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View all 56 comments. View all 86 comments. I Really liked this and I have no idea what the fuck I just read Spoilers ahead!! I am the most confused I have ever been at the end of the book.. I'm typing this review and I am still thinking There was a true love story, I know this for sure They were in love as teens then seperated and Cole went totally downhill from there and well..

They get reconnec I Really liked this and I have no idea what the fuck I just read They get reconnected.. They have some really hot welcome back sex.. I could barely keep up I was never able to catch up. This was one crazy ride. I'm still confused as all hell about a lot of things that happened, how they happend, why they happend And as crazy as all this stuff was..

I think the really hot sex helped a lot. It was a quick read, it was very fast paced and nothing was boring for sure I was confused the entire time but still really enjoyed it.

Safe Word by Teresa Mummert

I really don't know why I enjoyed it so much since I can't really do decent summary of it at all.. Good fucked up.. View all 42 comments. It was raw and gritty but I think those who are bit squeamish to the harder books like Captive in The Dark will be able to digest this one much easier. At the heart of it - is a true romance, a life long one. The crazy part of it was that Cole was only a teenager when he lost Rose and he in no way could have done anything to help her situation anymore than what he did.

At least not in a way that would have been safe for the both of them. Cole goes into a line of work that he feels will help him to save those that he could not in his life and when that all crumbles he takes on another life entirely. While he may think that he will never be that teenager again as the story progresses he learns that he never stopped being him. To have gone through as much as she did in her young life.

Always looking over her shoulder and trying to stay one foot ahead of her step-father makes it hard to believe she ever really could find happiness in her life. We go through a good section of the book wondering if she is in fact still Cole's Rose or if this new person Lily is someone entirely different.

As is the case with Cole, we find that Rose is alive and fighting as always. I would give this one 4. The heat in this book gave it that extra. Cole was on fire hot. He was dominant and aggressive. He did what he wanted when he wanted to and he also made sure that Rose was taken care of. Prepare your ovaries now! View all 27 comments. This is mine. Holy hotness!!! Teresa Mummert's head is a dark and twisted place!

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I swear that lady is serious trouble She's been creeping me up ever since I read her first book and I love it! She is awesome sauce! Ahem , moving on Its kinda difficult to review this book , mainly because the plot is sooo seemingly inter-connected that giving any thing away would be risking blatantly giving the entire plot and story line.

But lets try a little , shall we Colt Bishop is a bad guy He kidnaps young women from wealthy households , and asks for Ransom money from their families. That said , he doesn't torture or misbehaves with them.. Just a little rude treatment to scare them off , nothing much. That's the way he has been living for quite a while now. Enters , Lily Hilton. Lily Hilton isn't really Lily Hilton.

She is someone from Colt's past. At a time when Colt was Cole and not Colt. But Colt doesn't know that. By the time he has it figured out , its too late. Lily has become a part of his shenanigans. And its just not him , he works that entire ordeal with a bunch of bad guys. Guys you don't wanna mess with. What's Colt gonna do now? What does Lily want? Why is she here with him.. Colt is one seriously fucked up mofo!

He scares me but then makes me all hot and bothered Fuck , sooo unhealthy I tell ya! And Lily is no better. She confused me all the way to the end. One moment she is all sobbing and crying , the next she acting all smart and playing with fire!! Trust me honey you dont wanna mess with Colt. Like I said , he is totally dark in the head! Will it be weird if I told you I cried a little whilst reading this story??? Because I honestly did. Teresa alternates the story telling technique from present to past. That way , you get a little background story and see where Colt and Lily come from.

Plus , not sure if there are a lot of people here who listen to Bollywood songs , but there is this one song that was playing on my ipod and I was like , ' Christ! This song is sooo perfect for Colt and Lily!! Luckily , I found a translated version of the song Here it is.. My only complain , the book could've been a little longer! View all 16 comments. I am going to try to do a just review for this book! I loved it so much. I thought it was very well-written. The story line was paced nicely and I loved the plot. It had a nice dose of humor, a huge shock factor, and it was so very intriguing.

I couldn't put it down! Did that just happen? Did I read that right?! I never saw that comingggg! What you haven't read this yet? You have to read this book! I'm okay. It's all good. Seriously guys, It's a really great book that has a really sexy alpha-male. You'll only fall more in love with the story as it all unfolds. I swear I never saw some of those twists and turns coming.

This book kept me on my toes non-stop and I loved every minute of it. I had to read some parts twice because I just couldn't believe my eyes! I don't want to say too much more because I don't want to give anything away. However, you should definitely prepare yourselves because if there was ever a book where afterwards you say, "I never saw that coming. You guys should definitely go into it with fresh eyes. I hope you all enjoy!

Even though I may have just made a fool of myself, this review was really fun! Just kidding! View all 8 comments. Release date June 1, View 1 comment. Shelves: bad-ass-hero , buddy-read-with-gorgeous-v , m-f , buddy-read-with-pervy-hillbilly , holy-moly-hot-cover , buddy-read-with-blacky-dark-book-lo.

