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Thus, someone refusing to forgive shows that he is not a believer, that he does not believe in the forgiveness of sins. Christians forgive. Christians forgive because we have been forgiven. Christians forgive because we know that Jesus died for all sin — our sin and the sin committed by others against us. If Jesus died for the sins of the whole world, why is everyone not going to heaven? Why does anyone end up in hell? Why was the unmerciful servant thrown into jail for eternity even though the king had forgiven his debt? The servant did not ask the king for mercy. No, he asked for patience.

He asked for a little bit of time to make the payment. He wanted time to earn the billions of dollars that he really had no chance of earning to pay the debt. The unmerciful servant did not believe in forgiveness and mercy, thus, even though the king offered it to him, he rejected it. This man who did not want to be forgiven, did not want to forgive.

God offers His forgiveness freely to all. God will take it away from you. Refusing to forgive others is refusing to be forgiven by God.


It is rejecting forgiveness. Do not ask God to just be patient with you. Asking for patience is not a confession of sin. As long as you ask for time instead of forgiveness, you remain under the burden of sin. As long as you think you have something to offer, you reject the forgiveness of sins God offers to you freely. Thus, we go to God with nothing to offer. We approach God confessing our sin. We confess our sin, and God forgives our sin.


The mountain of debt that we had has been forgiven. Jesus paid for it. Jesus paid for the debt of all sin, including our brother who sinned against us.

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With our sin forgiven, we therefore also forgive our brother. Seven times? Rather seventy times seven. We keep forgiving. We keep forgiving, because God keeps forgiving us.

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  8. God does not count how many times He forgives us. God even forgives those times in our past when we held a grudge and did not forgive. He forgives us and strengthens us to forgive them now. God has had pity and compassion on us. He has shown His mercy to us and saved us from hell. We will not be cast into hell for eternity because God has forgiven us and continues to forgive us, so we can forgive our brother who sins against us. The peace of God which surpasses all understanding will keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    Hurt people hurt people. Forgiven people forgive people.

    You are commenting using your WordPress. In our culture, it has become rather easy to rationalize behaviors that are very problematic. In the sphere of international affairs, we are troubled by news that our government may have captured and flown terrorist suspects to countries where they were tortured. It is quite easy to cite psychological reasons, extenuating circumstances, goals that are desirable, and personal needs in order to justify problematic behavior.

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    That is true for all of us, of whatever age. The cultural air that we breathe does not encourage us to face ourselves with a lot of honesty. We can easily live in a state of self-deception about the ways in which we approach life and fulfill our ethical responsibilities. Through this prayer, Jesus calls his followers to a freedom that comes from facing life and ourselves with honesty. Thus, each time we say this prayer, we include a petition for mercy, as we also pledge to extend forgiveness toward those who have offended us. We do not engage in this prayer in order to wallow in guilt.

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    As those who believe that the mercy of God has been revealed in Jesus the Christ, we are invited to act on the freedom that enables us to look at our lives for what they actually are. This healthy honesty involves neither a self-deprecating exaggeration of our own faults nor a rationalizing endorsement of all the ways in which we operate.

    The freedom to look at ourselves for who we are is anchored in the conviction that honesty about ourselves will not lead to rejection or condemnation. It will not be the end of us. Rather, it can lead to a new beginning, to transformation and deeper freedom. The invitation to come before God with transparency is based on our trust that God has reconciled us to himself through Christ, that God is slow to anger and rich in mercy. In this prayer given to us by Jesus, we also pledge to be forgiving people.

    This is a real challenge, one that stands as an enduring check against any approach that would cheapen our relationship with God.

    Lord's Prayer

    What do we mean when we pledge to forgive others? The promise we utter to God to be forgiving people does not mean that, when people hurt us, we will pretend that nothing happened. Denial never gets us anywhere. And forgiving others does not mean denying the feelings associated with the hurt we have experienced, whether those feelings are anger, resentment, a desire for revenge, or just sadness.

    If we want to work through those feelings, we have to acknowledge and accept them. In my mind at least, forgiving others does not mean simply accepting them without inviting them to grow. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, forgiving others is not something accomplished simply through our own power or virtue. It seems to me that forgiveness is a process, a sometimes lengthy process comprised of small steps or movements.

    It is certainly true that God can forgive in an instant on the cross Jesus promised eternal life to the good thief , but it does not usually work that way for us. Forgiveness usually involves a series of little acts of the will. The deeper the wound, the more involved this process usually is. And it includes prayer for the person who has hurt me. Prayer is not magic.