We can really see why so many people travel this route: the diverse beauty and culture have taken our breath away almost every day since we have arrived. There were hardly any cars or trucks in the city, but thousands of moto-taxis converted motorbikes with carriages on the back , thus the very noisy streets.

We have come to realize, however, that almost everywhere in South and Central America so far the people seem to need noise at all hours of the day.

Murder On The Gringo Trail Paperback

You can't help but wonder if they purposfully design the bikes to be extra loud! On one day while our muuuuuuch needed laundry was being done we wandered around the Belen Market, where one may find almost any kind of medicinal plant or animal for that matter you can think of.

Of course, as is always wise while wandering in local markets, we only took out our camera a few times and made sure that not many people saw us with it, and we left anything else of any value back at the hostel. Nazca is certainly no exception to this, with an unmistakable air of archaeological mystery surrounding the city. Created by the Nazca people between and A.

A thin layer of reddish-brown pebbles covers most of the plateau — by removing this layer typically between 10 and 15cm worth of debris the much whiter layer of clay beneath is exposed.

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Coca improvising a backrest After a fun-filled week in Quito we decided it was time to make our way into the jungle. After spending a day preparing for the trip , we hopped on a bus to Coca. It was without a doubt the filthiest place we've stayed yet, but it was at least a place to take a nap, shower and keep our stuff while we wandered around town looking for options to get to Nuevo Rocafuerte NR.

Coca is quite large and busy, and definitely not a tourist destination. We found that there was a boat through one of the transportation co-ops by the port due to head to NR the next morning perfect!

On holiday in Mexico's murder capital

Right after talking with the tourist office and buying our boat tickets, we decided to head back to the hotel and rest. We had just started down the street when a creepy looking guy on a motorcycle, who had been parked on a curb beside the tourist office, started his motor and began following very closely behind us. When I looked back it was super obvious that he had his sights set on us though, as usual, we weren't carrying anything valuable along with us - just a small backpack with our Lonely Planet and Mandrew's slimy handkerchiefs.

Before long, we noticed a little shop across the street with two big guys stocking the display, and we quickly crossed to duck inside. We pretended to look around for a few minutes but when we looked outside he was still there, staring at us maliciously.

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We ended up having to wait over 20 minutes before the guy finally gave up! It was brutal how obvious he was - what the hell was his game? The storeowner said he was shocked by it, especially in this part of town, but we had been feeling a bit of an unfriendly vibe since we arrived. For the rest of the day we left the backpack at the hotel and stuck to busy streets.

We were told the trip would take 10 hours, so we arrived early and scored some seats near the front of the boat, maybe better for sightseeing.

To say the very least, it was insanely packed! There were probably 30 or 40 women with newborn babies scattered in the crowd as well, and it seemed that no matter where you looked there was someone breastfeeding openly. There is a story for the more manly in here too, don't worry.