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Weeks later, the channel launched its popular documentary series Behind the Music. For the next decade, being a rogue pirate wreaking sexual havoc across America was marketed and sold as an integral part of rock mythology itself. Sometimes it meant trashing a hotel room, others it meant reminiscing about that time Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman married a teenager. There was only one problem [ record scratch sound ]: She was The father of rock secretly videotaping women in the bathrooms of his restaurants?

But if you hear me out and you really hear what I'm trying to say, I think you're going to find merit in what I propose. I think you'll find that this could be a rare opportunity that could be an extraordinary breakthrough for young people. People like your children, my children, and how they view themselves and more importantly how they view the government. From the get-go I was very hard-hitting and very confident.

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Even though on the inside I was shaking like a year-old. Understandably so. I know you're still making music with your band Angels and Airwaves, but Sekret Machines sounds fairly all encompassing. These types of projects take a long time, and they move in different ways.

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Day to day, it's not so much working from point A to point B. You can be doing a lot of work one week, and then you have a couple weeks go by before you have another major meeting on something. The only thing that's a day-to-day operation on Sekret Machines that takes up a lot of time is my interactions with the advisors and organizing the information that will be coming out in the docuseries or in the next book. Because that's a long process.

You must go into a project like this knowing some people are going to think you're crazy? I had an interaction with a major film studio—I can't say who it is—where they thought I was lying to them. Or maybe it all sounded so crazy to them or made them so fearful that they shut down and wouldn't have any more communication about it. It was really odd. The walls have been built up in people's hearts and minds about this subject, and some of them are really big.

That's because of the way the government's dealt with the subject matter over the past 60 years. For some people out there, it's going to be a difficult thing for them to swallow when they hear about this stuff. Whether [it's] from this project or other things that are coming.

The Dirt: Netflix’s Mötley Crüe biopic is a relic of our obsession with “rock star behavior.”

How has it been juggling varied different artistic mediums, from feature films to books and more? It's tedious work. It's exhausting work. But I'm not a stranger to stress. I've always been pretty good at juggling a lot of things. I think I operate better that way. Fortunately things aren't all going to happen at the same time. But that might change here soon. I'm not trying to torture myself by any means. But by the nature of what I'm doing these are really ambitious things and they take a minute. Have you had time to process leaving Blink? I reflect on it all the time.

I love Blink.

Rock Stars Who Died Under Suspicious Circumstances

I started that band. I named the band. I found the members. I put that whole thing together. I never meant for it to be the only thing in my life. I also never meant for it to ever not be in my life. But I am an artist, and I find pleasure in challenging myself to understand and learn, to create new types of art, and prove myself worthy of people's valued attention and admiration. It's what any artist desires. So when the challenge isn't there, then I find myself in a difficult position.

You felt like Blink had run its course. I feel like it's our job as artists to compete for people's attention. The band's enduring cult status begins with its jam-band musical style, ideal for live performances.

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A three-minute pop song can transform into a free-form exploration of a never-ending groove, or it can go down a rabbit hole of complex, proggy instrumentation. The lyrics can be nonsense, fraught with puns, or a burst of earnest words about hippie peace and love.

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There are no rules at a Phish show. Most of Phish's songs, in recorded form, are a typical four minutes. They have a melody, they have a chorus, just like any other rock song. On stage, any one of these tunes can get cracked open and transformed into an minute composition. That can mean stretching out a long guitar solo, a quiet build that inspires a call and response from the audience "wooo! It isn't that different from what classic jazz artists started doing in the bebop years, but with a unique mix of deep rhythmic funk and a swirl of psychedelic ax-manship.

And it doesn't let up. Phish's music ranges from complex orchestrations to booty-shakin' thick funk to vast, spaced-out ambience. Some of the tunes are really clotheslines on which to hang a new, improvised permutation on themes that will only be performed one time. Once you witness one of these explorations that really gels , you'll find yourself chasing that dragon and coming back for another show. Sometimes there are waves of guitar that eventually climax with a "wheedle-wheedly-wheeeeee! In a packed amphitheater, this isn't as crazy as it sounds.

What the group's fans really crave when they see Phish perform is a state of euphoria referred to as " the hose ," achieved during runs of intense improvisation. When this happens, it's as if a dam has burst on stage and the musicians' very essence washes over the delirious crowd.

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It sounds a little corny! Until you experience it, that is -- and then you'll want to experience it again. While Phish occasionally dives into a "dark jam," seeing the band is, by and large, an agreeable, upbeat experience. These are goofy guys who are into fantasy and sci-fi, and back in the day they were known for joking around with the crowd. The drummer is also an instrumentalist: once in a while he'll come out front to blow into a vacuum cleaner.

They've reeled in the carnival-act stuff over the years. Today, trampolines only come out for one specific funky build-up during the anthemic number that, according to Phish. A while back they would hurl giant, colored balls into the crowd and, as they bounced, the corresponding player would improvise. The drummer wore a Viking's helmet and swimmer's goggles and still wears a dress with donuts on it. There is a goofy, meta-Tolkien song cycle called "Gamehenge" that fans like to discuss, but it isn't essential to know about that.

All the insider stuff has tapered off a little. There are some songs where fans know where to clap but, you know what, you'll catch up. Let's talk about guitar. But he's truly marked his own ground, mixing in spacey delays and echoes and whatnot. No one else sounds like him. But there are a lot of guitar gods out there. Phish's secret weapon is Page McConnell. Few rock champions lug a grand piano around with them and feature it so prominently. When sexy hippie girls twirl around at shows, grabbing at imaginary stars, it's the bright piano keys they are reacting to.

These days Phish is truly about the outstanding musicianship and, I must add, the unofficial fifth member of the group, lighting designer Chris Kuroda. As the band performs extemporaneously, Kuroda responds behind his massive electronic board. These are jazz lights. He jams the lights. Occasionally, when a tune devolves into post-lingual, free-form barbershop vocalizations, there's, like, a light solo, man! If you go to a Phish concert, someone will shove a joint in your face and offer you a puff.

Tom Delonge's Post-Blink-182 Life: UFOs and Secret Government Meetings

Multiple times. Some people indulge too much and end up at the first-aid tent. In the parking lot, some jokers end up doing whip-its.

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