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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Celebrity in Death. Talented but rude and widely disliked, K. Harris made an embarrassing scene during dinner. New York to Dallas. Robb presents an intense and terrifying case for New York homicide cop Eve Dallas: one that will take her all the way to the city that named her—and plunge her into the nightmares of her childhood… When a monster named Isaac McQueen—taken down by Eve back in her uniform days—escapes from Rikers, he has two things in mind.

One is to take up where he left off, abducting young victims and leaving them scarred in both mind and body. The other is to get revenge on the woman who stopped him all those years ago. Treachery in Death. In this thriller in the 1 New York Times bestselling phenomenon, Eve Dallas tracks down those who break the law—including the ones sworn to uphold it. Detective Eve Dallas and her partner, Peabody, are following up on a senseless crime—an elderly grocery owner killed by three stoned punks for nothing more than kicks and snacks.

But soon Peabody stumbles upon a trickier situation. Indulgence in Death. When a murder disrupts the Irish vacation she is taking with her husband, Roarke, Eve realizes that no place is safe—not an Irish wood or the streets of the manic city she calls home. Then a high-priced escort is found stabbed through the heart with a bayonet. Eve begins to fear that she has come across that most dangerous of criminal, a thrill-killer, but one with a taste for the finer things in life—and death.

Fantasy in Death. Bart Minnock, founder of the computer gaming giant U-Play, is found in his locked private playroom, in a pool of blood, his head separated from his body. Eve and her team are about to enter the next level of police work, in a world where fantasy is the ultimate seduction—and the price of defeat is death…. Kindred in Death. When the newly promoted captain of the NYPSD and his wife return a day early from their vacation, they are looking forward to spending time with their bright and vivacious sixteen-year-old daughter, who stayed behind.

Not even their worst nightmares could prepare them for the crime scene that awaits them instead. Deena has been brutally murdered in her bedroom, and her body shows signs of trauma that horrifies even the toughest of cops, including Lieutenant Eve Dallas, who is specifically requested by the captain to investigate. When the evidence starts to pile up, Dallas and her team think they are about to arrest their perpetrator; little do they know that someone has gone to great lengths to tease and taunt them by using a variety of identities. Overconfidence can lead to careless mistakes.

But for Dallas, one mistake might be all she needs to serve justice. Share: Share on Facebook. In Death Series: Related Titles. Other Series By J. About J. More about J. series

Other Series You Might Like. But Raymond knows a secret from his past could threaten all he holds dear. Nancy Nettleton, a new chambermaid, is finding hotel life a struggle after leaving her small hometown. She soon discovers everyone at the Buckingham — guests and staff alike — has something to hide. The storm clouds of war are gathering, and beneath the glitz and glamour of the ballroom lurks an irresistible world of scandal and secrets. His debut album reached the Top 20, and his sell-out Dance Tour has been running for over a decade.

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Oceania, An intrepid family of settlers are determined to make a remote volcanic island their own. For two years they have struggled with the harsh reality of surviving in this unforgiving place. At last, a ship appears. The six Pacific Islanders on board have travelled eight hundred miles across the ocean in search of work and new horizons. Hopes are high for all, until a vulnerable boy vanishes.

In their search for the lost child, settlers and newcomers together uncover far more than they were looking for.

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She lives in south London with her partner and four children. After an early career as a BBC World Service Radio producer, she turned to writing, often drawing on her family history for inspiration. Read more about Lydia and her books at www. Cairo, A beautiful September day. On a mission to establish a silver mine, they travel to Addis Ababa, where they are welcomed by Menelik, the King of Kings. But Italy has designs on Abyssinia, and there are rumours of a plan to invade.

When he is offered the chance to assess the situation around the Abyssinian border, Penrod leaps into action. With storm clouds gathering, and on opposing sides of the invasion, can Penrod and Amber find their way back to one another — against all the odds? Born in Central Africa in , Wilbur became a full-time writer in following the success of When the Lion Feeds, and has since published over forty global bestsellers, including the Courtney Series, the Ballantyne Series, the Egyptian Series, the Hector Cross Series and many standalone novels, all meticulously researched on his numerous expeditions worldwide.