I really loved this book : Especially Colt's commanding nature in bed : He can talk dirty to me any day Thanks Blacky for getting me to read it and Vishous and Shelly for reading it with me :. View all 38 comments. Another kidnapping book?! Was I intruded? Hell yeah Colt Bishop is in a bar, looking for his next target- what does he do? He kidnaps girls and holds them for randsome.. Once a cop now a criminal His life has changed. He sees a girl in a bar, and immediately he notices her.. But he doesn't know her? But wait!!! He does! She's Lily formally known as Rose. His Rose, apparently she was the love of his life!

They went through things in their past together. He doesn't hesitate to take her and use her, because he claims he doesn't feel for her. Blah blah blah I'm sorry, maybe its just be but however long time that passes, I don't think one forgets the love of their lives. Ok now to the kidnapping, he locks her in a room..

Then as days go she gets under his skin. Totally predictable First she hates him then loves him then hates him. Oh please- the mood swing thing did nothing for me. Then fcuks her Wow I'm so shocked! Blah blah blah blah A few pages skimmed along the way.. More blah blah blah Boring sex Then suddenly will risk it all to save her from her step father whose a criminal and killer.

Only to get caught and gets a deal to be in jail and fake his death and live undercover. I don't mean to be funny, 4years later and she sees his alive and drops everything? If you say so. Man I'm so bad at choosing books! View all 19 comments. I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about this book. So, I'm giving it 3. His job is to kidnap girls, and hold them for two weeks until a ransom has been paid then he drops them off unharmed except for the nightmares of being kidnapped. While sitting I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about this book. While sitting in this bar, he runs into Lily that remembers him but he can't seem to place her.

They exchange numbers, and since he is so intrigued by her he, he ends up meeting with her later at another bar for a drink. That's when he realizes that Lily is his Rose from childhood. He has been looking for her for years and now here she is. Problem with this is, she's just landed on his bosses radar which means, he now has to kidnap her.

The book goes back and forth from the present to Rose and Cole's childhood.

Rose was rich and popular in high school. Cole was more like the kid from the wrong side of the tracks compared to her friends. Her and Cole were together, but they kept it a secret per Rose's request. However, Cole and Rose, had way more in common than anyone knew. Both dealt with "problems at home". Cole tried at every turn to save Rose from her problems but in the end, he didn't succeed. After he lost her, his life became all about trying to find her. Until he lost all leads and decided she must be gone for good.

That turned him into a heartless man that he believes he is now. I love books like this and loved reading his POV, but it left some questions about what happened with Rose unanswered. Like what happened to her when she disappeared? Even though the book led us to believe what happened with Rose, what exactly happened with Craig?

Because she didn't act disturbed or anything like she was. She was still in school, it's not like she had a choice to stay or not, especially with Craig being in control. And her changing her name, was sorta planted into her head by him when he offered for them to run away together. She was hiding from Craig and changing her name made perfect since to me.

I get it that it was a struggle for him because he felt abandoned from her so he was struggling with his feelings, but it was so back and forth that I felt like I was getting whiplash. The problem was he had dug himself into a hole that he couldn't get out of to let himself be with her even if he wanted to.

I will say that once he made up his mind that he loved her, he didn't fight it and was willing to give up his life to keep her safe and I loved how hard he tried to do that. I like the book, don't get me wrong, I just have so many questions left after the ending and still feel somewhat confused that I just can't give it more stars.

View all 32 comments. I was so excited to read this book.

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The plot seemed really good. But sadly, it was a let down. The story, characters, and romance were not developed well. The beginning was really confusing. It was like there was just a bunch of "puzzle pieces" thrown at you and then they didn't come together until the end; and even then, I still didn't feel like the "puzzle" was put together well. The story is told from Colt's POV. I wish that somewhere in there we could of seen Lily's POV because some of her a I was so excited to read this book. I wish that somewhere in there we could of seen Lily's POV because some of her actions I just didn't get; I would've liked to see what she was thinking.

Also, I never really felt connected to the characters. They weren't developed that well and parts their backgrounds were just kind of thrown at you. There are flashbacks laced throughout the story, but I just felt like they did very little to compliment the present storyline. Colt and Lily had history. I wish that there were more flashbacks of their relationship to help the reader connect, feel, and understand their romance in the present story line. That's always a problem with second chance romances, the romance just doesn't seem believable because you don't get to see the development and foundation of the relationship.

Over all, this book was OK, but it didn't leave an impression on me. View all 24 comments. There was once hope for a better life, but she quickly left him like the rest did. Now, he kidnaps rich woman in hopes for a nice payday. Those, however, are minor details when he has the big picture in mind. That all gets blown to pieces when he comes face to face with his past at a bar. So when all the kidnapping and twisted stuff started happening, it was all like a slap in the face. I was a little lost on what to feel about Cole.

