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Ocean surface temperatures were far above normal during the summer and fall Warmer ocean surface temperatures resulted in very slow ice growth in November.

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Ice cover expanded in December and the first half of January, but was thinner than usual due to the increased heat in the underlying water. Why is the Bering Sea warmer?

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Open water absorbs more heat than ice-covered water. Less sea ice means warmer ocean water, and warmer ocean water generally means less and thinner sea ice.

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  • Also, warmer water recently traveled into the Bering Sea from the south, driven by wind patterns that caused North Pacific waters to heat up strongly. More south wind. South winds were much stronger than normal from late January through early March Wind patterns shifted.

    Storms erode Bering Sea ice pack; caution is urged

    December and early January saw north to northeast winds prevailing over the Bering Sea. However, the dramatic turn in the weather pattern brought nearly non-stop south to southeast winds across the eastern Bering Sea from January to March. The winter of —89 saw a similar flip-flop in the weather pattern, with strong and persistent south winds across the region. Storms broke the ice.

    Because of these storms, any ice that formed quickly broke up.

    This Alaskan Fishing Boat Does Not Answer to Storms

    This was particularly true in areas where thick sea ice was never able to develop. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Right after the JMA downgraded Nuri to a severe tropical storm at UTC on November 6, the JTWC downgraded it to a tropical storm and issued its final warning for the system, due to Nuri's extratropical transition and diminishing deep convection.

    November Bering Sea cyclone - Wikipedia

    However, the system's intensity shifted the jet stream far to the north of Alaska, resulting in a large mass of Arctic air invading the United States along and east of the Rocky Mountains, which caused the worst cold wave the United States had experienced since the Early North American cold wave. The northward movement of the cyclone altered the jet stream , which allowed a fragment of the polar vortex to descend from Arctic region into lower Canada and the Eastern United States , affecting up to million people with colder-than-normal temperatures and early snowstorms.

    On November 10, St. Cloud , Minnesota had the biggest snowfall ever in November with By the next day, Ishpeming , Michigan had From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    Main article: November North American cold wave. Japan Meteorological Agency. Retrieved November 8, AccuWeather, Inc. Retrieved November 9, Retrieved May 19, Archived from the original on November 7, In terms of how subsistence hunting could be impacted by the current sea ice conditions, Sheffield says:.

    Looking further north, Thoman says subsistence hunters will have to work around open water, a lack of thick sea ice, and mobile ice ridging together.

    Worst of Bering Sea Storm Over for Aleutian Island Residents

    For residents of Nome and other Bering Strait communities, Thoman recommends waiting for the storm to pass before going back on the sea ice. As sea ice extent changes dramatically in the Bering Sea, Thoman says it is always helpful to be vigilant and to report your observations.

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