A dark conspiracy. A terrible crime. A man has been murdered — bound and trapped as a fire burned nearby, slowly suffocating him. But who is he and why was he targeted? As more victims surface, it becomes clear that there is a cold-blooded killer out there. But are the Stasi really working with her on this case? Or against her? For those who really run this Republic have secrets they would rather remain uncovered. And they will stop at nothing to keep them that way. Jenny Trelawney is no ordinary thief. When her fisherman father drowns, she is forced to take to the roads of Cornwall to feed the family, operating as a highway woman until her luck runs out.

Transported to Australia, Jenny must tackle new challenges and growing responsibilities. And when famine hits the new colony, Jenny becomes convinced that those she cares about most will not survive. She becomes the leader in a grand plot of escape, but is survival any more certain in a small open boat on an unknown ocean? Fled is her first solo novel. She lives in Sydney.

Tasked with rescuing the young Prince Sasan, who has been imprisoned in the impenetrable Castle of Silence, the troops set out across Mesopotamia and into the mountains south of the Caspian Sea. Deep in hostile territory, inexperienced Valens finds himself in charge. And as one by one his soldiers die or disappear, he begins to suspect that there is a traitor in their midst, and that the rescue is fast becoming a suicide mission. His career as a novelist began with his Warrior of Rome series, which has sold over half a million copies. There are so many stories hidden behind closed doors.

A grieving mother stands outside the home of the teenage boy she believes responsible.

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She waits. And a few doors down a widow has just delivered a bombshell to her family. Her life is about to change forever. Welcome to Primrose Square. Four of her books have been optioned for film and TV. Claudia stars in the Dublin-based soap opera Fair City.

Robin Wilde is acing life! After the year from hell, her love life is ticking along nicely and single motherhood is actually quite fun. But not everything is running smoothly. Her best friend Lacey is struggling to conceive, and her daughter Lyla is picking up some horrible attitudes at school. Is dear Auntie Kath hiding loneliness under her bubbly, loving manner? And life is about to throw quite the curve ball at Robin Wilde.

Beautifully poignant and touching. I loved it! Nuri is a beekeeper; his wife, Afra, an artist. They live happily in the beautiful Syrian city of Aleppo — until the unthinkable happens and they are forced to flee. But what Afra has seen is so terrible she has gone blind, and so they must embark on a perilous journey through Turkey and Greece towards an uncertain future in Britain. As Nuri and Afra travel through a broken world, they must confront not only the pain of their own unspeakable loss, but dangers that would overwhelm the bravest of souls.

Above all — and perhaps this is the hardest thing they face — they must journey to find each other again.

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Moving, powerful, compassionate and beautifully written, The Beekeeper of Aleppo is a testament to the triumph of the human spirit. Told with deceptive simplicity, it is the kind of book that reminds us of the power of storytelling. She is a lecturer in creative writing at Brunel University. The Beekeeper of Aleppo was born out of her time working as a volunteer at a Unicef supported refugee centre in Athens.

Courageous, provocative, haunting. MAY In the midst of war, he found love. In the midst of darkness, he found courage. In the midst of tragedy, he found hope. What will you find from his story? Emily Jacobs is in hospital for a minor operation. When she wakes in the night, woozy with anaesthetic, she sees a doctor trying to resuscitate the woman in the bed next to her. In the morning, she is told that the bed has been empty all along.

When Emily returns to her job as a nurse, she discovers a bracelet that she believes belonged to the missing woman. Soon, she becomes convinced that her colleagues at the hospital are hiding a terrible secret. Sent away to convent school at the age of six, Irini McGuire has never really known her archaeologist mother, Bridget, who lives on Santorini. So, when Irini receives news that Bridget has been injured at a dig and is in coma she knows it is time to return to the island of her birth.

