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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Hope to see you there! The Christian's reason for leaving the camp of the world's sin and religion is not because he loves to be singular, but because Jesus did so; and the disciple must follow his Master. Christ was "not of the world:" His life and His testimony were a constant protest against conformity with the world. Never was such overflowing affection for men as you find in Him; but still He was separate from sinners. In like manner Christ's people must "go forth unto Him. They must take their position "without the camp," as witness-bearers for the truth.

They must be prepared to tread the straight and narrow path. They must have bold, unflinching, lion-like hearts, loving Christ first, and His truth next, and Christ and His truth beyond all the world.

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Jesus would have His people "go forth without the camp" for their own sanctification. You cannot grow in grace to any high degree while you are conformed to the world. The life of separation may be a path of sorrow, but it is the highway of safety; and though the separated life may cost you many pangs, and make every day a battle, yet it is a happy life after all. No joy can excel that of the soldier of Christ: Jesus reveals Himself so graciously, and gives such sweet refreshment, that the warrior feels more calm and peace in his daily strife than others in their hours of rest.

The highway of holiness is the highway of communion. It is thus we shall hope to win the crown if we are enabled by divine grace faithfully to follow Christ "without the camp. A moment's shame will be well recompensed by eternal honour; a little while of witness-bearing will seem nothing when we are "for ever with the Lord.

“Understanding” September 11

When He had made purification of sins, He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near. Good morning! Services are cancelled today due to icy road conditions.

This is of course foolish, and betrays pride more than superiority.

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Their fall is a warning to us. The lesson here is that Satan is a great deceiver. He seduced angels to destruction, caused an innocent Adam and Eve to plunge humanity into sin, and subdued countless precious souls into eternal damnation. Do you suppose you are the one to resist him in your own strength? Take heed! It should offer no small encouragement to The tragic news is, if you think this of yourself realize how immensely powerful and pernicious then you are already a pawn of the enemy and our enemy is, yet we have been given every well within his snare.

He seduced such a thing. Should we fear the devil? Absolutely his strategies and schemes in achieving his not. We will not cower in fear, we will not underestimate our enemy, we will not give him the smallest foothold over us, and we will always hold fast to the promise of our Lord,. Ple ain.

Cy p r es s R id g e O u tr e ac h Our goal in the Cypress Ridge outreach has been to engage as many people in the neighborhood with an explicit presentation of the gospel as possible. Some 23 people attended a training session, and nine teams of 20 people have gone door to door. Some have not been at home, a few have distinctly told us they were not interested, but overwhelmingly, people have welcomed our teams. In the first week, one person has come to faith and nearly 10 Christian have set up follow-up discipleship Bible studies developed by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

All teams have prayed with multiple people. We have been told that we were a God send or an answer to prayer. Residents of the neighborhood are appreciative of Oak Grove and our interest in their spiritual welfare. Our volunteers have experienced much joy and absolute exhilaration when there has been any positive response to the message we have been proclaiming!

Team members have enjoyed serving together and been encouraged beyond measure. The outreach continues through the month of March. Did you miss out on the opportunity to serve? Another neighborhood outreach is forthcoming. Look for the announcements! If you want more detailed stories, just ask around church. You will find one of the volunteers. They are eager to share!! One of the things that An na and I have found enco uraging to see is the level commitment that OGBC of has to reach their local co mm un ity.

It is so exciting to see the church come tog ether and run the Bible Bl as t pr og ram where so many children from the comm unity gather together tha t the building is almost bu at the seams. And, the fac rsting t that the kids aren't just be ing en tertained but being reached with the Gospel is all the more amazing. We have been blessed in participating in and witne ssing the enthusiasm with which the church has tak en to the dedicated Cypr us Ridge evangelism ou treach.

No doubt God is using the people of Oak Grove in mo re and more ways to extend The biggest take away we have about Oak Gr ove is that things are growing and changing in such a way that can only come about when people looking to Jesus and putti are ng first the Kingdom of Go d in the ir liv es. W e still have another six weeks left ev en less by the time you'r e rea din g thi s before we sadly have to head back to Au stralia.

We remain very ea ge r to help and support the many wonderful things tha t OG is doing while we're here. And we remain confident that, given wh at we've been able to see so far, God is setting Oa up to be used in a phenom k Grove enal way, not just in Nac, but all over the world. Thank you all, and God bless! Jesus Always Uses a Fish. Have you ever noticed how Jesus always uses a fish, or fishing, to reach people with the Gospel?

Oak Grove students preparing to return to school

This being my first experience with East Texan teens I really had no idea what to expect but what I was greeted with was a bunch of great kids who love having fun and hanging out. Since my time with the youth, this is how a typical night runs:. As the buses come in we just hang out, socialize and catchup up on cool events of the week. At pm we start the official part of the program which commences with a few quick games where kids can compete to win gag. Some of the 'highly sought after' prizes to date have included a broken walkman, a single playing card, and a plastic fish.

It's not all about the games though!

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From there we move into a time of the Word where the Gospel is clearly and explicitly proclaimed. At the end of the preaching time, the youth are given the opportunity to respond and be prayed for if they need or desire it. It's very early days, but I remain confident that God will use the youth group at Oak Grove for great things in the future.

2018 Oak Grove KPOP/KFC Fantastics Rally

If you are wondering how you can pray for this vital. Patrick McConnell and his wife Anna have come to Oak Grove Baptist Church for three months to assist with systems upgrading and reviewing processes for better more efficient and productive operations. Patrick is also the interim Youth Pastor. Pray that God would increase our sphere of influence in Nacogdoches.

There are thousands of teens within 15 minutes of our church. We would love to be able to reach many more of them with the Good News. That God would bring a greater conviction of their need for a Saviour. One of the characteristics of youth is a lack of forethought about the future and a feeling of invincibility. The issues surrounding September 11 were just too big for one presentation.

What would we call it?

Oak Grove students preparing to return to school [Video]

How would it look? What had happened? What do we know? Several heads nodded; people started to take notes. Good, I thought. Now we can move on and start planning the program. We can move on, and go back to the way things used to be. If we just understand the what and the why, it will never happen again. We can make sense of things again. And then a student spoke up.

I can acknowledge it, I can cope with it, I can move past it, but I will never understand it. Her comment has been with me since September And ten years later, I know she is right.