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Researchers found 4pc ate in restaurants every day, 4pc dined outside the home four to six times a week, while 44pc ate in takeaways or restaurants once a week. They also found that in every focus group, mothers claimed their children dictate what type of food is prepared by being fussy eaters or liking different textures or how food is eaten. In making multiple dinners to avoid arguments, tantrums or revolt, the study found some mothers revealed they resorted to the use of convenience products.

Who’s Next: Chefs — 21 people key to continuing Philly’s restaurant boom

Chrissie Russell New research has revealed that some families have to spend up to one third of their income to buy basic nutritious food. Eddie Cunningham A significant increase in the number of new electric cars EVs bought this year spells good news for Government plans to ultimately end new diesel and petrol vehicle sales. Anna Magee The sun is out, and between Wimbledon and the Women's World Cup, our screens are filled with perfectly toned bodies achieving impossible feats of fitness and sporting finesse.

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Mothers are no longer handing down cooking skills to their children, according to a new study. Just 6pc of those interviewed used only fresh, basic or raw ingredients. Does healthy food really cost more? Kim Darroch email leak: Trump 'will no longer deal' with British ambassador to Also in Life.

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Ed Power: 'Distracting kids with my own weird hobbies keeps them off the It's one of those weird Irish summers where the sun This business encapsulates all of that. Elmi was thrilled to have his old colleague back in town, and quickly snapped him up to help run Laurel, the top-rated, prix-fixe-only, impossible-to-get-reservations-at East Passyunk BYOB, which is currently expanding with a bar next door.

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He still had the cooking bug, though, and started making and soups at home and selling them to co-workers. During those dinners he met Cristian Mora, and together the pair conceptualized and launched Girard, a Fishtown bruncherie that eschews tipping in favor of an automatically added service charge. When that shuttered, she took her first baking position at the Fishtown La Colombe, and fell in love with bread.

Too few cooks as mammies 'fail to pass on their skills' -

These days, she intersperses her Buttery work with trips to Costa Rica, where she is a regular visiting guest chef at the Arenas del Mar resort. Earlier this year, she launched her own spot, Essen Bakery, a petite East Passyunk shop that specializes in Jewish-inspired sweets.

She sees the project as a test run — if the reception continues to be as positive as it has been so far, du Plessis plans to eventually expand with a larger location.

Concerned Mother

During mandatory service in the Finnish military, he became an army cook, spending days tending a wood-fired cart at a forest campsite, preparing food for a troupe of 60 with a gun strapped to his back. A Swedish couple he met enticed him to help open a restaurant on the island of Bequia in the West Indies, and while running it he met his wife, a New Jersey native there working for the Peace Corps. While he hopes to one day launch a Scandinavian restaurant, he does sometimes catch a bite of his childhood cuisine by chowing down on those famous meatballs at Ikea.

She also finds time to make specialty cakes for private events, and care for her 9-month-old daughter. He started working in kitchens when he was 14, as a fry cook, and then attended The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill. An internship during college led to a position at an upscale Italian restaurant, where Serviss learned haute cuisine. He moved on to work for Iron Hill Brewery, but within a few months of being promoted to head chef, he found funding for to launch his own spot.

The Blue Duck launched in late , bringing modern, urban-style dining to a Rhawnhurst strip mall. He went to Temple needing a change after four years working for AIG — he was there when the financial crisis went down; the day he was let go, the firm also fired 60 of his colleagues. Along with chef Steve Seibel, he prepares several hundred free meals each day, making sure that the food is as good as a regular restaurant even if there are no paying customers.

Her mother took her to a soy cooking class that the Cheltenham native credits with changing her life and setting her on her current path. She got a job at a health food store and began leading vegetarian cooking classes herself. An important element to remember when cooking multiple things is timing. You need to know when to start, what to cook first, what can hold well while other things are cooking, etc.

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Start by par-boiling your baby potatoes for minutes. You want them to be soft so a fork can easily pierce them. Now, you can absolutely toss these potatoes in a little butter, salt and pepper, reheat and serve them up. To take it one small step further, I smashed them with my hands until they were a bit flatter and then roasted them in a pan with a bit of olive oil until browned.