What if her troubled past has affected her more than she knows? She was first inspired to write when she unearthed a machine gun in her garden — one used in the events that unfolded during World War II on the island. While the police struggle to uncover any evidence of his murder, it becomes clear that Sara is not the sort of woman to let things lie. Meanwhile DS Nathan Cody finds himself drawn into the most twisted case of his career. And this time things are about to get very personal. Turning to online dating, each with their own reasons, four women download an app, hoping to swipe their way to love and happiness.

But not everyone is who they seem online. Hidden behind a perfect smile and charming humour, he appears to be the perfect date.

But the night he has planned is unlike any other. The clock is ticking, and for one woman, this date might just be her last. She divides her time between Toronto and Palm Beach, Florida. The brand new Courtney series novel, and the much-anticipated sequel to War Cry.

Torn apart by war, Saffron Courtney and Gerhard von Meerbach are thousands of miles apart, both struggling for their lives. Gerhard is fighting for the Fatherland, hoping one day to have the opportunity to rid Germany of Hitler and his cronies. But as his unit is thrown into the hellish attrition of the Battle of Stalingrad, he knows his chances of survival are dwindling by the day. Confronted by evil beyond their worst imaginings, the lovers must each make the hardest choice of all: sacrifice themselves, or do whatever they can to survive, hoping that one day they will be reunited.

Two lonely women. An unlikely friendship. And one big life lesson: never be ashamed to ask for more. When Kate Parker is unceremoniously dumped on the eve of her fortieth birthday she volunteers at Lauderdale House For Exceptional Ladies. There she meets ninety-six yearold Cecily Finn — spiky and sharp as a pin, but resigned to the Imminent End. Marc and his partner — former US Delta Force sniper Lucy Keyes — are pitted against their most terrifying challenge yet, when a genius bio-researcher with the ability to create a deadly biological weapon is kidnapped by a ruthless terrorist. Their desperate search for the missing scientist takes them across the world, from the desolate wilderness of Iceland to the slums of the Near East and the dark underbelly of a fracturing Europe, where they will discover a shocking atrocity in the making.

Backed by shadowy interests, a cadre of hardline ultra-right-wing extremists plan to unleash a lethal virus among the population of a major European city. Only Marc Dane can prevent this devastating attack from taking place — before a whole continent is plunged into terror. Seven days.

Three families. One Killer. It was supposed to be the perfect holiday. Four best friends making the most of a luxurious villa in the south of France. But Kate has a secret: her husband is having an affair. A week away might just be the perfect opportunity to get the proof she needs to catch him in the act.

Because she suspects the other woman is one of her best friends. One of them is willing to sacrifice years of friendship to destroy her family. But which one? As Kate closes in on the truth, she realises too late that the stakes are far higher than she ever imagined. Because someone in the villa may be prepared to kill to keep their secret hidden. He studied at Queen Mary and Cardiff universities before becoming a national newspaper journalist. He currently works in communications, in the field of higher education, and lives in Nottinghamshire with his wife and two children.

Timely, humorous and deeply moving. This is the absolute standout new novel by the acclaimed Asian Woman of Achievement nominee. Mrs Sakheena Hasham has a final request. Bilal, You must go home to your village, and you must build them a mosque. Mariam is horrified. The villagers are outraged. Battle lines are drawn and this traditional little community becomes the colourful canvas on which the most current and fundamental questions of identity, friendship, family and togetherness are played out.

What would you be prepared to fight for? A team of explorers are drawn to Northern California to investigate mysterious stone walls whose presence has never been explained. The incubator, whose core mission is to creatively and financially support writers from different backgrounds as they create their own series for cable or streaming services, [ Two months after MRC teamed with prolific producer Dan Lin and his production company Rideback for a TV incubator, the inaugural session has found [ The incubator offers a paid, eight-month residency program to a group of eight writers who have each previously been staffed on series and want to create their own drama series for cable and streaming.