Sometimes I felt for him, other times he needed a good kick to the balls. My emotions were all over the place. Beneath all his armor, I really felt that there was a good guy buried deep in him. Even when he going through one of his rages, it stemmed from hurt rather than anger. It went a long way in helping me better understand him.

Safe Word is like a water down version of Captive in the Dark. Lily was likeable but there were times when I was a little irritated with her. I never really felt that she had the same unconditional, undying love that Colt felt towards her. They way she looked at me it was just… different. Their relationship could be raw and ugly, but beneath all that they had something beautiful and powerful.

They really struggled and their love was put to the test on more than one occasion. They came out strong and that solidified them even more. We rode toward the unknown, not caring what the future held for us as long as we faced it together. View all 13 comments.

This book is a tough one to review. There is so much that happens, but I can't really say what without giving away a huge part of the plot line. And no one likes a reviewer who spoils the book for them, right? So, I am going to stick strictly with very general things here so not to ruin anything for anyone. First, when I found out Reality Bites!

You know, the feeling of getting your hands on a book that you have been salivating for ever since the first teaser was posted? Yeah THAT feeling!! I swear, they probably could hear my screams in the next state!

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I even broke my one rule when it comes to reading of never starting a new book while still reading another one. Yep, that is how excited I was to get to Safe Word. It is THAT ah-maz-a-balls good!! I am sure you had read the teasers Teresa Mummert has been torturing us with for a while now. And I will say yes, all that steam is definitely in Safe Word But what you don't get from those teasers is how much depth there is to this story. They in no way prepare you for the emotional roller coaster you will be taken on. Colt is an enigma that will intrigue you from the moment you meet him.

He is so much deeper than I was expecting him to be. I loved him from the beginning and was a complete goner by the end. He definitely has knocked a few other BBF's down a few notches for me!! So, if you are looking for a hot steamy read with a great storyline that is filled with angst, suspense, love, surprises, twist and turns that all lead to a HEA type of an ending, then get Safe Word TODAY pre-ordering is available before release date of June 1st!

No Safeword

View all 4 comments. Wow , Just Wow I knew from the teasers we were going to get one hell of an awesome Book and They did not fail. Teresa has done it again with a fucking Fantastic Story!!!!! All of the steamy , hot, scenes in the teasers are there and so much more. I don't want to ruin it for anyone so My Review will be basic for you all!!! This book is steamy, passionate, scary, crazy, hot, a total mind fuck and I loved every single page.

For the next two weeks I fuckin Wow , Just Wow I knew from the teasers we were going to get one hell of an awesome Book and They did not fail. He will do whatever is necessary to protect those he loves. He has a past, he has done things he is not proud of. When he realizes who Lily is he is angry at her for never knowing what happened to her, But one thing he knows for sure is he NEVER stopped loving Lily. That has never stopped from the very first moment I met you. She trusts no one but Colt. When she ends up in Colts world he scares her to the point that she does not even think she knows who he is anymore.

Lily Hilton has it all, but is hiding from a troublesome past. When she enters a bar downtown, and runs into her old high school crush, her entire world is turned upside down. View all 5 comments. Four intensely, erotic, sexy and angry Colt stars!!! Why did I use angry and sexy you may ask? Well it is because it fits the description of Colt or is it Cole, perfectly?

When you meet Colt he will shock you and intrigue you. His job is, let's just say, it's different and he is cruel as well as distant until he encounters Lily, that is.

This was about money. Nothing Else She was a paycheck, a means to an end I've been straddling the line of good and evil for too long. Once he figures out who Four intensely, erotic, sexy and angry Colt stars!!! Once he figures out who Lily really is, all kinds of emotions come out in full force. He is angry at her, hurt by the unknown of what happened to her and at the same time he loves her just like he always has. They both had very unpleasant pasts and were there for each other. I look forward to reading more from Mrs.

I want to read more, I love her writing, but I haven't. The intriguing history between Cole and Rose kept me turning the page. I loved how their past mirrored their present and their future.

See a Problem?

Teresa's writing has blossomed so much in my opinion! But not just for the sake of let's do it again. The "story" propelled Safe Word and the sex was icing on the cake. A rose by any other name Five bright stars - You will NOT be disappointed!!! View 2 comments. Love, Love, Loved this book! A must read! Shelves: one-clicked. I so cant wait to get my hands on this book! All about it! I couldnt wait to read this book. Seriously, the waiting was killing me. I wanted to smack my laptop everytime Ive read a teaser on FB.

So it happens that I read it in one sitting - I couldnt get enough of Colt and Lily. In fact I wanted the story to go on and on I really enjoyed it though :D Their story was beautiful und ugly at the same time. Now, who wouldnt love to be in the head of the hero? I was glued to my kindle and stayed the whole night up to be a little while longer with Colt! Visit us at midnighttheatricals. TheatreGold Database. Safeword by S. He delivered a charming standout performance in the film Bwoy opposite Anthony Rapp.

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